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Needing a Tom Petty fix? Here's an overdose......

From John N comes a sprawling six disc-plus set, a career spanning retrospective involving
the aforementioned Tom Petty......lots of stuff here, and if you are already a fan, chances are good you already have a lot of this. I posted some Petty boots a long while back, including the classic video of them performing on the roof of the Don Ceasar Hotel/resort in St. Petersburg Florida, long a favorite vacation spot of mine.

Anyway, lets break down what we do have......th first few links here represent a 75-page book, I assume with a lot of pics (I haven't looked at it yet), but no matter what the quality, certainly bonus material for this massive six-disc sledgehammer.

the first three discs here are more or less "best of" discs, as I said, fans of Petty are 99% sure to have these already, but hey.....maybe you need a newer, cleaner version of (Disc 1)"Breakdown", "American Girl", the super-chaotic "I Need to Know", or "Even the Losers" (these are MY personal faves).

Disc 2, "Spoiled and Mistreated" is more previously released material, "Jammin' Me" ("Take back Vanessa Redgrave, take back Joe Piscopo, take back Eddie Murphy, and give em all someplace to go"), a cool live version of the Byrds (probably other than Dylan Petty's no. 1 influence) "So You Wanna Be a Rock N Roll Star", and some of the other successful latter-day singles that don't really thrill me.....here they are though!

Next is Disc 3, and again, it's more previous releases.....some good stuff though, "Into the Great Wide Open" and "Mary Jane's Last Dance", notably. If one just discovered Petty this morning, these first three discs would be about all you'd ever need.

Now things get interesting. Disc Four "Other Sides", contains live tracks,alternate versions, B-Sides.....all that good stuff. "Trailer" was a B-Side that could have been a fine single, there is a live (wait for it) "Psychotic Reaction", and more tasty rarities.

Disc Five is plenty more rarities, a demo of "Stop Draggin My Heart Around", most interesting (to me) Petty's original band Mudcrutch taking on "Don't Do Me like That", and many more tracks that were new to me.......good stuff here, meets MY approval all day long.

The final (sixth) disc is again a mash up of various rarities, these ones really seem to be
scraping, and far more interesting than listenable, but hey, overall, this is THE ultimate compilation from one of America's true great rock n rollers, Tom Petty. Cats like this deserve to be anthologized properly.

This set absolutely does so for Tom Petty.

Don't forget to check out the book, too, and report back with a review if you get to it before myself!

DISC 1 (THE BIG JANGLE)-01 Breakdown/02 American Girl/03 Hometown Blues/04 Anything That's Rock n Roll/05 I Need to Know/06 Listen To her Heart/07 When the Time Comes/08 Too Much Ain't Enough/09 No Second Thoughts/10 Baby Is a Rock n Roller/11 Refugee/12 Here Comes My Girl/13 Even the Losers/14 Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)/15 Don't Do Me Like That/16 The Waiting/17 A Woman In Love/18 Something Big/19 A Thing About You/20 Insider/21 You Can Still Change Your Mind (Scott breaking in: HOW in the FUCK did they omit "Century City"?)

DISC 2 (SPOILED AND MISTREATED)-01 You Got Lucky/02 Change of heart/03 Straight Into Darkness/04 Same Old You/05 Rebels/06 Don't Come Around Here No More/07 Southern Accents/08 Make It Better (Forget About Me)/09 The Best of Everything/10 So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star (Live)/11 Dona't Bring me Down (Live)/12 Jammin' Me/13 It'll All Work Out/14 Mike's Life/Mike's World/15 Think About Me/16 A Self-made Man

DISC 3 (GOOD BOOTY)-01 Free Fallin/02 I Won't back Down/03 Love is a Long Road/04
Runnin Down a Dream/05 Yer So Bad/06 Alright For Now/07 Learning to Fly/08 Into the Great Wide Open/09 All or Nothin/10 Out in the Cold/11 Built to Last/12 Mary Jane's Last Dance/13 Christmas All Over Again

DISC 4 (THE OTHER SIDES)-01 Casa Dega/02 Heartbreakers Beach Party/03 Trailer/04 Cracking Up/05 Psychotic Reaction (Live)/06 I'm Tired Joey Boy (Live)/07 Lonely Weekends (Live)/08 Gator on the Lawn/09 Make That Connection/10 Down the Line/11 Peace In LA/12 It's Rainin' Again/13 Somethin' Else (Live)/14 I Don't Know What to Say To You/15 King's Highway (Live)

DISC 5-(THROUGH THE CRACKS)-On the Street/0 Depot Street/0 Cry to Me/04 Don't Do Me Like That (Mudcrutch)/05 I Can't Fight It/06 Since You Said You Loved Me/07 Louisiana Rain (original version)/08 Keeping Me Alive/09 Turning Point/10 Stop Draggin My Heart Around (Demo)/11 The Apartment Song (demo)/12 Big Boss Man/13 The Image of Me/14 Moon Pie/15 The Damage You've Done (Country version)

DISC 6-(NOBODYS CHILDREN)-01 Got My Mind Made Up (original)/02 Ways to be
Wicked/03 Can't Get Her Out/04 Waiting For Tonight/05 Travelin'/06 Baby Leat's Play House/07 Wooden Heart/08 Gods Gift to Man/09 You Get Me High/10 Come On Down To My House/11 You Come Through/12 Up In Mississippi Tonight

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