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Psychedelic Pstones (3 out of 4 at least)

This could serve as a companion piece to the previous three days' posts....structured something like
yesterday's "LSD" set, but a bit more accessible, and like "We Can Fly" it involves, for the most part, UK performers (maybe there are exceptions as there were with that one)......the sound here is much poppier than "We Can Fly", much more like the pop/psych of "Fuzz Flakes and Shakes".......not nearly as "druggy", if you will, as "We Can Fly" or "LSD", but nonethless solid collections of fairly obscure stuff, although this stuff is probably the MOST familar I've put up in a while. Anyway, it'll fit nicely on your shelf with the rest of em.

FRIENDS OF THE BLOG: I do not have Volume 4, never knew there was one, (It is subtitled "Under the Silent Tree").....I bet at least ONE of you psychheads (Jose, maybe?) can help us to complete this set......but for now, here are the first three of the set.

Disc one is subtitled "Hot Smoke and Sassafras", a title originally created by Bubble Puppy, but in this case referring to the version by The Mooche.....the thing here is some lesser-known tracks from some well known acts, The Kinks, Status Quo, Dave Davies......some acts we've heard this week, even pop up here as well, Orange Machine, Blonde on BLonde, Glass Menagerie, and, unfortunately, the tracks by those bands DO overlap the other sets....sorry, program around it if you wish, that is what makes file sharing so wonderful!

DISC 2 ("Haunted") has MORE Kinks, MORE Blonde on Blonde, Orange Machine, West Coast Consortium, Montanas.......this set seems to add a bit of depth to some of these acts, an approach I ususally enjoy, I'd rather hear a rare not so great track than the same one that's already appeared on 10 comps........

And Disc 3 gives us several tracks from The Smoke, whom I am CERTAIN I have an album by
around here somewhere, Pussy, who I also have a (quite good) album by, and a solid dosage of unknown/semi-unknown tracks/acts........The missing fourth disc looks pretty interesting, more Kinks, even a track from Fat Mattress......really, if any of you guys have it, take a second and upload it and wepost it, giving you FULL credit and naming you "Friend of the Blog of the Day" for that day, an honor with which comes untold riches and rewards.

OK, I kinda took the "easy" routw with this set, I admit it....quite a bit of overlap, even with stuff I've posted this week......but I think there is a fair amount of obscurities that it works, and also, how the hell will I ever get disc 4 without going this route? And semi-rare Kinks and Status Quo, you have to admit, rarely turns up on these kinda sets........

Have I mentioned that Lennon Murphy and I are Facebook friends? I think sh WANTS me.......easy there baby! I MUST say I am joking, I have all the respect in the world for MS Murphy and her marriage (as well as MY marriage)......but MY GOD that woman is HOT HOT HOT!

VOLUME 1-01 THE MOOCHE-Hot Smoke and Sassafras/02 TURNSTYLE-Riding a Wave/03 SCRUGG-Lavender Popcorn/04 KINKS-Lazy Old Sun/05 ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippen's Waiting Room/06 STATUS QUO-Mr Mind Detector/07 BLONDE ON BLONDE-All Day All Night/08 EPISODE SIX-I Can See Through You/ 09 BYSTANDERS-Cave of Clear Light/10 GLASS MENGERIE-Frederick Jordan/11 FIRE-I Can See the Light/12 NEW FORMULA-Stay Indoors/13 ANAN-I Wonder Where My Sisters Gone/14 TAXI-Counting Time My Way/15 ORANGE SEAWEED-Pictures in the Sky/16 NEO MAYA-I Won't Hurt You/17 PESKY GEE-Where My Mind/18 WOODY KERN-Biography/19 GENTLE INFLUENCE-Captain Reale/20 ONYX-Tamaris Khan/21 FRESH AIR-Running Wild/22 SORROWS-Pink Purple Yellow Red/23 DAVE DAVIES-Creeping Jean/24 STATUSUO-You're Just What I Was Looking For

ORANGE MACHINE-Real Life Permanant Dream/04 MARMALADE-Kaliedoscope/05 POETS-Locked In a Room/06 TREMELOES-Suddenly Winter/07 EPISODE SIX-Time and Motion Man/08 KINKS-Wicked Annabella/09 BLONDE ON BLONDE-Spinning Wheel/10 SEARCHERS-Crazy Dreams/11 ANAN-Haze Woman/12 STATUS QUO-Auntie Nellie/13 TUESDAYS CHILDREN-In the Valley of the Shadow of Love/14  FLYING MACHINE-The Flying Machine/15 WEST COAST CONSORTIUM-Colour Sergeant Lillywhite/16 SCRUGG-Only George/17 ORANGE SEAWEED-Stay Awhile/18 GLASS MENAGERIE-Shes a Rainbow/19 ONYX-So Sad Inside/20 BOBCATS-Se Can't See For Looking/21 MONTANAS-Roundabout/22 ORANGE MACHINE-Three Jolly Little Dwarfs/23 CONSORTIUM PROJECT-The Day the Train Never Came/24 BLONDE ON BLONDE-Country Life/25 ANAN-Medena/26 EPISODE SIX-Plastic Love/27 KINKS-Phenominal Cat/28 TUESDAYS CHILDREN- Mr Kippling

VOLUME 3-01 JUDE-Morning Morgantown/02 ORANGE BICYCLE-Renasissance Fair/03 THE SMOKE-Utterly Simple/04 PUSSY-Come Back June/05 RED DIRT RANGERS-Memories/06 MOTHERLIGHT/BOBAK JONS MALONE-On a Meadow Lea/07 FORTESMENTUM-Marrakesh/08 ANGLE PAVEMENT-Green Mello Hill/09 CLIFF WADE-Sister/10 CINNAMON QUILL-Take It Or Leave It/11 ORANGE BICYCLE-Amy Peate/12 FORTES MENTEM-Mr Partridge Passed Away Today/13 THE SMOKE-Sydney GIll (alternate version)/14 MOTHERLIGHT/BOBAK JONS MALONE-House of Many WIndows/15 CHIMERA-Mary's Mystery/16 BOB GRIMM-It Never Stays the Same/17 CHIITRA NEOGY-Leilla/18 BARNABY RIDGE-Joe Organ & Co./19 AMERICA-We Should Be Free/20 THE SMOKE-Girl In the Park/21 ANGLE PAVEMENT-Water Woman/22 FORTES MENTUM-Saga of a Wrinkled Man/23 FICKLE PICKLE-Sam & Sadie/24 CINNAMON QUILL-Candy/25 ORANGE BICYCLE-Hyacinth Threads/26 PUSSY-The Open Ground/27 CHIMERA-Peru

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