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All You Young Cunts, Live it Now, There Ain't Much to Die For.....

Well, it is right now Friday, about 4:30 PM EST, I have JUST NOW posted the (awesome) "101
Punk and New Wave Anthems" with no idea how those who've been around mostly for the psych/nugget-rock are going to react......Saturday's "The Punk Generation" was a sort of a good deal lesser set in quality to that ("101") incredibly essential piece, but the whole thing got me all retro 70's-80's punk/new wa (ever notice how punk/new wave were sort of "cousins" ala psych/garage punk were in the 60's?) As I've said before, while I LOVE all the genres I dabble in, the punknew wave of the late 70's early 80's represents my high school/college years, an important "musical phase" for everyone, so I am (I think) a bit more knowledgeable than I am
towards some of the Nuggets stuff (although I love that stuff just as much).....again, too, the punk/'new wave format coverts to compilation VERY well (as does all the "nugget rock") for the simple reason that, well programmed, can be a wonderful simulation of a good rock radio station of the era (beleive it or not, they actually used to exist......hell I WORKED at one briefly one summer (1979)........

OK "The History of Punk"......kind of an innacurate
title, based on the omissions, and besides that there is a bunch of overlap with "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems", but here is thing.....TWENTY discs here.....awwwww I can just see some little 15 year old getting his first indoctrination to REAL punk/new wave and the big ol' smile he must be getting on his face after hearing these here TWENTY discs.....warms the cockles of my heart, I'll ya.

So how long will I stay in THIS groove (for those of you who AREN'T fans of it?) Probably not too long......I'll tire of it sometime this week, this stuff isn't nearly old enough to be comped to the degree of some of the obscure psych/garage stuff, but, for a few days before and after now, I am on MY turf, the soundtrack of my 16-21 years, and ANYONE among us waxes a bit sentimental over the music that is "their" soundtrack, be it Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, 13th Floor Elevators, The MC5, Led Zeppelin, Poison, The Jesus and Mary Chain, U2, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, Sleigh Bells.....no matter.....you may love the music of ALL eras (I do), or of all genres (I DON'T, I HATE "hair metal" for th most part and most of that "nu rock" or whatever it was called a fwe years back.....also neveer cared much for "southern rock", or that Grateful Dead/Phish kind of stuff.....but if that (any of these or whomever) are YOUR soundtrack, it MEANS something to you.......the punk and new wave of the late 70's-early 80's, while admittedly not my favorite stuff alot of the time is probably the dearest to me from a sentimental standpoint..

OK, let's work em out.....TEN discs today, another ten tomorrow as I'll run throught this pretty
quickly and there are another couple sets I want to throw up the next few days (overlap is a much BIGGER problem with these than with the Nuggets-style sets as there is MUCH less material and far fewer comps to deal with. OK, ripped jeans, saftey pins, profanity, dark sunglasses, 'ludes, Michelob, and my 1969 Pontiac with the rigged up gigantic housepeakers in the back seat are in my "memory sites" at the moment, let us see what is on the first ten discs. And again, if you don't care for this stuff, please be respectful of those who do. Everyone does not enjoy everything.

Well, the first disc is fairly redundant already as I'd estimate maybe half of it's 15 tracks (yes, I know
you can't divide 15 "exactly" in half, shut up)....DK's "Holiday In Cambodia", Slaughter & the Dogs "White Light WHite Heat", and 999's "Homicide", among others appeared there.....Johnny THunders contributes a live "Chinese Rocks" ("hey I'm living on Chinese rock, all of my best things are in hock"), Chaos UK brings us "Four Minute Warning", and who could argue with the inclusiuon of The Anti-Nowhere League's "I Hate People" (thinking of adopting it as theme music for when I enter the workplace, like baseball players do when they go up to bat).....as always, consider programming this your OWN way to avoid overlap with 20 discs here you KNOW it has to include some stuff not on "101".

Among Disc 2 overlap includes (good, but rendered redundant by the other set) tracks like Chron Gen's "Jet Boy Jet Girl" and the UK Subs "I Live In a Car", but the Dead Kennedy's great "Kill the Poor" , Eddie & the Hot Rods "Teenage Depression", and Sham 69's great "Hurry Up Harry" are tracks from bands that made the other set but with different songs.....among some lesser knowns, we have The Suburban Studs, Splodge, and the Drones ("Bone Idol", a good overlooked tune).

