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Tribute to David Bowie, Part 3, and , Sadly, Out......

I think this is going to have to do it for the Bowie tribute......I was checking, I probably have 50 or so
live shows, and I hate to get into redundancy.......besides there ARE other projects I wish to get to. I'm going to make this a good one, I hope, I good combination of good listening/rarities, I wish I could put up ALL my live/rare Bowie stuff, REALLY I DO, but it's just not in the cards right now......I've put up a good, (I hope) representative bit so far, and I hope this next batch helps you find something you've not heard before, and IF there is a specific concert for which you search LET ME KNOW and I will post it if I have it (I am NOT going to list all of them).......

By the way, Dale Griffin of Mott the Hoople passed away......Mott was one of probably my ten favorite bands, ever, and to lost the great Buffin (a fine, Ringo Starr-styled drummer) sucks, I think I have posted all my Mott stuff a couple times so I don't think I'll do a tribute there, but PLEASE RIP Buffin, the drummer from one of my favorite bands ever to take the stage.

So, in wrapping up this Bowie thing I had to whitle the stack down to a few, a LOT fewer than I had awnated (I mean, WHAT to leave out? none of it is "bad", ALL of it is at very minimum "interesting").....I begin tonight with "Early On", and when they say EARLY on, that's the case......here's a batch of tracks from 1964-67, WAY before most any human being had heard of Mr. Bowie (Jones, at that time at least for part of it)......again, you will enjoy this, it's not "great", by any meanas, but it is great to hear the seeds of the brilliance that would come to bloom in the next decade. For a Bowie "completist", this is a must.

Next I have an album called "Live Ziggy Stardust", it is NOT the motion picture soundtrack I'm not
really sure what it is, actually, I include it because I can't seem to find another copy of it, giing me the feeling that it MIGHT be "rare"? if it's not, forgive me, but, great "Ziggy" era live tracks and a "John I'm Only Dancing"/"Waiting For My Man" encore. A good album, wish I could identify it a bit more accurately.

Well, a little "research" (luck) tells me that the above is Disc Two of a 2 disc set, the other half being "The Alternate Ziggy Stardust", still can't find much info about who put it together, or ehn, or why, or etc, but it's great listening......."Velvet Goldmne" and "Round and Round" don't turn up all that often. Both discs are here, if afnyone has any information about them, spew it........they seem to be FAIRLY hard to find, and are quite good.

Next up, "Somebody Up There Likes Me", which I gather to be a fan-club type release from about 1984, there are a BUNCH of this type of thing around, as you know Bowie's following was/is huge and rabid. Not the rarest bunch of songs in the universe, but "Footstompin" and "Sorrow" don't turn up all that often. Please bear with me, I'm selecting pretty much at random with the stuff I have left, just pretty much grabbing stuff by the handful.

Well. let me see......I have something called "Resurrection on 84th Street", I post this to deiate a bit from the glut of Ziggy-era stuff, this gives us some fine stuff from "Aladdin Sanae", ("Panic In Detroit", a great and terrifying song, rarely turns up on these sets, and is here in an interesting, lengthened version also a good bit of stuff from "Station to Station", notably a lengthy version of the title track. This is recorded live at the Nassau Colosseium, and exists in a few different (slightly varied) versions with a couple different titles.

Oh, how I wish I had infinite time and space and etc to do up ALL these live shows.....as you all know Bowie was an unmatched live performer, SOMETIMES it didn't transform all the way when transferred to record, but those of us fortunate enough to see him live know what I'm saying......

At random, I wanted to go with at least one "Ziggy" era live show, I selected a London show from Bowie's "farewell" tour (remember that?), I select it for it's inclusion of "All the Young Dudes" (RIP Buffin, once again), and some guest guitar from Jeff Beck on a rocking "Jean Genie"

Something a little different that I found cruising the web the other day, have never heard this one,
"Gotta Get It Right" it's a kind of muddled rehearsal tape for Marc Bolan's TV show, "Marc", from 1977......a very unique recording, It gave me a chill the first time I listened.....NOT going into heavy rotation for anyone, that I can imagine, but I also can't imagine someone with an interest in Bowie and the entire early 1970's glitter/glam scene not taking interest in this.

I have to stop somewhere, and here is where it will be. The last time I saw Bowie was in 1995, when he teamed with Nine Inch Nails for an incredible tour, the show I saw In Columbus Ohio was staggering, wish I had a copy of it, but instead here is one from St Louis, 10/1/95.......simply stated, this was a historic undertaking and you REALLY need to hear this, I need to go into ZERO detail..And, while DIME-surfing I found another show from the same tour, FLAC file, sorry,(EVERYTHING on DIME is FLAC) but from 9/14 /95 In Hartford Connecticut. Similar setlist, but since I don't have to reup another CD, I'll give ya this one as well.....an audience recording with some unfortunate cuts, notably the opener "Terrible Lie" starts part way in. Can't have it all, can we?

OK.....I have (lots) more, but I am moving on.......There is no limit to the tribute I could pay to David Bowie, much like I felt about Kurt Cobain, if you recall I thought about on the anniversary of Cobain's death posting ALL of the Nirvana shows I have.......but since I have about 200, wheredo you draw the line?  I am trying to avoid redundancy, keep things fresh, etc, but I want to tribute the greats, and have no doubts, Bowie was IMO one of the TRUE great artists of our time, or any other time.

