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Lita Ford

Staying in a semi-Runaways groove for a minute, this collection has religious connotations for myself, as I
have long been fascinated by the religion of Lita-ism.......I personally am hoping to advance rapidly in the church, hoping my oral skills advance me somewhat. I would buy a CD of Lita Ford vomitting, so there ya be.....I've posted these before, but with the recent Jett posts, these and some Runaways band (coming soon), we should have a fairly complete selection in the archive.

Lita's made some less than spectacular albums, but for the most part, they are enjoyable listens, far more 80's metal than Joan's retro-70's glam, so let's take a quick tour of what we have here......

We begin in 1983, the Runaways era was gone.......Jett was making records, and Lita was as well.....Lita released "Out For Blood" (1983)......a reasonable (and that's all) solo debut, kind of semi-hard rock stuff without much bite to it, there are a few hard-rockers, (the title track, "Ready Willing and Able", a few more.....mostly for religious fanatics like myself.

The following year, my sweetie pie released "Dancin' On the Edge".....again a so-so effort, a few pretty decent hard rockers, "Gotta Let Go" and the fab "Run With the $" are worth anyone's ear.

The real winner of the Lita Ford collection is "Lita" (1988)......a great opener entitled "Back to the Cave",
her best number (by far) a speedy rant called "Can't Catch Me", a cool power ballad "Kiss Me Deadly", and a duet with Ozzy Osbourne "Close My Eyes Forever"......now THIS is a fine album, if you want to sample but one, it is this, no question. I once read a review that said Lita understood the difference between "trashy fun" (this album) and plain "trash", (most everything else)......"Stiletto" is a step down, a few hard rockers, but not up to the standard set by "Lita" at all.

What we have left are 1991's "Dangerous Curves"......another so-so effort......tends to get a bit serious, especially the TWO songs about spiders (?), ("Black Widow" is pretty cool)......1995's "Black", really doesn't do much for me, I know some do enjoy it, to me it sounds about like the string was running (wittness the awful title track).......finally, we have 2009 (!)'s "Wicked Wonderland", and Mistress Lita sounds refreshed......this is a GOOD one, a fine comeback......a modernized sound, and some good songs, likely her best effort since "Lita"........

As you can tell I love me some Lita, have for many years........hope you guys enjoy these Lita Ford tracks and albums as much as I enjoy dragging them out on occasion!

OUT FOR BLOOD-01 Out For Blood/02 Stay With Me Baby/03 Just a Feeling/04 Ready Willing and Able/05 Die For Me Only (Black Widow)/06 Rock N Roll made Me What I Am/07 If You Can't Live With It/08 On the Run/09 Any Way That You Want Me/10 I Can't Stand It

DANCIN ON THE EDGE-01 Gotta Let Go/02 Dancin' On the Edge/03 Dressed to Kill/04 Hit and
Run/05 Lady Killer/06 Still Waitin'/07 Fire in my Heart/08 Don't Let Me Down Tonight/09 Run With the $

LITA-01 Back to the Cave/02 Can't Catch me/03 Blueberry/04 Kiss Me Deadly/05 Falling In and Out of Love/06 Fatal Passion/07 Under the Gun/08 Broken Dreams/09 Close My Eyes Forever (with Ozzy)

STILETTO-01 Your Wake Up Call/02 Hungry/03 Dedication/04 Stiletto/05 Lisa/06 The Ripper/07 Big Gun/08 Only Women Bleed/09 Bad Boy/10 Aces and Eights/11 Cherry Red/12 Outro

DANGEROUS CURVES-01 Larger Than Life/02 What Do You know About Love/03 Shot of Poison/04 Bad Love/05 Playin With Fire/06 Hellbound Train/07 Black Widow/08 Little Too Early/09 Holy Man/10 Tambourine Dream/11 Little Black Spidaer

BLACK-01 Black/02 Fall/03 Loverman/04 Killin Kind/05 Hammearhead/06 Boilin Point/07 Where Will I
Find My Love Tonight/08 War of the Angels/09 Joe/10 Whiate Lightnin'/11 Smokin Toads/12 Spider Monkeys

WICKED WONDERLAND-01 Crave/02 Piece (Hell Yeah)/03 Patriotic SOB/04 Scream 4 Me/05 Inside/06 Wicked Wonderland/07 Indulge/08 Love/09 Betrayal/10 Sacred/11 Truth/12 Everything/13 Bed/14 Garden/15 Push

All hail Goddess LITA!

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