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Another power pop comp....

Good numbers for yesterday's set, I'm afraid this one isn't quite up to THAT standard,but it is a good
one......I really don't know where this one came from, I don't THINK it's an "internet creation", you never know.....it smells of a "commercial endeavor" to me, but I have no idea who put it out, and with the brilliantly imaginative title (get ready) "Power Pop", looking it up would be too much of a pain in the ass....I'm sure one of you guys  fill in the gaps. Good tunes though, good tunes......some overlap with "Shake Some Action", but as I've said before, power pop is the genre that makes for the BEST various artists comps as it so accurately replicates the radio listenting experience of the golden years of free form radio.

Well, we have four discs here....as far as I know the tracks are not sorted in any kind of categories, be they geographic or chronological, but there ya go ("commercial endeavor", just betcha!).....let's look at some highlights of disc 1....Milk N Cookies were a fairly under appreciated band, they are represented by the fine "Not Enough Girls In the World". Flamin' Groovies fine "Shake Some Action" is here, although it is debateable as to whether it REALLY belongs, same could be said of The Only Ones classic "Another Girl Another Planet"......The Knack's (fuck you) fine potty-mouthed anthem, "Good Girls Don't" is here (simply hilarious if you think about it, a song about getting into a chick's pants AND THEN getting her to sit on your face, WTF?).......Joe Jackson's "Got the Time" is here, I'd prefer his fab "I'm the Man", but we split hairs.

Well, Disc 2....I LOVE the Neighborhoods' "No Place Like Home", too bad it turned up yesterday as
well, but we ALSO get their equally fantastic "Prettiest Girl". Couple of XTC tracks, not great ones especially, but always love some XTC (I should do a post them, got lots)....the magnificent Explodig Hearts are represented with "Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades" (and I DID do a whole post on them, go check it and see if it's still active, they were the fucking SHIT), couple tracks from the cool Rubinoos.....good disc, oddly progammed (why not put the 2 XTC or Neighborhoods tracks together? Make too much sense?) and I have always hated that annoying "Someday Someway" by Marshall Crenshaw for some reason, but I'm sure some of you are happy it is here though.

On to disc 3.....the Records' "Starry Eyes" is a classic, more Exploding Hearts (ALWAYS a good thing), The Shoes "Tomorrow Night", The Incredible Kidda Band gives us the fab "Radio Caroline", and there is fine stuff from The Pop, Paul Collins' Beat, The Bangs, The Jags......another essential disc if this is your "thing". Disc 4 gives us a live track from The Jam ("In the City"), MORE Exploding Hearts (someone once said "ALWAYS a good thing), couple tracks from Rockpile, the underappreciated Incredible Kidda Band, the db's, .......you get the idea. If you liked "Shake Some Action", consider this a poor man's version, certainly with some tracks you'll want, personally I think you'd be ahead to reprogram it omitting the overlap and just treating it as an extension of yesterday's set, power pop comps are a remarkably exhilerating listening experience! Please comment......don't know if I'll put up another one tomorrow or not, I'm getting a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH Jonman) of Monster Magnet boots ready for Jonman per his request, I'll get to that in the next few days (Really....Monster Magnet, Big Black, Pearl, Giants of Power Pop, Budgie.......no goddamn "niche" here, I am Mr. Versatility)......lemme know what ya think, I may not post tomorrow becaaaaaaauuuuse.......

Tomorrow is the season opener for the 2013 Minnesota Vikings. I have been a fan and seen nearly
every game since 1969 (I am not kidding), all thhile living in Ohio. I think they have 8-8 written all over them this year, but I am NO EXPERT and thought they'd be the NFL's worst team last year (they of course excited me with a playoff run), topping THAT prediction with the theory that Adrian Peterson was likely about finished so what the fuck do I know? Anyway, they play the Lions tomorrow, hope both teams stay healthy and at least provide me with a good game to watch (I am not "fantatical" about sports, I love watching but i learned long ago that it really doesn't affect my life much if the Vikings win the Super Bowl or go 1-15).....so what are you guy's favorite football teams (I mean American football I must stress) and what do you think of their chances this year?

So, anyway......here's to a fine and fun NFL season. time of year, for my money, Autumn in Ohio!

