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Another weekend, another BADASS internet-only comp series

At least I think it's "internet only", if not, sue me.....this is a set of total kickass powerpop, a genre
which I have pretty much not dabbled in too much on this blog, but (1) I LOVE power, and (2) it makes for perhaps te VERY BEST comps as it is perhaps the most "radio friendly" of the rock genres, making the comps a much more rewarding experience than some other sub-genres as it replicates the radio-listening exprience so well....I have a BUNCH of power pop comps, we'll see what the minions think of this on (perhaps the best) before we start making a "thing" out of them.....

What could be better for a weekend than eight discs of wonderful, guitar-jangling power pop? If you're having a celebration this weekend here is a perfecto  soundtrack. The NFL starts in force this weekend (how about Peyton Maning last night, GEEEEZ) and I will pontificate on my Minnesota Vikings tomorrow (I recall last year on opening weekend I posted a bunh of bands like Viking Skull and Viking Army, one of the LEAST downloaded posts I've ever done.....serve you right if I did it again this year)....I love football as much as I love rock n roll, so we'll do some football chatting tomorrow (and FOOTBALL is played with a ball that is pointed on the ends, I could give three shits what you guys across the pond call football......after all are responsible for Queen)....geez am I ever rambling on a Friday........how about some fucking tunes?

This set, and I don't recall whose site it came from (I'd love to give credit should any of you
remember where it came from, I think it is 5-6 years old), is entitled "Shake Some Action", a fine and accurate title and a wonderful mix of som great and obscure power pop shit from the US, the UK, and other corners on our planet.

Disc 1 is all about the wonderous UK (I really do LOVE you guys, I just love it when you get miffed when I rip on soccer).....24 tracks and don't even now where to begin......EVERY track a winner, a few at random, The Invaders"Best Thing I Ever Did", The Kick! "Let's Get Back Together", The Paranoics "Stupid Guy"......many/most of the tracks in this set will likely be familar only to true lovers of the genre, but take you Uncle Scott at his word......this stuff is the fucking shit, HIGHLY recommended, and in my book, essential......if you are not a big "power pop guy (or gal)", this is an almost indescribable learning exerience/jumping in point.

Disc 2 moves to the great USA and gives us a fine Holly & the Itaians rarity ("Chapel of Love"), The
Pop "Down on the Boulevard", the Nieghborhoods fantastic "No Place Like Home", The Boys, Route 28, The Shivvers fine"Teen Line"......again, 24 tracks, not a dog in the lot. Disc 3 mixes UK and Ireland, again, don't miss, essential listening......THERE ARE NO "LOWLIGHTS", I mention a few tracks just to whet the appetite, how about the Vipers "I've Got You", Protex "A Place in the Heart", Another Pretty Face's "All the Boys Love Carrie", three discs, 72 tracks thus far and honestly there isn't one here that I'd skip.

Disc 4 brings us back home to the US of A, 24 more gems, the Continentals' excellent "Fizz Pop", The Shades fabulous "Hello Mr Johnson", more great stuff from the Pop, The Know, The Colors, The Monroes.....four discs, all essential thus far. Disc 5, no surprise, just as fab, (UK and Ieland), The Young Ones, Mark Andrew & the Gents, the Cheaters' great "(I Wanna Be a) Policeman", and the Automatics "When the Tanks Rolled Over Poland Again".....again, NOTHING here I would skip.

The sixth disc goes round the globe, a little more variety in sound to what is almost exclusively a US/UK sound, there is a lot of stuff here from Australia, The Spliffs, Mad Turks, Ups & Downs, from Japan, France, Belgium, Spain, pretty much everywhere.....this is the one disc of the set that is maybe somewhat less than essential, BUT as a curiosity it ranks #1.....really, Japanese or Belgian power pop? Yet another must in my opinion.

