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The Len Price 3

From the continent, one of the most recent vintaged acts I have ever featured here, but a wonderful
"friend of the blog" submission of a hard to find item entices me to post the whole collection.

First of all, huge thanks to Doug Wofsey from the wonderful state of Ohio (him, Massilon, Northern Ohio, me Springfield, Southern Ohio!) comes the very hard-to-find debut, "Chinese Burn", at leaset hard to find for me, Doug saw my request for it and kindly shared his copy.....thanks Doug, from bith me and everyone else who enjoys this rare gem! By the way the Len Price 3 are dummer/singer
Neil Frumow, bassist Steve Huggins, and guitarist/singer Glen Page.....who is Len Price???// We don't know!

Well, first of all, allow me to say that since I'm sure these dudes are still active on the scene, if there are any objections to my posting links to their fine albums, please simply notify me and they will be removed STAT. I just hate that they crank out such great shit which gets, relative to its greatness, gets little recognition, at least here in USA......the debut, the hard-to-find one "Chinese Burn" gets the formula down from jump.....two minute blasts of power-pop with the accent on the "power" (rather than the "pop"), skillfully blended with the classic sound of Kinks/Who from their "mod" phases, and just maybe I might be inclined to compare them to a thightened up (musically), but maybe not so very serious, version of the Jam.......confusing? Well, perhaps, but I know know one I'e shared these discs with who didn't dig the shit out of them.

"Chinese Burn" from 1005 features some great shit, nothing longer than about 2:30 or so, features
one shotgun blast after another, imagine (another "out there" comparison) Cheap Trick on meth.....really, this stuff hits hard and  WOULD sound great on the radio too, lead off track "Christian in the Desert" may have been the best single of that year, and there is NO let up, from the word GO these boys knew their formula......don't miss "Viva Viva".....or "Commanche!".......or "Shirley Crabtree"....fuck it don't miss ANY of it......thanks again to my main-dog and Buckeye homeboy Doug Wofsey, without question the winner of today's cash prize for "Friend of the Blogger of the Day"......it'll be in your mailbox just as  soon as I get around to it, Doug!.....Honestly, PURE ROCK N ROLL ENERGY, reminscent of so many wonderful others and yet unique in its own way......don't miss this one, simply on therarity factor alone, nd to boot it is a GREAT album!

Much more accessible, but EVEN BETTER, is "Rentacrowd".....again, short, radio-friendly ROCK N ROLL anthems, "Just LIke Julia Jones" is a beautiful single, "Sailor's Sweetheart" nearly as good, and, frankly, the whole album is just fantastic, what are you waiting for, if per chance you desire only ONE album by this crew, and the rarity factor of "Chinese Burn" doesn't mean anything to ya, go with this one, it's a beast, and "Julia Jones" should be on some "Nuggets"-style comp of the unknown great music of this era, maybe here in 20 years or so?

There is one more album. 2010's "Pictures"......oh, I don't know, maybe only 4.5 stars for ths one instead of 5, or maybe not.....they try to heavy it up just a touch, to their credit they seem to be attempting to "grow" musically without straying too far from where their bread is buttered......my favorie tracks are "The Girl Who Became a Machine", "Mr Grey", the title track......hell it's all great too......

I HOPE the Len Price 3 are GLAD that I am attempting to get more listeners to their great music, you
never know, as we know some confused parties like Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, Sublime, and Bratmobile all desire FEWER listeners.....seems counter productive butwe've plowed that fioeld before......I think the Len Price 3 are fucking great, and want to spread their sounds to an audience that perhaps hasn't heard much of it......and they'll tell friends and they'll tell friends.......it's how it works! But guys, if you feel wronged, just say so and they'll be taken down pronto, however I WILL make fun of you for the forseeable future!

LOVE to hear some comments on this shit, I think it rocks the house, and please if you enjoy "Chinese Burn" give a word of thanks to Doug in the comments section, he will appreciate that I'm sure......he's a great guy and I thank him again.......THANKS DOUG!

CHINESE BURN-01 Christian in the Desert/02 Chinese Burn/03 Lai Ha Lam/04 Viva Viva/05 The Last Hotel/06 Swine Fever/07 Amsterdam/08 Comanche!/09 Shatham Town Spawns Devils/10 Hard Times Forever/11 Shirley Crabtree/12 She's Lost Control/13 Medway Eye/14 Heavy Atmosphere/15 Fire In My Heart

RENTACROWD-01 Rentacrowd/02 If I Ain't Got You/03 Just Like Julia Jones/04 Sailor's
Sweetheart/05 Doctor Gee/06 Girl Like You/07 With Your Love/08 No Good/09 Mesmer/10 Cold 500/11 She's Not Really There/12 Turn It Around/13 Australia and Hidden Bonus Track

PICTURES-01 Pictures/02 Keep Your Eyes On Me/03 I Don't Believe You/04 The Girl Whe Became a Mchine/05 After You're Gone/06 Mr Grey/07 Nothing Like You/08 If You Lived 'Round Here/09 You Tell Lies/10 Man Who Used To Be/11 Jack in the Greens/12 Under the Thumb/13 The Grea Omani

As a 51 year old I always enjoy that every now and then, some kids "get  it"....they figure out that rock n roll is a state of mind, sometimes undefinable, but when it clicks, we rock n rollers (REAL ones) know it......th fucking Len Price 3 fuking "GET IT"........get these discs now and pay homage to o the great overlooked bands of recent years! They DESERVE the listen! SURE wish I had some live stuff, some WELL-RECORDED live stuff, as these boys sound as thought they would truly bring the goods on stage......anyone know for SURE?

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