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A few "Tribute" albums Part 1

Tribute albums, while sometimes being interesting or (even better) hilarious, often tend to be fairly
awful.....bands commit either slavish carbon copies of the "tributee's" work which almost by definition will be inferior, or they do FLAT OUT inferior versions, which of course, are also inferior....when selecting some tribute albums, then, that will actually be INTERESTING, it is, of course, important to look at the subject matter, AS WELL AS the "tributors" and find combinations which will yield either interesting musical moments or some touches of hilarity. Who, after all, would wish to here "Hell Bent Forever-A Tribute to Judas Priest"? (Yes I have it, no I'm not including it, I'm just going to talk about it a little to illustrate what is so often with tribute albums)....first of all, take a band with ZERO sense of humor to begin with (Judas Priest) and cover a bunch of their ultra-"serious" works by a second batch of similarly humor-deficient acts, and what do ya got? Answer: "zzzzzzzzzzzzz", and a bunch of tracks that are MUCH more boring than the original Judas Priest tracks to begin with. Honest to God.....WARRANRT covering "Hell Bent For Leather"?....SEPULTURA'S version of "Screaming For Vengenace"?.....Well, in  fairness, Motorhead's "Breaking the Law" is pretty funny, but, as it sounds like the OTHER 2000 Motorhead songs, you can imagine what it sounds like without my putting it up.....couple these efforts with frankly inferior acts (Say Tim "Ripper" Collins tackling "Exciter", or Broken Teeth, whomever the hell they are/were doing "Devil's Child" and I think you'll see what I call a real "waste of plastic"....

So what tribute albums do I think ARE worth a moment of our time? Well, I'm going to do some thinking and listening, I do have quite a few of them, and weed out the lame ones......for today, let's start with "The Duran Duran Tribute Album".....Bjorn Again take on "Girls On Film", Eve's Plum give us "Say a Prayer" WESLEY WILLIS (!) ALSO turns in "Girls on Film", and there is lots more goofiness....no reason on earth to take Duran Duran SERIOUSLY (and I DID like some of their shit).....this is fairly great, much like the Carpenters Tribute of a years back "If I Were a Carpenter" (I have to find it, but I DO have it and will try to get it up tomorrow).

How about "Radical Records-Never Mind the Sex Pistols Here's the Tribute", which features a bunch of bands noone, not even I, have ever heard of, doing the "Bollocks" album IN ORDER, then follwoing that up with a bunch more obscure-o's doing Pistol's singles ala Lower Class Brats version of "Belsen Was a Gas" and Showcase Showdown donating
"Friggin in the Riggin"......it's FUN shit to listen to, check out L.E.S. Stitches version of "Bodies" for example....noone here sounds as though they are attempting to make a sound-alike copy, pretty funny shit really........unless of course yoe the Sex Pistols "seriously", in which case, just how much hope do you think there is for you?

A good, actually, rather than "funny" one, is "Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson".....Roky, of course, REALLY DID influence (directly or indirectly) a lot of the acts that appear, Richard Lloyd's version of "Fire Engine" sounds more like a labor of love than an attempt at a slavish copy. REM, Butthole Surfers, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and ZZ Top all owe a debt of a gratitude to the 13th Floor Elevators, in either an obvious way, Butthole Surfers for example, or in a less obvious but still strong way, say, like fellow Texans ZZ Top. Recommended for the 19 different tracks/artists and the versatility of the same.

I have TWO (!) Ramones tribute albums here.....WHAT do you suppose THOSE sound like? Well, the first, "Gabba  Gabba Hey-A Tribute to the Ramones", features, like the Roky tribute, a lotta folks who really do owe, in one measure or the other, a debt to the Ramones.....L7 of all people turn in "Suzy  Is a Headbanger". The Flower Leperds tackle "Commando". Then a bunch of second-liners such as The Agnews, Pigmy Love Circus, The Creamers, and more.....we could debate the wisdom of tributing the Ramones, as you know, all of THIER songs sounded kinda all- alike anyway, so tributing them? MUCH harder to do than one might think......be your own judge. The second Ramones tribute features unknowns and is titled, get this "Gabber Gabber Hey-A Tribute to the Ramones".....approach at your own risk, I debated whether I wanted to post this one or not......Schizoid, Parallax 1, Joolz....you get the idea.....anyway here it is if you want it.

One more for today.....not a tribute to an artist, we have "Before You Were a Punk-A Punk Rock
Tribute to 80's New Wave"......Guttermouth gives us a version of "Happy Loving Couples".....Blink 182 turn in a pretty funny "Dancing With Myself".....No Use For a Name slash "Turning Japanese".....I like this one as they are NOT, by anymeans, slavish copies of the originals. I always have contended that when doing someone else's song, the WORST THING possible is turning in a note-for-note copy, to "honor" the original you MUST MAKE IT SOMEWHAT YOUR OWN!

