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IMO, THE most offensive post I could EVER put up

You guys think the Nazi stuff is bad? wellll, as I've told ya before, I AGREE with you......it's horrible,
offensive, dreadful stuff......it also has a right to exist, in my opinion, as we've discussed before......now, want to hear something that makes that stuff sound like Blink 182? I present to you the "greatest hits" from thet Westboro Baptist Church......you know....Fred Phelps (mercifully dead) and the "God Hates Fags" bunch.....if you DON'T know them, the Cliff Notes version is these losers actually disrupt the funerals of US Veterans, cheered the 911 disaster (God was "angry"), and are likely the worst human beings, if that term applies, that I have ever encountered......on the positive side, a bunch of Vietnam Vets/bikers have DISRUPTED THIER disruptions of the funerals, by attneding and revving thier hogs so loud that noone can hear what these losers are saying anyway, and GOOD FOR THEM.

Couple things.......first of all, WHY post it? Well, because it is so shockingly offensive, and, likely, you have NOT heard this before..........these people are wretched........as an aside, I remember seeing Fred Phelps on Rikki Lake years ago, accompanied by his (much) younger MALE "travelling companion", seemed like he was gay as hell to me, not that I'd care......just seems the guy "doth protest too much"......at least the fuck head is dead, what more can i say?

OK, if one visits thier website, there are about (guessing) 200 MP3 tracks which are "parodies" of established songs, with the lyrics changed to suit thier insane world view. If you ask why the original artists would not sue or something, I'd guess that 1) if they DID it would draw more attnetion to these folks, and 2) I assume parody/satire are probably PROTECTED under copyright law (with which I would agree)........so, this stuff is out there, I DARE YOU to listen and NOT be offended, I don't think it's possible, for most rational human beings......

Well, let's point out a few (using this term INCREDIBLY loosely) highlights: Well, how about "Hey Jews"? (see they don't ONLY hate homosexuals, they are equal opportunity)...ready for "Fat Bottomed Whore"? How about "God Will Rock You"? Maybe "Bohemian Tragedy" which would be hilarious if it were not so pathetic?  Certainly, you'll wanna play "Santa Claus Will Take You to Hell" for the kiddies during this yule season.....how about "Dyke Wedding"? This stuff goes on and on, if you lower yourself to visit thier website there are probably 200 or so MORE of these, but I think these oughta give you the idea.......

OK.......WHY post these? Because, as always, I BELIEVE in the rights of EVERYONE, even scum
like this, to speak thier opinion......MY opinion, personally, is that subhumans like this, along with the Nazis I have posted, are beyond "offensive", they are simply "shake one's head" material........

Now, I think I have made it clear that I DO NOT support these cretins, nor do I think you should......HOWEVER, if you are UNAWARE that this stuff exists, IT REALLY DOES.......if you desire, take a listen to this shit and you will be shocked.

Brought to you, of course, by Christianity, the religion of peace, love, tolerance, and understanding!

WESTBORO BAPTIST GREATEST HITS-01 Fifty Ways To Eat Your baby/02 Hey Jews/03 Come Together/04 Read It/05 Coming To Jerusalem/06 Yesterday/07 We Will Be There/08 God Is Mad/09 It Will Be/10 Makes Us So Happy/11 No Poker Face/12 One Day/13 Terror Rolls/14 Honest/15 The nations Soon Will March/16 Hallelujah/17 Perfectly/18 It's Over Now/19 Shame/20 Crazy Train/21 Your Oil Soon Will Be Burnin'/22 You're So Vain/23 Philadelphia Treason/24 Fat Bottomed Whore/25 American Sodomite/26 Bohemian Tragedy/27 Dyke Wedding/28 Santa Claus Will Take You To Hell

Hey folks, they ARE out there.....ignoring them will do us no good....be informed and know that there
are people out there who are THIS fucking crazy, this fucking deranged, this fucking bottom of the barrel pieces of garbage (see, that is MY right to freedom of speech, just as I have respected THIERS)......and as always, remember that this is brought to you by Christianity, with thier background in love, tolerance, peace, and all of us being "brothers" or some shit........draw (as you always should) your own conclusions, but if one thinks of Islam as an "evil" religion, and one has EVERY right to, one should perhaps evalutate this shit as well......just a thought.......

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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