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TV On the Radio

(Scott) Another super-submission from Jon S, I am myself quite down with TV On the Radio,
I post it not ONLY because of Jon S' incredible track record, but also to indicate my concurence.....don't miss this one please.

I absolutely love TV On The Radio and you should, too. If you don't know them, start with Return To Cookie Mountain or Live At Amoeba Music. You can take it from there.


OK Calculator (2002)

01 Freeway/02 Say You Do/03 Pulse of Pete/04 Me - I/05 Buffalo Girls/06 Ending of a Show/07 Hurt You/08 Netti Fritti/09 Yr God/10 On a Train/11 Sheba Baby/12 Y King/13 Aim to Please/14 Bicycles Are Red Hot/15 Los Mataban/16 Robots/17 Doing My Duty/18 Untitled

Young Liars (2003)

01 Satellite/02 Staring at the Sun/03 Blind/04 Young Liars/05 Mr. Grieves

Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004)

01 The Wrong Way/02 Staring at the Sun/03 Dreams/04 King Eternal/05 Ambulance/06 Poppy/07 Don't Love You/08 Bomb Yourself/09 Wear You Out/Walking the Cow

Staring At The Sun (2004)                        

01 Staring At The Sun/02 Freeway/03 On A Train

New Health Rock (2004)

01 New Health Rock/02 The Wrong Way/03 Modern Romance

Return To Cookie Mountain (2006)

01 I Was a Lover/02 Hours/03 Province/04 Playhouses/05 Wolf Like Me/06 A Method/07 Let the Devil In/08 Dirtywhirl/09 Blues From Down Here/10 Tonight/11 Wash the Day/12 "Heroes"/13 */14 Snakes and Martyrs/15 Hours (El-P remix)/16 Things You Can Do

Province (2006)

01 Province/02 Dumb Animal/03 Wasted Weekend

Munich 11/20/06

01 radio intro & presenter/02 Ambulance/03 Dirtywhirl/04 Province/05 Wolf Like Me/06 Young Liars/07 Hours/08 I Was A Lover/09 Wash The Day/10 Satellite/11 presenter/12 Staring At The Sun

Live at Amoeba Music (2007)

01 Untitled/02 Blues From Down Here/03 Wolf Like Me/04 Province/05 Wash The Day

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