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A Brief Return to the Quaker State

Not much to do at the momentI'm sure you won't mind multiple posts this evening as I clean this up
and prepare for garage au' internacionalle!

Obviously I'm running a bit low on the USA "regional" comps, they have been incredibly well
received....you just never know. I've got tons more Nuggets-type rock from the 60's, and we'll venture into them some more yet, I just personally LOVE the "regional" format, it allows us to hone in on a particular area's sound, and maybe even glimps an unknown local "legend" or two......I guess after I finish the USA in a few days, I'll continue the "regional" format to a degree by investigating some of the 1960's garage/psych acts from elsewhere around the globe......MAYBE not quite as exciting, because actually this is pretty much an American genre (so-called "Nugget Rock", I mean), BUT there are plenty of surprises, and as a bonus a TON OF LAUGHS, on most of the international comps as well......hope all of you guys that have been digging the USA sets do stick around as we span the globe......

With that, here's one I overlooked when I posted the Pennsylvania scene a while back. A somewhat skimpy 14-track anthology "Return of the Young Pennsylvanians".......Loose Enz and The Flowerz were prominently featured on those other PA sets, and I think (without going back and looking) Kindred Spirit, The Buccaneers, The Dogs, and the Down Children were uncomped on those earlier sets......never would have guessed Pennsylvania for FOUR discs total of this stuff, but I guess you just never can tell, and the more obscure corners the compilers of these fine sets wish to investigate, the better.......

Still not QUITE done with the USA yet, but getting close, so make sure ya got your passport updated and please do a good job of stashing the drugs for the international voyage!

LOOSE ENZ-Mister Your a Better Man Than I/03 THE DOWN CHILDREN-I Can Tell/04 THE CENTURYS-Hard Times/05 THE CENTURYS-And I Cried/06 THE DOGS-Don't Try To Help Me/07 THE FLOWERZ-Flyte/08 THE FLOWERZ-Talkin Bout Love/09 THE SHAYNES-From My Window/10 THE BOUNTY HUNTERS-The Sun Went Away/11 THE BOUNTY HUNTERS-Somewhere/12 THE BUCCANERS-I'm a Fool/13 BRIGHT IMAGE-People In the Town/14 KINDRED SPIRIT-Blue Avenue

One thing about being down to mostly single-disc posts means the upload process is pretty speedy, so the link should be up in like virtually no time at all!

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