Farewell David Bowie. I hope this tribute is satisfactory.......btw John Baker, when you see this, YEP, interested in whatever rare stuff you (or anyone else) has.......this triute can go on forever if there is a steaady flow of good, rare stuff out there that we'd all love to hear.

EARLY ON 1964-66-01 Liza Jane/02 Louie, Go Home/03 I Pity the Fool/04 Take My Tip/05 That's Where My heart Is/06 I Want My baby back/07 Bars of the County Jail/08 You've Got a Habit of Leaving/09 Baby Loves That Way/10 I'll Follow You/11 Glad I've Got Nobody/12 Can't Halp Thinking About Me/13 And I Say To Myself/14 Do Anything You Say/15 Good Morning Girl/16 I Dig Everything/17 I'm Not Losing Sleep

LIVE ZIGGY-01 Five Years/02 Soul Love/03 Star/04 Moonagae Daydream/05 Life on Mars/06 hang Onto Yourself/07 Rebel Rebel/08 The Supermen/09 Ziggy Stardust/10 Suffragette City/11 Rock n Roll Suicide/12 John, I'm Only Dancing/13 Waiting For the Man

ALTERNATE ZIGGY-01 Five Years/02 The Supermen/03 Moonage Daydream/04 Starman/05 It
Ain't Easy/06 Lady Stardust/07 Sweet Head/08 Hang Onto Yourself/09 Ziggy Stardust/10 Suffragette City/11 Rock N Roll Suicide/12 John I'm Only Dancing/13 Holy Holy/14 Velvet Goldmine/15 Round and Round/16 White Light White Heat/17 Waiting For the Man

SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME-01 Rebel Rebel/02 John, I'm Only Dancing/03 Sorrow/04 Changes/05 Moonage Daydream/06 Youn Americans/07 Can You Hear /08 Rock N Roll Suicide/09 Somebody Up There Likes Me/10 Footstompin

RESSURECTION ON 84th STREET-01 Station to Station/02 Suffragette City/03 Fame/04 Stay/05 Panic In Detroit/06 Changs/07 TVC15/08 Diamond Dogs/09 Word on a Wing/10 Rebel Rebel/11 Jean Genie

LONDON 7/3/73 ZIGGY FAREWELL TOUR-01 Intro/Hang Onto Yourself/02 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/03 All the Young Dudes/04 Oh! You Pretty Things/05 Moonage Daydream/06 Changes/07 Space Oddity/08 Suffragette City/10 Jean Genie (Jeff Beck guitar)/11 Love Me Do/12 Rock N Roll Suicide

GOTTA GET IT RIGHT-REHEARSALS FOR "MARC" SHOW 1977-01 Sitting Next to You/02 Sitting Next to You/03 Intro Hehearsal/04. Intro Hehearsal//05. Intro Hehearsal/06. Sitting Next To You/07. Intro Hehearsal/08. Madman/09. Madman/10. Madman/11. Unknown Title/12. Unknown Title/13. Unknown Title/14. Walking Through That Door (Rumoured to be Bolan,Bowie and Gloria Jones from 1975)

March of the Pigs/03 The Becoming/04 Sanctified/05 Piggy/06 Burn/07 Closer/08 Wish/09 Gave Up/10 Down In It/A Warm Place/Subteraneans/11 Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)/12 Reptile/Hello Spaceboy

NINE INCH NAILS/DAVID BOWIE-LIVE HATE ST LOUIS 10/1/95 DISC 2-01 Hurt/02 Look Back In Anger/03 I'm Deranged/04 The Heart's Filthy Lesson/05 The Voyeur of Utter Destruction/06 I Have Not Been to Oxford Town/07 Outside/08 Andy Warhol/09 Breaking Glass/10 The man Who Sold the World/11 We Prick You/12 Joe the Lion/13 A Small Plot of Land/14 Night Flights/15 Under Pressure

/2 March Of The Pigs/3 The Becoming /4 Sanctified/5 Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)  /6 Burn
/7 Closer To God /8 Wish/9 Gave Up/10 Down In It/11 Eraser (instrumental)  /12 Subterraneans/13 Scary Monsters/14 Reptile /15 Hallo Spaceboy /16 Hurt

01 The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) )/02 The Heart's Filthy Lesson  /03 Breaking Glass
/04 I'm Deranged  /05 A Small Plot of Land /06 Joe the Lion /07 I Have Not Been to Oxford Town  /08 Outside /09 We Prick You  /10 Jump They Say/11 Andy Warhol/12 The Man Who Sold the World/13 Teenage Wildlife/14 My Death/15 Nite Flights

Since the next to last track here is "My Death", what more is there to be said. Fans of Bowie, I hope I have done a good job with this, is you have stuff to add PLEASE share it with the rest of his fans.....if you are looking for a specific concert (especially from the Ziggy era) let me know, if I have it, I'll put it up for you......I have a few projects I've tabled due to Bowie's passing, but of course it's the right thing to do. Please comment, please share, please contribute.

One final time: Rest in peace, to one of THE all-time greats. Please give me a minute or two to get the links upped, thanks for some patience!

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