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Psychedelic Unknowns Overload/Extravaganza!

Now THIS set was unusually constructed, try an' keep up.......Volumes 1-2-3 were EP issues, then http://www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/index.php?field=Title&term=p
there was ANOTHER volume 3 that was released on CD/LP......VOlumes 4-9 follow a more conventional LP/CD format, but the first three is kind of confused. As always, for clar the "go to" site for such things is
That'll straighten things out. As for the music? Well, about maybe half would qualify as "unknowns", but after stuff like "USA Garage Greats" and "Mega Nuggets" (both strictly internet creations) there is BOUND to be some overlap by this point in time.

I have combined the EP's (1-2-3) onto a single 30 track CD and is track-listed as such below. plenty of stuff we all know, First Crow to the Moon, Painted Ship, We the People, Yesterday's Children......but, still....where else havea we heard Ognir & the Nite People, The Iron Gate, and The Bush?.......really nothing SUPER out of the ordinary here, I've always wondered why they used the EP format for these discs.....anyone know? NOW, the CD version of "Volume 3" acually INCORPORATES the entire "Volume 3" EP, the first 8 tracks on "Volume 3 CD" are the same as the FINAL 8 tracks on "EP 1/2/3"......I COULD hav just not copied the final 8 tracks on the EP set.....why didn't I? Because as soon as I did, someone would have wanted me to do it the other way. This way you can program and construct them however it may please you. The Volume 3 CD contains MORE stuff, too, of course, such as Luv Bandits, Grammy Fones, Wreck-A-Mended, and Crome Syrcus, all of which I think fairly well qualify as unknown, at least pretty much.

Volume 4 leads off with the great-but ridiculously over-comped "Story of My Life" by Unrelated
Segments, we also get We the People, Mouse & the Traps, Apollo's Apaches, all well known but none of whom are represented by their best known stuff......The Parrots give us a cool version of "Put the Clock Back on the Wall" that I've never heard of other than here, Sotweed Factor, Beautiful Daze, and the Bit A Sweet are obscure enough to merit inclusion.

Volume 5 leads off with "Incense and Peppermints", however NOT the Strawberry Alarm CLock's well known version, a lesser-but interesting take by "A Little Bit of Sound". The Seeds get a track, ("Bad Part of Town"), not their best known by far, Majic Ship turns up again (Majic Ship IS sort of an unknown, kind of strange because they were SO good), The Velvet Illusion give us the cryptically titled "Acid Head".....good set, argueably the best in the series taking into account quality AND obscurity.

By Volume 6 I think the compilers were running out of stuff and REALLY DID have to focus on "unknowns"......so much the better: The Bugs ("Strangler in the Night"!, The Flys great "Be What You Is", Cucumber, Friday's Keepers, Beautiful Daze with the second half of their earlier single......another good disc.

The Guess Who, of all people, not to mention the 1910 Fruitgum Co. turn up on Volume 7, strange choices, but interesting ones.....First Crow to the Moon, Magic Mushrooms, Human Instinct, and New Breed are all half-way well known (and solid picks, too)......Knights of Day, The Furniture, Badd Boys, and the Esko Affair would rank as lesser knowns, I'd say.

Volume 8 is packed with unknowns, living up to the theme, with Toni Rivers and the Castaways, Hoppi & the Beau Heems, Doughboys, Tony & Terry......Limey & the Yanks are probably the MOST WELL KNOWN act here, that is saying a mouthful.

Finally Volume 9.......highlighted by "Jack of Diamonds" by Daily Flash which generally turns up on Northwest comps and rarely then.....other than that, again, the set up to it's name/theme.....Undesyded, Erik & the Smoke Ponies, Hysterical Society, Peanut Gallery....make note of a good track from Oscar & the Majestics ("Come on Willie").

All in all this pretty much lives up to it's name,
unless you are addicted to this stuff like some of US are (that's why we're here, right?).....Probably could have been brought in at about 6 discs or so by leaving some of the better known stuff off, but they really did empty the vaults and there is a lot of variety, a lot of obscurity, AND some good damn songs that I hadn't heard other than this comp......and wouldn't that be exactly what we'd want in a comp such as this?

Big post today, 8 discs, bear with me for a minute till I can get all these up for you. Oh, and by request.....GREAT FRIEND of the blog Jose has requested "Psychedelic Schlmiels, Volume 4"....he says he only has volumes 1-3, as do I.....Volume 4 must be sort of rare, so if anyone out there has it, PLEASE SHARE and then we can all have the complete set. If you ahve it, either contact me via email (csgmiller@sbcglobal.net) or simply upload it to my blog's comment section. I didn't even know there was a volume 4 until Jose mentioned it, but I checked and indeed there is.....I've never seen one, though, so if anyone has it, sounds like you could do us a real favor by sharing quite a rarity......back tomorrow guys! Have a great week!

