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Some Christmas Music for the REST of us

OK, it is currently Sunday night, 12/20/25 at 12:11 as I type this.......I have just polished off 20 or so
Michelob Ultras, a BIG handful of Kratom caps.and a buddy's home grown  redi-bud, and I am wanting to post somethubg KICKASS for the holidays....I'm hoping  that my regular assistants continue to comtibute OFTEN (their stuff is generally more interesting than my own,,anyway), but as I will be of work for a couple months, I can do me some FULL TIME BLLLLLOOOOGGGGIN!!!!!!!

All of my blog-friends have chipped in with thier own Christmas contributions, so, I thought it was about time I did so as well....and HERE it is! Some of these may have been posted before, you know, if you know ME, that I am FAR too lazy to check on that, so MAYBE we'll get you a brand new Christmas experience, or MAYBE we won't!

OK, rock and Christmas, not always the greatest mix.....it's always fun to think of the non-novelty Christmas rock songs that don't flat out suck, anyone for The Pretenders'"2000 Miles"? The Who's "Tommy Doesn't Know What Day it Is"? The Kinks "Father Christmas"? Two I always love to point out are "Brick" by Ben Folds Five, which, although it takes place the day AFTER Christmas, is one of the most depressing songs ever written (It's about taking his girlfriend to get an abortion if you didn't know), and Elliott Smith's "Kings Crossing", because it gives a bleak shout out to the season ("It's Christmas time, and the needle's on the tree, a skinny Santa is bringing something for me, his voice is overwhelming, and his speech is slurred, and I only understand every other word..."), and it IS THE most depressing song ever written, wittnessed by the fact that he killed himself somewhat after it's appearance (not that the rest of his stuff was exactly The Bonzo Dog Band or anything)....

OK, Christmas comps, I have a handful and I don't know which I've put up before and which I
haven't, lets just grab a handful and see what happens....I know I HAVE posted "A Santa Cause: A Punk Rock Christmas" before and it was kind of popular, lots of oddball stuff here, right off the bat The AKA's cover Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis", Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate, Mighty Mighty Bosstones all check in as some of the better known acts, also off the wall bands such as Punchline, Saosin, and a wrap up hidden track "Santa Has a Mullet" from Nerf Herder......I'm pretty sure there is a Volume 2 of this, but I am not sure if I have it or not, I'll try to locate it and if anyone has a share, that's what the sesaon be all about.

I found a Torrent on the Bay, "Punk Rock Christmas Songs", dominated by seven tracks from Bowling For Soup, also Fear's legendary "Fuck Christmas", The Ramones "Merry Christmas", as well as a bunch of overlap with the above mentioned "Santa Cause" set. This, like many homemade Torrent projects, programs it's material in alphabetical order, so you combine these two sets and program them however you like, I'll take this over the normal stuff we are bombarded with each December.

I ran across this one recently, not EXACTLY my cup, but some may fancy this, "A Rock N Roll Christmas".....the highlight is Bob Seger and the Last Heard with "Sock It To Me Santa", alongside a total mishmash of The Moody Blues, ELP, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Squire, and others, topped by the Kink's aforementioned "Father Christmas".......this likely contains, at least, something you've not heard before.

Lastly, and LESS my cuppa than that, is a new (2015) set, "A Southern Rock Christmas"......."Southern Rock" as we think of it (Marshall Tucker, stuff like that), never did THAT much for me, but if you DO like it, how about The Outlaws, Charlie Daniels, Blackfoot (always did like them, at least their first album "Strikes!" for some reason), Black Oak Arkansas and more......I gave it a quick listen, actually pleasantly surprised.

So, if I don't talk to you again, (I might) before Christmas, hope you and your family have a fantastic
one, also, if celebrate Haunikah (I'm sure I bombed THAT spelling!), or whatever, BigScott62, BigCarla66, and BigGrant97 (did I mention he was accepted into the honors program at the University of Akron next year? Proud Daddy here!), and the entire team at Growing Bored For a Living all wish each and every one of you all the best, and a great year in 2016 as well!

Please, please, continue to comment, (comments that flame the material I post are welcome, name-calling, not as much, but I still don't delete those either, say whats on your mind), read, submit (I LOVE guest material), and share......also, if there is something you want, the only way I'll know is if you request it!

Thanks for sticking with the blog, entertaining the discrminating music lover now for over a TWENTIETH of a CENTURY!

