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THE LSD Connection Part II

Now, did I not present as one of the greatest of all comps? Was I not correct? Well, if you area fan of

early 1970's tripped-out heavy acid metal, how could you disagree? Six killer discs yesterday with so many, many greats of the genre/era......and remeber, we are on MY turf now, this stuff is a TRUE labor of love......not that the other stuff ISN'T, I love it all, really, but THIS STUFF is probably, with a gun to my head and forced to choose ("Alright, I'm giving you the count of THREE to name your favorite of all musical genres/eras, and if you don't, say GOODNIGHT.........1........2....."), well, maybe this would be my choice.......anyways, a great set, as I said yesterday a probable "internet creation" which are always a lot of fun because they ARE true "labors of love".......five more discs today, so lets take a quick look at what we have

Volume 7 features some of the greats of the era/genre, Dragonfly, Banchee, and a repeat performance by Josefus, and some more off the wall stuff n by my standards) such as Epizootic, Terry Brooks & Strange, and Ugly Custard ("Scarboro Fair"!).......again, sixteen tracks, barely a dog in the bunch.....as I've said before this type of music doesn't EXACTLY "take" comp format, punk, psych/pop, and power pop do since listenting to them is reminiscent of a "radio weekend" knd of thing, but this was never music designed for radio....but this comp is SO good, that it is an exception.

OK, Volume.......again, where can I even begin? Hilary Blaze, Wildfire, Iron Claw, Icecross, St. Vitus, Wicked Lady........how many greats of an era/genre can we fit on a disc? Not to mention Blue Beard's take on "Paint It Black", great shit from Hand of Doom, Pentagram, Sorcery.......seems to be just a bit of a "sorcery/witchcraft/satan" theme running through this disc to a degree, and without any Black Sabbath or Black Widow (too mainstream? ha, ha)......

Volume 9 includes some MUCH more modern-day stoner rock, say, from Electric Wizard, Sheavy,
and Wolfmother (if I'd compiled the set, as great as they all are, I'd have likely saved them for a different comp, but who the hell am I to argue?),but also greats such as Abramis Brama, Rosetta West, and Orange Alabaster Mushroom........more "dark" stuff here, too, from Burning Sav, Witchcraft, and Lucifer Was, interesting to compare, say, Sheavy or Electric Wizard with their "grandparents", kind of an odd programming mix, but there is NOTHING in these 11 discs NOT to like (for me anyway).

Volume 10 opens and closes with a couple of previously unreleased Jeff Beck jam, includes The Who (!), and the Bob Seger System (!) but also the forgotten-but-great "Run Run Run" by Jo Jo Gunne, some Wishbone Ash, Plum Nelly, and even Nazareth.

So, whoever created this did a fine job, but once we are programming The Who and Bob Seger on a set such as this (where are Stray Dog? Dark-E? Captain Beyond? Hawkwind? honestly there are about 100 other bands I'd like to have seen included here) the creator might have started either losing interest, running out of material/ideas, or simply has a different view from my own on this "sacred" music.

Wrapping up the set, Volume 11, is probably the least accessible disc of teh set, a couple tracks are demos (from War Cry and Cirith Ungol), quite a bit of foreign language stuff (which you know I love), all in all a pretty obscur selection,best knwon act probably being Bad Axe and a damn fine way to wrap up the set........

OK, I want comments......this is a little different from what we've been doing lately.......this is MY
TURF, the music I REALLY grew up on (rather than the music I waxed nostalgic for, ala the "Nuggets"-style sets, and I'd really LOVE to hear opinons on this set......there are NOT a lot of comps of this type/style/era, this one is fairly unique, and as I've said before, it's an obvious "labor of love".....catch ya tomorrow!

