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The Late Show

Well, I have a minute or two left, before I gotta go, so why not stay in that 80's power-pop thing I've been mired in for a little bit? This is The Late Show, with their album "Portable Pop", another overlooked CD from that era.......this is a good one, crispy clean power pop, if you've liked the others I've posted, it'll be great by you, I've got a LOT more of this stuff, so we'll see where I go from here, but for now, you would be in error should you not check this one out, it's a good one!

PORTABLE POP-01 Take a Chance/02 Stop/03 I Won't Play the Clown/04 Action Speaks Louder Than Words/05 What Can I Do/06 Hey Sue/07 Look Who's Laughing Now/08 Judy/09 Protect Your Love/10 So Happy/11 Won't Mind Waiting/12 Just a Matter of Time

I never really thought I'd trot all of these albums out, but since I have, PLEASE take advantage!

A Halloween Punk Comp From Lewdd

From Lewdd comes a Halloween  punk comp, unsure if it's an original creation or not, but there are some cool tracks here, if you look at the track list......Dead Kennedys, a BUNCH of Misfits, an old favae of MINE, 45 Grave........lots of stuff! Thanks tons Lewdd!

01 Dead Kennedys - Halloween
02 Misfits - 20 Eyes
03 Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose
04 Misfits - American Psycho
05 Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards - Army of Zombies
06 Misfits - Astro Zombies
07 Brains - Zombie Nation
08 Lillingtons - Zombies
09 Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Devil's Night Out
10 Misfits - Devil's Whorehouse
11 45 Grave - Fucked by the Devil
12 Four Letter Word - Coffin Nails
13 Damned - Dead Beat Dance
14 Misfits - Vampira
15 Devil's Brigade - Vampire Girl
16 Misfits - Land of the Dead
17 Misfits - Night of the Living Dead
18 Damned - Nasty
19 Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones
20 Misfits - Monster Mash
21 45 Grave - Evil
22 Misfits - I Turned into a Martian
23 Misfits - Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight
24 Horror Pops - Ghouls
25 Misfits - Skulls
26 Misfits - Walk Among Us
27 Damned - Psychomania
28 Misfits - Pumpkin Head
29 Effigies - Haunted Town
30 Agent Orange - This House is Haunted
31 Freeze - Halloween Night
32 Misfits - Halloween

Lazarus, a David Jones effort

(scott)-OK, once again, Jon S and John N send me the same effort (talk about great minds thinking alike!),
and once again I will use both of their submissions as John N sends me a good write-up, while Jon S sends us tracklists as well as a bonus album (see Bl4ckst4r below)......so thanks to BOTH of you fabulous gentlemen who help me to keep this here thing going, much love to you both!

And as I always say, one can never have too much David Jones!
(from John N) In the final months of his life, David Bowie wrote an off-Broadway musical called Lazarus.
A spiritual sequel to the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth — which Bowie himself starred in — Lazarus opened to raveREVIEWS at the New York Theatre Workshop back in December. It was later commissioned for a run of London shows.
Along with 19 Bowie penned songs sung by the cast — including the near embodiment of Bowie himself, Michael C. Hall — the tracklist boasts 3 previously unheard recordings from the legend himself. According to Rolling Stone, “No Plan”, “Killing A Little Time”, and “When I Met You” were all written and recorded by Bowie specifically for Lazarus and are believed to be his final recordings.

(from Jon S)-Lazarus is a musical that is a sequel of sorts to The Man Who Fell To Earth... I think. I really don't know much about it at all other than it starred the guy who played Dexter. A cast album was put out a few days ago and on it are 3 unreleased songs by DB. Here are the soundtrack and a fan-compiled Bl4ckst4r complete edition with the 2014 versions of Sue and 'Tis Pity along with the new songs and the core songs.



(01) [Ricky Nelson] Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)/(02) [Michael C. Hall & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Lazarus/(03) [Michael C. Hall, Lynn Craig & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] It's No Game/(04) [Sophia Anne Caruso & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] This Is Not America/(05) [Charlie Pollack] The Man Who Sold The World/(06) [Sophia Anne Caruso] No Plan/(07) [Michael Esper & Original New York Cast of Lazarus]LOVE Is Lost/(08) [Cristin Milioti & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Changes/(09) [Michael C. Hall & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Where Are We Now-/(10) [Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milioti, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, Krystina Alabado & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Absolute Beginners/(11) [Michael Esper] Dirty Boys/(12) [Michael C. Hall] Killing A Little Time/(13) [Sophia Anne Caruso] Life On Mars-/(14) [Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] All The Young Dudes/(15) [David Bowie] Sound And Vision/(16) [Cristin Militia] Always Crashing In The Same Car/(17) [Michael Esper & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Valentine's Day/(18) [Michael C. Hall & Krystina Alabama] When I Met You/(19) [Michael C. Hall, Sophia Anne Caruso & Original New York Cast of Lazarus] Heroes


(01) [David Bowie] Lazarus/(02) [David Bowie] No Plan/(03) [David Bowie] Killing A Little Time/(04) [David Bowie] When I Met You


