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Texas Blowout Finito!

Unless I come across some other Texas goodies, and there is always that chance, I think these
remaining discs will just about flogged our dead horseflesh as far as it can be driven.....as I've said before, if you want me to do a post on YOUR state, chances are at least decent that I have enough good material to make one, certainly not Texas-sized, but ya know everything's bigger in.......well ya know.

Gonna start this final chapter with a single disc "Ten Years In Texas"....can't really find too much info on it, actually, don't know if was specific to a label or a part of Texas.....but I do know it is cramamed with 27 tracks, a BIT of overlap from some of the other sets but not too much, if you checked them ALL out so far, might as well tredge on, I suppose. The 13th Floor Elevators, of course the Texas scenes unquestioned champs, check in with "You're Gonna Miss Me", of course easy to find but cool beyond words anyway. Mouse and the Traps also checkin, not with the classic "Public Execution", but the near-great "Made of SUgar Made of Spice".....Larry & the Blue Notes, Moving Sidewalks, Floyd Dakil Four......but sift around a bit for lesser known tracks by Joe Lombardie & Cats, Tooter Boatmen, the Gentlemen, and more......if your just sampling round here, this might be a decent choice if you only want ONE disc.

Next up, a TWO DISC set, "Texas Punk Groups of the 60's"......Disc one gives us the Undertakers, the Society, The Cynics, the Blue THings, The Chessmen, Them, The Outcasts, as well as Mouse & the  Traps, who turn in TWO lesser known tracks. Disc two brings us more of the "second line" punk sounds of the era, Reddlemen, Kempy & the Guardians, Him, Danny & the Counts......this is a decent two disc set, I will have to say that the Texas "punk" scene was NOTHING compared to the Texas "psych" scene.....have a time even finding anyone to argue THAT one.

Finally our last three discs and they are winners....fully
titled "Never Ever Land, 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-70. Again, when you're putting up as many discs as I'm trying to, you're GOING to get overlap, but look what we get here.....FOUR tracks from the Elevators, Also some Red Crayola (truly wierd stuff), plenty of Thursday's Children, The Spades, The Emperors.....NOT  crazy about the programming, but there is some stuff of value here, and this is the only comp I can think of that touches on Red Krayola, for better or worse.....

(While I am thinking about it, if you are a fan of the 13th Floor Elevators, a while back I did a MASSIVE post on them, tons of boots, rarities, live stuff.......someone dig back and see if the links are still alive if this by some chance whets your appetite for more of Roky & the boys drug-damaged

OK Disc 2 brings us Bubble Puppy, whose "Hot Smoke and Sasafrass" turns up on a lot of comps, (good track though), and basically MORE stuff from the IA artists on the first disc, but also Endle St. Cloud, Ginger Valley, and a fwe more. The true gem is one of my favorite songs ever in any genre.....often NOT comped because of it's length (8:00+), "Slip Inside This House" by the 13th Floor Elevators is THE perfect acid-trip song......sonically, it almost recreates the experience. I am not joking, it is a fantastic song, about 30 years ahead of  its time. It does not appear on their wellknown "Psychedelic Sounds" album, but rather kicks off their second LP "Easter Everywhere".......if you profess to love psych and are without this track, please rectify this AT ONCE

The Third disc is rounding up odds n sods, further stuff from the bands on  the first 2 discs (Bubble Puppy, Elevators), also some stuff from the great Davie Allen, some Lightnin Hopkins, couple rare ones from Roky and Clementine Hall,  even parts of an interview with Roky Erickson, which, if you've ever heard one, can be just about anything.

Gonna wrap it up for the Texas thing for now. Hope you guys ahve gotten your fill of it, there sure is a LOT, I was surprised I had so much.....sorry bout the inevitable overlap, but with comps that is gonna happen. Maybe another state tomorrow, maybe YOURS if you ask quick enough and I have enough materia!

TEN YEARS IN TEXAS-01 EDDLE CLEARY-I Don't Care/03 TOOTER BOATMEN-The Will of Love/04 BLUES NOTES-I love Her So/05 CECIL MCCULLOUGH-Pick Em Up and Shake Em Down/06 DEAN BEARD-Party Party/07 CATALINAS-Speechless/08 JOE LOMBARDIE & CATS-Lets All Rock N Roll/09FLOYD LEE-Go Boy/10 MOONLIGHTERS-Rock a Bayou baby/11 BOBBYE SHADLE & DEL SHAYS-Come On Baby/12 BUDDY & HEARTS-Let It Rock/13 FLOYD DAKIL FOUR-Bad Boy/14 SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/15 BRIKS-Foolish Baby/16 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/17 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-Night of the Phantom/18 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Made of Sugar Made of Spice/19 THE FABS-That's the bag I'm In/20 PIRATES-Cuttin Out/21 FANATICS-I Will Not Be Lonely/22 REDDLEMEN-I'm Gonna Get In That Girls Mind/23 SCOTTY MCKAY QUINTET-Train Kept a Rollin/24 THE GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/25 HEARD-Exit 9/26 ZAKARY THAKS-Face to Face/27 MOVING SIDEWALKS-Every Night a New Surprise

UNDERTAKERS-It's My Time/03 THE SOCIETY-High and Mighty/04 THE SOCIETY-Summer Sunset/05 THE CYNICS-You're a Better man Than I/06 THE CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/07 THE BLUETHINGS-Twist and SHout/08 THE BLUETHINGS-Aint That Loving You baby/09 THE CHESSMEN-I Need You There/10 THE CHESSMEN-Sad/11 THEM-Dirty Old Man (At the Age of 17)/12 THEM-But It's Alright/13 THE OUTCASTS-1523 Blair/14 THE OUTCASTS-Smokestack Lightning/15 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-I Satisfy/16 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Good Times

