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I am So thrilled to be able to present this......

Saturday, December 26, day after Christmas.....I go to check the mail, and, lo and behold, a package
with the return address of NIKKI CORVETTE!.......let me repeat that, Nikki Corvette actually took time to send me a CD and write me a sweet, handwritten note....(perhaps I have not mentioned, I have been  totally in love with Nikki Corvette since forever, and for her to even acknowledge my existence, or the existence of my blog, is one of the greatest thrills I have received.)

Ok, all that aside, the recorded work she is sending me is a fine CD (like I'd call it any other way), from Gorvette, a collaboration between Nikki and Amy Gore of the Gore Gore Girls (another of my faves actually)........it's a few years old, but I had not heard it, and it sounds wonderful to these ears, at least, I will pass it along to you all and let you see what you think, personally, I think a lesser-known gem.

The album is called "lustfully yours", which is getting me excited already, and features seven fine tracks, all of which feature Nikki's sexy "little girl" vocals, and Amy's slamming guitar work. ( also Lianna Castillo on bass and Al King on drums)......

Hey, always LOVED anything by Nikki and the Corvettes (posted on them before, likely dead links), also LOVED  the work of the Gore Gore Girls ("Casino" was SUCH a kick ass tune!), what could be better than this fine collaboration?

I would like to publicly thank the wonderful Nikki Corvette for taking the time to send this to me, she seems to be a wonderful lady and ALSO seems to "get" what the purpose of these blogs are , unlike some others (how's it going, Robert douche bag Fripp?)....Nikki is a great artist, but more importantly a wonderful person......I am thrilled, honored, and grateful that she took the time to hook me up with this disc......there are so many artists who DONT "get it", it's great that there are fine people like Nikki Corvette, Lennon Murphy, and Deanna Mitchell (Frightwig) who actually DO "get it"......maybe there is hope for humanity after all......

Thank you Nikki, just plain thank you.....in your letter you mentioned sending me more stuff, happily
accept and post ANYTHING you want to send, and you are right, I have never even heard "wild record party 2" (although, of course, I would LOVE TO).......happy holiday season and happy New year to the beautiful, wonderful, and talented Nikki Corvette.......you are the greatest and literally made my year with your submission! Love ya!

LUSTFULLY YOURS-01 Nothing's Gonna Stop Me/02 Lustfully Yours/03 Baby Let's Rock/ 04 Fake It/ 05 Honey, Dont You Know?/06 Brand New Lover/ 07 Candy Man

PLEASE check this out and comment......it means so much to me that Niki Corvette too the time to share this with me, the LEAST I can do is share it with my readers (BOTH of ya!)......

Link will be up in a little while, hope ya LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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