VOLUME 7-01 INTRO/02 UTOPIA-Who's This Man/03 EPIZOOTIC-Sinbad/04 CRANK-Don't Push Me Away/05 TERRY BROOKS & STRANGE-Ruler of the Universe/06 ORION'S BEETHOVEN-El Ninio Del Tercer Milenio/07 JENGHIE KAHN-Pain/08 UGLY CUSTARD-Scarboro Fair/09 JOSEFUS-Saw a Killin'/10 BLUES CREATION-Demon and Eleven Children/11 BANCHEE-Children of the Universe/12 DRAGONFLY-Enjoy Yourself/13 CORPORAL GANDER'S FIRE DOG BRIGADE-Stealer/14 THE (SAINT THOMAS) PEPPER SMELTER-Gente/15 WHISKEY DAVID-Whiskey/16 CLAP-Out of the Shadows

VOLUME 8-01 HILARY BLAZE-Electrizion/02 WILDFIRE-Stars In the Sky/03 PAGAN ALTER-Pagan Alter/04 HAND OF DOOM-There Ain't No Running Away/05 WICKED LADY-I'm a Freak/06 ROCK VATTONE-Hamburger Funk/07 BEDMON-Serpent Venom/08 BLUE BEARD-Paint It Black/09 DOC ROCKIT-Tomorrow Child/10 BINGTANGS-Lara Lady/11 PENTAGRAM-Ask No More/12 SLOWBONE-The Last Goodbye/13 IRON CLAW-Loving You/14 EGOR-Street/15 SORCERY-Sorcerer/16 ICECROSS-Nightmare/17 SAINT VITUS-Burial at Sea

VOLUME 9-01 SCARY INTRO/02 WITCHCRAFT-Witchcraft (Sotleif)/03 WOLFMOTHER-Woman/04 ABRAMIS BRAMA-Mamma Talar/05 ORNGE SUNSHINE-Sunshine of Your Love/06 BIGELF-Neuropsychopathic Eye/07 ROSETTA WEST-Blue Honey/08 QUANTUM I/09 ORANGE ALABASTER MUSHROOM-Your Face Is In My Mind/10 ST MIKEAL-Prisoner/11 SHEAVY-Virtual Machine/12 ELECTRIC WIZARD-Mountains of Mars/13 SIMULACRA/14 HIGH THERE AGAIN (THIS IS A MESSAGE TO YOU)-ONLY FOR STONERS WITH HEADPHONES/15 SUNDIAL-Exploding In Your Mind/16 BURNING SAVIOURS-Trees and Stone/17 LUCIFER WAS-Behind Black Rider/18 KRIGA-Svartepan

VOLUME 10-01 JEFF BECK-Solid Lifter/02 CHURLS-Time Piece/03 COLOSSEUM-Kettle/04 NAZARETH-Sold My Soul/05 PLUM NELLY-The Demon/06 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Doctor of Electricity/07 MEDUSA-Medusa/08 ROXX-Get Your Rocks Off/09 YOUNG BROTHERS-High Energy Rock/10 THE WHO-Hall of the Mountain King/11 BABY-Hard Road/12 ARC-Let Your Love Run Through/13 BRONCO-Woman/14 THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM-2+2=?/15 CLIMAX-El Resplandor De Tu Amor (Sunshine of Your Love)/16 NEKTAR-The Dream Nebula (Part 1)/17 JO JO GUNNE-Run Run Run/18 WISHBONE ASH-Lady Whiskey/19 JEFF BECK-Livin Life Backwards

VOLUME 11-01 ANTONIUS REX-Aquila Non Capit Muscas/02 VOLTZ-After Armageddon/03
BAD AXE-Set Me Free/04 STREET THEATER-On the Rise Again/05 PENTAGRAM-Broken Vows/06 ZESS-Bodysnatchers/07 GRANMAX-Take You Away/08 MEDIEVAL-Death Is Beauty/09 MERCY-I'm Your Pervert Priest/10 NEMESIS-Burn the Witch/11 WAR CRY-Forbidden Evil (Demo)/12 WITCHFYNDE-Give Em Hell/13 DEVIL CHILDE-Beyond the Grave/14 HELLHAMMER-Triumph of Death/15 CIRITH UNGOL-Hype Performance (Demo)

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