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The "Other" Beatles, Part 1

So, what's the best share blog out there right NOW? Well, sure as fuck it isn't THIS one, but if there jose kortozirkuito, who is a wonderful guy, and his tremendous blog, http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.es/........go there. share. contribute. enjoy. His blog is  phenominal....he and his team post tons of great stuff, and this project, which he postd this past summer, is not only off the charts, BUT it fits in nicely with some of the cover projects we've tried to post here over the past year or so. BTW, Jose gave his blessing (I asked) for me to repost this incredible project here for you hosers.
was an official vote, my pick would likely go to

OK, the project in question here is "The Other Beatles"......a simple title, yet so much more than that....each and every Beatles album, and a few comps as we will see, done up "cover" style, the way I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE  when Brian or Jonder sends me a cover version of a classic rock album (Yeah, I KNOW I should do a few myself, I'll get to it soon)......

The Beatles have, IMO, become somewhat UNDERappreciated in recent times. Some people tend to underestimkate thier incredible influence, which can be summarized easilly.....they were only a band for about 5-6 years......and yet look at the incredible amount of unarguably CLASSIC albums they released....compare them say, to someone (picked randomly) like, say, Rush.......been around since I was in Junior High School, 35-40 years, any "classic' material? well,  for my cash, MAYBE "2112", which is a total of ONE, compared to the Beatles short-term/long range classic catalouge.

OK, I don't wish to argue the Beatles' greatness, not the idea at this time.....Jose led off his project with "Please Please Me", as I will as well....what can I say? It was a great album, and the Beatles, for whatever reason, tend to be among the most "coverable" (whatever that means) of all artists....tracks I personally find of interest are The Rajahs "I Saw Her Standing There", the title track by The Score, and a couple of tracks from the Shirelles, whom I loved as a small lad and see no reason not to continue to love today.

Next up came "With the Beatles", an unquestionably great album, the highlight here is (for me at
least) Peggy Lee's smoking "Till There Was You" (always LOVED Peggy Lee), we also get the fairly common "Money" by Barrett Strong, but, hey, we are also talking versions by the Stones, Chuck Berry, Richard Thompson, The Pretenders, and Wreckless Eric, just to name a few, and if THAT lineup isn't enough to entice you, perhaps you have wandered onto this site by accident?

Gonna wrap this one up (and trust me, there is more to come and it is ALL FUCKING GREAT) for tonight with "A Hard Day's Night", worth it alone for Ella Fitzgerlad's "Can't Buy Me Love", and as a true "bonus' we get Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker, not to mention April Wine who slam "Tell Me Why"into the ground

OK, I'm not huge on borrowing from other sites, but Jose is a great friend, has an incredible blog, and THIS project is similar to some of the things we have tried to post here.......if posting this motivates MY lazy ass to actually do the work required to create some of the "cover/comp" albums I've had in the wheelhouse, that'd be great (I've been saying I'm going to do Love's "Forever Changes" forever, and my 18 year old son has been working on the Pixie's "Surfer Rosa" for nearly as long).....I LLLOOOOVVVEEEE these projects, they REALLY (to me) show what a fan REALLY thinks of a band that they love, what possible better tribute could we pay the bands that have shaped our lives?

LOTS more Beatles cover albums to come in the next few days, hope you guys like these, please comment and by all means, let these inspire you to create a cover version of your OWN favorite album(s)......I love these projects, REALLY i do, and I TRULY hope that some of you out there attempt to create something along these lines....I love them, and, judging by the numbers, so do the readership.........love all you guys, really, hope these are fun for you!

THE "OTHER" PLEASE PLEASE ME-01 THE RAJAHS-I Saw Her Standing There/02 KENNY LYNCH-Misery/03 ARTHUR ALEXANDER-Anna (Go To Him)/04 THE COOKIES-Chains/05 THE SHIRELLES-Boys/06 THE SMITHEREENS-Ask Me Why/07 THE SCORE-Please Please Me/08 THE HAIRCUTS-Love Me Do/09 THE RATTLES-PS I Love You/10 THE SHIRELLES-Baby It's You/11 BILLY JOE KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-Do You Want to Know a Secret/12  BILLY DEE WILLIAMS-A Taste of Honey/13 THE KRESTELS-There's a place/14 THE TOP NOTES-Twist and Shout

THE "OTHER" WITH THE BEATLES-01 RICHARD THOMPSON-It Won't be Long/02 THE SMITHEREENS-All I've Got to Do/03 THE GUESS WHO-All My Loving/04 KAMI THOMPSON-Don't Bother Me/05 WRECKLESS ERIC-Little Child/06 PEGGY LEE-Till There Was You/07 THE MARVELETTES-Please Mister Postman/08 CHUCK BERRY-Roll Over Beethoven/09 THE TREASURES-Hold Me Tight/10 THE MIRACLES-You Really Got a Hold On Me/11 THE ROLLING STONES-I Wanna Be Your Man/12 THE DONAYS-Devil In His Heart/13 THE PRETENDERS-Not a Second Time/14 BARRETT STRONG-Money

RABEATS-I Should Have Known Better/03 THE SMITHEREENS-If I Fell/04 RANDY BACHMAN & BURTON CUMMINGS-I'm Happy just To Dance With You/05 ASFALTO-And I Love Her/06 APRIL WINE-Tell Me Why/07 ELLA FITZERALD-Can't Buy Me Love/08 MELANIE-Any Time At All/09 JOE COCKER-I'll Cry Instead/10 BOB DYLAN-Things We Said Today/11 THE CHRIS COBB BAND-When I Get Home/12 IAN GOM-You Can't Do That/13 HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS-I'll Be Back

I am gonna try to get you guys this entire series posted this week, we'll see, I have a college visit with my son this weekend, and after all, it IS NFL playoff time......but I had a lot of this stuff planned out before Bowie passed, and I HAD to do SOMETHING (as insignificant as it was/is) to commemerate his legacy........but I will try to work double time to get these BRILLIANT beatls covers projects up the end of the week, there are a BUNCH of them to come.....if you try them, and like them (You WILL like them) make certain and drop a note of thanks to the great
jose kortozirkuito, possibly the world's current #1 blogger (last I checked, I personally was # 344567789, but moving UP!)

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