I WAS going to post "Blues Explosion-A Tribute to Blue Cheer".....seemingly this would be amusing, I threw it in the CD player an hour ago while making a road trip in my truck, and I was appalled by how bad it is, and when I say "bad" I don't mean "Blue Cheer-so-bad-it-is-great""Bad", but rather, copies so close to the originals you need to strain to tell the difference. Pentagram's version of MY fave "Doctor Please" actually requires CLOSE listening to reveal it isn't Blue Cheer's version off of "Vincebus Eruptum", and Internal Void's take on "Parchement Farm" is nearly identical to the original as well......and THIS is what I'm talking about.....WHY EVEN BOTHER?  Anyway I'm glad I am not wasting your/my time by putting this up......I have a bunch more to sift through, and if they are as lame as this one, they will not be getting posted.....quality, you see, is job #1 with the BigMan!

Hope ya like these, something a bit different, and I have MANY more, and the quality varryance is incredible.....I AM going to post the Carpenters tomorrow, (If you've never heard Sonic Youth's "Superstar" you, in my opinion, have not heard Sonic Youth's finest moment, the song plays a large part in the movie "Juno", also, just FYI).....I know I have a few Nirvana tributes, I remember a Blondie one (that if I recall right SUCKS, we'll see)....Queen, the Clash, the Stones, Dylan, AC-DC,  God knows what all....if I recall correctly, I think there may be ANOTHER Ramones, and I KNOW there is another tribute to Roky Erickson (featuring SWEDISH bands) (!).....I know there are a bunch more too, we'll see, I will likely avoid ANOTHER Ramones, enough is enough, and anything else that I deem suckish. I already (check archives) posted a couple of REALLY GREAT Hendrix tributes, they should still be avaialable, and also the "Stoner Rock tribute to Aerosmith" which certainly is NOT available any longer, but really isn't all THAT great and likely I won't do that one unless I have a change of heart or a buncha PLEAS for it.......gotta go check the shelves and see, I think one more day of this will more than suffice, a little of this kind of thing goes a long way.......I also have the pretty good series "Tributes or Not  Tributes" from the site Power Pop Criminals, and I may just wait until I'm in another "power pop""mood" to post those......we'll see.....

Welcome to another weekend, it is just starting to get beautiful in Ohio (Ohio is beautiful only about
six weeks out of the year, Mid-September until maybe the end of October, the rest of the year it'eezing cold or brutally hot with unbearable humidity.....on the days when it is neither of those it is raining).....football season is in the air, the major league baseball races are heating up......ENJOY LIFE, it is short, after all......I love this time of year, and I hope you do as well as I attempt to bring you an appropropriate soundtrack/background for it......

Be back tomorrow with some more tributes, if you have anyone you'd like to hear "tributed" if I have it,'ll gladly post it.....this is an area where the more outlandish the subject matter (Duran Duran, the Carpenters) the better....request away. Other wise I'll spend tonight and tomorrow morning sifting through some of these and decidinbg which are worthy. Have a good evening!!!!!!

THE DURAN DURAN TRIBUTE ALBUM-01 GOLDFINGER-Rio/02 BUCK-O-NINE-Hold Back the Rain/03 HOME GROWN-Planet Earth/04 DEFTONES-The Chauffer/05 WISECRACK-Come Undone/06 REEL BIG FISH-Hungry Like the Wolf/07 LESS THAN JAKE-The Reflex/08 RIVERFENIX-Ordinary World/09 GOB-A View to A Kill/10 BJORN AGAIN-Girls On Film/11 THE WRENS-The Seventh Stranger/12 EVES PLUM-Say a Prayer/13 JIMMY EAT WORLD-New Religion/14 MR T EXPERIENCE-Is There Something I Should Know/15 WESLEY WILLIS FIASCO-Girls On Film

NEVER MIND THE SEX PISTOLS HERE'S THE TRIBUTE-01 BOOKED-Holidays In the S/02 L.E.S. STITCHES-Bodies/03 THE GENERATORS-No Feelings/04 SUBMACHINE-Liar/05 THE KRAYS-Problems/06 I.C.U.-God Save the Queen/07 TOTAL CHAOS-Seventeen/08 BLANKS 77-Anarchy In the UK/09 THE BOILS-Submission/10 THE DUCKY BOYS-Pretty Vacant/11 MURPHYS LAW-New York/12 ROAD RAGE-EMI/13 LOWER CLASS BRATS-Belsen Was a Gas/14 MALEFACTORS-I Wanna Be Me/15 BILLY CLUB-Satellite/16 SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Friggin In the Riggin/17 NIBLICK HENBANE-Great Rock N Roll Swindle

