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Gathering of the Tribe

OK, let's break away from the "singles" format and get into some harder-core psych, this might be
more along the lines of "We Can FLy" or even further out there....it DOES cross over into the 70's, also, but this is true HEAVY psych, after all the pop-psych of late it'll be like a breath of stale,
marijuana smoke filled air!

Three discs in the series, the first, "Gathering of the Tribe", gives us something of an odd mix....Larry & the Blue Notes check in (with a good and lesser known tune, and Josefus gives us the viscious "Dead Man" (I have that album, seek it out a classic of early 70's hard psych!).......other than that who wouldn't want some Indian Puddin' & Pipe, Macabre, The Plague, and more.....this MIGHT not appeal to some fans of the recent posts, but I felt the need to change it up just a little, and any chance to hear "Dead Man" is worth it at least.

"Son of Gathering of the Tribe" is loaded.....Mystic Tide's "Psychedelic Journey", Buck Rogers Movement,Crystal Chandelier, London Fog, Missing Lynx, Canterberry Fair.....original vinyl rips, too, ya can hear all them wonderful crick-cracks of that by-gone era......don't even know if this set was ever released on CD. Myself I'll take a good vinyl rip any day of the month!

Finally, "Valley of the Son of Gathering of the Tribe" is fairly dominated by It's All Meat (4 tracks, but worthwhile), also Mary Butterwo, Talula Babies, Fraction (kind of an obscure favorite of mine from the much more virgin territory of early 70's hard psych.....someone should get busy and start comping all THAT stuff!)

Ok, good set here, a LITTLE different, and yet a little the same with some overlap, hope ya like it,
and there are still more of em coming.....I do in fact have a handful of comps with fairly obscure early 70's hard psych, maybe eventually we go in that direction......Fraction, Dark-E, Stray Dog, Indian Summer and lots more uncovered greats need brought to a new audience, after all.......anyway, leave a comment, or at the very least a blank prescription pad signed by your physician.

GATHERING-01 THE DEEP-Colour Dreams/02 THE CHANTS-Hypnotized/03 THE PLAGUE-High Flying Bird/04 THE BARDS-Alibis/05 INDIAN PUDDIN & PIPE-Water or Wine/06 MUSIC EMPORIUM-Nam Nyo Renge Kyo/07 MACABRE-Be Forewarned/08 HEADSTONES-Bad Day Blues/09 JOSEFUS-Dead Man/10 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-It's Gonna Rain/11 LARRY

SON OF-01 MYSTIC TIDE-Psychedelic
Journey/02 HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock/03 GRANINS OF SAND-She Needs Me/04 TROLLS-Walkin Shoes/05 THE MALIBUS-Cry (Over Her)/06 BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT-Baby Come On/07 CRYSTAL CHANDELIER-The Setting of Despair/08 THE MISSING LYNX-Behind Locked Doors/09 JEFFERSON LEE-Sorcerella/10 DR HOOKER-Forge Your Own Chains/11 LONDON FOG-Mr Baldi/12 CANTERBURY FAIR-Song On a May Morning/13 CHARLOTTE WOOD-Friendly Indians/14 THE ESCAPADES-Mad Mad Mad/15 BAD SEEDS-Taste Of the Same/16 THE LYRICS-So What

VALLEY OF-01 IT'S ALL MEAT-Make SOme Use of Your Friends/02 IT'S ALL MEAT-You Brought Me Back to My Senses/03 IT'S ALL MEAT-Crying Into the Deep Lake/04 IT'S ALL MEAT-Roll My Own/05 TALULA BABIES-Mine Forever/06 FRACTION-Sanc-Divided/07 MARY BUTTERWORTH-Phase II/08 JEFF LIEBERMANN-Woman/09 MARY BUTTERWORTH-Week In 8 Days/10 SAVAGES-No No N0

Are there more discs involved in this series? Kind of hard to find info....I looks like there MAY have been a 5-dis box set, which I assume includes the 3 vinyl originals above, plus ???????? If you know anyng about it, please do your duty and SHARE, or at least INFORM!

I have put up a BUNCH of stuff this weekend, originally planning to take a fairly light work load, but
you never know, some days I'm into this, somedays not so much......comments keep me going, comments and download numbers, so I can see if I am performing a valuable service to a lot of you or not......let's all enjoy this stuff, and please, any requests you may have for ANYTHING (could be something that came out last week, unless you are a newbie you know I am not strictly about 60's nugget-type-rock, that is the literal tip of the iceberg......before I got going in this groove and it turned out to be kind of well-recieved, I was preparing a Clash post, would have taken me probably 2 weeks to post teh entire thing (like the Sleater Kinney epic I did so long ago, if you recall it).....Roxy Music would be another band I'd love to do a multi-week epic post on, sooooooo many rarities, concerts, related stuff........but for now, it seems that you guys are still pretty down with all these comps, and as that goes, who am I to argue? I'll NOT run out of them any soon, but I MAY bore of them, so if you're relatively new and check one day for the latest 60's comp and see I have posted the "Best Stranglers Post Ever"(or something, just as an example) don't be shocked.

Love ya all, thanks to all the friends whom help me out (I'd name some but I'd be so upset that I'd forget someone)

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