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A Request from Pete

Pete has been around for a while, and I noticed that when I posted the Dead Kennedy's comic,
Pete requested some "Eerie" or "Creepy" comix/magazines.....can't find any Eerie, but here is a fine handful of Creepy mags.....if you can't read them, you need simply to download CDisplay, it's free and will let you see and read these in a most easy format.

What we have here are issues 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.....hard to find stuff here, happy to offer it up!

Classic memories of an awful childhood (mine), late 60's-early 70's comics and records and novels and marijauna and promiscuous early-teen chicks.....well if it weren't for that stuff,who knows what may have become of me?

Well, as Blue Oyster Cult might say "Wait......there's more".....not sure if this is up Pete's
alley or not, but a close enough companion piece that I'm gonna put it here anyway....about ten issues of the great (non-comic) Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, also a fave of mine as a lad....lots of classic pics from great and not so great horror films past and present....again, you will need CDisplay to properly view these, very rare and if you remember these from youth and have forgotten about them, you are gonna fucking FREAK

Let me know your thoughts on this type of post......I have (literally) THOUSANDS more of this type of thing, I could list them for you to choose from if there is enough interest.

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