Disc 7 returns to the USA but with the twist of eerything here being previously unreleased, still
wonderful stuff and essential just for the rarity faactor.....Pearl Harbor & the Explosions "Release It", The Romantic's "Little White Lies" (HOW did it avoid release?), The Beatles Costello (get it? get it?) "Soldier of Love", unknown or relatively so tunes from The Tweeds, The Go, Dirty Looks, The Speedies......essential, essential, essential......

Finally, disc 8, which gives us no geographic or chronology data.....I guess it is the leftovers from the compiler's vast collection.....pretty obscure stuff, again, though, pretty goddamn good......check the Runs, Noiz Boiz, Trainspotters, Boyfriends......another winner.

OK, perhaps you are NOT a fan of this genre.....if so, you will not care for this obviously......if you are a dabbler, though, this is one you want, and if you are a lover of power pop, YOU WILL NOT WISH TO MISS A TRACK OF THIS.....download it TWICE because you will wear out you first set!

This is  bit different from anything I have posted here before, I have NO IDEA how it is going to be recieved......please please please let me know: MORE, or NOT? I have many multi-disc sets of this great music (this one, IMO, being the best) BUT PLEASE LET ME KNOW......and sometimes you guys are not too great at this, TELL ME if you want more of these power pop comps. I love them, if you re strictly a 60's psych lover or a metalhead, perhaps you will not, either way I would like t know.....I have no idea how many power pop fans are in the audience of this blog, but most of the sets I have are BIG like this, so it takes a bit of work. I love the music, please give me your opinion of THIS set,of the genre in general, and DO YOU WANT MORE?

Football this weekend! I'll think of something Viking related for the weekend, here's wishing the best
of luck to the Vikes, this weekend vs the Lions and all season. I doubt they capture the magic of late last year's run for the playoffs, but you never know......my prediction? They go 7-9 at worst, 9-7 at best, and out of the playoffs in any scenario. At least Ohio State (my college team) is looking pretty tough this year. Best time of year for sports, when you factor in the baseball season coming up on playoffs and (OH yeah) prepping for high school basketball (especially when you are the father of a 6'6" sophomore beast of a center!)


DISC 1-01 THE INVADERS-Best Thing I Ever
Did/02 THE BOYFIENDS-I'm In Love Today/03 THE DISTRACTIONS-It Just Doesn't Bother Me/04 THE LAST STAND-Just a Number/05 REALLY 3RDS-Everyday, Everyway/06 SEVENTEEN-Don't Let Go/07 THE DONKEYS-Don't Go/08 SLOWGUNS-TV Movie/09 THE STOWAWAYS-I Wanna Be Me/10 TONIGHT-Money That's Your Problem/11 THE TOURS-Tourist Infomation/12 THE KEYS-I Don't Wanna Cry/13 THE KICK!-Let's Get Back Together/14 HEROES-Some Kind of Woman/15 THE SQUARES-No Fear/16 THE GAS-Ignore Me/17 THE STRANGEWAYS-Show Her You Care/18 THE PARANOICS-Stupid Guy/19 LEYTON BUZZARDS-I'm Hanging Around/20 YEH-YEH-You Will Pay/21 THE QUADS-There Must Be Thouands/22 THE RESISTANCE-Survival Kit/23 THE TELEGENTS-Seen It Before!/24 THE SMIRKS-O.K. U.K.

DISC 2-01 THE SHIVVERS-Teen Line/02 HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-Chapel of Love/03 THE INFIDELS-A Thousand Years Ago/04 THE NOTES-Rough School Year/05 GARY CHARLSON-Real Life Saver/06 REVOLVER-Some Other Guy/07 REACTION FORMATION-Looking At You/08 THE POP-Wait a Minute/09 THE MARSHALS-Am/10 SVT-Heart of Stone/11 THE ZIPPERS-She's a Rebel/12 THE SECRETS-It's Your Heart Tonight/13 THE ORBITS-Make the Rules/14 THE TWEEDS-Part of the Game/15 ARLIS!-I Wanna Be/16 THE NAMES-Why Can't It Be Me/17 THE POP-Down on the Boulevard/18 THE BOYS (She's My Girl) She's All Mine/19 PUPPET RURLERS-Outta My Mind/20 THE NEIGHBORHOODS-No Place Like Home/21 TAXI BOYS-I Can't Kick/22 THE RERUNS-So So Alone/23 SCREEN TEST-Anytime/24 ROUTE 28-American Kids

