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Some Random Rolling Stones rarities PART 2

Unless you newbies didn't see it in the comments section, as follows is the drill: I write up a post and
post it......THEN I upload the links.....sometimes, depending on however many there are, this takes up to a day or so......I know this is unconventional to a degree,ut FOR ME it makes it easier to keep them straight, and once you get used to it it isn't so bad.....I really DON'T KNOW why my brain works the way it does, I tried it the more "normal" way and it just didn't click with my whithered up brain, so please bear with me as it takes a day so from the time you may actually see the post and the time you can download the music......gives you time to, oh, I guess, to ANTCIPATE how great it's going to be....something like that. Anyway if you are new, just because you saw the Stones were available, welocome aboard and check out my archives, there is something there for most tastes, hope you stick around.....I TRY for my blog to be a LITTLE different from most others, try to give it a bit of "personality", maybe that works and maybe not, but if you're here for the Stones, I'll maybe be doing their rare/live stuff most of the week.....THEN, as a personal aside to Jonman, I think I am going to open the floodgates on the Monster Magnet thing, and post ALL of my Monster Magnet boots,  as well as studio stuff and unreleased and more, even if it was in the previous (no longer available) Monster Magnet post......like the Stones (and SLeater Kinney long ago), it will likely take most of a week, but if you request something, and I have it, no reason not to go ALL OUT! So, Jonman, look for ALL of the Monster Magnet you could EVER wish to hear and then some, late this week or early next.......

For now though we be all up in this Rolling Stones mode.....most likely you're familiar with these fellows, they're not exactly Kittie or someone I've got to explain, but I do happen to have a LOT of unreleased and live stuff from them, and it's time to share it all with the WORLD.....so for today....

"Acoustic Motherfuckers" yeseterday had a disc problem, I think I know where to get another copy of it,but here is it's companion piece, "Electric Motherfuckers"......an outrageously rowdy version of "Sympathy For the Devil" in which an audience fight breaks out (Mick: "Every time we do this song") is a highlight, a version of "It's Only Rock N Roll" with Tina Turner, a very early version of "Just my Imagination", "As Tears Go By" in Italian, a New Barbarians (they were good and underappreciated, may include more of their work later in the post)......for an odds and ends album, quite essential!

"The 1969 Soundboard Collection" is a variety of good live tracks from various 1969 shows, nothing
earth shaking, but perhaps a version you may not have heard before, as you know, these gentlemen could really turn in a very respectable live performance!

One I haven't seen all that much is "Musicorama Mixdown Original Radio Broadcasts 1965-67", two discs of the boys taking on some of their oldest stuff ( "The Last Time", "Carol", lost more, by 1966/67 they are belting out "Paint It Black", "Under My Thumb" etc......sound quality varies greatly, but this no question has it's moments, and for ALL I KNOW is fairly rare (another note to newbs: I said "for all I know".....if our Uncle Vladamir has a copy of it that is I am certain a great reason to visit Uncle Vladimir, BUT I DO NOT CARE!)

A set  I've always found interesting is  "Sweet Home  Chicago-The Rolling Stones  with Muddy Waters-The Checkerboard Lounge 11/22/81".....although it is from 1981, after I personally think the guys were past their "sell by"date, I do include it because 1) it's good....the Stones actually take the role of a backing band and do it well, these be some bad ass versions of "I'm a King Bee", "Chamagne and Reefer", "Baby Please Don't Go", and 2) besides all that I actually saw the Stones sometime in the Fall of 1981 so it was around this time and I must not have thought they were THAT bad......GOd I just always hated that "Emotional Rescue" album, the minute that came out I personally considered their career as "GONE! Goodbye!" as a Mike Schmidt upper deck shot.....anyway, I like this allbum, sue me for inconsistencey.

"The Greatest Rarities" is a mish-mash collection as well, but these ARE the Stones, there are going
to be good tracks here....."Drift Away" and "The Harder They Come" are of special interest (to me), lots of other stuff including Kieth Richards (readilly available ) "Run Run Rudolph". The second disc gives us some outtakes ("Jigsaw Puzzle", a favorite of mine, raerly turns up as an alternate version), TWO versions of "Cocksucker Blues", plenty more....the Italian "As Tears Go Bys repeated here, what can a poor  boy do?

Not to be confused with"Greatest Rarities" is "Rarities", including an extended "dance  version" of "Miss You", a bunch of live cuts, and the 12" single version of "Mixed Emotions"......look, I've always been a big Stones fan, at least "Some  Girls" and before, and I'm always up for some alernate versions/demos/live takes......if you are just a casual fan, you are going to get sick of this stuff by week's end, but "we" are out here......as with Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and a few others, every note the ever recorded seems committed to vinyl/plastic in some form or another.....personally, I like it, I know some of you, like I said, will get sick of it, but it is a small price to once again exhibit my well-rounded-ness!

Couple more.....speaking of "Cocksucker Blues", here is an EP by that name, which also includes some live tracks, decent stuff from 1969-73 era.  Lastly, I wish to include perhaps my favorite live Stones album, it is not one of their "official" ones ("Love You Live", Yeech).....this is a King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast from date uncertain (someone will know), that is a positively off the charts, smoking performance.....tracks from "Exile""Goat's Head Soup", "Sticky Fingers", etc, gives you an idea of the era......these are the Stones, but even for the Stones they were "on their game" on this night and it comes through loud and clear in a fine recording.....recommended highly.

OK.....Enough for today.....I have LOTS more and wish to pace it somewhat, hope you guys like it and are up for 3 or 4 more days of it, lottsa good stuff still to come.....

