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Yet MORE amazing rarities from the folks at U-Spaces

I'm really not sure of the U-Spaces "story", but it'd have to be damned interesting....GOD they have
so much cool shit, from that amzing 8-disc set of paychedelic radio ads (one of the greatest recordings EVER), to Psychdelic Archeology, to "San Francisco Nights" (Haven't posted that one, while it IS a bit "mainstream", it is still quite great)

Anyways, what have we here? wel, how about five MORE discs of basically unknown, obscure psych-type stuff, if you guys have been digging the recent comps, you'll be loving this one as well (probably a BIT of overlap with some other comps, but I DO try to work around that as best I can).....

So, lets start with the 2-disc set, "The Light Show".....both discs CRAMMED with the type of rarities my minions seem to have come to expect, and I am happy to present (Now, if my Facebook Friend Lennon Murphy suggests I do something else, I'd have no choice but to slavishly follow her orders.....certainly THAT is understandable?) OK, Light Show Disc 1......obviousy these "rarities" tend to turn up on more and more "rarities" comps that we uncover.......Sound Sandwich, Myddle Class, and Last Friday's Fire, while genuinely obscure, tend to turn up so often as to become damn near mainstream......kind of.......but with 32 tracks on this disc, we'll forgive some overlap, we get stuff from Younger Brothers, July Four, Cinnamon, Roman Numerals, and Sunny Monda, more than a fair share of obscure-o's and from all over the place as well. Disc 2 of the same set brings us Oxford Watchband who turn up all over these comps, but also The Skunks, The Bats, Georie Porgie & the Cry Babies (?), 27th Airborne Submarine, and simply a TON more.....by now certainly you know that the obscurities are what I'm after, and these 2 discs are full of them, if y overlook just a SMALL touch of overlap.

Gonna include 3 MORE U-Spaces comps, single discs each, all crammed to the brim with
rare/obscure tunes togive you your fix......."Fragments" includes 29 tracks.....we know Peppermint Trolley Company due to their stirring rendition of the Brady Bunch Theme (really), and The Wields Memorial Electric String Band turn up quite often (lthough they are certainly NOT to be overlooked), we also get some lesser lights such as Sky, Our Patch of Blue, Bob Rains & Admiral Strange, San Francisco Earthquake and lots more........you just GOTTA love this shit, anyone getting tired of it, even YET? PLEEEEZE tell me if ya are!

"Retrospection" give us 25 tracks......we know Whatt Four, MC2, Neal Ford and the Fanatics, American Zoo, Hex, Myddle Class, and, fankly MOST of the acts here.....procede with caution, this is perhaps the most accessible of U-Spaces rarities comps....A LOT of these tracks were featured on "Lost Sixties Delights", be careful not to double up TOO much, and if ya do, DO NOT GET PISSED AT UNCLE BIGSCOTT62.......after all, he is Facebook Friends with Lennon Murphy!

Finally, we have "Way Out Wonders".....Poor notes here, 8 tracks are creditted to "Dave Rabbit", with NO TRACK TITLES, (I AM going to research this a bit before posting)......other than that, some good stuff from Dust, Coral Reef, Foremost Authority, Golden Toadstools, PLENTY of off the wall stuff, even if I can't clear up the "Dave Rabbit" mystery

So, OK.......I go the extra mile and research Dave Rabbit.....here is what I find (thanks to the
legendary Chocoreve blog).....".All Dave Rabbit broadcast excerpts included here are from Saigon c. 1971. All excerpts have been left untitled......"The cassette from which this material originates was for sale via Rolling Stone magazine in the mid 70s. People have sold unofficial copies of the recording throughout the years, but this has never seen a legitimate release. How could it? No one has been able to publicly identify who Dave Rabbit was"................"Numerous hypotheses exist as to the identity of Dave Rabbit. Perhaps the most mainstream belief is that he was a sergeant in the air force for one year and then stayed longer in order to broadcast to the troops."........" Perhaps the most interesting speculation is that Dave Rabbit was actually an agent of the Viet Cong posing as an American to subvert troops, lower their morale and weaken them by encouraging drug use."......."Some Vietnamese bars allowed GIs to broadcast on homemade equipment with a small broadcasting range, so as to draw more GIs in the bar. The Dave Rabbit broadcast was considerably more sophisticated, with an estimated broadcast range of 50 miles or greater. Those involved apparently had professional training."......." Similarly, alternative newspapers thrived in Vietnam, at least 215 of them, although many of them only lasted one issue."......."Whatever the truth behind these broadcasts, those who’ve been fans of his for over 30 years have only been able to uncover one 3-hour broadcast, although some claim he was broadcasting in 1970 as well as ‘71." ......"Gave Dave the last word here, since he’s so good at it."........OK, I found out all that shit for ya, hope ya appreciate it, hope Lennon Murphy appreciates it (GAWD I love HER).......so dig it, I told ya I got obscure psych to burn and I was not joking.....there is more to com,WHEN YOU GET SICK OF IT I
NEED TO KNOW, and we will change gears.......ittching for some 70's punk? some 00's Stonerrock? '90's grunge? JUST LET ME KNOW.......this is not MY blog, it's OUR blog, only the CD's are MINE!

