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Really (and I checked), how the hell has this blog went on for so long, with it's semi-theme of stoner
rock, and NOT have, at anytime, a full feature on Swedish greats Dozer? (Fu Manchu, either, but that's another matter).......well, anyway......once they create the Stoner rock Hall of Fame, Dozer will be admitted, with their loud, brutish, crucnching- kick -in -the-guts rock.

Formed in 1995 in Borlange Sweden, from vocalist/guitarist Fredrik Nordin, guitarist Tommi Holappa, basasist Johan Rockner, and drummer Olle Marthens......there have been changes in the rythem section since, but the band's sound is based around the roaring guitars of Nordin and Holappa, as well as Nordin's growing, snarling vocals.

The first release, 2000's "In the Tail of a Comet", while very rough, still shows the potential of what was to come......allegedly it was recorded for less than $1000, and I could likely believe that....still it booms out power with blasters like "Lightyears Ahead", "Supersoul", and "High Roller".

The following year they would unleash "Madre de Dios", which spaces/psychs out the sound a bit in lieu of the straight up pounding rock of the earlier album......this is a good one, flows right through from start to finish....."Let the Shit Roll", Octanoid", "Earth Yeti", "Thunderbolt".......perhaps their best album, one of the essentials of the early 2000's stoner scene.

Album #3, "Call it Conspiracy", is nearly as good if not better......."The Hills Have Eyes" hits like a slap in the face, "Blacklight Revolution" and "Lightning Stalker" are as good as any stoner rock of the era......these guys were NOT exactly "Sons of Kyuss", thier sound owed a bit more to the Five Horse Johnson/Spiritual Beggars sound (a BIT less spacey, a bit blusier)....something wrong with THAT?

"Through the Eyes of  Heathens" continues the trend, good, solid, hard riffing heavy ended stoner rock, THE sound of the early 00's.......I'm unsure, I think there is some "concept" at work here, it's not something most of the stoner bands did real well, that "conceptual" thing.....but, anyway, it still rocks like fuck, "Until man Exists No More", "Omega Glory", "man of Fire"......it's good stuff, and to these ears it SORT OF fits together in some kind of cohesive manner....

The most recent release from these bad boys came from 2008, "Beyond Colossal", fine album as well,
making them basically 4/5 if you don't consider the debut to be great.......their lyrical themes continue to get more "out there' (HEY, STONER ROCK MAAAAAN), but, seriously, great stuff, "The Flood", "Message Throught the Horses", lots more.....guys you done damn good.

But, as Blue Oyster Cult would say, wait! There's more......how about the TWO DISC Dozer Rarities, which contains ALL KINDSA cool shit, from various splits (Demon Cleaner, Los Natas (one of my faves, remember?), Brain Police), also demos  and B-sides, not to mention and oddball cover of Devo's "Mongoloid".

Also a couple of other things, Dozer contributed a disc to the "Fuzzbox Finest Series" (as did Wrench the other day) which contains a handful of tracks that are not on any of the other discs here.....also, I KNOW I have a couple of their EP's, etc, around here, just not finding them right now, but hopefully this can get you started!

IN THE TAIL OF A COMET-01 Supersoul/02 Lightyears Ahead/03 Speeder/04 Inside the Falcon/05 Riding the Machine/06 Cupola/07 Grand Dragon/08 Captain Spaceheart/09 High Roller

MADRE DE DIOS-01 Let the Shit Roll/02 Freeloaded/03 Soulshigh/04 Octanoid/05 Earth Yeti/06 Full Circle/07 Mono Impact/08 Early Grace/09 tx-9/10 Thinderbolt

CALL IT CONSPIRACY-01 The Hills Have Eyes/02 Rising/03 Feelgood Formula/04 The Exit/05 Spirit Fury Fire/06 A Matter of Time/07 Man made Mountain/08 Way to Redemption/09 Crimson Highway/10 Black Light Revolution/11 Glorified/12 Lightning Stalker

THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS-01 Drawing Dead/02 Born a Legend/03 From Fire Fell/04 Until man Exists No More/05 Days of Future Past/06 Omega Glory/07 Blood Undone/08 The Roof The River The Revolver/09 Man of Fire/10 Big Sky Theory

BEYOND COLOSSAL-01 The Flood/02 Extoskeleton part 2/03 Empire's End/04 The Ventriloquist/05 Grand Inquisitor/06 Message Through the Horses/07 The Throne/08 Fire For Crows/09 Two Coins For Eyes/10 Bound For Greatness

RARITIES DISC 1-01 Typhoon (Nerve! Compilation 1997)/02 Mammoth mountain (Nerve!
Compilation 1997)/03 Twilight Sleep (Coming Down the Mountain 12" 1998)/04 Tanglefoot (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner 7" 1998)/05 Certerline (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner 7" 1998)/06 Silverball (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner Hawaiian Cottage EP)/07 Hail the Dude (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner Domestic Dudes EP)/08 She (Graven Images-A Tribute to the Misfits)/09 Phantom (The Phantom 7" 2000)/10 Sub Ethena (The Phantom 7" 2000)

RARITIES DISC 2-01  Rings of Saturn (madre de Dios 12" Bonus Track)/02 Day of the Rope (Day of the Rope 7" vinyl 2002)/03 The Electrocutioner (Day of the Rope 7" Vinyl)/04 Sonic Reducer (Los Natas split)/05 The Wreck (Rising Single 2003)/06 Southern Star (Call It Conspiracy 12" Bonus Track)/07 Star By Star (Rising Single 2003)/08 Vinegar Fly (Demo 2005)/09 Mongoloid (Devo Cover-Sucking In the 70's 2nd Edition)/10 Extoskeleton (Brain Police Split 2007)

IN FULL EFFECT EP-01 In Full Effect (Original Mix)/02 In Full Effect (Radio Edit)/03 Drop the Bomb (Original Mix)/04 Drop the Bomb (Radio Edit)

FUZZBOX FINEST SERIES-01 Let the Shit Roll/02 Calamari Sidetrip/03 Supersoul/04 Captain Spaceheart/05 Drawing Dead/06 Full Circle/07 Orange/08 Two Ton Butterfly

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