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Some More Rolling Stones Rarities, Part 3 (NO end in Sight!)

I'm having a lot of fun with these, getting to listen to a lot of stuff I haven't heard in years, revisiting some oddities......and hearing some great Rolling Stones stuff.....don't know EXACLTY when I'll wrap this up, I'm REALLY not, some of the live boots are pretty hard to listen to, the audience-
recorded type ones for my part, and I'll omit them or else this will go on for months.....don't really want that but I do want to get most of the quality and unusual stuff to ya......ANOTHER problem with yesterday's stuff, "Electric Motherfuckers", along with it's cousin"Acousitc Motherfuckers" has a disc-problem and won't upload.....so neither of them now, I THINK I can get another copy of each, so I'll try to squeeze them in later in week. They are good and I'd hate for ya to miss them (epecially "Electric")....anyway, you got two days worth of stuff to listen to, and working on day #3 right now, hope ya like the stuff I CAN get to ya!

OK, Tuesday's selections are some good ones as well...the three disc "More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be" contains an aboslute mountain of unavaillable alternate versions, unreleasead versions, Mono outtakes, BBC versions.....this one if for true rarities lovers/completists, I think it is a fine peice of work and thre is PLENTY on here you likely haven't heard in the fomat presented here! THIS is INEED a RARITIES collecion. Recommended for Stones freaks!

"Mentholated Sandwich" gives us remixed/altrenate versionof songs mostly from "Beggars Banquet", but also some othres ("Jumping Jack Flash", etc).....Hey, I LOVE hearing many versions of a great song.....if you don't then, warning, this is not for you......along the same lines is "Beggar's Breakfast", with alt versions, odds n ends, even a Rice Crispies  Commercial (which you may recall from the mammoth 80-disc psychedelic promos-radio spots from U-Spaces that I posted oh so long ago.

"It's Only Goats Head SOup Bu We Like It"brings us tons MORE alternate/rough mixes......I persoanlly am happy to find an  alternate version of one of my very favorite (but MUCH lesser known) Stones tunes "Winter" from "Goat's Head Soup".....lotta gems here too!

Again, outtakes and alternate vesions run rampant on "Tricky Fingers and Slicky Ringers"......great
stuff, the "inside"  look at "Sticky Fingers".....a if you are not a "Stones-ologist", this will not inflate your lizard.....but  for the rest of us......well, if you can't rock me, SOMEBODY will!

OK Last one for today."Rock N Roll Outtakes Bootleg", a variety of outtakes of tracks well known ("Tumbling Dice", "Dancing With Mr D" and a bunch more lesser known classics, "Hey Negrita", "Living In a Harder World", "Potted Shrimp", lots lots more.....

That is about all I have to say about that.....I these albums, if you don't, imagine that it was a favorite band of YOURS that I was shaking out all this stuff from, and taking a week or better to do it! You'd be in heaven, so for ths week let the Stones-fans be in heaven, an ya need to do is drop a request, and we can go "thorough" on YOUR fave as well!

Tomorrow: More Stones.......good shit, too!

MORE STONED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE DISC 1 (1963-64)-01 Baby What's Wrong (Unreleased/Mono)/02 Bright Lights Big City (Unrelelased Mono)/03 Road Runner (Unreleased Mono)/04 Diddley Daddy (Unreleased mono)/05 I Want To Be Loved (Unreleased Alternate Version Mono)/06 I Want to Be Loved (Unreleased  Alternate Version Mono)/07 Memphis Tennessee (Unreleased  BBC Mono)/08 Roll Over Beethoven (Unreleased BBC Mono)/09 There Are But Five Rolling Stones (Unavailable Mono)/10 Not Fade Away-(Unreleased Alternate Mono)/11 Andrew's BLues (Unreleased Mono)/12 Mr Spector and Mr Pitney Too (Unreleased Mono)/13 As Time Goes By Unreleased Alternate Version Mono)/14 Route 66 (Unreleased BBC)/15 Cops and Robbers (Unrelleased BBC)/16 You Better Move On (Unreleased BBC)/17 Mona (Unreleased BBC)/18 Stewed and Keeped (Unreleased)/19 Tell Me Baby (Unavailable)/20 High-Heel Sneakers(Unreleased)/21 Doown In the Bottom (Unreleased)/22 2120 South Michigan Aveneu (Unreleased BBC)/23 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Unreleased Stereo Long Version)/24 Blue Turns To Grey (Unavailale Alternate Version Mono)/25 Hear It?? (Unreleased Mono)