LIGHT SHOW VOLUME 1-01 ROMAN REBELLION-What Summer Brings/ BARBARA KEITH-Fisherman KIng/03 YOUNGER BROTHERS-Such a Groovy Day/04 MYDDLE CLASS-Wind CHime Laughter/05 CLOCK-WORK ORANGE-Sweet Little Innocent Lorraine/06 THE STOICS-Search For the Sea/07 JULY FOUR-Mr. Miff/08 FAMILY-Face the Autumn/09 HIGH WINDOWS-Your Eyes/10 ROMAN NUMERALS-The Come On/11 LOOKING GLASS-Virginia Day's Ragtime Memories/12 SHE TRINITY-Wild FLower/13 AARDVARKS-Cherie, Can't You Tell/14 HUDSEN BAY CO.-I See her Face/15 A HANDFUL-Does ANybody Know?/16 SIDE THREE-Every Now and Then/17  UGLIES-New Day/18 GRAINS OF SAND-Nice Girl/19 CINNAMON-Have You Gone Out of Your Mind/20 THE  SOUTH SHORE FOUR-Walkin In My Mind/21 MYTHICAL MEADOWS-I Am The Sun/22 FOCUS THREE-Sunkeeper/23 NOAHS ARK-Hold Back The Sun/24 FRAGILE LIME-Angie/25 13TH POWER-I See a Change Is Gonna Come/26 CINNAMON EMPIRE-Golden Kite/27 A SMALL WORLD-I See You/28 THE ROMAN NUMERALS-Matchstick In a Whirlpool/29 LAST FRIDAYS FIRE-What Is She Thinking Of/30 SOUND SANDWICH-Tow Away/31 BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE-Madeline/32 SUNNY MONDAY-Wish You Were Here With Me

LIGHT SHOW VOLUME 2-01 FORTE FOUR-Don't Let the Sun Shine On Me/02 CHARADE-And You Do/03 AESOPS FABLES-Take a Step/04 BATS-Big Bright Eyes/05 THE ANSWER-The Disadvantages of You/06 GUILD-The Sun Shines For You/07 GLASS CO.-What a Feeling/08 CALLIOPE-Friends of Mrs Fisher/09 SKUNKS-I Recommend Her/10 DENIMS-I Do Love You Baby/11 RAINY DAY PEOPLE-Junior Executive/12 EXTREMES-SOS/13 STARBUCK &  THE RAINMAKERS- I Who Have Nothing/14 THE YOUNG ENTERPRISE-Little Imogene The Walking Talking Machine/15 GEORGIE PORGIE & THE CRY BABIES-Holding On/16 FRAGILE LIME-I Know What It Is/17 THE CLIQUE-Stay By Me/18 THE IMPACT EXPRESS-A LIttle Love/19 HAYSTACK-Love You're Making a Fool Of Me/20 FISH N CHIPS-Four TImes Faster/21 SINTRIFICAL FOURS-Flashin THunderbolts of Jupiter/22 COLLECTION-Aquarius/23 FAMILY TREE-She Had To Fly/24 27th AIRBORNE SUBMARINE-Old Time Story/25 LORDS OF LONDON-Candy Rainbow/26 CHOSEN FEW-Last Man Alive/27 TOMMY FAIA AND THE TRUE BLUE FACTS-Rain Rain Rain Rain/28 OXFORD WATCHBAND-West Side Story Medley/29 THE YOUNG ENTERPRISE-Watch Out For the Other Guy

