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Lost Sixties Delights

.....or "L.S.D.", get it? get it? Actually this is some more VERY obscure stuff from the seemingly
endless vaults of U-Spaces.......you'll recognize a few from some other rarities comps, but I think we have VERY little overlap with much of what I've posted....very, very obscure, not nearly (to me) as rewarding a set as yesterday's fab "We Can Fly" (as I said, a favorite of mine), but these three discs are crammed with tracks (27-29 on each) and if you're familiar with more than a handful of them, you probably already own this comp.

Disc 1 gives us a couple tracks from the Cockneys, the Bluebeards "Come On-a My House" (yes, the same one Rosemary Clooney used to rock out on), Chicago Loop who I do know appeared on "Psychedelic States Illinois", and best of all a weird one, "Feep Feep" by Jeep......?..........not to mention stuff like Bunalimar's "Ask Senin Biditin Gibi Degil"......Yankee Dollar's "Reflections of a Shattered Mind" is a pretty good one as well.

The second disc leads off with someone called MC2 (?), and a bunch of crazilly named combos such as Captain Billy's Whizzbang, Heroes of Cranberry Farm, and Butter Rebellion. Where DO they get this stuff? Springfield Rifle turns up on a lot of Northwest comps, other than mentioning them, though, allow me to list a couple song titles as twisted as the band names......Legay's "The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana", The Premiers "Ring Around My Rosie" and JD Blackfoot's "Who's Nuts, Alfred?".......man, I think maybe that LSD inference in the title has a little something to it.......

And disc three...well, let's continue having fun
with goofball band names, such as Last Friday's Fire, Licorice Sctick, and Recurring Love Habit......we do get an odd cover of "House of the Rising Son" by Joseph, and an even odder version of "Heartbreak Hotel" by Grump. American Zoo turn up on these rarities comps every now and again, as do Oxford Watch Band. All in all, quite worth a listen, and you'll enjoy the general goofiness of it, as well as the genuine "rarity" factor here.

I would like to hear some comments on this one and especially on "We Can Fly"........if ya gots the time!

DISC 1-01 THE BLUBEARDS-Come On-a My House/02 APPLE CORPS-Don't Leave Me/03 OXFORD WATCHBAND-Diagnosis (One Way Empty and Down)/04 JEEP-Feep Feep/05 2 OF CLUBS-Walk Tall (Like a Man)/06 FEVER JOHNNY-Zombie/07 RANDY & THE RING-Caverns of the Mind/08 THE TROLLS-Are You the One/09 ART ZOYD-Something In Love/10 CHICAGO LOOP-Begining at the End/11 SENSE OF HUMOR-Secret Thoughts/12 THE COLLECTION-Paper Crown of Gold/13 THE FRONT END-The Real Thing/14 BUNALIMAR-Ask Senin Bilditin Gibi Degil/15 THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN-Greensleeves/16 TOMMY & CLEVE-I Don't Want To Share Your Love/17 MOTHER NATURE-Lost in the Pacific/18 THE COCKNEYS-Oh No You Won't/19 EMERALDS-Don't Listen To Your Friends/20 CALIFORNIA BEAR-Euology/21 FAIRCHILDS-(I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' Bout Me/22 CRYSTAL EMPIRE-Sour Milk Sea/23 THE COCKNEYS-I Know You're Gonna Be Mine/24 TUNAY AKDENIZ VE GRUP CIGRISISM-Babam Yaazdi Ben Besteledim/25 THE HOBBITS-Pretty Young Thing/26 MYDDLE CLASS-Free as the Wind/27 YANKEE DOLLAR-Reflections of
a Shattered Mind

DISC 2-01 MC2-Smiling/02 JD BLACKFOOT-Who's Nuts Alfred/03 NEW WORLD WITH MARY LOU-World of Love/04 CAPTAIN BILLYS WHIZZBANG-Paradise of Your Mind/05 PEMBROOK LTD-Love's So Easy Now/06 PREMIERS-Ring Around My Rosie/07 LEGAY-The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana/08 CARE PACKAGE-Vinegar Man/09 WILD ONES-Never Givin Up/10 CAPTAIN BILLYS WHIZZBANG-Kaleidoscope/11 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-All She Said/12 ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS-Get In the Wind Part 2/13 TRAV'LERS-Shadow of Defeat/14 THESE VIZITORS-For Mary's Sake/15 HEROES OF CRANBERRY FARM-Children (Save the World)/16 NEIGHBORHOOD BAKERY-A Waste of Time/17 PANDA-Swinging About/18 FRONT LINE-I Don't Care/19 BLUE WOOD-Turn Around/20 WILD ONES-For Your Love (I Would Do Almost Anything)/21 FAMILY-So Much To Remember/22 LIME-Hey Girl/23 MASTERMIND-Turn of the Head/24 STEFF-She's All Right/25 SOUND VENDOR-In Paradise/26 BUNALIMAR-Kinali Gelin/27 HUMAN TOUCH-Blues For the Millions/28 BUTTER REBELLION-Aftermath/29 MAGIC RING-Frodo Lives

DISC 3-01 LYN LA SALLE-Randee Ram Jet/02 ZEITGEIST-(Herein Lie) The Seeds of
Revolution/03 LEATHER SOUL-Take Me Back/04 IN-O-VATIONS-This Ain't Real/05 DENIMS-The Ghost In Your House Is Me/06 TENDERFOOT KIDS-Tomorrow the Moon/07 LAST FRIDAYS FIRE-Somethings Happening/08 JOSEPH-House of the Rising Sun/09 GRUMP-Heartbreak Hotel/10 PURE MADNESS-Freedom Rides/11 INDIANS-Been So Long/12 LAZY NICKLES-Struggle For Freedom/13 LICORICE SCHTICK-Flowers FLowers/14 ASTRAL PROJECTION-Our Love Is a Rainbow/15 CALLIOPE-We've Made It/16 HAMILTON STREETCAR-Your Own Comedown/17 BEAU ALLEN-Georgia Ground/18 AMERICAN ZOO-Where I Am/19 THREE HEADS-Penetration/20 SONS OF MAY-Morning Dew (And the Light Turned Red)/21 WHITE WASH-You Better Think It Over/22 LOST TRIBE-Walk One Way/23 PEOPLE-Fantasy In Jade/24 HEX-You Laugh & I'll Cry/25 SALT-Long Way To Go/26 MOROCCO-Ela 'tho/27 GROUP AXIS-Smokestack Lightning/28 RECURRING LOVE HABBIT-A Day In the Life/29 OXFORD WATCH BAND-Love Love Love

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to take those anti-depressants!

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