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Raiders of the Lost Hook

I got these a few years back from what IS the greatest of all power-pop blogs, Power Pop Criminals
(http://powerpopcriminals.blogspot.com/), I don't the links to these on that site are probably still good, so I'm sure they won't care if I repost these magnificent compilations......as you know, power-pop makes for the BEST various artist compilations because.....well, I'm tired of saying it.

I'd like to thank the goddamn Minnesota Vikings for wasting a good bit of my Saturday. I certainly do appreciated the extra effort from them that I receive for my additional $300 that I pay for the goddamn Sunday Ticket. Christina Ponder is awful, the D-Line is awful,  the O-Line is awful, play calling horrendous......Adrian Peterson a 78 yard TD run on the first play of the season and then winding up with about 90 yards.......ugly ugly ugly, had the Lions not repeatedly shot themselves in the foot (after all they ARE the Lions), they would have beaten the Vikings by 40 points. Only 15 more to go I suppose.

Four discs here, all of them practically flawless, not too much overlap, at all with the recent
postings....Disc 1 leads off with the fab Milk N Cookies "Tinkertoy Tomorrow" and treats us to lotsa more gems....The Donuts "She May Be Your Girl", Yipes! "Heartbreak Again", The Marbles "Computer Cards"....Lotsa lotsa good stuff, you know, by now, the type of stuff this is if you were previously unfamilar...

Disc 2 is more of the same (a GOOD thing), the name that jumps out most immediately is Stiv Bators (of the Dead Boys and the movie "Polyester" fame, also famous for being run over by a bus), with the (you'll be surprised if you know him only from the Dead Boys) awesome "I'll Be Alright". Everything here is good stuff and fits the concept to a "t", I like the tracks from The Modulators, The Donuts, Powers Mowers, and Radio Van Gogh in particular, but you may have ten different favorties and I would not quibble wit ya!

Volume 3 is a bit more "out there" in my estimation,
but it's just as great......The Gravelberrys, Vandalias, Shame Idols, Spinning Jennies, and the Frampton Brothers stand out, and special notice to the band name Brian Jones Was Murdered, just because I've always beleived that......

Finally Volume 4-grand slam, all four discs are close to perfect for what  they are, great power pop.....not shit you have to rack your brain on to understand, not shit you need a college degree to "get", but fucking songs about women and summer  and rock n roll and women and young romance  and cheating women and lying women, shit like that......highlights of Volume 4 include Radio City, Rosetta Stone, The Orbits, The News, and the Rousers....

I've heard from a few of ya who like these, and a few for whom these are maybe a little lightweight, I
have several more, keep the opinions coming, myself I just LOVE those jangly guitars and mindless Top-40-wannabe lyrics, really so innocent and unpretentious.......just love  I  CAN see how fans of punk or metal or whatever might hate this stuff as though it were disco or something, but EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS......this stuff is the SHIT!

Tomorrow/02 THE ROULETTES-Only Heaven Knows/03 TIM MOORE-Rock N Roll Love Letter/04 CASPAR GILES MCCLOUD-Messin Around/05 THE ROCKERS-Don't Leave Me Tonight/06 SCREEN TEST-I am Sincere/07 THE KRAYOLAS-Aw Tonight/08 VANCE OR TOWERS-Do Whatever We Want/09 THE BOYS-We're Too Young/10 THE INNOCENTS-Darlin'/11 THE DONUTS-She May Be Your Girl/12 THE GO-Tomorrow Night/13 THE BOYFRIENDS-I Need Your Love/14 EPICYCLE-Put Your Socks Away/15 TWEEDS-Underwater Girl/16 THE RAVES-Chastity/17 SHAKE SHAKES-You Can Run/18 THE ACTION-She's Got My Heart/19 THE BLAZERS-I Can Love You/20 BRAD LONG-Tell 21 YIPES!-Heartbreak Again/22 COLORS-Week End/23 THE BELL HEIRS-Shaking It Down/24 CARGOE-Feel Alright/25 THE MARBLES-Computer Cards/26 THUNDERMUG-Orbit