VOLUMES 1/2/3 (EP'S)-01 THE CALLICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/02 SOUND SANDWICH
-Apothecary Dream/03 DAYBREAKERS-Psychedelic Siren/04 THE SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/05 THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS-I Dig Your Mind/06 THE EVIL I-Love Conquers All/07 THE COSMIC ROCK SHOW-Rising Sun/08 THEE SIXPENCE-My Flash On You/09 THE IRON GATE-Feelin Bad/10 IDES-Psychedelic Ride (EP2)-11 THE STARFIRES-I Never Loved Her/12 THE KINGS RANSOM-Shame/13 THE CARETAKERS OF DEECPTION-x+y=13/14 THE JURY-Who Dat?/15 FIRST CROW TO THE MOON-Spend Your Life/16 WE THE PEOPLE-In te Past/17 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/18 THE SQUIRES-Going All The Way/19 THE FRONT LINE-Got Love/20 THE NOBLES-Something Else/21 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-To be Or Not To Be/22 DAVE DIAMOND & HIGER ELEVATION-The Diamond Mine (EP3)-23 THE DAGENITES-I'm Gonna Slide/24 THE 4 OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/25 THE TRACERS-Watch Me/26 THE BUSH-I'm Wanting Her27 OGNIR & THE NIGHT PEOPLE-I Found a New Love/28 STATE OF MIND-Move/29 THE FLARES-Forever/30 THE TRACERS-She Said Yeah

VOLUME 3 (CD)-01 THE DAGENITES-I'm Gonna Slide/02 THE 4 OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/03 THE TRACERS-Watch Me/04 THE BUSH-I'm Wanting Her/05 OGNIR & THE NIGHT PEOPLE-I Found a New Love/06 STATE OF MIND-Move/07 THE FLARES-Forever/08 THE TRACERS-She Said Yeah/09 THE XTREEMS-Facts of Life/10 HENRY THE IX-Don't Take ME Back (Part 2)/11 THE LOVED ONES-More Than Love/12 THE GRAMMY FONES-Now He's Here/13 THE LUV BANDITS-Mizzer Bahd/14 THE STARFIRES-You Done Me Wrong/15 THE CROME SYRCUS-Lord In Black/16 PAT FARRELL & THE BELEIVERS-Gotta Find Her/17 THE TOUCH-Not So Fine/18 THE TROLLS-Every Day and Every Night/19 THE WRECK-A-MENDED-Dirty old Man/20 UNKNOWN-Commercial

DISCIPLE-Psyclic Retraction/03 THE SHAYNES-From My Window/04 THE BIT A SWEET-Out of Sight, Out of Mind/05 THE PARROTS-Put the Clock Back on the Wall/06 MYST-I'm Crying/07 THE NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/08 SOTWEED FACTOR-Say It Is Not So/09 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/10 THE BEAUTIFUL DAZE-City jungle Parts 1 & 2/11 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock/12 TREYTONES-Nonymous/13 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-I Satisfy/14 THE BOSS FIVE-Please Mr President/15 THEE SIXPENCE-Fortune Teller/16 WE THE PEOPLE- Burn Me Up and Down/1 THE AMBERJACKS-Hey Eriq!/18 SKEPTICS-Ride Child/19 APOLLO'S APACHE-Cry Me a Lie/20 THE CHAIN REACTION-When I Needed You

VOLUME 5-01 A LITTLE BIT OF SOUND-Incense and Peppermints/02 THE BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE-Witch Helen/03 THE RED-LITE DISTRICT-I Gotta Know/04 THE PEDESTRIANS-It's Too Late/05 THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Acid Head/06 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/07 THE MINORITY-Where Was My Mind?/08 THE ETHNICS-It's OK/09 THE RON-DE-VOUS-A Trip So Wild/10 THE SEEDS-Bad Part of Town/11 THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Velvet Illusions/12 THE MYSTERY TREND-Johnny Was a Good Boy/13 THE LIBERATION NEWS SERVICE-Mid-Winter's Afternoon/14 MICK & THE SHAMBLES-Lonely Nights Again/15 MAJIC SHIP-Green Plant/16 SOUND SOLUTION-Hide Your Face In Shame/17 THE GRAY THINGS-Charity/18 THE SOCIAL OUTCASTS-ad

