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From my friend John N, a great AND unusual post

This is a little different, not that that has ever meant much to me, John N sends this fab Podcast of a radio
show, the propriety of Elizabeth Klieswsicz.....not at all familiar with the radio show, but I do know this......some fabulous music on this.......Yo La Tengo? Lurkers? Sham 69? as well as newer faves like Dead Horse One and Magic Shoppe, two bands I've been SERIOUSLY trying to pimp for the last few months.....thanks a zillion John N for your efforts to educate people to great rock, both new AND old, and this is a fab combination of BOTH......readers: this is what we (all) are about......the rock n roll.....sorry if you are after something else, THIS blog is about the rock n roll, and that's about it.......that's the goal here, to get you great folks the greatest in rock n roll, both new and old and all stops in between!

Yo La Tengo – Suspect Device (Stiff Little Fingers cover, Murder in the Second Degree new)
Tubeway Army – That’s Too Bad (veers firmly in the direction of new wave and art rock, particularly with Gary Numan’s Bowie-mannered vocals. 1978 debut single on Beggar’s Banquet).

The Lurkers – Shadow (inspired the owners of the Beggars Banquet record shop in London to form a label specifically to issue Lurkers product — the Beggars Banquet indie empire we know and love today. ‘Shadow’ was the lead track on The Lurkers’1977’s ‘Free Admission Single’.

Sham 69 – Red London (I Don’t Wanna 7”)
Swell Maps – Read About Seymour (Nikki Sudden, John Peel faves from Solihull, 1978)
The Stoat – Office Girl (1977 short lived power pop, like early Jam, 1977).
The Boys – No Leaders (Demo) – (another power pop styled band, 1977).
The Damned – New Rose (first British punk 45, 1976, peaked at a lowly No. 81)
The Only Ones – Lovers of Today (1977, Peter Perrett, sole indie release).
The Flys – Love and a Molotov Cocktail (1977 Coventry group)
The Newtown Neurotics – Hypocrite (1979, Steve Drewett)
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision (1978)
The Comsat Angels – Missing in Action (Waiting for a Miracle, 1980)
The Sound – Winning (live, In the Hothouse)
Merchandise – End of the Week (A Corpse Wired for Sound, Tampa noise pop)
Drab Majesty – Cold Souls V5 (single version) – Deb Demure, LA darkly inflected dream pop, from upcoming Demonstration).
The Lucy Show – Sun and Moon (Mania)
The New Lines – Weatherman’s Apology (Love and Cannabalism, NY baroque pop)
The Urges –Passing Us By (Dublin pop psych, Time Will Pass new)
The Duckworth Lewis Method – Mason on the Boundary (Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh of Pugwash, self titled debut album)
The New Lines – Mass Observation (Love and Cannabalism, 2016)
Hawks – I’m Alive (Perfect World Radio 2003)
The Rifles – Caught in the Summer Rain (2016, Big Life, British mod inflected noise pop)
Tears Run Rings – Belly Up (In Surges, new)
Echolust – 1799 (Veldisa, Cleopatra Records, Nov 2016, Long Beach)
Jesus and Mary Chain – Amputation (new, from forthcoming album Damage and Joy, out in March)
Spotlight Kid – Rave Endgame (SW5, new)
Dead Horse One – Mesmerise Me (new, from Season of Mist, November release)
The Magic Shoppe – Blowup (Wonderland, Boston psych, new)
Landing – Shifts (Complekt, New Haven psych, new)
New Candys – Mess (New Candys as Medicine, 2015, Venetian psych)
The Orange Drop – Julia Dream (Pink Floyd cover, new, Stoned in Love, Philly psych )
The Fast Camels – Dead Celebs (Scottish psych, Tales of the Unexpected, new)
Tales of Justine – Albert (Petals from a Sunflower, reissue on Grapefruit, UK psych)
Deep Cut – Inner Star (Disorientation, 2011)

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