DISC 3-01 THE STRANGEWAYS-Wasting Time/02 THE GANGSTERS-Best Friend/03 THE
STILETTOS-This is the Way/04 DISTRACTIONS-Something For the Weekend/05 THE VIPERS-I've Got You/06 SPEEDOMETERS-Disgrace/07 THE MOONDOGS-Who's Gonna Tell Mary?/08 THE VANDELLS-Ruby Toot/09 SPIES-Thinking About the Sun/10 SEVENTEEN-Bank Holiday Weekend/11 PROTEX-A Place in the Heart/12 THE ZEROES-Hungry/13 THE DONKEYS-No Way/14 THE DAZZLERS-Lovely Crash/15 THE LOOKALIKES-Can I Take You Home/16 BANDITZ-JCB/17 SPYS-The Young Ones/18 THE NEGATIVES-Money Talk/19 NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem/20 THE MONITORS-Telegram/21 THE LOOK-Feeding Time/22 ANOTHER PRETTY FACE-All The Boys Love Carrie/23 UNTAMED YOUTH-Untamed Youth/24 THE KICK-A Shot in the Dark

DISC 4-01 CONTINENTALS-Fizz Pop/02  RATTLERS-On the Beach/03 FOUR EYES-Disengaged/04 THE POP-Love Is Still Ours/05 SPEEDIES-Let Me Take Your Foto/06 DAVID FINNERTY & THE JACKALS-Hold On/07 CODE BLUE-Other End of Town/08 JUMPERS-Sick Girl/09 PUPPET RULERS-Complicated Girl/10 DL BYRON-Listen To The Heartbeat/11 THE KNOW-I Like Girls/12 RICHARD X HEYMAN-Vacation/13 PALEY BROTHERS-Ecstacy/14 GEMS-Save Your Money/15 THE MONROES-What Do All the People Know?/16 THE BOYS-You Make Me Shake/17 THE PENETRATORS-Stimulation/18 THE COLORS-Rave It Up/19 THE SHADES-Hello Mr. Johnson/20 THE KEY-Evolution/21 SERVICE-Time Release/22 ROUSERS-Party Boy/23 LAWERNCE LANGE-Surfin Kansas City/24 THE ORIGINAL SYMPTOMS-Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)

DISC 5-01 RONNIE MAYOR-Can't Wait Until the Summer Comes/02 THE QUESTIONS-Can't Get
Over You/03 THE SMITH-Here Comes My Baby/04 BACK SEAT ROMEOS-Zero Ambition/05 MARK ANDREW & THE GENTS- Laid on a Place/06 SCARLET PARTY-101 Dawn-Nations/07 THE CHICAYNES-Cry a Little/08 THE FRESHMEN-You've Never Heard Anything Like This Before/09 THE FIRST STEPS-The Beat is Back/10 THE TOURS-Language School/11 ANDY ARTHURS-I Can Detect You For 100000 Miles/12 THE STEP-Love Letter/13 THE YOUNG ONES-Rock N Roll Radio/14 THE HEADBOYS-Shape Of Things to Come/15 THE MONKS-Johnny B. Rotten/16 JOLT-I Can't Wait/17 AUTOMATICS-When the Tanks Rolled Over Poland Again/18 THE CHEATERS-(I Wanna Be a) Policeman/19 THE CLASSICS-Audio, Audio/20 HEROES-10% Will Do/21 TV21-Ambition/22 WHITE HEAT-Nervous Breakdown/23 THE INVADERS-Girls In Action/24 THE SECRET-Hotel Carbineros

