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The LSD Connection Part 1

 I TOLD you guys todays (& tomorrows) posts were going to be nothing short of kick-your-ass, smash your head against the wall for pain meds works of total greatness.......I did not fail in my quest for the truth!

OK, stepping away more and more from the Nuggets-style comps, we have this dandy set of bizarro
ACID rock......I would say this is to the left of what we generally call "psych" even, this is an aptly-titled set. TRULY forget where I got it, internet information is kind of sketchy, I know I've had it a long, long time.....I am THINKING that it is an "internet creation" ala "Mega-Nuggets" or "USA Garage Greats" or any of Katrakyla's comps, and things in general run around sets that are limited by a label or something, as they are true "labors of love"......like I say I am unsure as to this sets origins, but it at least has the "marks" of an internet creation, not that it matters, really, because this is some great and bizarre music, and cuts across all eras. Drop yaself a tab and stare at the ceiling and dig up on this one, all, ahem, ELEVEN discs.......(six today, five tomorrow, OK?)

I love this set, it features a bit more of "my" music (the music of the 1970's) than most of the other psych comps, which feature more "my" nostalgia. Just check out the disc, and wow.....TOTALLY great, FAVORITE bands of mine such as I Drive, Sir Lord Baltimore, Los Dug Dugs, Ansley Dunbar Retaliati, Bang, Dust, and Icecross.......I've done full posts (check archives) on Sir Lord Baltimore, Los Dug Dugs, and Dust, and probably at some time will get to some of the other ones.....by no means have I covered the whole disc, Blues Creation, Space Farm, Stackwaddy.......wooooowwweeee man, and that is the FIRST DISC!

The second disc contains many MORE of my favorite early 70's
freaksters......Mgen, Tiger B Smith, Sex, My Solid Ground, The Gods.......incredibly fantastic stuff, and, like before, I have hit only random highlights, didn't mention Bedlam or Mountain, or Yesterdays Children, or..........

Volume 3.there is NO let up, how about Music Machine's "The People In Me", a somewhat rare 13th Floor Elevators cut, Arthur Lee, Orang-Utan, Ryg I Ryggen, Fraction, and a bunch of stuff that is not even all that familiar to ME, and we are on MY turf now......San Ul Lm, Navath, Zior......by now you are either salavating, or hoping I get back around to "Dutch Nuggets" or something.

Anybody good turn up on Volume 4? Glad you would ask.....Josefus crucify "Gimme Shelter", Bram Stoker, Bohemian Vandetta, Janus......oh those magical 1970's......also a track from an "unknown band", and I LOVE that stuff. (they check in with "Unknown Title"!)

Disc 5 leads off with one of my very faves, November's "Mount Everest" (I did a full November post last, uh, November, my cleverness never fails to amaze me), Neon Rose is another I've featured, unfortunatly not my fave "Love Rock", but still a good one, Ravjunk (freakish guitar stuff), Rg I Ryggen, Kebnekaise, Traed Groes Och Stenor take on "All Along the
Watchtower"......lots of foreign language stuff here, and you know I love that stuff, and if you got enough blotter in ya ya probably understand it anyway.

Last disc for today leads off with a spoken bit from noneother than Dr Timothy Leary, followed upth (Oh, I get to do my favorite joke again) Frantic's version of that little known chestnut, "Hey Joe". We get UFO, P205, Magic Mushrooms, Satgri ("1000 Micrograms of Love").......

OK, this is for a little bit different audience than I've been aiming at lately......this is for you hippie scum (like, uh, well me) who are now 50 and still love to trip (drug-free trip of course) out on some of bizarre sounds of our youths...perhaps you know someone who is not a blog regular who will enjoy this set please let them know. Unfortunatly there are NOT a whole bunch of comp sets of th's fairly untapped material, but this is the stuff I grew up on, i love every last second of it, and I will be thrilled to death if some other old timers dig it to OR if I bring it to a new, young audience for teh first time.......five more discs of it tomorrow, please please please please please please comment on this set and let me know your thoughts.....unless your mind is completely blanked out

DISC 1-01 I DRIVE-Down Down Down/02 THE GHOST-When You're Dead/03 BOULDER
DAMN-Dead Meat/04 NEGATIVE SPACE-Forbidden Fruit/05 SIR LORD BALTIMORE-Kingdom Come/06 SUM PEAR-Bring Me Home America/07 BLUES CREATION-Atomic Bombs Away/08 RAW MATERIAL-Time and Illusion/09 LOS DUG DUGS-Smog/10 SPACE FARM-Space Farm/11 ANSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION-Warning/12 BANG-Future Shock/13 STACKWADDY-Hoochie Coochie Man/14 ICECROSS-Jesus Freaks/15 DUST-From a Dry Camel