01 Blackstar/02 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore/03 Lazarus/04 Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)/05 Girl Loves Me/06 Dollar Days/07 I Can't Give Everything Away/08 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore - 2014SINGLE/09 Sue (or In A Season Of Crime) - 2014 single/10 No Plan/11 Killing A Little Time/12 When I Met You

Honeyblood, a fantastic submission from John N

Really like this one, you all know my love of chick rock, of course, and this duo from Glasgow Scotland

bring the goods, big time.......again, SOMEWHAT Sleater Kinney influenced, but not exactly.......this new album "Babes Never Die" is near-certain year end material, and can hardly wait to check out the 2014 debut. Honeyblood are Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (vocal, guitar) and Shona McVicar (drums, vocals)....."Babes Never Die" is a fab album, really good songs, well presented, well performed, what can I say? You want this one, boyo, and LIKELY their previous release......."Sea Hearts", "Love is a Disease", the hard rocking "Justine, Misery Queen" are all fab and that is only the start.......great album, and I'm hoping the debut is half as good....a new release, so you know what I MEAN by THAT, and especially in this case, I'd hate to have this one pulled before you folks got your mitts on this one, it's GOOD!

HONEYBLOOD-01 Fall Forever/02 Super Rat/03 (I'd Rather Be) Anywhere but Here/04 Bud/05 Killer Bangs/06 Biro/07 Choker/08 No Spare Key/09 Joey/10 Fortune Cookie/11 All Dragged Up/12 Braid Burn Valley

BABES NEVER DIE-01 Intro/02 Babes Never Die/03 Ready For the Magic/04 Sea Hearts/05 Love is a Disease/06 Walking at Midnight/07 Justine, Misery Queen/08 Sister Wolf/09 Hey, Stellar/10 Cruel Kids/11 Gangs/12 Outro

I like this one, all I can say......John N has turned me on to more music than anyone since Marshall Phillips 40 years ago (you'd have to look up a super old post to see who THAT late great is), but I do feel indebted to John N (AND everyone else) for all the new sounds for us all to discover!

A Tim Buckley Rarity

(Scott) John N sends in this rare Tim Buckley album, 
"Lady Give M Your Key"....these are demos and thelike from his classic "Goodbye and Hello"......I've not heard the collection as of yet, but I think it is interesting enough to post to the blog......AND, John N was generous enough to send me a BUNCH of Tim Buckley albums......what is the interest level? Let me know, there is some great stuff in there, "Goodbye and Hello", of course, but lots more.......he was a favorite of BigMike42 (my Pops) and he has kind of a so-so following......likely I will post the whole collection at some point, but REALLY wish to gauge the interest level.......check this one out first, if you desire, and let me know.......Buckley was unique, a different animal to be sure, but some damn fab stuff comes from his works........please help me evaluate the interest level, I've never though of a Buckley post (even though I happen to own a copy of BigMike42's vinyl version) before, but sounds interesting, no? I strive for variety, you know that, so PLEASE let me know if you are feeling this.
01 Sixface
02 Contact
03 Lady, Give Me Your Key
04ONCE Upon a Time
05 Once I Was
06 I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain
07 Pleasant Street
08 Knight-Errant
09 Marigold
11 No Man Can Find the War
12 I Can’t Leave You Lovin’ Me
13 She’s Back Again

Oh, why not? Pretenders 2016

I LOOOOOOVEED the first three Pretenders albums, saw them live three times, loved the band, and, of course, Chrissie's (my Buckeye Homegirl) stellar vocals and lyrics......my GOD "The Pretenders" and "Learning to Crawl" were fantastic, among the greatest albums of the 1980's......anyway, I have NOT been a huge fan of the music that Ms. Hynde has delivered since then (1983)........("I'm not the kind I used to be, I got a kid, I'm 33)........well, Chrissy for sure aint no 33, but neither am I......I am gonna carpet bomb this thing "Alone" quickly........John N submits this one, and let me give it a QUICK carpet bomb listen.......

Well, I checked it......no surprise here, my babydoll Chrissie still has them pipes.....obviously, the original Pretenders would sound better, but I've always been a sucker for The Pretenders and especially Chrissie Hynde......this is a fair enough album, no classic, not even close......but GOOD if you are a Pretenders fan......so have at it, it really IS worth your while, and I really was not going to post it if I deemed in unworthy........thanks to John N for another great submission!

ALONE-01 Alone/02 Roadie Man/03 Gotta Wait/04 Never be Together/05 Let's Get Lost/06 Chord Lord/07 Blue Eyed Sky/08 The Man You Are/09 One More Day/10 I hate Myself/11 Death Is Not Enough/12 Holy Commotion

I was (honestly) all prepared not to like this one.....but actually, it's good, and reminds me a good bit of those early Pretenders albums......Chrissie still has that sexy, hard-assed voice/attitude, and I still love it/her! Go Chrissie.....good album, glad it's here, and remember it's new, and what that means, but it's maybe the most SURPRISINGLY good album I've heard in a while. Enjoy, and I LOVE YOU CHRISSIE (always have!)

