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Texas BLOWOUT Part Dos!

Yesterday's "Texas Flashbacks" was by request, and pretty much a formality as there was so much
overlap with the many other sets I've posted here....but the guy wanted them, and THAT IS WHAT WE DO HERE (SHARE).....today we flesh out the Texas 60's psych scene a bit with the fine "The History of Texas Garage Bands in the 60's", which still has a BIT of overlap, even some with "Texas Flashbacks", but I'd say the material here is about 80%-90% unique to those of you who have been following my stuff here.

Volume 1 features a label, "The Sea Ell Label", I gather, and right off the top I notice Knight's Bridge has a few cuts, they were also on "Flashbacks" (unsure if same tracks, to lazy to check, you know the drill!)......we get also, though, the lesser known (outside Tejas anyway), The Wolves, Satyn's Children, Georger Washington & the Cherry Stompers, and a good deal more from the obscure/unknown rack.

Volume 2 continues with the Sea Ell Label, but features only two acts, The Smokin' Bananas and The Intruders (Intruders all demos).....14 tracks from the Intruders is all you'll ever need I'd wager, but they are decent, with several alternate takes. At least ehy spare me "Hey Joe"

Volume 3 turns the corner to AOK records, plenty of unknown gems to enjoy here.....Carroll's Mood, Wry Catchers, Venturas......Volume 4 is NOT label specific, it is simply "West Texas Rarities", although oddly enough a lot of the AOK bands (Wry Catchers, Carrolls Mood) turn up here, and the Illusions at least make sure we don't have to go too TERRIBLY long without a version of "Gloria" (had me a little worried for a while).

Volume 5 is entitled "Corpus Christi Rarities", best known of whom are the Zakary Thaks, we also get Liberty Bell, Michale, and a spate of bands simply lableled "Unknown" (I love that!).

Volume 6 is composed of entirley one band, Sunset Love, flowery, hippie, acidic stuff, just what you are most likely looking for have you stumbled in here. And the final Volume 7, gives us a bunch of tracks from the Orbit Records label, featuring a lot from Lemon Fog (very good), also the Nomads, the Smoke, and the Rebellers......I don't even think there IS per se a "Volume 7", it is labelled "Volume 2 of the Orbit Records Story", but since there is a volume 1-2-3-4-5-6, I just figured I'd stick it on the end as #7 (and to the original requester, this "volume 7" or whatever it is is quite similar to mthe originally requested "Three O Clock Miriam
Webster Time" (but NOT identical).

The Construction of this set is kind of odd, I think,
but it still manages to work, due to the obscure nature of the music.....personllay, I'd have programmed it a LOT differently, but that is just me. If you came here yesterday looking for Texas psych/garage of the 60's these will not disappoint, nor, will tomorrow's series wrap up, even will feature some 13th Floor Elevators, what would such a series be without em?

VOLUME 1-01 THE KNIGHTS BRIDGE-Make Me Some Love/02 THE KNIGHTS BRIDGE-CJ Smith/03 INTRUDERS-Temprorary Insanity/04 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY STOMPERS-The Back Shelf Of Your Mind/05 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY STOMPERS-Run To Him/06 THE COACHMEN-Grapes of Wrath/07 THE COACHMEN-Summer Should Bring Happiness/08 SATYN'S CHILDREN-Should I Cry/09 EDDIE CUNNINGHAM & THE LONE RANGERS-Girl Don't Change Your Mind/10 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Turn Into Earth/11 THE DARBY-HATVILLE-You'll Forget Me/12 THE KNIGHT'S BRIDGE-CJ Smith/13 SATYN'S CHILDREN-Turn Me Away/14 WOLVES-Thinking Things Over/15 WOLVES-Black Bottom Soul/16 WOLVES-Banned In Boston/17 THE KNIGHT'S BRIDGE-I Need Your Love/18 SATYN'S CHILDREN-It's Too Bad/19 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-This Girl/20 PAUL HUTCHINS-People Gonna Walk On You/21 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Instant Replay/22 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Scorched Sand