TEXAS PUNK GROUPS VOLUME 2-01 THE COASTLINERS-I'll Be GOne/02 THE COASTLINERS-Alright/03 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/04 THE Y'ALLS-Please Come Back/05 THE STATUS QUO-They All Want Her Love/06 THE REDDLEMEN-I'm Gonna Get In That Girls Mind/07 THE PASSIONS-Lively One/08 THE VENITIAN BLINDS-Quit Your BElly Achin Baby/09 THE PIRATES-Cuttin Out/10 THE CIRCUS-Burn Witch Burn/11 THE CIRCUS-Bad Sees/12 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/13 THE CONTINETALS-I'm GOne/14 HIM-It's a Man Down There/15 THE PACK-Baby I Ask You Why/16 OEDIPUS & THE MOTEHRS-(Remember) How It Used to Be/17 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need LOve/18 DANNY & THE COUNTS-Ode to the Wind

NEVER NEVER LAND DISC 1-01 THE EMPERORS-I Want My Woman/02 THE COASTLINERS-Alright/03 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/04 STARLING DAMON-Rejected/05 THE COASTLINERS-Wonnderful You/06 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Dominoes/07 THE CHAPPARALS-I Tried SO Hard/08 THE CHAYNS-See It Thru/09 THE PATTERNS-In My Own Time/10 THE CHAYNS-Live With the Moon/11 THE CHAYNS-Night TIme/12 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-A Part of You/13 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Fire Engine/14 THURSDAYS CHILDREN- A Part of You/15 LOST AND FOUND-25 MPH/16 THE CHAYNS-There's Something Wrong (In This Place)/17 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Help police Murder/18 THE GOLDEN DAWN-Reaching Out to You/19 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-You Can Forget About That/20 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Tried to Hide/21 THE GOLDEN DAWN-A Nice Surprise/22 RED CRAYOLA-Pink Stainless Tail/23 INNER SCENE-Communication Breakdown/24 LOST AND FOUND-Let Me Be/25 THE SPADES-We Sell Soul/26 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-I Don't Ever Want To Come Down

NEVER NEVER LAND DISC 2-01 BUBBLE PUPPY-Hot Smoke and Sassafrass/02 THE
GOLDEN DAWN-Starvation/03 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Scarlet and Gold/04 LOST AND FOUND-Everyone's Here/05 RED CRAYOLA-War Sucks/06 RUBAYYAT-Ever Ever Land/07 THE SHAYDS-Search the Sun/08 THE GOLDEN DAWN-My Time/09 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Slip Inside This House/10 LOST AND FOUND-When Will You Come Through/11 ENDLE ST CLOUD-Tell Me One More TIme/12 BUBBLE PUPPY-If I Had  aReason/13 GINGER VALLEY-Ginger/14 RUBAYYAT-If I Were a Carpenter/15 BUBBLE PUPPY-Days of Our Time/16 LOST & FOUND-Professor Black/17 ENDLE ST CLOUD-Quest For Beauty/18 BUBLE PUPPY-A Gathering of Promises/19 LOST & FOUND-Forever Lasting Plastic Words.20 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-She Lives (In a Time of her Own)/21 RED CRAYOLA-Nickle Niceness/22 RED CRAYOLA-Hurricane Fighter Plane/23 ENDLE ST CLOUD-Come Through/24 GINGER VALLEY-Country Life/25 ENDLE ST CLOUD-This Is Love/26 RED CRAYOLA-Vile Vile Grass/27 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-60 Second Radio Spot/Bull of the Woods

NEVER NEVER LAND DISC 3-01 ARNIM & HAMILTON-Pepperman/02 THE DISCIPLES OF SHAFTESBURY-Times Gone By/03 BEAUREGUARD-Popcorn Popper/04 BIG WALTER-Breakfast in Bed/05 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS-Black Ghost/06 BEAUREGARD-Mama Never Taught Me How to Jelly Roll/07 DAVE ALLEN-Terp/08 BUBBLE PUPPY-Hurry Sundown/09 THE DISCIPLES OF SHAFTESBURY-My Cup Is Full/10 KATHY CLARKE-Little Girl Called Sad/11 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS-Baby Child/12 THE SHAYDS-Bring Your Love/13 ARNIM & HAMILTON-Walkin Midnight Coffee Break/14 ROKY & CLEMENTINE HALL-Splash I/15 ROKY & CLEMENTINE HALL-Right Track Now/16 BILLY WADE MCKNIGHT-Troubles COming On/17 KATHY CLARKE-My SUmmer PRayer/18 BILLY WADE MCKNIGHT-I Need You Lovin/19 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS-Mini Skirt/20 DAVE ALLEN-CC RIDER/21 BUBBLE PUPPY-Lonely/22 SONNY HALL-Poor Planet Earth/23 TOM HARVEY-So Ah In Ah Love/24 JOHNNY WILLIMAS-Honey Child/25 FRANKIE & JOHNNY-Sweet Thing/26 SONNY HALL-The Battle of the Moon/27 STERLING DAMON-My Last Letter/28 ROKY ERICKSON-Interview Excerpts/29 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-May the Circle Be Unbroken

Links in a while.......and on to another state?

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