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First, ya got the future, shining like a piece of gold.....

As with many other sets with so many discs involved, by the time they get to this point, we can
espect some rarities, some dross, and some WTF? moments as well......as I stated before, this "history" of punk is not NEARLY as "complete" as the creators would like you to believe (a "history" of punk that omits the Ramones, Clash, and Elvis Costello may be good and listenable but certainly is NOT complete)......anyways, this is for fans of the genre. The obvious stuff (,mostly) out of the way, maybe you'll come across something you've not heard before on these SECOND ten discs.

Well, let's start out at Disc 11......the Dead Kennedy's "I Kill Children"and The Only Ones "Baby's Got a Gun" are the only truy "obvious" selections, otherwise, we get Alen Sex Fiend's "Dead and Buried", and a bunch of folks who have already turned up on the set: GBH, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Vice Squad.......newcomers include One Way System, Screaming Dead, and Paul French.

Disc 12 starts out with a real, uh, "treat", Sid Viscious' "Belsen was a Gas", followed Beki Bondage's take on "Because the Night".....Brix Smith also gives us a Patti Smith cover, uh, "Rock N Roll Nigger"( I remember playing it on the radio once, chickening out at the last moment and referring to the title as "Outside In Society", wonder what would ahve happened had I referred to it by its real title (with a listernership of about 12 probably very little), and wonder what would happen NOW, if someone merely PLAYED it and made no mention of the title? I truly DON'T know, just a ponderance), other than that, a bunch of repeaters from earlier, Attak, Anti Pasti, The Boys, Lurkers, Riot Squad, etc, etc......

Disc 13 starts as obviously as can be with the Pistols "Anarchy in the UK", gives us a couple of surprises with the Runaways very cool (shut up) "Eight Days a Week" and Johnny Thunders tackling his old band's "Personality Crisis".......The Barracudas, Last of the Teenage Idols and Steve Diggle (from the Buzzcocks) are new additions to the set, repeaters are many, Disorder, Exploited, Adicts,
Redskins.....understand I mean nodisrespect to most of these oft-repeated acts.....the Redskins and Exploited, in particular, had lots of good material.....I'd have preferred more variance, but I have no clue what they had to work with.

Iggy Pop starts out Volume 14 with "No Fun".....we get a live track from Chelsea, newcomers (to the set) in Long Tall Texans and Red London, and, again a LOT of repeaters.....Chron Gen, Sham 69, the Boys, Newtown Neurotics......nothing wrong with ANY of this, it is very listenable if u be a fan of punk, just seems a bit oddly programmed.....

Volume 15 newcomers include the Cortinas ("Fascist
Dictator"), and the MC5,  whose "Kick Out the Jams" as legendary as it is, serves ZERO purpose in being on this set. Check the cool live Stranglers ("Go Buddy Go") and Chaotic Dischord's "Who Killed ET? (I KIlled the Fucker)", also should mention Long Tall Texan's oddball cover of "Ballroom Blitz"

Couple live tracks highlight Volume 16, the Advert's "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" and "Suspect Device" from Stiff Little Fingers are winners. Other than Knox ("Streetheat"), I think everyone else here is well-known to anyone who has ventured this far into the series.....Cock Sparrer, The Boys, Adicts...Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout" is a legit classic, as is Iggy Pop's "Search and Destroy", which, sort of like the MC5, REALLY is kind of out of place here, but oh well.......

Couple classic tunes on Volume 17, The Three Johns "Atom
Drum Bop" and the Dead Kennedy's great "California Uber Alles" ("Zen fascists will control you, you will jog for the master race")....we get a live track from Captain Sensible, the Vibrator's take on "Jumpin' Jack Flash" which I don't think I've ever heard anyplace else....newcomers to the series include (I think, tired of checking) Bomb Party and Scarehead, if you've enjoyed the set up until now, no reason you won't be down with more stuff from Theatre Of Hate, Beki Bondgae, Eater, the Lurkers, etc, etc, etc......

