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Some more tributes, Part 2

You enjoying these? Yeah me neither.....stupid idea. I've listened to a few since last night that just
SOOOOOOO suck (Thin Lizzy, T Rex, Blondie,......not worth my time....someone here requested a Graham Parker Tribute, thought I might have had it but don't seem to....I always loved Geep's work though, and if any of you DO have that tribute, share please for both the requester and myself!

OK,this was a pretty bad idea, I said going in that most tributes simply  do not show enough imagination/varyance from the originals to even make them worth a single listen, a great xample is the Blu Cheer that I talked about yesterday which can JUST BARELY be discerned from the original recoordings (Same can be said for the Thin Lizzy, also I am SORELY tempted to post Wesley Willis' hilarious "Jailbreak"....."Jailbreak" is hilarious ANYWAY: "Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak, somewhere in his town".....hmmmmmmmm, wonder WHERE? Perhaps the JAIL??????)......waste of time and plastic, say I, so today we go with the "most" interesting tributes I could scape up, and these
are what they are, and tomorrow we'll get back to the high quality stuff for which I am widely reknown.

OK, I previously mentioned "If I Were a Carpenter".....it's ppretty damned interesting, an the inclusion of Sonic Youth's "Superstar" (already a creepy as hell song) merits top marks, I have always thought it was Sonic Youth's finest moment. The Cranberries seem well-suited to cover the Carpenters, their "Close To You" is as emotionally vacant and icy as MOST of the Cranberries work.....one oddity here is Babes In Toyland (Babes in Toyland?) taking on "Calling Occupants of Inerplanetary Craft"......Matthew Sweet seems able to cover most ANYTHING and make it sound like "his" own, he's a fine cover/tribute performer.....all in all this is one of the better tribte albums of the all, it's fun, it's intereseting, it DOES NOT TAKE ITS SUBJECT MATTER TOO SERIOUSLY, and even contains a semi-classic not available elsewhere ("Superstar").

OK, how a bout "Paint it Black-A Reggae Tribtute to the Rolling Stones"? The Stones of course
dabbled in reggae, with some pretty intersting results at times, this is a prety damned intersting set here, at least NO SLAVISH CARBN COPIES.....the great Toots & the Maytals go after "Start Me Up" (A shitty song in the first place that NEEDS an overhaul), Gregory Issacs skewers "Wild Horses", LOTS of highlights. Reggae fans as well as Stones fans should enjoy this if they were previously unfamiliar....

I said before that the more ridiculous the "Tributee" is, the better results we can hope for, and who, after all, is more ridiculous than Queen? Thus we have "Killer Queen-A Tribute to Queen".....would it be worth it simply for Flaming Lips actually covering "Bhemian Rhapsody"? How about Be Your Own Pet's version of "Bicycle Race"? Maybe Sum 41's "Killer Queen'" (which I  DO think is a good sg, btw)......most of the acts here REALIZE how silly they sound covering Queen, I think this is harmless, good, amusing funfor the most part.

"Surprise Your Pig-The REM Tribute".....well couldn't decide whether or not to do this.....the artists seem to avoid most of REM's more obvious stuff, and at the same time are fairly unknown enough to make this intersting......Vic Chestnutt attempts "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) maybe not the greatest of ideas, but there are some interesting tracks here just the same, "Radio Free Europe" by Just Say No, "Cant Get There From Here" by the Mr T Experience (just heard from them YESTERDAY!), "Get Up" by King Missle....REM's humor is/was always very subtle and lowbrow, kind of hard for bands who "love" them not to treat them as dieties, but these do a decent job.....wish someone would have taken on my fave "E-Bow the Letter", but we don't get everything we wish for.

OK, one more and then forget this, wish I hadn't even started it to be honest....since the whole thing
has been pretty silly, let's go all out on that front and put up "Shifty Records: A Tribute to Godzilla".....lot of stoner/doom bands from the Swifty Label doing songs that are, more of less, about Godzilla and friends.....some good bands here, Solace, Fistula, Dot(.), Hangnail......songs like "If I Were Godzilla", "By North Star, Gamera", "Reptile Tonnae of the Gargantuan Enormity (!)"......this is wierd shit. Of all the albums today and yesterday if I had to listen to one repeatedlyhis would be my winner. Sad statement, but a true one.

Hope you guys enjoyed these......I'll  try for something that is closer to my usual impeckable standards tomorrow, unless I get caught up in the Vikings game in which case maybe I won 't gt anything up till Monday.....I'm a man of mystery, deal with it.