DISC 2-01 INTRO/02 MORGEN-Welcome to the Void/03 MOURNIN'-Living With the Dying/04 TIGER B SMITH-Tiger Rock/05 BEDLAM-Set Me Free/06 MOUNTAIN-Blood On the Sun/07 KUNI KAWACHI-Kinkyogen/08 CIRCUS 2000-While You're Sleeping/09 P205-Allright/10 PEACEPIPE-Sea of Nightmares/11 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Evil Woman/12 ZAKARRIAS-Country Out of Reach/13 VELVET FOGG-Yellow Cave Woman/14 THE GODS-To Samuel A Son/15 SEX- I Had to Rape Her (!)/16 A Break Before the Goddamn Acid Hits too Harrrrrd/17 MY SOLID GROUND-Dirty Yellow Dust

Disc 3-01 INTRO/02 Q65-Love Is Such a Good
Thing/03 THE MUSIC MACHINE-The People In Me/04 13TH FLOOOR ELEVATORS-Livin On (Acetate VErsion)/05 ORANG-UTAN-I Can See Your Head/06 RAG I RYGEN-DerKan Vael Inte Vera Farligit/07 SAN UL LM-A Flower Hsa Bloomed/08 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-She's Easy/09 ZIOR-Entrance of the Devil/10 MARCUS-Satan/11 ARTHUR LEE-EZ Rider/12 FIRE-Where Are You/13 FRACTION-Sky High/14 HARY CHAPTER-Looking For Decent Freedom/15 JERICHO JONES-Champs/16 MY INDOLE RING-Mary Jane/17 WARPIG-Tough Nuts/18 NAHVATH-Evolution/19 OUTRO

DISC 4-01 INTRO/02 CROW-Evil Woman/03 BRAM STOKER-Born To Free/04 JODO-One Night Stand/05 HAZE-Decision/06 ANTROBUS-Rock Band BLues/07 THE UNCERTAIN MIDNIGHT-Leaving the World/08 BOHEMMIAN VANDETTA-House of the Rising Sun/09 UNKNOWN BAND-Unknown Title/10 JANUS-I Wanna Scream/11 NEW DAWN-Dark Thoughts/12 GRAVEDIGGER-Mass Tremor/13 JOSEFUS-Gimme Shelter/14 KIRS CRUCIBLE-Salem Witch Trials/15 PINNACLE-The Chase/16 TOO MUCH-Grease It Out/17 UNISON-Flesh and Blood/18 Goddamn, They Cancelled It/19 GRACIOUS-Prayer

DISC 5-01 NOVEMBER-Mount Everest/02
WILDMARKEN-Gitarr Och Orghamonika/03 VATTEN-Jag Aer Traett/04 CONTACT-Fisken/05 SAGA-Gamla Goda Misstag/06 BLUESET-Lets Boogie/07 BLOMMAN-Heroin/08 HARVESTER-Naer Lingone/09 LOVE EXPLOSION-Hundar/10 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER...../11 GUDBRALLEN-Terjes Klagan/12 NEON ROSE-Schize Love/13 RG I RYGGEN-Queen of Darkness/14 RAEVJUNK-Jag E S Skitig Jag E S Paj/15 SHAGGY-Bitch/16 TASTE OF BLUES-A Touch of Sunshne/17 TRAED GROES OCH STENOR-All Along the Watchtower/18 KEBNEKAISE-Taenk p Livit

DISC 6-01 DR TIMOTHY LEARY-The Turn On/02 FUN OF IT-Bluesy Death/03VAUVORA BAND-UFO/04 COSMOS FACTORY-The hard Image/05 THE TEMPLE-Leaves Are Falling/06 GALAXY-Day Without the Sun/07 P205-Step On My Face/08 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/09 FRANTIC-Hey Joe/10 SATGRI-1000 Micrograms of Love/11 UNIVERSE-Rock In the Sky/12 SUB-Ma-Mari-Huana/13 JOHN
DOE & THE ACETATES-Purple Haze/14 UFO-Unidentified Flying Object

Unlike so many of the Nuggets-type psych bands, many of these are more album oriented acts, and yours truly happens to have several hundred of these particualr bands albums.....I've featured several of tehm in individual blog posts in the past, but this is the stuff I know a little about
if you'd like to see, say a post on

Kebnekaise if you'd like to see, say a post on or Rag I Rygen or whomever, there is a good shot I can take care of ya.....ANYTHING YOU GUYS WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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