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The Doors Part 15 (Of Many)

On and on we tredge, hey, I promised you more Doors than you can stomach, and you ARE gonna get it.....HA!.....tonight we have a 2 disc set, live in 1970 from Philadelphia, and if you think we are close to bing done with flogging Jimbo and the boys, guess another time, Hector......this Torrent was/is HUGE, and I am going to impress the internet world with my resolve and my determination to bring (nearly) every note ever recorded by the Doors to the blogosphere world!

Anyways, two discs live in Philly (My fave American city, which I am sure means not a thing to any of you pogues), lets see what we got here....

Well, let us see.....looks, to me, like a fairly standard Doors set, Disc 1 although it contains nothing unusual, really hits hard, opening with "Roadhouse Blues" and ending up with "Light My Fire", while also including "Break On Through" and "When the Music's Over", a really good set.

Disc 2 is something of a throwaway, actually, although "Been Down So Long" rarely turned up in thier live sets........

Hey guys, I'm in it to win it.......ALL this Doors stuff is on my hard drive, time this is over, it's gonna be on yours, too!

DISC 1-01 Announcer-Sit Down/02 Tuning/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 Break On through/05 Back Door man/06 Ship of Fools/07 Universal Mind/08 When the Music's Over/09 Mystery Train/10 Wake Up!/11 Light My Fire

DISC 2-01 The Concert Continues/02 Maggie M'Gill/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 Been Down So Long/05 The Music Capital of the World Philadelphia/06 Carol/07 Soul Kitchen

And there is still a LOT more, just beware, young'uns!

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