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Cicadelic 60's

Really should have posted this one before now, it's rare, it's informative, it's entertaining, and several
of it's discs are broken down themattically.....aOT of bands are examined in broader depth than just a single track, which I usually think is an interesting thing (now always the most listenable, but at least interesting......

DIsc 1, entitled "Don't Put Me On", features a bunch of bands, in genral represented by two tracks each, not sure if each is a single A/B side, but very obscure and interesting all the way down the line.....We have House of Commons, Kings Court, Pagens, and best of all Felix' take on "A Whiter Shade of Pale" which is not like anything at least I have ever heard.

Disc 2 is called "Never Existed", why? I have no clue.....Persian Market offers up a version of "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White",the Chaparrals clock in with "Blues from a Jefferson Airplane, and the final 5 tracks on the disc are Alternate Versions, Demos, and Unedited Studio Versions from Basement Wall, Penthouse 5, Chevelle V, David Sanborn, and Lemon Fog....a must for completists!

The third disc is 1963-65 Folk-Rock, not a HUGE favorite of mine, acts include the Sting Rays, Beats, Mods, London Knights, Maltees Four, FBI, and Shillings.....I bet for some this is a treasure chest, me, not really so much.

Disc 4 is called "The Psychedelic Sixties" and brings a slew of rarities, Laughing Kind, Living Ends
, Captain Crunch & the Bunch, Cellar Dwellers, Brother Love Congregation and lots more. Rare, rare stuff, barely ANY overlap with any other sets I've given out.

Now, Disc 5 changes gears completely....."Unreleased Garage Band Demos, 1966-68".......dominated by the Missing Links (9 tracks), and Lemon Drops (6 tracks), with the Nuchez and Morning Dew thrown in, this is stuff you'll probably hear no where else......might not WANT TO either, but again, it's the rare, the obscure, that we seek out, and an unreleased batch of tracks from Missing Links certainly fits that definition.

Disc 6, also is enititled "The Psychedelic Sixties", but features only two bands, District Six (any "Hunger Games" fans?) and the Nite Owls......Need to point out that District Six brings us their version of "7 & 7 Is", which is still miles behind "Gloria" and "Hey Joe" in THAT particular competition.

VOLUME 7 regionalizes things, "From Texas to Tucson", as I've spotlighted both regions before, maybe there wilsome cross-over here, but not coming blazin back.....we get the Shandells Inc, Shadows, Rocks, Lewallen Brothers, Feathers, and The Marades....again, listenable ahing if not interesting!

The 8th and final disc goes back to random rare tracks, from a variety of obscure acts, Wild THings,
Quintette Plus, Unknowns, and Sensacionals.......

A good set here.....not so much one you'll be playing time and again, but for sure one of historical curiosity.

Comments, please?

DISC 1-HOUSE OF COMMONS-Till Tomorrow/02 HOUSE OF COMMONS-Love Is a Funny THing/03 INNSMEN-I Don't Know/04 INNSMEN-Things are Different Now/05 KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On/06 KINGS COURT-The Midnite Hour/07 HEARSEMEN-I Get That Feeling/08 HEARSEMEN-Christy Ann/09 LYKES OF US-7:30 Said/10 LYKES OF US-Tell Me Why Your Light SHines/11 PAGENS-Mystic Cloud/12 PAGENS-Someone Like You/13 SOLITARY CONFINEMENT-A Winner Never Quits/14 HUMAN AFFAIR-Free Love/15 HUMAN AFFAIR-Forever Yours/16 FELIX-Outside Woman Blues/17 FELIX-A WHITER SHADE OF PALE/18 SILVER HAWK-Awaiting On You All/19 SILVER HAWK-All I Can Do

DISC 2-01 BASEMENT WALL-Never Existed/02 INNSMEN-Congregation for Anti-Flirts Inc/03
PERSIAN MARKET-Flash In the Pan/04 PERSIAN MARKET-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/05 NEUROTIC SLEEP-Drive My Car/06 CHAPARRALS-Respect/07 CHAPARRALS-Blues From a Jefferson Airplane/08 ROGUES-Go To Him/09 LYNX- You Lie/10 PERSIAN MARKET-The Gamma Goochie/11 THE PERSIAN MARKET-The Wind Calls Her Name/12 HIGHLIFES-Cloak and Dagger/13 NEW BREED-Don't Mess Around With my Dream/14 FRONTS-The Haul/15 BASEMENT WALL-Everything/16 BASEMENT WALL-I'm Not That SLow (ALT)/17 PENTHOUSE 5-It's All My Own Bizarre Dream (DEMO)/18 CHEVELE V Come Back Bird (ALT OUTTAKE)/19 DAVID SANBORN-Summer (ALT)/20 LEMON FOG-Lemon Fog (ALT)