Home stretch time, Volume 18.....leading off with a pair of live tracks, Angelic Upstarts "Murder of the Liddle Towers" and the Pistols "Pretty Vacant"....also Chelsea gives us a live "Last Time".....also, another MC5 track (the great "Motor City Is Burning") which really has LESS buisness than (the at least ANTHEMIC "Kick Out the Jams") on this set, couple tracks from Iggy ("I Got Nothing" and "I Got Shit")..I think the Macc Lads and Resurrection Experience are making their virgin appearances in the marathon.

Volume 19 seems to be a bunch of oddball covers,
("For What It's Worth" From Hugh Cornwell? "Space Oddity" by Brix Smith? "As Tears Go By" by the Sex Gang Children? How about "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" from Crazy World of Arthur Brown who is less "at home" here than is the MC5......in case you don't already own a copy, here is Sid Viscious taking on "My Way" as well.

The final disc (20) seems to have been something of an afterthought, I don't think ANY of the bands featured here have appeared yet on the set, very, very odd programmng......anyway, Demented Are Go, Coffils, The Batfinks, Tailgators ("Should I Stay or Should I Go", geez) are all welcome additions, as are live cuts from Highliners "Wooly Bully", and "Bambooland" from Batmobile, that is B A T M O B I L E, not bRatmobile you skank whining bitch (aimed at no one in particular!)

OK, twenty discs is a HELL OF A LOT......there is
good stuff, bad stuff, common stuff, rare stuff, it all be here......again I stress this is NOTHING like "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems" which is essential, this one is MUCH more for fans/specialists......and taken in THAT light it's a success for the most part.......if you aren't a fan of this music, twenty discs are gonna be fairly unbearable for ya, I'm sure, but gimme a couple more days to get this outta my system.......(maybe at least long enough to finish the Clash quote I'm so cleverly using as title?)

VOLUME 11-01 DEAD KENNEDYS-I Kill Children/02 EATER-Get Raped/03 ALIEN SEX FIEND-Dead And Buried/04 GBH-Pass the Axe/05 999-Boys In the Gang/06 ONE WAY SYSTEM-Stab the Judge/07 SCREAMING DEAD-Angel of Death/08 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Up Yer Bum/09 VARUKERS-Massacred Millions/10 VICE SQUAD-New Blood/11 PAUL FRENCH-Locked In a Room With Betty/12 THE ONLY ONES-Baby's Got a Gun/13 KIRK BARNDON-Psychowoman

VOLUME 12-01 SID VISCIOUS-Belsen/02 BEKI BONDAGE-Because the Night/03 ATTAK-
Murder in the Subway/04 ANTI-PASTI-Burn In Your Own Flame/05 BLITZ-Razor in the Night/06 THE BOYS-Sick On You/07 THE PARTISIANS-17 Years of Hell/08 CHANNEL 3-I've Got a Gun/09 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Rape and Pillage/10 RIOT SQUAD-Riot the City/11 LURKERS-Just Thirteen/12 BRIX SMITH-Rock N Roll Nigger

VOLUME 13-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy In the UK/02 THE BARRACUDAS-Codeine/03 STEVE DIGGLE-50 Years of Comparative Wealth/04 DISORDER-Victim of the NHS/05 THE EXPLOITED-I Beleive In Anarchy/06 PATRIK FITZGERALD-George/07 999 ABSOLUTION/08 THE ONLY ONES-Silent Night/09 LAST OF THE TEENAGE IDOLS-(She's Got) Big Boots/10 THE RUNAWAYS-Eight Days a Week/11 PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES-I'm the Leader of the Gang/12 JOHNNY THUNDERS-Personality Crisis/13 THE ADICTS-Smart Alex/14 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Police Oppression/15 ATV-Action Time Vision/16 THE REDSKINS-e No Heroes

VOLUME 14-01 IGGYP-No Fun/02 NEW MODEL ARMY-Christian Militia/03 CHELSEA-Right
To Work (Live)/04 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Get Up and Fight/05 LONG TALL TEXANS-Should I Stay Or Should I Go/06 CHRON GEN-Pretend/07 THE DAMNED-Gun Fury/08 THE BOYS-First TIme/09 SHAM 69-Hersham Boys/10 PENETRATION-Firing Squad/11 ELECTRIC SEX CIRCUS-Spanner Badge/12 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Happy Talk/13 RED LONDON-No War No Hate/14 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Great Rock N Roll Swindle

