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Fabio keeps em coming!

This time he crosses over from stoner rock to some solid post-punk from The Sound.....this is album #2 for that band, "From the Lion's Mouth" (1981).  heard this one although don't own it, and I recall it's quite enjoyable. Having a pinch of trouble with the upload, but I think I'll get it......and thanks again to hard-working Fabio, lots of great stuff of late, hope you can keep it going, great stuff! and as you can see, this share is stacked with live cuts and Peel sessions........good, good stuff here.

So anybody got the first album "Jeopardy"?

02-Sense of Purpose.mp3
03-Contact The Fact.mp3
06-Fatal Flaw.mp3
08-The Fire.mp3
09-Silent Air.mp3
10-New Dark Age.mp3
11-Point of No Return (B-side).mp3
12-Hot House (B-side).mp3
13-Coldbeat (B-side).mp3
14-New Dark Age (live B-side).mp3
15-Fatal Flaw (811116_Peel Session).mp3
16-Skeletons (811116_Peel Session).mp3
17-Hothouse (811116_Peel Session).mp3
18-New Dark Age (811116_Peel Session).mp3

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