RETROSPECTION-01 VELVET SEED-Flim Flam Man/02 JAY TELFER-Life, Love, and the
Pursuit of Happiness/03 TONY & THE VIZITORS-Saturday's Son/04 WHATT FOUR-You're Wishin I Was Someone Else/05 LICORICE SCHTICK-Flowers Flowers/06 MC2-SST/07 MC2-Smiling/08 THE RAVES-Think of Your Love/09 THE RAVES-Mr Man/10 THE CANDYMEN-Go And Tell he People/11 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Movin Along/12 AMERICAN ZOO-Magdalena13 JOYRIDE-Crystal Ship World Pacific/14 HEX-You Cry and I'll Laugh/15  FLOWER POT-Black Motto/16 ROOSTERS-Aint Gonna Cry Anymore/17 ROOSTERS-Rosebush/18 POWER PLANT-She's So Far Out She's In/19 ANGLO SAXTON-Rub(Lucky Eleven)/20 MYDDLE CLASS-Free as the Wind/21 MYDDLE CLASS-Wind Chime Laughter/22 MYDDLE CLASS-Don't Look Back/23 HAMILTON STREETCAR-Your Own Comedown/24 GROUP AXIS-Smokestack Lightning/25 WHATT FOUR-Dandelion Wine

FRAGMENTS-01 THE FANATICS-I Can't Go On/02 DON & JERRY-I Cant Quit/03 ALPHABETICAL ORDER-All Over the World/04 THE TROLLS-Something Here Inside/05 SKY-I'm Not a Fool/06 OX BOW INCIDENT-Harmonica Man/07 RAINY DAZE-Stop Sign/08 WC FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND-Round World/09 SUNSHINE WARD-Pay the Price/10 CHARLIE BROWNS GENERATION-Trash/11 SUNSHINE WARD-Sally Go Round the Roses/12 OUR PATCH OF BLUE-Zoom Zoom Zoom/13 SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE-Su-Su/14 THE KNACK-The Spell/15 HIGHER ELEVATION-Thoughts of Lila/16 TOMMY BURK & THE COUNTS-Rainy Day/17 RAINY DAY FRIENDS-Not Like Before/18 PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY-Spinnin' Whirlin' Round/19 THE CANDYMEN-Go and Tell the People/20 THE IN-KEEPERS-The Cobweb Threads of Autumn/21 COMSTOCK LTD-Help Me Girl/22 CALLIOPE-Clear Mud/23 HEX-Doubt/24 PEOPLE-Turnin Me In/25 DECEMBERS CHILDREN-Dirty City/26 BOB RAINS & ADMIRAL STRANGE-Wastin My Time/27 DANNY WARNER-Go 'Way Little Girl/28 GRETTA SPOONE BAND-Close Your Eyes/29 GERRY POND-The Happiness Song

First/03 CORAL REEF-Cherry Cherry/04 DAVE RABBIT/05 DUST-Bertha/06 DAVE RABBIT/07 ANGLO SAXTON-Ruby/08 DAVE RABBIT/09 KEITH GORDON-A Teenager's Answer/10 FINAL SOLUTION-America The Beautiful/11 STEFF-I'll Never Let You Go/12 DAVE RABBIT/13 LSD-Mystery of the Mythical Invasion/14 EVERYMAN-It's a Pushbutton World/15 FOREMOST AUTHORITY-Childhood Friends/16 THE MUSIC COMBINATION-Mechanical People/17 DAVE RABBIT/18 DAMN MESS-(Title Unknown)/19 BREEZE-F Oh B/20 PAUL SLADE-Remember Dahne/21 DAVE RABBIT/22 CARRIAGE COMPANY-The Beasts/23 FORMAT-Maxwell's Silver Hammer/24 DAVE RABBIT/25 JAY TELFER-Life, LOve, and the Pursuit of Happiness/26 DAVE RABBIT/27 CHICAGO LOOP-Saved/28 THE JONSTON MCPHILBRY-Woke Up Last Night/29 INRHODES-Hold the High Ground/30 GOLDEN TOADSTOOLS-Silly Savage/31 DUST-The Pledge (He Ain't Heavy)/32 PURPLE WINE-It's My Mind/33 DAVE RABBIT

Hi LENNON MURPHY MY MOST FAVORITE "SIT-ON-MY-FACEbook friend".....hope that isn't TOO crude, just joking, and once again your husband is the luckiest man alive!

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