The Stranglers fantastically wonderful "Peaches" turns up on
Disc 3 as well as on the other set but you really must have 2 copies of that one in case you scratch one. The Damned's "New Rose" is fairly essential, also some pretty good tracks from The Lurkers, Adverts, Electric Sex ircus, One Way System, and Special Duties. Best of all, of course, is the Vibrators great "Baby Baby" (EVERY track on that ***** "Pure Mania" (Vibrators) is essential, one of the greatest of all 70's punk albums.

Off the top of my head (without checking), the only repeater on disc 4 is Penetration's "Don't Dictate", but look at all this great stuff: The Three Johns "Death of the European", The REdskins "Unionize", "Old Tart" from the Poison Girls, The Dead Kennedy's great "Chemical Warfare", as well as a couple of maybe not-so-well-known to the mainstream (but still AWESOME0 titles, Chaotic Dischord's "Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You", and The Exploited's "Hitler's In the Charts again"

The Pistols lead off volume 5, and not even with an especially good one ("Submission) and Sham 69's "If the Kids are United" repeats from the other set, but there are some essential gems here such as Tom Robinson's update "Glad to Be '94", "Fruit Flies" from the Three Johns, and "Government Stinks" from the Violaters. Also lesser known tracks from Spizzenergi, Newtown Neurotics, Billy Bragg, and a few select others.

Here we are at disc 6, couple overlaps again, but the great Au Pairs make an appearance ("America"), The Fall (talk about an "aquired taste") check in with "Rowche Rumble", "Fuck the Tories" from Riot Squad and The Varuker's "Protest and Survive" may not be well-known to semi-novices. Disc 7 beefs it up for some reason (25 tracks, the earlier ones are around 14-15), which of course lends a bit more overlap, but not too much, and there are gems all over the place here......"Clockwork Skinhead" from The 4-Skins, a live Cock Sparrer track ("Ruinnin' Riot"), a live "Daily News" from the Exploited, Accident deliver a cover of Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout", and Sham themseleves appear with "Give a Dog a Bone".......I hope by now you notice the difference between Friday's/yesterday's & today's sets.....Friday's I would call essential to anyone with even a mild interest in this material, yesterday and today are obviously more for fans of the genre. It's a pretty impressive undertaking, I can see (really I can) how it would grow REALLY thin for a non-punk fan, and you know what? I can understand that same theory for ANY musical genre of which one was not a fan/admirer, can't you?

For Volume 8, Accident delivers 2 more covers, this time "Blitzkreig Bop"& "Garageland", Chron Gen deliver a nonsensical version of "Living Next Door to ALice", live tracks from The Buisness and Section-5, also delivering the goods are The Gonads, The Blood, Case, Blitz, and some of the "regulars" ala Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, and Cock Sparrer

Volume 9 is another very hefty set (24 tracks) couple live tracks from Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Section 5, The 4-Skins, and Sham 69 (the great "The Cockney Kids are Innocent").....lesser knowns abound, Frankie & the Flames, Crack, and Criminal Class.....set "regulars" Slaughter & the Dogs, Angelic Upstarts, the Lurkers, and Cockney Rejects make semi-obligatory appearances.

Well, TEN discs is gonna hafta enough for today, and, oddly, disc 10 goes back to the skimpier (13 track) fomat.....a non-LP Sex Pistols track leads it off ("Land of Hope and Glory"), Eddie and the Hot Rods (want to hear a funny joke?)contriubute a version of that little known, rarely covered chestnut "Gloria", also quality material from TV Smith, Captain Sensible, Johnny Thunders, Disorder ("Fuck Your Nationality").........if you've stuck it out this far, you're in it too the end I'd wager.

As a "history" as the title infers, this is a rather poor one, actually, as I'd estimate that over 80% of the acts here are from the UK (hardly a realistic "history"), still no Clash or Elvis Costello...and as a series ala "101" it is inferior because that set simply lines up one killer single after another, rendering it essential even if you already own 90% of the amterial, thanks to some great programming....what THIS set is, obviously, is for FANS of the genre.....it is NOT a historical document, nor is it an especially great singles compilation. It is gigantic, however, and includes enough rarities, live tracks, and obscure/semi-obscure bands as to make it something fans of the genre will want to own. I wonder, was this sold individually, or as a box set? For some reason, I am thinking a box, (probably wrong, don't know WHY I'm thinking that), but, if so, what the hell was the price of it?

Anyway, the other ten discs tomorrow, I really hope you guys comment on my recent punk/new wave "mood", if you are a novice to it and take a special liking to, say, one band in particular, (say, for example, The Adverts), check my archives, I've done full posts on some of these guys, and most of the ones I haven't, I could.....this is the music of MY era, we are on MY turf here, and I have at least a couple more (no more than that, I promise) sets of this stuff I want to get up the next few days.....there simply isn't the volume of material for me to continue with these for months ala the psych stuff, so PLEASE, don't abandon me if this isn't your thing.....WE (myself and my blog friends) have a wonderful thing going here as we attempt to allow every single rock n roll fan out there the opportunity to construct his/her perfect music collection.....giving the 50 year old punks that option for a few days!