VOLUME 2-01 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Wait a Day For Sunshine/02 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Will
You love Me Tomorrow/03 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Wait! Wait!/04 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Who Can It Be/05 SMOKIN' BANANAS-The Blues Room/06 INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanith/07  INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanity/08  INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanity/09  INTRUDERS-I've Been There Before/10  INTRUDERS-I've Been There Before/11  INTRUDERS-See the Light/12  INTRUDERS-The Lone Stranger/13 INTRUDERS-The Lone Stranger/14   INTRUDERS-The Lone Stranger/15  INTRUDERS-The Last Time/16  INTRUDERS-Never On Friday Club/17  INTRUDERS-Wish You Didn't Have To Go/18  INTRUDERS-The Lonely Beach/19  INTRUDERS- Babe I'm Thinking of You/20  INTRUDERS-Don't Tell Me You're Leaving

VOLUME 3-01 CARROLLS MOOD-What You're Doing To Me/02 CARROLLS MOOD-Out She Goes/03 CONTINETALS-Take Me/04 SHADES-GIngerbread Man/05 SHADES-You Can't Do That/06 BELIEVERS-Get Out Of My Life Woman/07 JERRY SIMPSON-My Young Boy/08 TERRY & TOMMY-It Ain't No Good To Love Anybody/09 NEW ROADRUNNERS-Love Is/10 WRY CATACHERS-Collision Course/11 WRY CATCHERS -When I Met You/12 KENNETH CLOUD & THE STARGAZERS-Baby You Lied/13 MACK TUBB & THE SHADES-You Keep Me GOing/14 NEW ROADRUNNERS-Tired of Living/15 VENTURAS-Cry, I Cried/16 VENTURAS-Hornets Nest

VOLUME 4-01 OUTLAWS-Worlds Apart/02OUTLAWS-Fun, Fame and Fortune/03 ILLUSIONS-
Try/04 ILLUSIONS-GLoria/05 ILLUSIONS-I Really Care/06 ILLUSIONS-Places and Faces/07 FEATHERS-Ten Pounds of Sugar/ 08 FEATHERS-It's Alright/09 WRY CATCHERS-Take a Walk/10 WRY CATCHERS-Shes The One/11 BRUTES-Let Me Know/12 BRUTES-Make Me Happy Girl/13 BRUTES-Baby Come Home/14 CARROLLS MOOD-I Walk ALone/15 CARROLLS MOOD-Out She Goes/16 CONTINENTALS-She Wants You

VOLUME 5-01 MICHAEL-If I Were a Man/02 MICHAEL-Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away/03 ZAKARY THAKS-Face To Face/04 LIBERTY BELL-I can See/05 LIBERTY BELL-Reality is the Only Answer/06 MICHAEL-People See IV/07 MICHAEL-Last Day/08 MICHAEL-I'm Nobody's Man/09 MICHAEL-I'd Only Laugh/10 UNKNOWNS-All I Have To Do/11 UNKNOWNS-Hard to Understand/12 ZAKARY THAKS-Shake/13 (unknown)/14 (unknown)/15 (unknown)

VOLUME 6-(NOTE: ALL tracks By Sunset Love)-
01 Change/02 Hippie/03 Run to the Sun/04 Reach Out/05 Tribute to Kay/06 Winters Day/07 Little Children/08 Innocence Dies Young Out on the street/09 Man In the Park/10 Father Paul/11 World of Pain/12 Sunset Love/13 Wheels/14  Push Push

VOLUME 7-01 THE LEMON FOG-The Living Eye Theme/02 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/03 THE LEMON FOG-Echoes of Time/04 THE LEMON FOG-Day By Day/05 THE LEMON FOG-The Prisoner/06 THE LEMON FOG-Yes I Cry/07 THE LEMON FOG-Girl From the Wrong Side of Town/08 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/09 THE REBELLERS-The New GEneration/10 THE REBELLERS-Common People/11 THE NOMADS-I Walk Alone/12 THE NOMADS-I'll Be There/13 THE NOMADS-My Little Red Book/14 THE NOMADS-Situations/15 THE SMOKE-Mainstream/16 THE NOMADS-Three O'Clock Miriam Webster Time/17 THE NOMADS-Situations/18 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/19 BO JEST-Summer '95

Links will be up in a while.....still lots a more stuff from mthe Yeehah State tomorrow, and remember, if you want me to dig up a project on YOUR state (I can do many of them, NOT NEARLY as extensivly as Texas, or California, or Michigan, or whatever obviously, but some other states you might be surprised by.......give me a shout and we'll see what we can construct for ya!

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