IF I WERE A CARPENTER-01 AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB-Goodbye To Love/02 SHONEN KNIFE-Top of the World/03 SONIC YOUTH-Superstar/04 THE CRANBERRIES-(They Long To Be) Close to You/05 BETTIE SERVEERT-For All We Know/06 DISHWALLA-It's Going to Take Some Time/07 SHERYL CROW-Solitaire/08 JOHNETTE NAPOLITANO WITH MARC MORELAND-Hurting Each Other/09 REDD KROSS-Yesterday Once More/10 BABES IN TOYLAND-Calling Occupants of Interplanetary  Craft/11 CRACKER-Rainy Days and Mondays/12 MATTHEW SWEET-Let Me Be the One/13 4 NON BLONDES-Bless the Beasts and the Children/14 GRANT LEE BUFFALO-We've Only Just Begun'

MAYTALS-Start Me Up/02 GREGEORY ISSACS-Wild Horses/03 SUGAR BLACK-Jumpin' Jack Flash/04 STEEL PULSE-You Can't Always Get What You Want/05 CHALICE-Paint It Black/06 HUGH J-Waiting On a Friend/07 THE HEPTONES-I Can't Get No Satisfaction/08 ANDREW FRANCIS-Under My Thumb/09 GLADIATORS-Time Is On My Side/10 GLEN RICKS-Honky Tonk Woman/11 KEN BOOTHE-Brown Sugar/12 SUSAN CADOGEN-As Tears Go By

KILLER QUEEN-A TRIBUTE TO QUEEN-01 GAVIN DEGRAW-We Are the Champions/02 SHINEDOWN-Tie Your Mother Down/03 CONSTANTINE MAROULIS WITH THE CAST OF WE WILL ROCK YOU-Bohemain Rhapsody/04 BREAKING BENJAMIN-Who Wants To Live Forever/05 JASON MRAZ-Good  Old Fashioned Lover Boy/06 JOSS STONE-Under Pressure/07 ELEVEN FEATURING JOSH HOMME-Stone Cold Crazy/08 BE YOUR OWN PET-Bicycle Race/09 JOSH KELLEY-Crazy Little  Thing Called Love/10 INGRAM HILL-'39/11 LOS LOBOS-Sleepin' On the Sidewalk/12 SUM 41-Killer Queen/13 ROONEY-Death On Two Legs/14 JON BRION-Play the Game/15 THE FLAMING LIPS-Bohemian Rhapsody/16 ANTIGONE RISING-Fat Bottomed Girls/

SUSANS-1,000,000/03 GUMBALL-Stumble/04 STEELPOLE BATHTUB-We Walk/05 SAMSON & THE PHILISTINES-Talk About the Passion/06 JAWBREAKER-Pretty Persuasion/07 J CHURCH-(Don't Go Back to) Rockville/08 PHLEG CAMP-Feeling Gravity's Pull/09 THE MR T EXPERIENCE-Can't Get There From Here/11 FLOR DE MAL-Good Advices/12 THE PUNCH LINE-Bandwagon/13 WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER AND LIVED NEAR THE WATER-I Beleive/14 VIC CHESTNUTT-It's The End Of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/15 KING MISSILE-Get Up/16 TESCO VEE'S HATE POLICE-Losing My Religion/17 JAWBOX-Low/18 MITCH EASTER-Shiny Happy People

SHIFTY RECORDS-TRIBUTE TO GODZILLA-01 MAMMOTH-In this Dying Moment/02 TERMINAL LOVERS-Mr Astronaut Glenn/03 SLOTH-If I Were Godzilla/04 HANGNAIL-Invasion of the Neptune Men/05 GIGANTASAURUS!-Reptile Tonnage of Gargantuan Enormity/06 SPACEFACE-Leen Grizzard/07 FISTULA-King Kong is Dead/08 DOT(.)-Nonresistance City/09 NEGATIVE REACTION-Godzilla Vs Noo Yawk/10 RWAKE-Smog Monster/11 PATHETICISM-Go Get Jaguar/12 LEVIATHAN AD-By North Star, Gamera/13 THIRD DEGREE BURNOUT-Anarchy Fell Throuigh/14 THE CRUNKY KIDS-Gojira No Gyakusha/15 SOLACE-Mother Godzilla

Let me know what you think of these......and of course if you have a favorite of your own to contribute or request, go ahead with it.....I wish I had the Parker tribute, that might be cool, some of those I've mentioned before that I listened to were just painful to listen to. This is tricky turf to tread on, so I hope I avoided the right stuff and posted the right stuff.......

See ya tomorrow or Monday....Skol Vikings

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