VOLUME 1-THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/ 02 VICE SQUAD-Black Sheep/03
THE ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE-I Hate People/04 999-Homicide/05 JOHNNY THUNDERS-Chinese Rocks (Live)/06 CHOAS UK-Four Minute Warning/07 THE ADICTS-Bad Boy/08 MENACE-GLC/09 ATV-How Much Longer?/10 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Listen/11 THE EXPLOITED-Alternative/12 THE RUTS-Babylons Burning13 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-White Light White Heat/14 THE DAMNED-Disco Man/15 ANTI-PASTI-Another Dead

VOLUME 2-01 GBH-Catch/02 CHELSEA-Evacuate/03 CHRON GEN-Jet Boy Jet Girl/04 THE ADICTS-Joker In the Pack/05 EATER-Thinking of the USA/06 DRONES-Bone Idol/07 SUBURBAN STUDS-No Faith/08 DEAD KENNEDYS-Kill the Poor/09 SHAM 69-Hurry Up Harry/10 THE ADICTS-Chinese Takeaway/11 THE DAMNED-Help!?12 PATRICK FITZGERALD-All my Friends are Dead/13 UK SUBS-I Live In a Car/14 SPLODGE-Tough Shit Wilson/15 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Teenage Depression

VOLUME 3-01 THE LURKERS-New Guitar In Town/02 THE STRANGLERS-Peaches/03 THE ADVERTS-No TIme to Be 21/04 CHRON GEN-Misadventure/05 THE DAMNED-New Rose/06 ELECTRIC SEX CIRCUS-Cut Your Head Off/07 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Mess/08 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Machine Gun Kelly/09 ONE WAY SYSTEM-Cum On Feel the Noize/10 THE VIBRATORS-Baby Baby/11 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Upstart/12 SPECIAL DUTIES-Bullshit Crass/13 COCKNEY REJECTS-Flares and Slippers/14 MORGANS-Tommy

VOLUME 4-01 THE MEKONS-Fight the Cuts/02 THE REDSKINS-Unionize/03 BLIIY BRAGG-It
Says Here/04 PENETERATION-Don't Dictate/05 POISON GIRLS-Old Tart/06 THE THREE JOHNS-Death of the European/07 NEW MODEL ARMY-Spirit of the Falklands/08 JOOLZ-Paved With Gold/09 DEAD KENNEDYS-Chemical Warfare/10 PATRICK FITZGERALD-Irrelevant Battles/11 NEWOWN NEUROTICS-No Respect/12 CHAOS UK-Selfish Few/13 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You/14 THE EXPLOITED-Hitler's In the Charts Again/15 999-Bye Bye England

VOLUME 5-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Submission/02 SPIZZENERGI-Soldier Soldier/03 NOT SENSIBLES-(I'm In Love WIth) Margaret Thatcher/04 VILOATORS-Governement Stinks/05 SHAM 69-If the Kids are United/06 TOM ROBINSON-Glad to Be Gay '94/07 BILLY BRAGG-Between the Wars/08 UK SUBS-Fascist Regime/09 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Streets of London/10 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster (live)/11 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Soidarity/Sing a Tune/12 POISON GIRLS-Persons Unknown/13 THE THREE JOHNS-Fruit Flies/14 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Living WIth Unemployment/15 ANTI-PASTI-No Government

VARUKERS-Protest and Survive/03 THE THREATS-Politicians and Ministers/04 RIOT SQUAD-Fuck the Tories/05 THE ADICTS-How Sad/06 THE FALL-Rowche Rumble/07 THE AU PAIRS-America/08 CHRON GEN-Fiasco/09 THE BOYS-Cop Cars/10 THE STRANGLERS-Peasant in the Big Shitty/11 THE REDSKINS-Reds Strike the Blues/12 THEATRE OF HATE-Do you Believe in the Westworld/13 VICE SQUAD-Stand Strong Stan Proud (Live)/14 NEW MODEL ARMY-Vengenace/15 THE RUTS-In a Rut