DISC 6-01 THE SPLIFFS-You Know What They'll Say/02 MODERNS-Got to Have Pop/03 MAD TURKS-Lolene/04 THE DOGS-Mom Coeur Bat Encore/05 PRINCESS OF PEACE-X-Ray Proved/06 BABIJAR-Ice Age/07 LOS AUTENTICOS-La Estrella/08 IRA-Pobre Paulista/09 BADGE-Dancing/10 UPS & DOWNS- In the Shadows/11 ROUSERS-Rock N Roll Or Run/12 VERTEX-John/13 TWEED-Fashion/14 THE TECHTONES-That Girl/15 NITS-Yes or No/ 16 DUWETO-Singing Along the Wind/17 MOPS-Manen/18 THE CROWS-Don't Play Around/19 ROXETTE-Natascha/20 THE LITTLE MURDERS-Things Will Be Different/21 KOLLA KESTAA-Kirjoituksia Kellarista/22 REEPERBAHN-Havet Ligger Blankt/23 5:15-Don't Think Twice (If You Can't Think At All)/24 ESQUELETOS-Solo Necesito Un Poco de Diversion

DISC 7-01 THE TWEEDS-Underwater Girl/02 QUNCY-Turn the Other Way/03 SPEEDIES-
Time/04 THE NOW-Can't Fix Me Up With Her/05 SHRAPNEL-Go Cruisin'/06 DIRTY LOOKS/07 THE LEOPARDS-I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again/08 JACK LEE-Hanging On the Telephone/09 THE GO-Don't Take Her Away/10 THE MARSHALLS-I Wanna Be Rich/11 STEVE ALMAAS-What's the Matter/12 PEARL HARBOR & THE EXPLOSIONS-Release It/13 REGINA RICHARDS & RED HOT-Tiger/14 GARY VALENTINE-Tomorrow Belongs To Me/15 CHRIS MOFFA & THE COMPETITION-Lunatics, Losers, and Liars/16 THE BEATLES COSTELLO-Soldier of Love/17 REGULAR GUYS-Leave/18 THE NIGHTMARES-Baseball Altamont/19 BLACKJACKS-(That I Always) Dress In Black/20 ROMANTICS-Little White Lies/21 THE ACTION-Get Back To Me/22 THE BOYZ-Laughs On Me/23 2 TIMERS-Now That I've Lost My Baby/24 D CLINTON THOMPSON-Drivin Guitars

DISC 8-CHARLIE FAWN-Blue Skies/02 THE LOW NUMBERS-Keep In Touch/03 THE KEYS-Just a Camera/04 BOYFRIENDS-Boyfriend/05 HENRY ESSENCE-Margarita/06 LESSON & VALE-Like a Good Girl Should/07 THE ELEVATORS-You & I Are Too Close Together/08  SACRE BLEU-Move It/09 THE SMIRKS-Rosemary/10 THE INNOCENTS-One Way Love/11 TEARJERKERS-Murder Mystery/12 THE SCENE-I've Had Enough/13 MIKE READ-Are You Ready/14 TRAINSPOTTERS-High Rise/15 BTP FOLDERS-All of a Sudden/16 THE WIMPS-Hamburger Radio/17 WASTELAND-Leave Me Alone/18 THE RIVVITS-Saturday Night at the Dance/19 DIG DIG DIG-Our
Money/20 THE RUNS-Bum in the Oven/21 NOIZ BOIZ-Noiz Boiz/22 THE JUMP-Shake Up/23 UPSET-Hurt/24 THE VALVES-Ain't No Surf In Portobello

Be a lotta typing and uploding for minimal comments...normally I don't care that much but in this case I REALLY want to know, yes or no, if you guys want a deluge of comps of this type......PLEASE! By the way, if this WAS NOT an internet only set, someone letme know THAT too so we can credit the lable or whomever!

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