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Game 7

NOTHING to do with music, sorry.......we have game 7 of the NBA finals tonight, Miami Heat vs
San Antonio Spurs.......I couldn't care less about either team, but I DO love sports, especailly at the highest level on the planet, as exemplified by these amazing NBA athletes....if weren't, say, for sports, rock n roll music, fiiiiiine women, and classic movies, what the hell would there be, really, in life, to divert us from the normal, everyday aggrevations of leaking roofs, of changing anti-depressants (again!), of wondering if we can retire or is it better to remain past 30 years......life, you see, is often sad. And I'm one one of the "lucky" ones. Married to the finest woman on the planet for almost 26 years now, we have a PERFECT 16 year old son.......I've never been unemployed, even for a day, since getting out of school, and I can retire in aonth or so if I want to, at age of 51, which I probably won't do.......my wife is currently having some issues, this has been difficult, and our son is becomming a man, a REAL man, so things are changing.........I'm getting older. My Dad died at age 47, my Mom at age 67........I don't know, kinda late in the game, perhaps.........I take my cylexa and ativan and get through another day/week/.month/year........

It is important that we have diversions to draw our worries and our concerns and our stressors out for at least the briefest of momnts......for me, obscure rock n roll has always been an escape, used to be so when I smoked pot, I don't do that anymore, but I still love the music that I fell for during the pot-head years.......I also love movies, LOVE them, and thrilled to death that my son shares my passion for classics (my wife really does not)......Oh, the wonderful films I've gotten to share with my son......"Do the Right Thing"......"The Breakfast Club"......"Fargo"......"Clerks"......"Superbad"........"Gran Torino".........and hundreds more, that I have RECOVERED through the eyes of a 2013 teenager.......an incredible experience for me, and I hope one he can some day pass on to his own son.

Anyway, sports......I've always been a football/baseball/basketball JUNKIE, played some football and baseball i youth, but have always LOVED watching the competition on television....my son does NOT share my passion, I am said to state, except that he DOES love NBA basketball (he is a 6'5" high school freshman and a potential scholarship player himself), so at least we have that......

And classic sports can be summarized by two words: Game 7........it's do or die. It's almost metaphoric, the Heat with the best player on earth LeBron James, as well as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and a host of role players, vs the incredibley tightly coached Spurs, featuring one of MY all time favorite players, the incredibly BORING Tim Duncan....I mean, they call this guy "The Big Fundamental"....ALMOST a derisvie nickname......for a sports purist (I'm not one really), it could almost be viewed as a "Good Vs Evil" type of thing, sort of a "Raiders vs Cowboys" to look at it in football terms....but one game, winner take all.....what will happen? Will the best player on earth simply take the Heat upon his shoulders? Or will the sound, calm, cool, nearly flawless play of TIm Duncan and Co. prove that once again, the tortoise CAN beat the hare, if the tortoise is well prepared and fundamentally sound.

These are two good teams, I hope they give us a good game tonight, not that I have any sort of a "rooting" interest........just want to drink a few, and enjoy a hopefully good, well played game. Nothing more. Tomorrow, I have to go back to work, just like ANY OTHER DAY........but for tonight, hopefully, all my concerns and worries can be projected upon the 52" screen and I can forget, for just a little while, the problems that plague my life and the lives of my family.......and really, what else can we ask for? A moment's diversion, is that MUCH to ask for? I think not.......

Prediction: Spurs win this one. I really don't care, but I think better coaching, and solid TEAM fundamentals (they somewhat remind me of the Celtics teams I loved growing up), win out. All in all, I hope for a good game. Divert my interests from the "real world" for just a few seconds, LeBron James and Tim Duncan and Co.!

Thanks to all those who provide entertainment and diversion in the world for those of us who REALLY need a few minutes of it sometimes.

And, minions, I STILL really love you all......just now and again you come here for some garage rock or whatever and you get the bonus of a drunken BigScott62 pontificating about this subject or that......and you know what? IT'S MY BLOG, I CAN DO THAT!

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