DISC 1-01 THE GO-Instant Reaction/02 SPEEDIES-Let Me Take Your Photo/03 YOUNG CANADIANS-Hulabaloo Girls/04 JOE JACKSON-Got the Time/05 POINTED STICKS-The Real Thing/06 MILK N COOKIES-Not Enough Girls In the World/07 THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND-The Girl Said No/08 THE ZIPPERS-It Hurts/09 THE KNACK-Good Girls Don't/10 YOUNG CANADIANS-Hawaii/11 SPEEDIES-You Need Pop/12 THE NERVES-When Ya Find Out/13 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/14 BUDDY LOVE-Dead Ringer/15 SMART REMARKS-Mary's Got Her Eye On Me/16 FLAMIN GROOVIES-Shake Some Action/17 THE BEAT-Walking Out on Love/18 BUDDY LOVE-Liar/19 THE LAST-Century City Rag/20 THE SALVATION ARMY-She Turns to Flowers/21 POINTED STICKS-New Ways/22 PURPLE HEARTS-Jimmy/23 THE SALVATION ARMY-For Hours/24 SCIENTISTS-Sorry/25 THOMAS FUNCTION-The Insignificants

DISC 2-01 THE LAMBRETTAS-London Calling/02 XTC-Chain of Command/03 THE COLD-
Three Chord City/04 THE AGENTS-Suburban Paradise/05 BEEX-(My Heart Goes) Beat Beat/06 PASTICHE-Boston Lullabye/07 PASTICHE-Talk Show/08 THE NEIGHBORHOODS-No Place Like Home/09 READYMADES-Supergirl/10 THE RERUNS-So So Alone/11 NASTY FACTS-Get To You/12 NASTY FACTS-Crazy Bout Love/13 THE INNOCENT-Wanna Get Around/14 THE LAMBRETTAS-Beat Boys In the Jet Age/15 XTC-Outside World/16 20-20-Remember the Lightning/17 THE RUBINOOS-I Never Thought It Would Happen/18 THE NEIGHBORHOODS-The Prettiest Girl/19 NICK LOWE-So It Goes/20 MARSHALL CRENSHAW-Someday Someway/21 HUBBLE BUBBLE-What Can I Do/22 NAZZ-She's Goin Down/23 THE RUBINOOS-Leave My Heart Alone/24 CLOROX GIRLS-Flowers of Evil/25 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades/26 LOVER!-I Got You/27 LOVER!-No More Reasons

DISC 3-01 THE QUICK-Pretty Please Me/02 THE ZIPPERS-You're So Strange/03 THE POP-Easy Action/04 PAUL COLLINS BEAT-Will You Listen/05 THE JAGS-The Tourist/06 THE DILS-Sound of the Rain/07 THE TICKETS-Heartland/08 THE SHOES-Tomorrow Night/09 RECORDS-Starry Eyes/10 THE MERRYMAKERS-A Fine Line/11 THE BARRACUDAS-I Can't Pretend/12 THE NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem/13 FAST CARS-You're So Funny/14 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-Your Shadow/15 APACHE-Boys Life/16 THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND-Radio Caroline/17 THE NEW HEARTS-Blood on the Knife/18 KICK-Let's Get Back Together/19 FAST CARS-The Kids Just Wanna Dance/20 PURPLE HEARTS-Frustration/21 THE FURYS-Say Goodbye to the Blacksheep/22 THE JAGS-Tune Into Heaven/23 THE LAST-That's Just Life/24 THE POP-Nobody's Toy/25 THE FURYS-Moving Target/26 THE BANGS-Call On Me/27 THE CICHLIDS-Missionary Man

Do I Really Wanna Know/04 SURFIN LUNGS-389/05 ACTION NOW-I'm Not Trying To Hurt You/06 ELTON MOTELLO-Sha La La la Lee/07 THE DIODES-Red Rubber Ball/08 THE BEAT-Rock N Roll Girl/09 THE DECIBELS-Go Away/10 CHRIS STAMEY AND THE DB'S-(I Thought) You Wanted To Know/11 ROCKPILE-Teacher Teacher/12 THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND-I'm Gonna Join the Army/13 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-I'm a Pretender/14 THE DECIBELS-Allison/15 THE KEYS-I Don't Wanna Cry/16 THE SECRETS-It's Your Heart Tonight/17 ROCKPILE-Wrong Again/18 THE TRANZMITORS-Somethings Going On/19 FAST CARS-What Can I Say/20 DOGMATICS-You Say/21 TAXI BOYS-I Can't Kick/22 THE JAM -In the City (Live)/23 THE KIDS-Do You Wanna Know/24 THE VACANT LOT-Good as Gone/25 ACTION NOW-Taking Care/26 PUPPET RULERS-Outta My Mind/27 THE CROWS-Don't Play Around

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