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Root 66 The Frozen Few-Minnesota Teen Bands (1964-67)

Minnesota has always had very good music scenes, it seems like to me, wittness Husker Du, The
Replacements, Prince, and Bob Dylan among others.....no exception was their 1960's garage scene, the Castaways, the Trashmen, the Hombres, etc......of course it would be WAAAAY too easy to have any of those guys here, so of course we get another generous sampling of obscure-o's......this is a pretty good set. Couple of these MIGHT ring a bell with you guys, Dale Gregory & the Shouters, The Boss Tweads, The Rave-Ons, and Sting Rays all turn up on some other sets, The Stillroven gives us a cool "Not Your Stepping Stone", and lesser-knowns such as the Fabulous Depresssions, The Stompers, and Kama-del-Sutra.

Of course, I'd be remiss in posting Minnesota without mentioning my lifelong allegiance to the Vikings, been a huge fan since 1969, even living in Ohio rarely missing a game......through four Super Bowl embarrassments, through Drew Pearson's catch in 1975, Gary Anderson's field goal miss and Randall Cunningham taking a knee in 1998, Nate Poole's catch on the last play of the 2003 season (I was there as I
mentioned before)......I atteneded my firt Vikings game in 1973, at Cincinnati, and, no kidding, they had NEVER ONCE in the history of the franchise, been shut out......guess what? With me in attendence, they were. It gets better. The SECOND time in franchise history that they were shut out was also in Cincinnati, 1980, which was, you got it, the SECOND Vikings game I attended personally.

WR-Randy Moss, Cris Carter
TE-Steve Jordan
OT-Ron Yary, Gary Zimmerman
OG-Randall McDaniel, Ed White
C-Mick Tinglehoff
QB-Francis Tarkenton
RB-Adrian Peterson, Chuck Foreman
K- Fuad Reveiz

DE-Carl Eller, Chris Doleman
DT-Alan Page, Jon Randle
LB-Matt Blair, Jeff Seimon, Wally Hilgenberg
CB-Bobby Bryant, Antoine Winfield
S-Paul Krause, Joey Browner
P-Chris Kluwe

KR-Percy Harvn
Coach-Bud Grant

What does this have to do with garage rock? Not a damn thing, but if I want to bitch about the goddamn football team that I've been torturing myself with for 43 years, on my own blog, I will......anybody from Minnesota or elsewhere wanna argue any of my selections? Can't imagine anyone could......here's my SECOND TEAM selections as well

WR-Anthony Carter, Ahmad Rashad
TE-Joe Senser
OT-Tim Irwin, Korey Stringer
OG-Steve Hutchinson, Wes Hamilton
C-Kirk Lowdermilk
QB-Daunte Culpepper
RB-Robert Smith, Billy Brown
K-Fred Cox

DE-Jim Marshall, Doug Martin
DT-Keith Millard, Kevin Williams
LB-Mike Merriwether, Chad Greenway, Scott Studwell
CB-Nate Wright, Carl Lee
S-Robert Griffith, Orlando Thomas
P-Greg Coleman

KR-David Palmer
Coach-Dennis Green

I am preparing a Vikings blog to (hopefully) be ready football season, with tons of my personal
memories about all things Viking, if I get it ready I will be sure and pimp it on this site, as if you care!

ROOT 66-01 THE HIGH SPIRITS-I Beleive/02 THE BOSS TWEADS-Going Away/03 THE MESSENGERS-I've Seen You Around/04 THE KAN DELLS-Cry Girl/05 THE DEVILLES-You've Made Up My Mind/06 THE FABULOUS DEPRESSIONS-I Can't Tell You/07 THE STING RAYS-Shaggy Dog/08 THE STING RAYS-The Cat Came Back/09 THE SHANDELLS-Gorilla/10 THE MADHATTERS-Chicks Are For Kids/11 THE RAVE-ONS-Baby Don't Love Me/12 THE STOMPERS-I Know/13 THE STILLROVEN-I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/14 KAMA-DEL-SUTRA-She Taught Me Love/15 THE MORE-TISHANS-(I've Got) Nowhere to Run/16 DALE GREGORY & THE SHOUTERS-Did Ya Need To Know

Links in a while, sorry about the Vikings tangent, but I've got a captive audience here to complain about those losers I've been pulling for so long......is THIS their year? Simply stated HELL NO.

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