DISC 3-01 THE STING RAYS-by If I Loved You/02 THE STING RAYS-You Better Think Twice/03 THE STING RAYS-I Can Feel/04 THE STING RAYS-Now That Your No LOnger Mine/05 THE BEATS-We Can Work It Out/06 THE BEATS-Paperback Writer/07 THE MODS-Days Mind the Time/08 THE LONDN KNIGHTS-Go To Him/09 THE MALTESE FOUR-You/10 THE FBI-What Am I To Do/11 THE FBI-Daytime Nightime/12 THE SHILLINGSLaugh

John/03 OUTSIDE IN-You AIn't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees/04 BROTHER LOVE CONGREGATION-Bringing Me Down/05 LAUGHING KIND-Empty Heart/06 JAGGED EDGE-Midnight To Six/07 SHOWMEN-Almost THere/08 SAVAGES-Cheating On Me/09 LIVING ENDS-I Don't Like/10 KNIGHTS BRIDGE QUINTET-Sorrow In C Major/11 EVIL 1-I Can't Live Without You/12 CAPTAIN CRUNCH & THE BUNCH-Keepin Alive In D Motto/13 FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/14 TEARS-Weatherman/15 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Feelings/16 QUARRYMEN-Don't Try your Luck/17 CELLAR DWELLERS-Working Man/18 AGENTS-Gotta Help Me/19 BENTLEYS-Now It's Gone/20 3RD EVOLUTION-Don't Play With Me

DISC 5-01 MISSING LINKS-Crowded Part of Town/02 MISSING LINKS-Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying/03MISSING LINKS-You Me Feel Good/04 MISSING LINKS-You Got To Hide Your Love Away/05 MISSING LINKS-It's Only Love/06 MISSING LINKS-Rain/07 MISSING LINKS-I Can't Make It/08 MISSING LINKS-Till There Was You/09 THE NUCHEZ-BG's One Eye/10 THE NUCHEZ-Open Up Your Mind/11 LEMON DROPS-Sometime Ago/12 LEMON DROPS-My Friend (Theater of Your Eyes)/13LEMON DROPS-Jennifer Ann/14 LEMON DROPS-Crystal Pure/15 MISSING LINKS-Smoke Statue/16 LEMON DROPS-Maria/17 LEMON DROPS-Flower Dream/18 MORNING DEW-Wer Dreams

DISC 6-01 DISTRICT 6-She Cried No/02 DISTRICT 6-7 and & Is/03 DISTRICT 6-Talk Talk/04
DISTRICT 6-Remember/05DISTRICT 6-Pandoras Golden Heebie Geebies/06 DISTRICT 6-Cherish/07 DISTRICT 6-Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love)/08 DISTRICT 6-Turn On Your Love Light/09 DISTRICT 6-Respect/10 DISTRICT 6-Come On Up/11 DISTRICT 6-Show Me/12 NITE OWLS-Something You Got/13 NITE OWLS-Ooh Poo Pa Doo/14 NITE OWLS-The Woods/15 NITE OWLS-The Hassle/16 DISTRICT 6-More

DISC 7-01 THE SHANDELLS-Say What You Mean/02 THE SHANDELLS INC-Just Cry/03 THE SHADOWS-If You Love Me/04 THE SHADOWS-The Big Mess/05 THE ROCKS-Because You're Young/06 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-You're Gonna Leave Me/07 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Don't Say Why/08 THE FEATHERS-Don't Lie To Me/09 THE FEATHERS-When Day Is DOne/10 THE FEATHERS-I Won't Be Your Steppin Stone/11 THE FEATHERS-Them Onions/12 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Wine Wine Wine/13 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Dream/14 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Cause You Want Me To/15 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-I'm Normal/16 THE MARSADES-Worried/17 THE MARSADES-Please Let Me Know

DISC 8-01 WILD THINGS-Tell Me/02 WE FEW-Baby Please Don't Go/03 WE FEW-Surprise Surprise/04 SENSACIONALS-Big Boss Man/05 SENSACIONALS-Sweet Little Rock N Roller/06 JERRY DJAL-Well All Right/07 CAVALIERS-Bound To Happen/08 RUMORS-Hold Me Now/09 RUMORS-Without Her/10 UNKNOWNS-Night Walkin/11 UNKNOWNS-Shake a Tail Feather/12 KING RICHARD & THE KNIGHTS-Work Out Sally/13 QUINTETTE PLUS-Summertime/14
QUINTETTE PLUS-Grits and Grease/15 QUINTETTE PLUS-The Work Song/16 QUINTETTE PLUS-Shop Around/17 BOYS-How Do You Do Me/18 BOYS-I Wanna Know/19 BOYS-Angel of Mine/20 BOYS-It's Hopeless/21 WILD THINGS-My Girl

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