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Some more Random Rolling Stones rarities Part 5

And although I probably have enough stuff to get to part ten or so, this is going to be it.......just getting a tiny bit bored with it, and having trouble with zippy getting the links up (although, obviously not the Stones fault!)......and tomorrow (maybe Saturday, I may need a day off for this one) I am going to give Jonman his Monster Magnet request and then some.....IT may take all week next week I'd venture I have as much Monster Magnet as Rolling Stones, possibly, and the Stones are, obviously, a tiny bit more accessible than Monster Magnet....anyway, we'll talk about that over the next few days, for now, let us wrap up these wonderful Rolling Stones, timeless wonders they are (or WERE up until that horrific "Emotional Rescue" thing came out) and I'd rather listen to their "rarities" than the latest and greatest from most other folks.

ll, how about yet another alternate version of "Sticky Fingers" (there are more, too), this one entitled "Tastes So Good").......basically alternate versions of the whole, another version of "Cocksucker Blues", and Eric Clapton guest take on "Brown Sugar" and a live cut, for some reason from 2003 (?)...

"Only When It's Frozen"is a double CD of stereo remixes done by Mickboy remixes, and sound really bold! The first disc combines the tracks from the US and UK versions of "Aftermath" and gives them the full-stereo tment, and also adds on some bonus tracks  (a couple from the Ed Sullivan Show)......Disc 2 is a more-or-less "greatest hits" collection of stuff from the 1960's given the beefed up stereo treatment...DO NOT SELL THESE 2 SETS SHORT. The mixes are beyond incredible, as rich an clear as you will ever hear. Mark  my words, you will be VERY happy if you download these two discs, they are just wonderful to listen to. Probably the bet thing ON THIS FIVE DAY SERIES, just my opinion, but these are fantastic!

Let's fill this uh some concert recordings, I think we've had enough remixes/alternate takes for now.....and man I have a LOT to select from. Here are the choices, pretty much at random....was gonna include the decent 4-disc "Handsome Girls" but I thik we've hit that era enough, let us go with these: "Timeless Eurpoe" 1973 from their (obviously) 1973 European tour, they tear through a set of their best with skill, MUCH better to listen to than, say "Love You Live" or some he other noticably poor "official" live album's they've released....the 2 disc "Paris Au Printemps" from June 4-7 1976 is a good one as well, features some of the reggae tinged "Black and Blue" album, "Hot Stuff", "Negrita".....good allbum, and a good rowdy encoreof "Cherry Oh Baby".

TOTALLY random, meaning I closed my eyes and grabbed one, gives us "Hot as Hell Buffalo NY 1975", again, a good set, good songs, good performances.....the Stones woulkd rarely "surprise" in concert, but they would always put out.......

I tried to do a decent cross-section of the Stones with this post, hopefully some stuff you havenheard before....I know Stones fans tend to be a little obsessive and want to have "everything" by the band, happy to try to fill in some gaps if you have them........NOW, my MONSTER MAGNET post is going to be DIFFERENTIt will NOT BE a cross section.....it is going to be EVERY note I can find by them, live shows, studio albums, rarities......it is going to be bad-ass, knee you in the balls mind crushing......It was requested (at least the boots were), and decided, who in the FUCK would be better thn MOSTER MAGNET for  a 4-54 day post.......maybe you love them, you  WILL find great stuff.....maybe you are unfamiliar....you WON'T be, and you will be introduced  to the all time kings of heavy-psychedelic-stoned out-druggie metal......FANTASTIC STUFF, all deserves to be heard.....and starting tomorrow and over the weekend, that is what you will get. Hope you liked the Stones, hope you LOVE some Monster Magnet, it (I think, really) will be perhaps the "best" and most complete post I have put up! FUCKING MONSTER MAGNET FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

See ya tomorrow!

TASTES SO GOOD-ANOALERNATE TO STICKY FINGERS-01 Brown Sugar/02 Sway/03 Wild Horses/04 Can't You Hear Me Knocking/05 You Gotta Move/06 Bitch/07 I Got the Blues/08 Sister Morphine/09 Dead FLowers/10 Moonlight Mile/11 Cocksucker Blues (Aceate)/12 Brown Sugar (With Eric Capton)/13 Sister Morphine (demo)/14 Wild Horses (Alternate)/15 Can't You Hear Me Knocking (live 0206-2003)

ONLY WHEN IT'S FROZEN D1-01 Mother's Little Helper/02 Paint It Black/03 Stupid Girl/04 Lady Jane/05 Under My THumb/06 Doncha Bother Us/07 Think/08 What To Do/09 Flight 505/10- High and Dry/11 Out of TIme/12 It's Not Easy/13 I Am Waiting/14  Take It Or Leave It/15 Goin' Home/16 Paint It Black (Ed SUllivan SHow)/17 Lady Jane (Ed SUllivan SHow0/18 Sad Day/19 Long Long While (mono)/20 Ride On Baby

ONLY WHEN IT'S FROZEN D2-01 Intro/02 19th Nervous Breakdown/03 If You Need Me/04 Empty Heart/05 2120 South Michigan Avenue/06 Confessin' The BLues/07 Around and Around/08 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/09 Time Is On My Side/10 Heart Of Stone/11 The last Time/12 Get Off Of My CLoud/13 Satisfaction/14 It's All Over Now/15 Play With Fire/16 Tell Me Baby/17 Down the Road Apiece/18 Meet Me In the Bottom/19 Brians BLues/20 I Can't Be Satisfied/21 Don't Lie To Me/22 Look What You've Done/23 Lookin Tired/24 What a Shame/25 I Can't See It/Reelin and Rockin

TIMELESS EUROPE 1973  D1-01 All Down the Line/02 Rip This Joint/03 Jumping Jack Flash/04 Street Fighting Man/05 Brown Sugar/06 Gimme Shelter/07 Happy/ 08 Dancing With Mr D/09 Heartbreaker/10 Angie/11 Midnight Rambler/12 Strret Fighting Man

TIMELESS EUROPE 1973  D2-01 Brown Sugar/02 Gimme Shelter/03 Happy/04 Tumbling Dice/05 Starfucker/06 You Can't Always Get What You Want/07 Angie/08 You Can't Always Get What You Want/09 Midnight Rambler/10 Honkly Tonk Women

PARIS AU PRINTEMPS 1976 DISC 1-01 Honky Tonk Women/02 If You Can't Rock Me-Get Off Of My CLoud/03 Hand of Fate/04 Hey Negrita/05 Ain't Too Proud To Beg/06 Fool To Cry/07 Hot Stuff/08 Starfucker/09 Angie/10 You GOtta Move/11 You Can't Always Get What You Want

PARIS AU PRINTEMPS 1976 DISC 2-01 Band Intuctions/02 Happy/03 Tumbling  Dice/04 NothingFrom Nothing/05 Outta Space/06 Midnight Rambler/07 It's Only Rock N Roll/08 Brown Sugar/09 Jumpin Jack Flash/10 Street Fighting Man/11 Cherry Oh Baby

HOT AS HELL BUFFALO NY 1975-01 Honky Tonk Women/02 All Down the Line/03 If you Can't Rock Me-Get Off Of My Cloud/04 Starfucker/05 Gimme  Shelter/06 Ain't Too Proud To Beg/07 You Got To Move/09 Happy/10 Tumbling Dice/11 You Can't Always Get What You Want/12 Luxury/13 Hand of Fate/14 Hey Negrita/15 Fools To Cry.

There ya go.....hope it was enough for ya. It was for me.

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