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PLEASE read this, it's important

Hopefully the heading  will grab your attention, if not, perhaps this classic picture of my sweetie pie
Rose McGowan in the cinema-de-classique "Terror Planet" will........

I was going to do something else today (the "Circus Days" comp to be specific,which will easilly wait until tomorrow). For now, though, please click on this link:


That's right, you get NOTHING. Why? Because the blog has been removed. Again. This is not just ANY blog, this is not like the nonsense you are looking at NOW, created by some half-assed 50 year old with a somewhat esoteric taste in music.......this is goddamn CHRISGOESROCK.......if you are
unfamiliar with ChrisGoesRock he is a LEGEND of blogging and torrenting. For comparison sake, Chris Goes Rock is to, say, the Beatles what BigScott62 is to maybe Wesley Willis (look him up if you are unfamiliar and see what I am trying to say).

Chris Goes Rock has overseen some of the absolute greatest blogs in the history of the internet.....before the "blogger" era, he was creating incredible music Torrents, I THINK (can't validate) that he created the wonderful "MegaNuggets" set that so many of you have enjoyed my repost of......"People" have been screwing with him for YEARS, getting his blogs taken down, he starts a new one, it gets taken down, and on and on......WHEN he gets started
back up, be damn sure that his new site will linked here.

Chris Goes Rock is a VALUABLE RESOURCE. For one thing, he (almost literally) has every CD/album ever made by anyone......and he is MUCH, MUCH more knowledgeable about all types of music than someone like, say, me, or nearly anyone else. We can learn so much from him, hear so much otherwise unavailable music because of him and his tireless efforts......HE IS NOT THE ENEMY.

Chris Goes Rock wants MUSIC to be HEARD, the way it was
MEANT TO BE...HEARD It's MUSIC Goddamnit, if you can't HEAR it, what the fuck good is it? The ENEMY is anyone who would stifle the efforts of someone who works tirelessly and without compensation to get unique, rare, or otherwise little known music to a new audience. This bullshit DOES affect YOU, because they'll be wanting ME taken down soon enough too, be certain. Now, that isn't shit......I'm NOTHING.....but the point is this is the fucking internet, OUR fucking internet, and it is the last bastion of FREEDOM (and that just barely).......raise hell, bitch and FIGHT THE FUCKING POWER, because once the internet is where the ENEMY wants it to be, finding ANY music more imaginative than the Archies is going to be a thing of the past.

In support of ChrisGoesRock, please download these discs, ChrisGoesRock's Psychedelic Favorites.....there is some good shit on these, nothing all THAT hard to find, but it's one of those labors-of-love that we talk about sometimes......let's see HOW MANY SHARES we can get of these files......Please? Just as a show of support for him.....I know it's meaningless, but at least we are SAYING "stop fucking with people whose only crime is LOVING MUSIC".....

Again, PLEASE download these, if you don't want
them, then delete them, but let us show Chris that we support him and respect his work, I will report back in a few days as to how many of you download these files,pleaselet's try to set a record for this blog......Chris, I support you and your work, and I know others do as well......if it weren't for you I (literally) WOULD NOT BE HERE doing what I do each day, albeit as a pale imitation of YOUR work.


DISC 1-01 BAKERY-No Dying in the Dark/02 ROKY ERICKSON-Don't Shake Me Lucifer/03 THE STANDELLS-Why Pick on Me/04 THE BALLOON FARM-A Question of Temperature/05 BLOW MIND-They're Coming/06 TOTUM-Coming Home Baby/07 LYD-The Time of Hate and Struggle/08 KROKODIL-You're Still a Part of Me/09 JULY-The Way/10 JOHNNY WINTER-Mean Town Blues/11 IRON BUTTERFLY-Possesion/12 HAIRY CHAPTER-There's a Kind of Nothing/13 MARKLEY-Booker T & His Electric Shock/14 PARRISH HALL-My Eyes are Getting Heavy/15 REX HOLMAN-Here in the Land of Victory/16 RUMBLESTILTSKIN-Make Me Make You/17 SILVERHEAD-Rolling With My Baby/18 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET-Mendocino/19 SMALL FACES-Lazy Sunday

DISC 2-01 THE MISUNDERSTOOD-Little Red Rooster/02 ELECTRIC PRUNES-I'll Drag You Home/03 STATUS QUO-Paper Plane/04 STEPHEN STILLS-Love the One You're With/05 AMBOY DUKES-Mississippi Murderer/06 THE ANIMALS-Baby Let Me Take You Home/07 THE BYRDS-Wild Mountain Thyme/08 THE DEVIANTS-Screwed Up/09 THE DOORS-Maggie M'Gill/10 THE KINKS-Pictures In the Sand/11 THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-Free/12 THE ROCKETS-Hole In My Pocket/13 THE SEEDS-Nobody Spoil My Fun/14 THE UNDERDOGS-Wastaing My Time/15 THE WHO-Magic Bus/16 THE YARDBIRDS-I'm Confused/17 THE ZODIAC-Aries the Fire-Fighter/18 TOTTY-Crack In the Cosmic Egg/19 TRANSATLANTIC RAILROAD-Fried Chicken Blues/20 TUCKY BUZZARD-Mistreating Woman

OK guys, PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME........not only will you be helping me to make a statement, but you will certainly pick up some fine tunes along the way as well. Fight the Power guys, there is so little we can truly DO, but at the very fucking least, we can be HEARD.

Thanks, Scott M

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