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We Can Fly

I don't think this set is REALLY well known, maybe in Europe it is, not so much here I  don't
think.....it's a TINY bit more "latter-day" than most of the Nuggets-style comps, the proper title is "We Can Fly Volume ____, UK Psychedelic Obscurities 1966-71", generally a bit more hard-edged than, say, the psych-pop on "Fuzz Flaykes and Shaykes", actually one of my favorite comps of this variety, a lot of good, unknown, and fairly hard-rocking stuff. Five discs, I'm such a good guy I'll put them all up today!

Volume 1 features some fairly familiar names in obscure-psych, The Bunch, Smoke, Kippington Lodge, mixed amongst lesser known gems such as Anan, Sands, and Neat Change......at only 16 tracks it's the least generous of the discs. Volume 2 gives us 22 tracks, featuring among others AP Dangerfield, Blonde on Blonde, The Petards, and Danny McCulloch......I think (not certain) that there is really very little overlap with most of the other psych comps I've put up, likely since it is specifically UK stuff (well, kinda, more on that in a minute) and since it edges into the 1970's, it picks up a lot of stuff that gets left off sets that rigidly require 1969  as a cut-off point.

Volume 3 features the very great Mecki Mark
Men, I once did an entire post on their fabulous stuff, doubt the links are still good though......maybe someone can check. We also get the very cool Cherry Smsh, Shocking Blue, The Magicians, Oharas Playboys......likely the best disc of the series.

Fourth disc gives us Terry Reid, Orange Machine, Mindbenders, and Wimple Witch......another winner of a disc. And finally, the fifth volume treats us to the great Human Instinct (another act that I have  done a full post on), Kim Fowley, Cuby & the Blizzards, Elmer Ganty's Velvet Opera......hardly a  in the bunch, I am not joking. I've been holding this one back a little, not quite sure it fits the recent "nuggets-style" sets, but I was in the mood for it today, and it REALLY IS  a fine set.......PLEASE check it out and please comment, I think you will really like this one if you are a fan of somewhat harder-edged psychedelia.

And, yes, I know full that probably 25% of the acts featured here are not from the UK......I DIDN'T NAME THE SET. I know, of course, that Mecki Mark Men were from Sweden, we have stuff from Italy, Spain, Germany.......whatever. After all the "geography lessons" I've attempted to give, just don't worry about the tittular regionalism and enjoy these magnificent discs!

Couple of other things......congratulate me, yesterday marked my THIRTIETH year on my job. THIRTY! Started
7/10/83.......remember what life was like in 1983........literally, if we woke up tomorrow and it was "magically" 1983 (ala "The Hot Tub Time Machine?")  I think most of us would be as lost as if we went back to the 1940's or 1920's, the world is SO much different than it was in 1983, and the changes have become so drastic and rapid, that 1983 practically qualifies as a prehistoric era........just imagine: no cell phones, internet, file sharing, ebooks, DVD's......no Coke Zero, Michelob Ultra, no 2 point conversions in the NFL, people that have been around "forever" like VIkings running back Adrian Peterson who seems like he's been in purple forever, weren't even born yet.......music was in a bit of a downward spiral, The Pretenders, U2, Talking Heads, and some others made it bearable to a degree, but the Metallicas of the world were creeping up........

Nother cool thing, at least for ME......I am FACEBOOK FRIENDS with LENNON MURPHY......I have adored Lennon since her legendary "5:30 Saturday Morning" album which could damn near bring me to climax just from listening to it (did a blog post on her fine ass once too.....again, doubt the links still work).....just fooling around, sent her a friend request and she accepted almost at once! I was thrilled, I'm sure she could care less, but her page is at least loaded with sexy pictures of her (as though there were any other kind)......I'd like to thank her for just keeping it real, tell her thanks for some great music, and tell her that her husband is a  VERY VERY lucky man! Here: check it out

Anyways back to bizness......this set is REALLY great.......ignore the
fact that the title is kinda silly, but it is TRULY awesome. One of my faves ever, if you love psych with a hard, druggy edge, you will love it as well! I promise!

VOLUME 1-01 PENNY PEEPS-Model Villiage/02 LOOT-Try to Keep a Secret/03 MOVING FINGER-Pain of My Misfortune/04 ANAN-I Wonder Where My Sisters Gone/05 PEEP SHOW-Mazy/06 GLASS MENAGERIE-Frederick Jordan/07 BUNCH-Looking Glass/08 NEAT CHANGE-I Lied to Auntie Mary/09 MOVEMENTS-Tell Her/10 SANDS-Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator/11 KIPPINGTON LODGE-I Can See Her Face/12 INFANTES JUBILATE-Exploding Galaxy/13 SMOKE-That's What I Want/14 QPR SUPPORTERS-Supporters-Support Us/15 TRASH-Trash Can/16 ORANGE MACHINE-Real Life Permanent Dream

(VOLUME 1 NOTE-according to Garage Comp Database, there should be 11 more tracks on this one, which would explain my curiosity earlier regarding the "skimpiness" set.....don't remember where I got these or if this one was maybe a vinyl rip, don't recall....but if an amigos of dis here blog happen to have this disc, please share the remaining 11 tracks with us......the remaining 4 discs seem to be complete)