VOLUME 2-01 THE DEAL-Don't Go Out/02 THE EXPLOSIVES-A Girl Like You/03 THE MODULATORS-She's So Cynical/04 THE NADS-You Don't Know Me/05 ACTION NOW-Stop Pretending/06 CASPAR GILES MCCLOUD-Make You Feel Like You're Mine/07 THE MOBERLEYS-I Want You/08 STIV BATORS-I'll Be Alright/09 DAVID QUINTON-Make Up Your Mind/10 THE MOSQUITOS-I Know a Secret/11 THE PATRIOTS-That Way/12 THE SWEAT-Isn't Anything Secret Anymore/13 THE MARSHALLS-She's the One/14 TOMMY ROCK-It's Later Than You Think/15 BUDDY LOVE-I Just Wanna Hold You/16 BARRY KNOEDL-Baby Don't Give Up/17 THE DONUTS-Johnny Johnny/18 POWERS MOWERS-Silly Girl/19 THE HI FI'S-Look What You've Done/20 STANLEY FRANK-S'cool Days/21 THE NEWS-Don't Talk To Me/22 THE SHOUT-Sha-Day-La-Day/23 THE TOYS-I'm Telling You Now/24 THE WEREWOLVES-Lisa/25 RICK ROCK-Buddah Buddah/26 DAVE RAVE GROUP-Weight of the World/27 RADIO VAN GOGH-I Hope I Get It All

GRAVELBERRYS-Wonder Where You Are Tonight/03 MILLARD POWERS-Heart Attack/04 FROSTED-Homeless/05 FOUR O CLOCK BALLOON-Angeline/06 THE DECIBLES-Change/07 THE VANDALIAS-Julie Come Around/08 THE BELTWAYS-Kissing Time/09 BEAT ANGELS-All Around Your World/10 SPINNING JENNIES-You're the Only One/11 THE SHAME IDOLS-Skating Rink/12 THE BEATIFICStime/13 THE TEARAWAYS-Nowhere Left To Turn/14 BILLY SULLIVAN-Go Crazy/15 WHO HIT JOHN-Somebody/16 SINS TAILOR-I Don't Like It/17 SMALLSTONE-Chasing the Sun/18 THE KELLY AFFAIR-That School/19 THE FRAMPTON BROTHERS-If She Were My Girl/20 BRIAN JONES WAS MUREDERED-Say/21 THE INFIDELS-Everywhere I  Go/22 SWINGER-Best Friend/23 ARTY LENIN-Mr Acarious/24 MICHAEL CARPENTER-Wild Honey

VOLUME 4-01 ROSETTA STONE-Judy Judy Judy/02 THE RINGS-My Kinda Girl/03 STRAIGHT EIGHT-Christine/04 THE SWEAT-Please Don't Say You Love Me/05 THE ROLL UPS-Last Night/06 THE ROCKERS-Understanding/07 MIKE READ-Beatles Lullabye/08 BLUE-Don't Wanna Make You Cry/09 ORBITS-Phenominal World/10 THE NEWS-I Can See Through You/11 KEY-Until the Day/12 THE LIMITS-Come To Me/13 THE INNOCENTS-Come Tonight/14 THE LATE SHOW-So Happy/15 THE BREAKERS-A New Heart To Kill/16 THE FLLASHCUBES-Wait Till Next Week/17 RADIO CITY-Little Runaway/18 LOOSE LIPS-Kyle/19 THE ROUSERS-Rock N Roll or Run/20 THE TEDDY BOYS-Things That You Do/21 THE TOMS-I Did the Wrong Thing/22 THE ASCENDERS-She's in Love/23 THE YANKEES-Take It Like a Man/24 THE BINGS-Please Please Please/25 THE WIND-I Am the Garden/26 DAVID BURDICK-Can't Sit Still/27 THE AGENTS-Suburban Paradise/28 THE PUSH UPS-Global Corporation