CAN BECOME AN NFL COACH: simply papss this this test: You lead by 3 (27-24) have possesion
of the ball inside your opponents 10, less than 2 minutes remain. On third and goal, you hand the ball to Adrian Peterson (WOW surprise, man) who gets to the one......NOW, on fourh and goal, what do you do? Answer: You run another play unless you are an imbecile (Hi, Leslie Frazier).....if you are an imbecile, you kick a fairly meaningless feild goal to mak the score 30-24, but NOW YOU HAVE TO KICKOFF (rather than make th opponent go 99 yards of so for a TD).NOT ONLY must you kickoff you must kick to Devin Hester, only the greatest return man in the history of the sport......after that field goal, I'd have bet $1000 that th game was over, and going to be 31-30 because improper strategy was employed.....do I know more than  an NFL coach? Nope. Can I figure this out? you betcha.....draw your own conclusions. 0-2, 0-2, 0-2.....perhaps next week they can embarass themselves vs Cleveland so all the Browns fans around here can laugh at them as well.

1969 SOUNDBOARD COLLECTION-01 Sympathy For the Devil/02 Stray Cat Blues/03 Prodigal Son/04 You Gotta Move/05 Love In Vain/06 Live With Me/07 Gimme Shelter/08 Little  Queenie/ 09 Satisfaction/10 Sympathy For the Devil/11 Stray Cat Blues/12 Little Queenie/13 Love In Vain/14 Jumping Jack Flash

MUSICORAMA MIXDOWN DISC 1 (Tracks 1-12 4/18/65, Tracks 13-26 3/29/66, actually the day before my beloved wife Carla was born!) 01 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/02 Around and Aroundd/03 Off The Hook/04 Time Is On My Side/05 Carol/06 It's  All  Now/07 Little Red Rooster/08 ROute 66/09 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/10 The Last Time/11 I'm Alright/12 Craw-Dad/13 The last Time (End Only)/14 Mercy Mercy/15 She Said Yeah/16 Play WIth Fire (2nd Half Only)/17 Not Fade Away/18 That's How Strong My Love Is/19 I'm Moving On/20 The Spider and the Fly/21 Time Is On My Side (End Only)/22 19th  Nervous  Breakdown/23 Around and Around/24 Get Off Of My Cloud/25 I'm Alright/26 Satisfaction

MUSICORAMA MIXDOWN DISC 2 (Tracks 1-9 4/11/67, Tracks 10-20 3/29/66)-01 Paint It Black/02 19th Nervous Breakdown/03 Lady Jane/04 Get Off Of My Cloud/Yesterday's Papers/05 Under My THumb/06 Ruby Tuesday/07 Let's Spend the  Night Together/08 Goin' Home/09 Saisfaction/10 The Last Time/11 Mercy Mercy/12 She Said Yeah/13 Play With Fire/14 Not Fade away/15 The Spider and the FLy/16 Time Is On My Side/17 19th Nervous Breakdown/18 Hang On Sloopy Theme/Get Off Of My Cloud/19 Satisfaction

Angel/02 Flip FLop And FLy/03 Introducion/04 Down the Road Go I/05 Country Boy/06 I'm a King Bee/07 Someday Baby/08 County Jail

SWEET HOME CHICAGO-STONES WITH MUDDY WATERS 11/22/81 DISC 2-01 Baby Please Don't Go/02 Hoochie Coochie Man/03 Long Distance Call/0 Mannish Boy/05 Champagne and Reefer/06 Next Time You See Me/07 Talking About My Woman/08 I Want To Be Loved/09 I Can't Be Satisfied/10 I Just Want to Make Love To You

GREATEST RARITIES VOLUME 1-01 Claudine/02 Da Doo Ron Ron/03 Drift Away/04 Let It Rock/05 Honky Tonk Woman/06 2000 Light Years From Home/07 You Got the Silver/08 Bye Bye Johnny/09 Andrew's BLues/10 Blood Red Wine/11 Memo From Turner/12 Too Many Cooks/13 Jumpin Jack  Flash/14 You Can't  Always Get What You Want/15 All Down the Line/16 Run Run Rudolph/17 Harder they Come/18 Whip It Up/19 Si Si/20 2120 South Michigan Avenue/21 Si Si (Reprise)

GREATEST RARITIES VOLUME 2-01 Cocksucker BLues No. 1/02 Cocksucker Blues No. 2/03 Brown Sugar/04 Dear Doctor (Take 1) 05/Jigsaw Puzzle (Outtake)/06 Travellin Man/07 Con Le Mie Lagrime Cosi (As Tears Go By)/08 Sweet Viirginia/09 Gimme Shelter/10 Angie/11 Rocks Off/12 Beast of Burden/13 Play With Fire/14 Exile on Main Street/15 I Need You/16 We Had It All/17 Wish I'd  Never/18 One Hit (To the Body)

RARITIES-01 Fancy Man Blues/02 Tumbling Dice (Live)/03 Wild Horses/04 Beast of Burden (Live)/05 Anyway You Look at It/06 If I Was a Dancer (Dance Part 2)/07 Miss You (Dance Version)/08 Wish I'd Never Met You/09 I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Live)/10 Mixed Emotions (12" Single Mix)/11 Through the Lonely Nights/12 Live WIth Me (Live)/13 Let It Rock (Live)/14 Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix)/15 Mannish Boy

COCKSUCKER BLUES-01 Cocksucker Blues/02 Brown Sugar /03 Brown Sugar/04 Starfucker/05 Dancing With Mr D/06 Angie

EUROPEAN KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR-01 Brown Sugar/02 Street Fighting Man/03 Gimme
Shelter/04 Happy/05 Tumblin Dice/06 Dancin With Mr D/07 Heartbreaker/08 Angie/09 Honky Tonk Woman/10 Midnight Rambler

Good stuff here, for Stones fans.......at least 3 more days of this stuff if not more.......hope you all are liking it!

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