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Rexx: New king of Anal Cunt (submissions, of course)

(scott) Rexx has already sent us a few additional Anal Cunt discs, and now he breaks the bank by
bawsically posting up the rest of their stuff, more or less.......this is fab, I posted the ONE album by them I had (the most recent "Fucking A"), and a few days later, their entire body of work is available here, thanks to Rexx.......good job putting this together Rexx, don't know what else you got in the stash, but a whole bunch of us would like to know! Excellent job with the scuzzy hardcore of Anal Cunt!  Here's his email copy/paste style, but the main thing is I can't thank Rexx enough for his work here.....stuff like this takes some work and some time. Anyway, fine result, I say it alot, but my man, I have got an amazing team of submittors.

Hello Scott!

Well, what follows is pretty much the rest of A.C.'s legitimate output. I must thank https://ggeracao666.blogspot.com/2017/01/acxdc.html for most of these links. I got them a while back as they are now long gone. Thanks Geração 666!!! 
The Old Testament & Morbid Florist links are fresh CD rips from my collection at 320K. So without further ado:

Anal Cunt-1988-1991-The Old Testament A.C.-01-(320)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-1988-1991-The Old Testament A.C.-02-(320)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-1991-Unplugged-EP-(128)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-1992-Morbid Florist-EP-(320)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-1994-Everyone Should Be Killed-(128)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-1996-40 More Reasons To Hate Us-(128)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-1999-It Just Gets Worse-(128)-Tagged.zip


Anal Cunt-2008-110 songs CD-(VBR)-Tagged.zip

Anal Cunt-2011-Wearing Out Our Welcome-(VBR)-Tagged.zip


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