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Hens Teeth

Might as we clean off the shelves, we have a few more of this type of set to go, this being a three disc
set of non-USA garage/psych type stuff, in general of the lesser known variety. Volume 1 is sub-titled (I don't make em up) "Oil Emulsion Slyde Vs the Fairy Feller's Master Stroke"....26 tracks, mostly pretty obscure. I remember Alan Avon & the Toyshop showing up here just recently, but not so much The Blue Jeans, The Kinetic, Tangerine Peel, Virgin Sleep, Enough's Enough........tell ya, we could probably scup bands like this until the literal end of time!

Volume 2 ("Blocked! Rare Beat and Psychedelia") is interesting in that it gives us six different tracks by UNKNOWN ARTISTS, which you must admit, it would be hard to get much more obscure than that. The Craig also turn up as do John Lee's Groundhogs, the relationship between TS Mcee's version I am uncertain of.

Finally Volume 3 ("Catherine on the Wheel") has a couple more known acts, Nashville Teens, Orange Machine, and The Fire, as well as Team Dokus, George Bean, and Now.......good set, you guys who've been following along will certainly want to check this out.

By the way, Jose left a comment under "Psychedelic Unknowns", I THINK he may be alluding to more volumes, but it is in Spanish, so if any of you bi-lingual types can help me out I would appreciate it!

VOLUME 1-01 DAVID-Light Of Your Mind/02 THE MATADORS-Get Down From the Tree/03 ALAN AVON & THE TOYSHOP-A Night to Remember/04 SVENSK-Getting Old/05 JUNIORS EYES-Black Snake/06 ENOUGH'S ENOUGH-
Please Remember/07 THE STATE OF MICKEY & TOMMY-I Know What I Would Do/08 THE BLUE JEANS-Sandfly/09 GIORGIO & MARCOS MEN-Baby I Need You/10 THE HI-FIS-Tread Softly Sleepers/11 THE GIBSONS-City Life/12 THE KINETIC-Suddenly Tomorrow/13 GLASS OPENING-Does It Really Matter/14 FREEDOM-Trying to Get a Glimpse of You/15 EDWICK
RUMBOLD-Boggle Woggle/16 WHEELS OF TIME-1984/17 VIRGIN SLEEP-Halliford House/18 MANDRAKE-Sunlight Glide/19 THE EXECUTIVES-Moving In a Circle/20 JOHN CARTER & RUSS ALQUIST-The Laughing Man/21 THE FAVOURITE SONS-Walking Walking Walking/22 TANGERINE PEEL-Trapped/23 MOTIVATION-Little Man/24 THE TICKLE-Good Evening/25 ENOUGHS ENOUGH-Look Around You Baby/26 THE KIRKBYS-It's a Crime

Sometime/03 UNKNOWN-Can't Stop the Want I Got For You Babe/04 THE EXILES-Love In the Making/05 UNKNOWN-You'd Better Get Going/06 ONE IN A MILLION-No Smokes/07 THE KING-PINS-You're My Girl/08 UNKNOWN-To Be With You/09 THE WHEELS-I'm Leaving/10 THE FOUR ACES-Why Do You/11 JOHN LEES GROUNDHOGS-Someone To Love/12 THE PARTISIANS-All Night Worker/13 SPECTRES-The Facts of Life/14 UNKNOWN-Nonsense and Misery/15 THE KING-PINS-Baby I Need/16 THE CRAIG-Dancing Down In New Orleans/17 SONIC INVASION-Go Out and Get Her/18 UNKNOWN-I'm Gonna Have My Fun/19 THE PROPHETS-My Little Girl/20 THE DISTURBANCE-Apple Crumble/21 STRANGE BREW-(I Am) The Letterman/22 SONS OF MAN-Our Love/23 UNKNOWN-McDougal Street Freakout

VOLUME 3-01 THE ANTEEKS-I Don't Want You/02 KIPPINGTON LODGE-I Can See Her Face/03 THE FIRE-Man in the Teapot/04 MANDRAKE-Len/05 THE GLASS MENAGERIE-Somebody To Love/06 NOW-Marcia/07 THE SMOKE-Utterly Simple/08 THE ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippens Waiting Room/09 THE BARRIER-Dawn Breaks Through/10 RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA-Boy Meets Girl/11 FACTORY-Castle on a Hill/12 JIGSAW-Seven Fishes/13 TEAM DOKUS-60 Million Megaton Sunset/14 TALES OF JUSTINE-Sitting on a Blunestone/15 THE DIFFERENCE-Sweet Sounds
Everywhere/16 NIMROD-Don't Let It Get the Best of You/17 THE BLUE EFFECT-Sun Is So Bright/18 THE SCENE-Scenes (From Another World)/19 WHITE TRASH-Illusion/20 UNKNOWN-Out of My Mind (Over You)/21 THE FLAMES-Mod Trad/22 NASHVILLE TEENS-I'm A Lonely One/23 THE MIRAGE-I See the Rain/24 THE MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/25 STRANGE BREW-Mr. Paradise/26 GEORGE BEAN-Floatin/27 THE MAJORITY-Time Machine Man

Comments? Requests? Pictures of your neighbor's (of age of course) daughter? Let us know you're still alive!....

And now about tomorrow......well, for one thing I'm heading out tomorow evening to see my pals from Samax play a set.....these kids rule as I've told you before, so there is a CHANCE I may not post tomorrow....(good chance actually).......if I DO NOT, however, wait until Wedensday-Thursday, when I am going to treat you to one of the greatest compilation sets ever concoted on this planet, or on any other planet.....you'll not want to miss a SECOND of it, you'll want to be FIRST IN LINE to grab it.....what is it? HA. Just wait and see. Wedensday, unless I get the first part ready tonight, which is possible,unlikely!

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