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Some Random Rolling Stones rarities, Part 1

Unsure how many "parts" there will be for this I have a BUNCH of Stones rarities, and yesterday's
"tribute" got me thinking/listening to some STONES....hey, they were pretty good! Just joking of course, aI'm sure that the folks who would rather see some GG Alin or Guru Guru or Crass just need to remember that my middle name is "versatility" (it really is too, had it legally changed, hell it HAS to be better than "Michael"!)

Let us start off randomly enough with the FIVE disc "Girls Pills and Powder".....a mishmash of outtakes that without question has it's moments.....surprised by how many Stones fans I've spoken with who DON'T have this interesting set it has it's slow moments of course, but again, these are the STONES, and If you are/were a fan as I am/was, certainly you will find SOMETHING you've not heard...Disc 1 "Some More Girls" gives us alternate takes of all the tracks on (what I consider to be) their last listenable album) 1979's "Some Girls".....there were some fine tracks on that LP, "When the Whip Comes Down", "Shattered", "Before they Make me Run" and for the most part this is an excellent collection of outtakes.The other four discs are mor less your standard sudio fuck-arounds, suffice to say it is for FANS, others may be bored/put off, but I wanted to make the whole set availabe for anyone who wanted it.

Going back in time a bit, we have the "1972 Decca Unreleased Live Album",unreleased for reasons unknown to me, but full of classic versions of classic materia: "Gimme Shelter", "Tumblin Dice, "Brown Sugar" and a LOT more.

Fairly well known is "Acousic Motherfuckers", jus what it sounds like (tomorrow I will put up its bitchin cousin "Electric Motherfuckers"....accousic versions of, say "All  Down the Line"" Dead FLowers", the Beatles "Please Please Me".....again (for FANS) indespensible.

A good radio simulcast from Oakland 1969 has the
boys in rave-up form, including a killer encore of "Saisfaction" (I saw the Stones in 1981, after the "magic" was LONG gone.....they could still bring the noise as well as anyone....."The Greatest RocK N Roll Band in the World?" Certainly on some nights they were.

For today I'm gonna end this with the "Some Girls" bonus disc, really interesting stuff that didn't make the final cut of that album....."Do You Really Think I Care" and "Don't Be a Stranger" are standouts......

OK, I AM going to finish this......bands like the Stones, Clalsh, Roxy, Nirvana, that I have SO MUCH (hundreds and hundreds of discs each) DESERVE rarities posts for their fans......this (Stones) may take me 3-4 days, and I'm happy to do so, they deserve the time it takes.....it's just hard sorting through ALL that material and deciding what is worth making the cut and what is not......I promise to try to make this a qulaity post for you, if you're a big Stones fan maybe you'll find one or two new discs for your collection, if you're NOT a Stones fan, well, maybe this will help to convert you.......or not,but I recommend you stick around. The next few days promise to be fun for ME at least and I hope for you too!

GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 1-01 Miss You #2/02 When the Whip Comes Down #1/03
Just My Imagination #4/04 Some Girls #3/05 Lies #1/06 Far Away Eyes #1/07 Respectable #3/08 Before  They Make Me Run #4/09 Beast of Burden #1/10 Shattered #2

GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC  2-01 Claudine #1/02 Fiji Jim #1/03 Never Let Her Go/04 You Win again/05 Lucky In Love aka Do You Get Enough/06 Never Make Me Cry #1/07 I Can't Help It #3/08 No SPare Parts/09 Everlasting Is My Love #2/10 Someone Know/11 Never Stop aka Start Me Up/12 The Way She Held Me Tight/13 And I Know/14 Do You THink I Really Care aka Yellow Cab/15 Black Limousine #2/16 It's a Lie #2/17 Petrol Gang

GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 3-01 Claudine #2/02 Fiji Jim #2/03 A Different  Kind/04 I Need You/05 Everlasting Is My Love/06 Never Make Me Cry #2/07 I Can't Help  It #4/08 Some People Tell Me/09 Everlasting Is My Love #1/10 Disco Musik/11 Start Me Up #2/12 Hang Five aka Lazy Bitch/13 Shame Shame Shame/14 Do You Think I Really Care aka Yellow Cab #1/15 Black Limousine #2/16 Biscuit Blues/17 It's  All WRong

GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 4-01 Everything Is Turning To Gold #1/02 Miss You #4/03 When the  Whip Comes  Down #2/04 Lies #3/05 Far Away Eyes #2/06 Black Limousine #3/07 Up Against the Wall #2/08 I Can't Help It #1/09 Fiji Jim #3/10 So Young/11 When You're Gone/12 Disco Musik #2/13 Everything Is Turning To Gold #1

GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 5-01 Munich Hilton #1/02 Golden Caddy #1/03 Golden
Caddy #2/04 Golden Caddy #3/05 Broken Toe/06 Armpit Blues/07 Brown Leaves #2/08 Light Up/09 Much Spreading/10 Stay Where You Are/11 I Can't Help It #5/12 Broken Head Blues/13 I Can't Help It #3/14 Munich Hilton #2/15 Follow You/16 Shattered #1/17 Feel No Pain No More/18 Los Trios Guitaros/19 Up Against the Wall #1/20 Slow Blues

DECCA UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM 1972-01 Heartbreaker/02 Brown Sugar/03 Rocks Off/04 All Down the Line/05 Gimme Shelter/06 Happy/07 Tumblin Dice/08 Love In Vain/09 Sweet Virginia

DECCA UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM D2-01 Sweet Virginia/02 You Can't Always Ge What You Want/03 Midnight Rambler/04 Bitch/05 Jumpin Jack Flash/06 Street Fightin Man/07 ByBye Johnny/08 Let It Rock

ACOUSTIC MOTHERFUCKRS-01 Dear Doctor/02 You Got the Silver/03 Family/04 No Expectations/05 Sister Morphine/06 Blood Red Wine/07 Country Honk/08 You Can't Always Get  What You Want/09 You Gotta Move/10 Wild Horses/11 All Down the Line/12 Cocksucker Blues/13 Dead Flowers/14 Angie/15 The Worst/16 Out of Tears/17 Sweethearts Together/18 Crying, Waiting, Hoping/19 Please Please Me/20 Cocaine

OAKLAND CA 12/9/69 (KSAN FM BROADCAST)-01 Sympathy For the Devil/02 Stray Cat Blues/03 Prodigal Son/04 You Gotta Move/05 Love In Vain/06 Live With Me/07 Gimme Shelter/08 Little Queenie/09 Satisfaction

SOME GIRLS ANNIVERSARY EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Claudine/02 So Young/03 Do You Think I Really Care/04 When  You're Gone/05 No Spare Parts/06  Don't Be a Stranger/07 We Had It All/08 Tallahassee Lassie/09 I Love You Too Much/10 Keep Up Blus/11 You Win Again/12 Petrol Blues

Comments, comments, comments......let me
know.....requests? I might just have it with all the Stones I have.......if you DON'T LIKE the Stones, take a few days off, because I am going to PILE ON rarities and live  shit and more.....Stones fans will love me, stones detractors will hate me, at the end of the day it all works out on balance......MORE (much more) rare and living Rolling Stones  tomorrow, don't miss out!

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