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All you Young Punks, Laugh Your Life there Ain't much to Cry For...

Oh me, listening to yesterdays post all day tody, how badass is THAT shit? I mean I know the old
psych/nuggets stuff is prettydass too, but as I say repeat (WE ARE ON MY TURF NOW!).....feeling it again today, again in memory of my beleoved 1985 Worlld Champion Kansas City Royals, Jim Sundberg, Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni, the great Frank White, Buddy Biancalana, the great(est) George Brett, Lonnie Smith, Willie Wilson, Darryl Motley.......mentioned that wicked pitching staff yesterday, except closer-ace the late great Dan Quisenberry....again, not NEARLY as good as that fearsome 1980 club, (Hal McRae, Darrell Porter, Willie Aikens, White, UL Washington, Wilson,. the great Amos Otis.....how they lost that series I will never know, but i was still living at Mom's house at the time, and cranking my stereo with some more great stuff such as:

Well ya know how I can be when I get in a "mood".....while not as essential as yesterdays set, this one is a little more for specific fans of this great genre....Four Discs"The Punk Generation", which includes far more esoteric selections than did yesterday's, still pretty great and includes a rarity or two. First disc "Punk Rock Will Never Die" (Wishful thinking THERE chumps), Lotsa familiar nmes here, but well known singles ala yesterday are fwe......Angelic Upstarts,UK SUbs, Cockney Rejects, Lurkers are kmown to all, but what of The Business, THe Bood, BLitz, Infa Riot, The Gonads......continuing education for you noobs regarding the thrilling music that those of us who had the best years of our lives used as our soundtrack!

Lotta the same guys appear Disc 2 ("Nasty nasty", (UK SUbs, Angelic Upstarts, Lurkers)....we get
some 999, Stiff Little Fingers, and some fairly unknowns such as Guitar Gangsters, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, and Chron Gens's fab "Jet Boy/Jet Girl"

Disc three ("Heat of the Street") again repeats some favorite acts....UK SUbs 999, Slaughter & the Dogs (they mangle "White Light White Heat" beyond all recognition), Angelic Upstarts, as well as some of the lesser-knowns who have turned up already (The Buisness, Blitz, Infa Riot).....THIS is not a collection of singles/anthems as was yesterdays, and, thusly, does not workm as well as a pure work of joy to listen to....but for a fan of the genre it is fucking nirvana, I personally love this set even with all it's flaws.

The fourth disc is my favorite ("Live and Loud") as the name
would imply it is a collection of moderatley rare live cuts......The Pistols check in with ":God Save the Queen"(as well as "Pretty Vacant") that I'm certain is from one of their other readilly available boots, BUT the Adverts turn in a smoldering "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", Sham 69 turns in a frantic "Borstal Breakout".....lot of good stuff on here, live punk could be exhillerating (could also be dull, depended on a LOT of factors)......Slaughte & the Dogs and Vice Squad turn in worthy on stage performances......

I'm gonna do a fw more of these. I love this music and it has been too long......don't let it scare you off, the psych stuff is just on hiatus for a fwe days while I'm in a punk mood. Yesterday', with all it's anthemic greatness, practically kept my genetillia hard all day today, been o long since I've listned to the collection as it was intended......man there is some great music on that set, it is ESSENTIAL. THis is not, unless (like me) you grew up in the 70's/80's and this music will always be among youfirst loves!

Comments please? LOOOOOVE to hear from some people who DESPISE this stuff (I will be kind, I
know there are many), and for at least another day or 2 keep them saftey pins sterilized!

DISC 1-01 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Let's Break the Law/02 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Police Oppression/03 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Tin Soldiers (live)/04 UK Subs-I Live In a car/ 05 THE EXPLOITED-Dead Cities/06 999-Homicide (live)/07 THE PARTISIANS-Blind Ambition/08 COCKNEY REJECTS-Flares N Slippers/09 THE LURKERS-Ain't Got A Clue/10 THE BUISNESS-Harry May/11 THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal/12 BLITZ-Nation on Fire/13 THE CRACK-Don't Just Sit There/14 THE GONADS-Punk Rock WIll Never Die/15 MENACE-GLC 16 INFA RIOT-Kids of the 80's/17 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Two Pints of Lager (Live)/18 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Situations