Reverberation (Doubt)/02 JOHN WESLEY HARDING & THE GOOD LIARS-If You Have Ghosts/03 POI DOG PONDERING-I Had to Tell You/04 THE JUDYBATS-She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)/05 PRIMAL SCREAM-Slip Inside This House/06 BONGWATER-You Don't Love Me Yet/07 JULIAN COPE-I Have Always Been Here Before/08 DOUG SAHM & SONS-You're Gonna Miss Me/09 SOUTHERN PACIFIC-It's a Cold Night For Aligators/10 RICHARD LLOYD-Fire Engine/11 VIBRATING EGG-Bermuda/12 REM-I  Walked With a Zombie/13 BUTTHOLE SURFERS-Earthquake/14 LOU ANN BARTON-Don't Slander Me/15 SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS-Red Temple Prayer (2-Headed Dog)/16 THIN WHITE ROPE-Burn the Flame/17 CHRIS THOMAS FEATURING TABBY THOMAS-Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)/18 T BONE BURNETT-Nothing In Return/19 THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-Reverberation (Doubt)

GABBA GABBA HEY-A TRIBUTE TO THE RAMONES-01 BUGLAMP-Sha La La/02 DI-She's a Sensation/03 PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS-Beat on the Brat/04 L7-Suzy Is a Headbanger/05 RIGGOR MORTIS-Psychotherapy/06 FLESHEATERS-I Don't  Want To Go Down to the Basement/07 BADTOWN BOYS-Glad To See You Go/08 CHEMICAL PEOPLE-Want You Around/09 GROOVIE GHOULIES-Pet  Semetary//10 FLOWER LEPERDS-Commando/11 MOJO NIXON-Rockaway Beach/12 BAD RELIGION-We're a Happy Family/13 JEFF DAHL-Chinese Rock/14 TOMMYKNOCKERS-We Want the Airwaves/15 WHITE FLAG-Baby Sitter/16 METAL MIKE, LISA, AND JULIA-I Remember You/17 MOTORCYCLE BOY-Loudmoth/18 THE AGNEWS-Bonzo Goes To Blitzburg/19 CREAMERS-53rd and 3rd/20 BLAST-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/21 BULEMIA BANQUET-Endless Vacation

the Brat/02 THE COUNTDOWN-Chinese Rock/03 DJ ACUCRACK-Rock N Roll Radio/04 SCHIZOID-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/05 IAMMYNEWT-Teenage Lobotomy/06 DIABLO SYNDROME-I Wanna  Be Sedated/07 KAPUT!-Commando/08 TORRENT VACCINE-Beat on the Brat/09 DEFRAGMENTATION-Blitzkreig Bop/10 EMULSION VS AHAB-Wart Hog/11 JOOLZ-N Roll High School/12 BOOMER-The KKK Took My Baby Away/13 PARALLAX 1-Pinhead

BEFORE YOU WERE A PUNK-A PUNK ROCK TRIBUTE TO 80'S NEW WAVE-01 GOOD RIDDANCE-I'll Melt With You/02 NO USE FOR A NAME-Turning Japanese/03 FACE TO FACE-In Between  Days/04 GUTTERMOUTH-Happy Loving Couples/05 AUTOMATIC 7-Pretty In Pink/06 UNWRITTEN LAW-Goody Two Shoes/07 BLINK 182-Dancing With Myself/08 THE MR T EXPERIENCE-Crash/09 DOWN BY LAW-What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding/10 HAGFISH-Walking In LA/11 JUGHEAD'S REVENGE-Young Turks/12 BRACKET-(Jenny) 867-5309

As always I strive to bring you something maybe just a LITTLE different.....these are not GREAT, they are amusing though and we'd ALL be better off if we were just a little less serious about.......sixdiscs today, maybe 6 or so more tomorrow (PLEASE request now, w I'm doin' em, if you have a tribute you  want me to post), then that will be that.....I probably have 100, fining ten or12 that I find worthy of your attention will be the task, thanks for reading/listening/commenting/hating my guts/ ignoring me/ ANTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vikings vs Bears this weekend, I kinda feel the Vikes take this one at home and even the record at 1-
1.......FOOTBALL, the greatest sport on earth.......gets no better than football, beer, hot women, rock n roll, ativan, kratom, strat o matic baseball, maybe a GOOD sub sandwich........THAT, my friends, is what life is about, other than the IMPORTANT shit like taking care of your spouses, making a living, raising your kids, all that stuff!

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