MORE STONED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE DISC 2 (1965-68)-01 The Last Time (Unreleased BBC
Mono)/02 Play With Fire (Unavaible Stereo Version)/03 Satisfaction (Unavailalble Wide Stereo Version)/04 Mercy Mercy (Unreleased BBC Mono)/05 THE SPIDER AND THE FLY (Unreleased BBC Mono)/06 Fannie Mae-(Unreleased BBC Mono)/07 Get Off Of My CLoud (Unavailable Stereo Version)/08 Looking Tired (Unreleased) 09 19th Nervous Breakdown (Unreleased Stereo  Alternate  Version)/10 Paint It Black (Unreleased Instrumental Version-Backing Track Edit Mono)/11 Con Le Mie Lacrime (Italian version, mono)/12 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In the Shadows? (Unreleased Alternate Version Mono)/13 Ruby  Tuesday (Unreleased Backing Track14 Yesterday's Papers (Unreleased Backing  Track/15 Get Yourself  TOgether (Unreleased Mono)/16 Title 15 (Unreleased Edit)/17 Blues 3 Unreleased Edit/18 Gold Painted Fingernails (unreleased Edit)/19 2000 Light Years From Home (Unreleased Early Backing Track)/20 Citadel (Unreleased Backin Track Edit/21 5 Part Jam (Part 1) (Unreleased)/22 Hamburger to Go (Unreleased)/23 Still a Fool (Unreleased Edit)/24 Blood Red Wine (Unreleased)

MORE STONED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE DISC 3-(1968-71)-01 (I'm a) Highway Child/02 No Expectations (Unreleased Alternate Version-Edit)/03 Sister Morphine (Unreleased Alternate Version)/04 Honky Tonk Women (Unreleased Alternaersion)/05 You Got the Silver (Unreleased Alternate  Version)/06 Jiving Sister Fanny (Unreleased Alternate Version)/07 I Was Just a Country Boy (Unrelelased-Edit)/08 Downtown Suzie (unavailable Stereo Version)/09 Wild Horses-(Unreleased Alternate Live Version)/10 Brown Sugar (Unreleased Alternate Eric Clapton Version)/11 Cocksucker Blues (Unreleased)/12 Leather Jacket (Unreleased)/13 Who Am I? (Unreleasd)/14 Good Time Woman (Unreleased Alternate Demo/15 Shake Your Hips (Unreleased Sereo Alternate Version)/16 Aladdin Story (Unreleased)/17 Travellin Man (Unreleased)/18 Potted  Shrimp (unreleased)/19 Sweet Black Angel (Unreleased Backing  Track) 20 Let It  Rock (Unavailable/Live)/21 Satisfaction (unknown Source)/22 Radio Sign Off

Sympathy For  the Devil/03 No Expepctations/04 Parachue Woman/05 Salt of the Earth/06 Street Fighting Man/07 Dear Doctor/08  Prodigal Son/09 Stray Cat BLues/10 Factory Girl/11 Jigsaw Puzzle/12 Jumping Jack Flash/13 Jigsaw Puzzle/14 Dear Doctor/15 Street Fighting Man/16 Prodigal Son/17 You Gotta Move/18 Child of the Moon/19 Jumping Jack Flash/20 No Expectations

IT'S ONLY GOAT'S HEAD SOUP BUT WE LIKE I-01 It's Only Rock N Roll (rough mix)/02 Aint too Proud to Beg (Alternate Mix/03 Winter (Alternte Mix)/04Silver Train (ALternate Mix)/05 Drift Away (Unreleased Song)/06 Time Waits For Noone (long Version)/07 Criss Cross Man (Unreleased Song)/08 Through the Lonely Nights (1974 B-Side)/09 Liiving the Heart of Love (Unreleased Song)/10 Too Many Cooks (Unreleased with Jagger solo-Single)/11 Angie (Rough Mix Without Reverb & 2nd Keyboard overdub/12 Dance Little Sister (Alternate Mix)/13 Till The NExt Goodbye (Alternate Mix)/14 If You Can't Rock Me (Alternate Mix)/15 Fingerprint File (Alternate Longer Mix)

BEGGARS BREAKFAST-01 Gimme  Shelter/02 Brown Sugar/03 Stop Breakin Down/04 Shake Your Hips/05 Loving Cup/06 Loving Cup/07 Shine A Light/08 I Ain't Lying/09 Sway/11 Sweet Virginia/12 I Don't Care/13 Sympathy For the Devil/14 Tell Me/15 Rice Crispies Commercial/16 You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover

TRICKY FINGERS AND SLICKY RINGERS-01 Brown Sugar/02 Brown Sugar/03 Brown Sugar/04Sway/05 Wild Horses/06 Wild Horses/07 Can't You Hear Me Knockin?/08 You GOtta Move/09 Bitch/10 Sister Morphine/11 Dead Flowers/12 Bitch/13 Brown Sugar/14 Let It Rock

ROCK N ROLL OUTTAKES-01 Exile on Mainstreet BLues/02 Good Time Woman/03 Tumbling Dce/04 Let It Loose/05 Travelling Man/06 Aladdin Story/07 Potted Shrimp/08 Leather Jacket/09 Seperatly/10  Dancing With Mr D/11 Criss Cross Man/12 Silver Train/13 Silver Train (alt)/14Living In a Harder World/15 Drift Away/16 Hey Negrita/17 Crazy Mama/18 Slave/19 Hand of Fate/20 Munich Reggae/21 Worried About You/22 Cellophane Telephones

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