Tomorrow's post depends upon tomorrow's mood.....a friend asked me for some Modern Lovers, and
I had a request on here for some Monster Magnet, which I am still compiling (can't decide how I'm going to format that one, if I put ALL my Monster Magnet shit up, it'd take 2-3 days minimum).....and still.....personally digging the power pop comps at the moment, it's the "music of summer" to me, and as summer fades out, nothing better than to say goodbye to it for another year with some crunchy-smooth power pop.......so ya never know. I kind of take a LITTLE pride in this blog being something "different", in that I will post ANYTHING (provided I can find it) that anyone wants and refuse to be locked into a niche.....I go through phases (power pop right now), but day to day, just happens to be the mood I'm in......couldn't do ANY of it, without the heard work of ogreat bloggers LIKE "Power Pop Criminals" for providing this wonderful set (and others, eventually I WILL get up their fantastic "Tributes or Not Tributes" series it is nothing short of phenominal.....but we may take a break in the shakin some action for a little Monster Magnet or Modern Lovers the next couple days.......someone once suggested I do a post incorporating the music of both Screwdriver and Public Enemy, and while on the surface that sounds silly, yet, I think it MIGHT have some merit.....the statement being made is that EVERYONE, no matter what their idealology, can use rock n roll to get their points across (and yes Public Enemey rocked out FIERCELY, motherfucker).....

While I ramble waiting for the discs to upload, if I WERE to do a hate-rock post at some point (Screwdriver, Angry Aryans, Bully Boys, Ian Stuart & the Klansmen), what would you think? Would it upset you? Would you abandon my blog? It'd be your right and I'd understand it although I would disagree.....I've always been a bit leery of doing it, mostly because I'm afraid of the trouble I might get into with Blogger, but I am SO curious as to the potential reaction, that  just HAVE to do it at some point......I beleive in the rights of EVERYONE to freely speak their minds....whether I agree with them or not. I detest the racist ideaologies of Screwdriver et al, BUT I also detest some of the ultra-leftist ideas of Rage Against the Machine, or Crass, or Le Tigre, or The Tom Robinson Band,  or Bratmobile, ALL OF whom I  have done extensive posts on (except maybe Crass, I'd have to check)........the artists on both the right and the left are "angry" and use music to express it.....I think if we disagree with them, that is fine, but should the be censored? NO NO NO ABSOLUTE NO.......Screwdriver had as much right to their views as did Rage Against the Machine, but I wonder if any of you would be truly offened by a Skrewdriver post or something? Thoughts? Ideas? I know I did one on Prussian Blue a while back but they were so cartoonish and silly it was very hard to take them seriously.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday Night, couple NFL games on tonight, gotta love that, and although I
know I didn't post yesterday (Vikings followed by grocery shopping, gracery shopping MUCH more entertaining) so I just didn't quite get to it, but don't see any snags in getting some rocking shit up there each evening this week, just don't now what.......see ya tomorrow and please love your wives/girlfriends (for guys), your husbands/boyfriends (for gals), especially your children (they will be grown next time you turn around), and your parents (both of mine are gone, and we had our differences......but they are gone nonethess. I wish they were still here). Basically, just please be good to one another. Nothing is forever.

I love all the people who read and contribute and comment and request and anything else here! Love
you to  or why ever else would I do this?  " I LOVE YOU DAMIEN AND IT'S ALLLL  FOR YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

One more thing that pops into my mind....I asked once before but maybe I am asking a more appropriate audience with the power pop and all.....anyone happen to have "Chinese Burn" by the Len Price Three? If you do I'd love to snag a copy.....one of the very very few albums that for whatever reason seemsmost impossible to find! I know it exists, but........anyway, make your uncle HAPPY and if you have this little gem, please "make my day"!

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