DISC 02- THE EXPOLITED-Expoited Barmy Army/02 UK SUBS-
B.I.C./03 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I Wanna Kinghthood/04 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Nobody's Heroes (Live)/05 999-Nasty Nasty/06 COCKNEY REJECTS-Police Car/07 THE LURKERS-I Don't Need To Tell Her (Live)/08 THE BUISNESS-Suburban Rebels/09 BLITZ-Youth/10 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Maniac/11 THE GONADS-I Lost My Love to a UK Sub/12 GUITAR GANGSTERS-That's When the Razor Cuts/13 RED ALERT-SPG/14 CHRON GEN-Jet Boy Jet Girl/15 THE ABS-Grease Your Ralph/16 DISTORTED TRUTH-Party Political Bullshit/17 THE CRACK-My World/18 THE BLOOD-Such Fun

DISC 03-01 UK SUBS-C.I.D./02 THE EXPLOITED-Dogs of War/03 ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE-For You/05 999-Feelin' Alright With the Crew (Live)/06 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Power of the Press/07 THE BUISNESS-Saturday's Heroes/08 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Transvestite/09 MENACE-Last Year's Youth/10 THE PARTISIANS-Arms Race/11 INFA RIOT-The Winner/12 BLITZ-Time Bomb/13 THE EJECTED-East End Kids/14 THE MAGNIFICENT-Heat of the Street/15 GUITAR GANGSTERS-Nothing To Shout About/16 THE ABS-Toss Stamped Flat/17 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Two Little Boys/18 SLAUGHTER & THE DO-White Light White Heat

DISC 04-(NOTE-ALL TRACKS "live")-01 THE RUTS-Something That I Said/02 THE ADVERTS
-Gary Gilmore's Eyes/03 THE ADICTS-Viva La Revolution/04 THE SEX PISTOLS-God Save the Queen/05 VICE SQUAD-Last Rockers/06 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/07 THE SEX PISTOLS-Pretty Vacant/08 THE ADVERTS-One Chord Wonders/09 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Where Have All the Bootboys Gone/10 CHELSEA-Right To Work/11 VICE AQUAD-Stand Strong Stand Proud/12 SHAM 69-Angels With Dirty Faces/13 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/14 THE ADICTS-Chinese Take Away/15 CHELSEA-Urban Kids/16 THE ADVERTS-Saftey in Numbers/17 SHAM 69-Tell Us the Truth/18 THE RUTS-In a Rut

Another good set, except in a MUCH different mode than is yesterday's most essential materpiece. This one is much more for us kids of the 70's/80's, and some of US actually hated this stuff too (NEVER understood the animosity between metal fans and punk fans.....how silly......EASY to be ahuge fan of both genres, wittness, well, say, ME, as well as many others.....I remember a stupid poem that appeared in the letters section of Creem Magazine (and I LOOOOOOOVED me some Creem Magazine).....It went something like this:

"Punk rockers are really great
Zeppelin fans ejaculate
Punk rockers recieve good head
From Bloody fuckers who listen to Led
Johnny Rotten can always sing better
Than Robert Plant the Faggot Bed wetter
Steve Jones can always outplay
Gay Jimmy Page on any day
Paul Cook is the best drummer
John Bonham can drum on his cummer
Memories of the Pistols will always live on
Long after Sid is dead and gone" (?HMMMMMMM?)

PUH-LEEZE......I was a huge fan of both the Pistols AND of Zeppelin, still am, and the person who wrote the above, if it reflects the actual degree of importance they put on the music that OTHER PEOPLE listen two, could only fall into one of three categories: 1) Mentally retarded, 2) twelve years old, or 3) Mentally retarded 12 year old. It is amazing, incredible, the amount of importance people put on the MUSIC OTHERS LISTEN TO, to the point of insulting them (for listening).....lots of bands over the years that haven't really got done for me: Queen, System of Down, Def Leppard, The Grateful Dead, LOTS of em.......but you know what? If that is what you like to listen to, what you nejoy, I think no less of you. I do not disrespect you. Like what you like. Enjoy what YOU enjoy....anyone tries to make you feel stupid for liking it, FUCK THEM. Life is good BECAUSE of the differences in us, NOT inspite of them. Please RESPECT the tastes of others, I guess, is simply put, what trying to say........

UNtil tomorrow, thinking keep the saftey pins handy at least one more night!

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