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Couldn't let Buffin pass away without SOMETHING

I know I'm in the midst of Jose's Beatles masterpiece, and I know I've posted a TON of Mott shit over
the years, however, while "lookin around", I found a Mott boot that I did not previously have, and out of respect for Dale Griffin (Mott's drummer who passed this week), I cannot think of a better time to post this, it's a new one to me, perhaps it is for you as well......the Beatles stuff will resume Thursday,  I've been putting in some serious time on this stuff, but IT IS WORTH IT, you music lovers deserve it......Mott the Hoople was one of my probably 10 or so favorite bands of them all, and when thier drummer passes AND I find a boot I haven't previously heard OR posted, I sort of feel an obligation.....this is from 1970, Fairfield Halls.....I have NOT listened to this one yet, some of thier good, pre-"Dudes" stuff here, and, at least according to the track list, two versions of "Thunderbuck Ram", one of their greatest numbers, not sure if that's a misprint or it's really here twice, also could be a paste together of musltiple shows.

Anyway, I didn't have this one......check it out, any member of Mott the Hoople deserves SOMETHING of a rememberance......

"Cross over shade, like the wise dove,
Who cares not for fame, just for shy love,
Rejoice cause the king ain't lost his throne....

He's still here, you are not alone

You are not alone"

-Mott the Hoople "Hymn For the Dudes"

01 Ohio/02 No Wheels to Ride/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 Thunderbuck Ram/05 When My Minds's Gone/06 Keep A Knockin/07 You Really Got Me/08 Long Red/09 The Original Mixed Up Kid/10 Walking With a Mountain/11 Laugh at Me/12 Thunderbuck Ram

A small dab of research reveals taht indeed, tracks 9-12 are indeed from another show, 1971, Sweden.

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