VOLUME 7-01 STRIKE-Mania/02 INFA-RIOT-Five Minute Fashion/03 THE BUISNESS-Suburban Rebels (live)/04 SPLODGENEDDABOUNDS-Two Pints of Lager/05 COCKNEY REJECTS-Police Car/06 THE PARTISIANS-Blind Abition/07 BLITZ-Time Bomb/08 COMBAT 84-Rapist/09 COCK SPARRER-Runnin Riot (live)/10 THE 4-SKINS-Clockwork Skinhead/11 THE LAST RESORT-Violence In Our Minds/12 SHAM 69-Give a Dog a Bone/14 INFA-RIOT-Riot Riot/15 THE BUISNESS-Get Out of My 'Ouse/16 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Two Little Boys/17 BLOOD-Such Fun/18 COCKNEY REJECTS-Motorhead/19 THE EXPLOITED-Daily News (Live)/20 BLITZ-4q/21 COMBAT 84-Poseur/22 COCK SPARRER-Run For Cover/23 THE 4-SKINS-Plastic Gangsters/24 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Leave Me Alone/25 THE LAST RESORT-Held Hostage

VOLUME 8-01 GONADS-Joya of Oi!/02 MENACE-Last Years Youth/03 ACCIDENT-Blitzkreig Bop/04 THE BLOOD-Napalm Job/05 SHAM 69-Tell Us the Truth/06 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Wiffy Woman/07 THE PARTISIANS-Change/08 THE BUISNESS-Outlaw/09 CHRON GEN-Living Next to Alice/10 BLITZ-Youth/11 COMBAT 84-F82123/12 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Never Return To Hell/13 COCK SPARRER-Teenage Heart/14 THE PARTISIANS-Come Clean/15 THE BUISNESS-Product (live)/16 CASE-Smiling My Life Away/17 SECTION 5-Street Rock N Roll (live)/18 GONADS-Gonads Theme/19 INFA RIOT-Emergency/20 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Delerious/21 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-When Will They Learn/22 ACCIDENT-Garageland/23 BLITZ-Escape/24 COCKNEY REJECTS-Dead Generation/25 BLOOD-GEstapo Khazi

VOLUME 9-01 FRANKIE & THE FLAMES-On Yer Bike/02 CRACK-You Kept Me Waiting/03
ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I WOn't Pay For Liberty/04 CRIMINAL CLASS-Soldier/05 SHAM 69-The Cockney Kids Are Innocent/06 INFA-RIOT-Schools Out/07 GONADS-Eat the Rich/08 THE PARTISIANS-Time Was Right/09 THE BUISNESS-Chasing Rainbows/10 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Transvestite (Live)/11 THE EXPLOITED-Computers Don't Blunder/12 THE 4-Skins-Summer Holiday (live)/13 BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal/14 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Twist And Turn/15 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Brighton Bomb/16 THE BUISNESS-Disco Girl/17 CASE-Oh!/18 SECTION-5-Every Saturday (Live)/19 THE LAST RESORT-Eight Pounds A Week/20 THE LURKERSI'm On Heat/21 PETER & TEST TUBE BABIES-Jinx (Live)/22 CRACK-Cum On Feel the Noize/23 COCKNEY REJECTS-It Will Only Ever Be/24 FRANKIE & THE FLAMES-Dick Barton

VOLUME 10-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Land of Hope and Glory/02 ATV-Splitting In Two/03 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Woman In Disguise/04 CHAOS UK-Finger Up Bum/05 DISORDER-Fuck Your Nationality/06 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Gloria/07 JOHNNY THUNDERS-Born T(o)o
L(o)ose/08 UK SUBS-Self Destruct/09 THE VIBRATORS-Judy Says (Knock You In the Head)/10 THE ADICTS-Fuck It Up/11 TV SMITH-Expensive Being Poor/12 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Smash It Up/13 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Goat Fuckin Virgin Killerz From Hell

That's a bunch of stuff there,half of a set in particular.... in what you guys think of these recent comp posts.....do you agree with me that certain (radio-friendly, I guess, or singles-based) genres make for MUCH more listenable comps (nugget-rock, punk/new wave, power pop) than some others (say, metal, glitter/glam, stoner)......maybe I'm just full of shit, could be that too. Have a good rest of teh day and Gabba Gabba Hey!

Just got to thinking......no longer with us, off the top of my head: Three of the four original Ramones,
Joe Strummer, Sid Viscious, WIlly DeVille, Johnny Thunders, Darby Crash, Ian Curtis......many more too I am sure. Rough era in which to be a "rock star", but then, there are always depressed and sad people.....anti depressants, which have come into vogue only so recently, could e made a difference for some of those fol if they'd found the right ones......take it, truly, from one who knows (Celexa, Ativan, thank you for all you ahvce done for me......Efexor, thank you for what you ahve done for my wife!)

Ten discs and doing some stuff today, LINKS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THIS EVENING, at least all of em.......patience.

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