VOLUME 2-01 SHY LIMBS-Trick or Two/02 BRAIN BOX-Amsterdam, the First Day/03 CEDARS-Hide If You Want to Hide/04 PUGH-Love Love Love/05 JOHN FITCH & ASSOCIATES-Stand Out of It/06 L.O.R.D.-Don't Mince Matter/07 NITE PEOPLE-Love Love Love Love/08 THE MONTANAS-Difference of Opinion/09 JULIAN KIRSCH-Clever Little Man/10 BLONDE ON BLONDE-All Day and All Night/11 AVALANCHE-Rabbits/12 WEST COAST CONSORTIUM-Co Sergeant Lillywhite/13 THE TAGES-Fuzzy Patterns/14 MIRAGE-Head On/15 THE PETARDS-Tartarex/16 THE BYSTANDERS-Cave of Clear Light/17 AP DANGERFIELD-Conversations/18 AP DANGERFIELD-Further Conversations/19 THE BLINKERS-Original Sin/20 DANNY MCCULLOCH-Colour of the Sunset/21 JOY UNLIMITED-Mr Psuedonym/22 MOONSHINE-Garden of Men

VOLUME  3- 01 MAGICIANS-Painting On Wood/02 OHARAS PLAYBOYS-The Ballad of the Soon Departed/03 ST JOHN & CROWS-I'm a Man/04 MURRAY HEAD-She Was Perfection/05 TALES OF JUSTINE-Monday Morning/06 I CORVI-I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night/07 MADE IN SHEFFIELD-Amelia Jane/08 MECKI MARK MEN-Free/09 AFEX-She's Got the Time/10 JACKIE LOMAX-Genuine Imitation of Life/11 BRINCOS-Passport/12 EXCELSIOR SPRING-It/13 DADDY LINDBERG-Wade in the Shade/14 PESKY GEE-Where Is My Mind/15 CHERRY SMASH-Sing Songs/16 MICK SOFTLY & THE SUMMER SUNS-Am I the Red One?/17 CALLAN & JOHN-House of Delight/18 BRUT-My Kind of Feeling/19 WASHINGTON DC'S-Seek and Find/20 SUGARBEATS-Alice Designs/21 LEAGUE-Hey Conductor/22 SHOCKING BLUE-Send Me a Postcard/23 NEW GENERATION-Digger/24 FOX-Second Hand Lovers

VOLUME 4-01 BRASS TACKS-Maxwell Ferguson/02 NEO MAYA-I Won't Hurt You/03
RUSSELL MORRIS-The Real Thing/04 ROKES-When the Wind Arises/05 EIRE APPARANT-Here I Go Again/06 WIMPLE WITCH-I Really Love You/07 KEITH SHIELDS-So Hard Living Without You/08 14-Drizzle/09 LUCAS TYSON-Daylight Child/10 HOPSCOTCH-Look at the Lights Go Up/11 THE TRUTH-Sveno/12 THE BUNCH-We're Not What We Appear To Be/13 GRIFFIN-I Am the Noise In Your Head/14 FIVE STEPS BEYOND-Not So Young Today/15 TANGERINE PEEL-Trapped/16 LOS CANARIOS-What Can I Do For You/17 STRANGE FOX-Time and Tide/18 THE MINT-Luv/19 ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippin's Waiting Room/20 FERRIS WHEEL-I Can't Break the Habit/21 BEATSTALKERS-Sugar Chocolate/22 MINDBENDERS-New Day and Age/23 LOS BAROQUES-Love is the Sun/24 TERRY REID-Fire's Alive/25 MAGNET- My Guy Finkes

VOLUME 5-01 CIRCUS-Do You Dream?/02 HARSH REALITY-How Do You Feel/03 THE IVEYS-And Their Daddy's a Millionaire/04 OLD GOLD-Teacher of Electricty/05 THE HUMAN INSTINCT-The Rich Man/06 KEITH RELF-Slopes In My Mind/07 EPISODE SIX-I Can't See Through You/08 GNOMES OF ZURICH-Second Fiddle/09 SAKER-Foggy Tuesday/10 KIM FOWLEY-Lights/11 THE LOOT-Radio City/12 THE BUNCH-Spare a Shilling/13 THE MONTANAS-Anyone There/14 GROUP 1850-FRiday I'm Free/16 CHRIS MCCLURE-Meditation/16 FRUIT MACHINE-Follow Me/17 GIORGIOS-How Much Longer Must I Wait/18 EAST OF EDEN-Ballad of Harvey Kaye/19 I CURUI-I Ain't No Miracle Worker/20 ELMER GANTYS VELVET OPERA-Salisbury Plain/21 THE GIBBONS-City Life/22 THE ORANGE PEEL-I Got No Name/23 MIRAGE-The World Goes On Around You/24 THE CEDARS-I Don't Know Why/25 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Appleknockers Flophouse/26 THE SILVER EAGLE-Theodore/27 NITE PEOPLE-PM

And as an additional note, ading to Garage Comp Database (it's really a fantastic informative site, seehttp://www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/    there are a couple tracks missing from Disc 5 as well.....sorry, this is how I recieved it. Again, if any of ya's has the missing two tracks, please share em with the bro's and ho's out here who'd love em.......anyway even with the shortcomings, this is still a KICKASS set, and I hope to see appropriate download numbers......it is REALLY good!
for yourselves:

Facebook friends with Lennon Murphy..........the fact that she'd even acknowledge that I am alive easilly qualifies as the highlight of my day, other than the Kratom/Ativan/alcohol buzz I got going right about now..........LOOOOOOOOOVE me some Lennon Murphy and have shown her nothing but respect, none of my patented sexist swill for her. She is married, as am I, and I hope she is as happy as I am in my marriage.......I just always loved her, and to interract with her in ANY form is like a dream come true. Drew Barrymore, you are NEXT!

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