SOMETHING CORPORATE-Forget Decemeber/03 THE MATCHES-December is For Cynics/04 BLINK 182-I Won't Be Home For Christmas/05 FAR-Feed the World (Do They Know It's Christmas)/06 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/07 MXPX-Christmas Night of Zombies/08 FROM FIRST TO LAST-X12 Days of Xxxmasx/09 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/10 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex' Miss/11 ACCEPTANCE-So This is Christmas/12 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/13 JASON GLEASON-Sleigh Bells and Wine/14 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/15 MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES-This Time of year//16 STAND STILL-I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause/17/THE BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE-A Cradle In Bethlehem/18 PUNCHLINE-Icicles/19 SAOSIN-Mookie's Last Christmas/20 THE RED WEST-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/25 (Hidden Track) NERF HERDER-Santa's Got a Mullet

PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS SONGS-01 A CHANGE OF PACE-Christmas on the Coast/02 ACTION ACTION-Father Christmas/03 BLINK 182-I Won't Be Home For Christmas/04 BOUQUET OF VEAL-It's Christmas/05 BOWLING FOR SOUP-All I Want For Christmas Is You/06 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Bobby Wants a Puppy Dog For Christmas/07 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Father Christmas/08 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Frosty the Snowman/09 BOWLING FOR SOUP-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause/10 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)/11 BOWLING FOR SOUP-Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy/12 DI-Mr Grinch/13 DAVE MIELLO-All I Want For Christmas/14 DOWN TO EARTH APPROACH-Stay/15 EL VEX-Feliz Navi-Nada/16 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/17 FEAR-Fuck Christmas/18 FROM FIRST TO LAST-X12 Days of Xxxmasx/19 GONE BY DAYLIGHT-Tell Me Is It Christmas/20 IT DIES TODAY-Feliz Navidad/21 JUNE- A Wonderful Christmas Time/22 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/23 MC LARS-Gary the Green Nosed Rainbow/24 MEG & DIA-Joey Has a Smoke/25 METAL MIKE, ALLISON, AND JULIA-Deck the Halls/26 MIGHTY MIGHTY
BOSSTONES-This Time of Year/27 MOJO NIXON-Christmas Christmas/28 MURDER CITY DEVILS-364 Days/29 MURDER CITY DEVILS-Dead By Christmas/30 MXPX-Christmas Night of Zombies/31 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-All I Want For Christmas Is You/32 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex' Miss/33 NOFX-Xmas Has Been X'ed/34 PANSY DIVISION-Homo Christmas/35 PUNCHLINE-Icicles/36 SAOSIN-Mookie's Last Christmas/37 SLOPPY SECONDS-Hooray For Santa Claus/38 SOMETHING CORPORATE-Forget December/39 STAND STILL-I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus/40 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-White Christmas/41 SUGAR CULT-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/42 THE AKA'S-Christmas In
Hollis/43 THE CELIBATE RIFLES-Merry Xmas Blues/44 THE DAMNED-There Ain't No Sanity Clause/45 THE DICKIES-Silent Night/46 THE FINALS-Last Christmas/ 47 THE FROGS-Here Comes Santa's Pussy/48 THE GREEDIES-A Merry Jingle/49 THE HUMPERS-Run Run Rudolph/50 THE MATCHES-December is For Cynics/51 THE RAMONES-Merry Christmas/52 THE RAVERS-Punk Rock Christmas/53 THE REAL QUAID-Thank God It's Christmas/54 THE TOY DOLLS-Credit Crunch Christmas/55 THE USED-Happy Christmas (War Is Over)/56 THE VANDALS-A Gun For Christmas/57 THE VANDALS-Christmas Time For My Penis/58 THE VANDALS-My First Christmas as a Woman/59 THE VANDALS-Oi To the World/60 TVTV$-Daddy Drank Our Christmas Money/61 TYLER READ-New Year/62 ZEBRAHEAD-All I Want For Christmas Is You

A ROCK N ROLL CHRISTMAS-01 ELTON JOHN-Step Into Christmas/02 JON BON JOVI-I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas/03 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-Sock It To Me Santa/04 THE MOODY BLUES-What Child Is This/05 GEORGE THOROGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS-Rock n Roll Christmas/06 EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER-I Believe in Father Christmas/07 ELVIN BISHOP-Silent Night/08 THE WAITRESSES-Christmas Wrapping/09 BILLY SQUIRE-Christmas is the Time To Say I Love You/10 CHUCK BERRY-Merry Christmas Baby/11 THE KINKS-Father Christmas

SOUTHERN ROCK CHRISTMAS-01 THE OUTLAWS-What Child Is This/02 ARTIMUS PYLE BAND-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/03 STEVE MORSE-We Three Kings/04 POINT BLANK-Merry Christmas Baby/05 CHARLIE DANIELS-It's Bad to Have the Blues at Christmastime/06 GEORGIA SATELLITES-Run Run Rudolph/07 ADAM HOOD-Please Come Home For Christmas/08 PAUL NELSON BAND-Merry Christmas Everybody/09 RICHIE FURAY-Christmas Must Be Tonight/10 BLACKFOOT-Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer/11 SAMMY KERSHAW-That Spirit of Christmas/12 PAT TRAVERS-So This Is Christmas/13 BLACK OAK ARKANSAS-Christmas Everywhere/14 OAK RIDGE BOYS-Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Quite a haul, huh? I know there's some overlap, but certainly a gem or three here.......Brian, Cliff, and Jonder have all submitted fab Christmas contributions, it'd be greart if any of the rest of ya have anything to turn us on to for the holidays!

Love to all


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