VOLUME 15-01 LONG TALL TEXANS-Ballroom Blitz/02 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-So What (Live)/03 UK SUBS-Living Dead/04 CORTINAS-Fascist Regime /05 THE DAMNED-Generals/06 ANTI-PASTI-I Wanna Be Your Dog/07 THE ADICTS-Ode to Joy/08 THE MORGANS-Teenile Dementia/09 THE STRANGLERS-Go Buddy Go (Live)/10 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Who Killed ET? I Killed the Fucker/11 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Last Night ANother Soldier/12 MC5-Kick Out the Jams/13 VARUKERS-Bomb Blast/14 THE BUSINESS-Harry May

VOLUME 16-01 COCK SPARRER-Argy Bargy/02
SHAM 69- Borstal Boys/03 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device (Live)/04 THE 4-SKINS-Low Life/05 THE BOYS-I Don't Care/06 BLITZ-Warriors/07 JOOLZ-Jackanory/08 THE ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Live)/09 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Where Have All the Bootboys Gone/10 SPECIAL DUTIES-Police State/11 KNOX-Streetheat/12 IGGY POP-Search and Destroy/13 MORGANS-Antishoo/14 THE ADICTS-Shake Rattle Bang Your Head

VOLUME 17-01 BOMB PARTY-Ray Gun/02 SCAREHEAD-Ha Ha/03 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Blitzkreig Bop/04 CHRON GEN-Chronic Generation/05 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Wot (Live)/06 THEATRE OF HATE-Rebel Without a Brain/07 RED LONDON-CND-08 BEKI BONDAGE & LIGOTAGE-Coming For You/09 DEAD KENNEDYS-California Uber Alles/10
PAULINE MURRAY-Mr. X/11 THE VIBRATORS-Jumpin Jack Flash/12 EATER-Fifteen/13 DRONES-Be My Baby/14 THE LURKERS-Cynaide/15 THREE JOHNS-Atom Drum Bop

VOLUME 18-01 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Murder of Liddle Towers (live)/02 THE SEX PISTOLS-Pretty Vacant (live)/03 CHRON GEN-Reality/04 CHELSEA-Last Time (live)/05 MC5-Motor City Burning/06 THE ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Let's Break the Law/07 THE RESURRECTION EXPERIENCE-Do What I Do/08 THE LAST RESORT-King of the Jungle/09 CHAOS UK-Kill Your Baby/10 THE ADICTS-You'll Never
Walk Alone/11 THE MACC LADDS-Nagasaki Sauce/12 IGGY POP-I Got Nothing/13 IGGY POP-I Got Shit/14 GONADS-I Lost My Love to a UK Sub/15 THE 4-SKINS-One Law For Them

VOLUME 19-01 HUGH CORNWELL-For What It's Worth/02 SID VISCIOUS-My Way/03 BRIX SMITH-Space Oddity/04 GENE OCTOBER-I Fought the Law/05 PUBLIC MENACE-Teenage Kicks/06 SEX GANG CHILDREN-As Tears Go By/07 HAZEL OCONNOR-Summertime/08 SKALETTE OHARA-Barbed Wire/09 SPIKE-Heartbreaker/10 PAULINE MURRAY-Free Money/11 DORK-50 Ft Queenie/12 THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN-Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Through/03 DEMENTED ARE GO-Transvestite Blues/04 FRANTIC FLINTSTONES-Let's Go Somewhere/05 HIGHLINERS-Wy Bully (live)/06 THE DELTAS-Whip It Up/07 COFFIN NAILS-Coffin Nails/08 SCARED STIFF-Johnny Cynic/09 TAILGATORS-Should I Stay Or Should I Go/10 BATMOBILE-Bambooland/11 THE STINGRAYS-Militant Tendancy/12 THE BATFINKS-Raisin Hell/13 GUANA BATZ-I'm On Fire

Lotta stuff here.....go for the whole 20 discs or

program a version that suits your needs/means.....there IS some good stuff here......few more days, I'm going to drag out a bit more. Just think if you are a novice, by the end of the week you will be an expert!

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