REQUIREMENTS-I'm Grounded/03 THE INGREDIANTS-Please Don't Leave Me/04 THE CLOUDS-Visions/05 JIM EDGAR & THE ROADRUNNERS-The Place/06 BOBBY BRELYN-Hanna/07 THE FABULOUS PHARAOHS-Hold Me Tight/08 THE VENUS FLYTRAP-Have You Ever/09 THE 4th AMENDMENT-Always Blue/10 THE BUGS-Strangler In the Night/11 THE SNAPS-Polka Dotted Eyes/12 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Cry Baby/13 THE CHEROKEES-Wonderous Place/14 THE FLYS-Be What You Is/15 FRIDAYS KEEPERS-Take Me For a Ride/16 THE FRONT OFFICE-Wow/17 CUCUMBER-Under/18 THE BEAUTIFUL DAZE-City Jungle Part 2

VOLUME 7-01 THE KNIGHTS OF DAY-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/02 THE FURNITURE-I Love It Baby/03 THE GUESS WHO-Believed Me/04 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/05 THE RAINY DAZE-Make Me Laugh/06 ROADS END-Why/07 FIRST CROW TO TEH MOON-The Sun Lights Up The Shadows of Mind/08 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/09 THE BADD BOYS-I Told You So/10 THE ONE WAY STREET-I See the Light/11 THE ENERGY PACKAGE-This is the Twelfth Night/12 LITTLE BITS OF SOUND-Girls Who Paint Designs/13 BILL WENDRY & THE BOSS TWEEDS-A Wristwatch Band/14 THE 1910 FRUITGUM CO-Reflections From the Looking Glass/15 THE HUMAN INSTINCT-The Death of a Seaside/16 THE STAINED GLASS-A Scene In Between/17 THE SOUNDS OF TYME-To Understand Mankind/18 SMOKESTACK LIGHTNIN-Look What You've Done/19 THE ESKO AFFAIR-Morning Dull Fires

VOLUME 8-01 THE LOVED ONES-Ever Lovin Man/02 THE LADDS-Survival/03 TONY
RIVERS & THE CASTAWAYS-I Love You/04 HOP THE BEAU HEEMS-When I Get Home/05 THE SPIRIT-No Time To Rhyme/06 THE VILLIANS-Don't Ever Leave Me/07 THE JUJUS-I'm Really Sorry/08 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Gather My THings and Go/09 THE POOR BOYS-I Will Be Free/10 THE RUBBER MAZE-Mrs Griffith/11 TONY & TERRY-I Want You/12 "D" MEN-So Little Time/13 THE ILL WINDS-Fear of the Rain/14 THE DOUGHBOYS-Rhoda Mendlebaum/15 THE HARBRINGERS-Tompkins Square/16 THE AVANT GARDE-Honey And Gall/17 THE CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/18 THE SOUND OFFS-The Angry Desert/19 THE FATIMAS-Sandstorm/20 THE DECADES-On Sunset

VOLUME 9-01 THE REGENTS-01 Russian Spy & I/02 THE ONE WAY STREETS-Tears In My Eyes/03 THE DAILY FLASH-Jack of Diamonds/04 THE RAVES-Don't Chop Down My Tree/05 THE GALAXIES-Along Comes the Man/06 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Come On Willie/07 THE PURPLE HAZE-Shades of Blue/08 THE UNDESYDED-Baby I Need /09 THE BUFFALOES-She Wants Me/10 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Black Nor Blue/11 THE WHAT FOUR-Do You Beleive/12 THE INFERNO-Your Heart is Too Big For Your Head/13 THE HYSTERICAL SOCIETY-I Know/14 THE TRUTH-Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)/15 THE BRAVE NEW WORLD-Cried/16 THE FLYING CIRCUS-Green Eyes Green World/'17 THE UP STAIRS-Operator Please/18 THE PEANUT GALLERY-Out of Breath/19 THE RUMBLES-It's My Turn To Cry/20 THE LIVERPOOL SET-Oh Gee Girl/21 ERI THE SMOKE PONIES-I'll Give You More/22 THE TROPHIES-Somethin Else

Now, guys, THAT THERE is a POST!!!!Hope you like it, I keep thinking I'm going to run low on
these comp series, or that overlap will just render them redundant, then I remember a set like this, or a few others that have at least, say 75% non-overlap material......So, I'll keep in this mode for another week or two, but I am going to say I am starting to get JUST A LITTLE bored with the concept, and need to break out some Jesus Lizard or something just to unclog the sinusses a little!

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