One if By Land

(scott) unfamilar with these Pennsylvania lads, but fair-to-good punk rock........carpet bombed it and it kept my interest, at least......kinda "same-ish", but damn, ya know PUNK ROCK Dawg..........it's a decent one, from John N of course, and we'll post it just to see what the folks all think. Here's the write up that John N sent along with it:

Over the years, Fred Oakman has proved to beONE of the most consistently fantastic, emotionally open songwriters in our region. A Meadville native, Oakman fronted the progressive pop-punk band the Twirpentines. Doing the same with Signal Home, he found himself joined by Troy Messerall on guitar and Paul Dean on bass. Now, along with drummer Jim Stone, the quartet has recorded their first full length as One If By Land. The sound is still punk rock, mined from No Idea records bands and Punknews.org followers. They’re a band that shares a strong history, and they’re not afraid to examine it. Growing up has long been a theme for Oakman, and *Nobody Wants toLEAVE* draws upon the a similar biting sentimentality. It’s safe to say that anyone who grew up on PA punk shows will be emotionally affected by the chorus of “Reasoner.” Raw, driving, and introspective, the album is a cathartic resolution, strong from front to back. The album rises and falls, ending epically with “Living Rooms and Basements.” Recorded by Messerall in his home studio, the sound is thick and balanced, powerful and sensitive. - Nick Warren

Wrapping up John N's Massive Madrugada Submission

(Scott) this has been a good one, I've been hipped to something with which I was unfamiliar before, it's really
cool stuff, thanks to John N......the world, I don't think, will EVER run out of new/different music, despite the terror felt by the music industry.......if they would only understand that blogs such as this one are there to HELP them......but never mind, it won't happen........got some live material (and the like) today from this way cool band.....

LIVE AT THE KNACK KLUB, BERLIN, 3/20/00-01 Vocal/02 Strange Colour Blue/03 Venus In Furs/04 Sirens/05 Belladonna/06 Higher/07 Electric/08 Beautyproof/09 Salt/10 Highway 2.000.000/11 Norwegian Hammerworks Corp./12 Black Mambo/13 This Live House/14 Wheelchair/15 Carry Home

THE BLACK SESSIONS 2000-01 Terraplane/02 Vocal/03 Strange Colour Blue/04 Higher/05 Beautyproof/06 Salt/07 Norwegian Hammerworks Corp./08 This Old House

LIVE AT TRALFAMADORE 2005-DISC 1-01 Hard to Come Back/02 Majesty/03 You Better Leave/04 Strange Colour Blue/05 On Your Side/06 The Kids Are On High Street/07 Seven Seconds/08 Mother of Earth/09 Running Out of Time/10 Black Mambo/11 Sometimes I Feel Like a
Motherless Child/12 Sail Away    DISC 2-01 Blood Shot Adult Commitment/02 Black Mambo (Terror Mix)/03 Only When You're Gone/04 Lift Me

LIVE AT NALEN STOCKHOLM 2008 DISC 1-01 Whatever Happened to You/02 Hour of the Wolf/03 Look Away Lucifer/04 Belladonna/05 Strange Colour Blue/06 Highway of Light/07 Majesty/08 Honey Bee/09 Funny Thing/10 Seven Seconds/11 Valley Of Deception/DISC 2-01 Vocal/02 Caravan/03 What's On Your Mind/04 Only When You're Gone

Tons of thanks to John N for all the work that goes into these mega-posts, they border on amazing! This is yet another fantastic one........

Just in Time For Halloween, Some 45 Grave!

I made this album years ago, it's 45 Grave's "Sleep In Saftey" as well as a bunch of bonus tracks from other albums I pasted on there......I mean this was WAAAY back when I first started making CD's and the like, so if the song titles don't line up with what is "supposd to be there", sorry, I fucked up.......but there is plenty of great horror/punk here from the awesome 45 Grave, if the track lit is inaccurate, sorry, it's still a fab listen!

SLEEP IN SAFETY/01 Insurance From God/02 Evil/03 Party Time/04 Violent World/05 Slice O' Life/06 Phantoms/07 Dream Hits II/08 Bad Love/09 Surf Bat/10 Riba Flavin/12 45 Grave/13 School's Out/14 Party Time (Single Version)/15 Take Five/16 My Type/17 Dream Hits/18 Death March/19 Fucked By the Devil/20 Black Cross/21 Anti, Anti, Anti/22 Concerned Citizen/23 Eye

Stud kid with more Madrugada & My Midnight Creeps

(scott) WOW, never figured on getting MORE Madrugada, let alone a side project-type of thing, but here it is complimenats of Studkid.......he's another valuable contributor here, as I'm sure you know by NOW, and athis is a FAB submission that nicely piggybacks the magnificent John N Madrugada submission! *sorry no track lists, perhaps to come later)

I do not if John N's Madrugada output is finished, but I have some demos and a live disk.

Burås (guitar) died in 2007, and that was the end of Madrugada. But, before he died,
he had just finished recording the 2nd album with his own band My Midnight Creeps.
My Midnight Creeps is garage rock'n roll. 2 albums here.

Sivert Høyem (singer) is stillACTIVE. His solo's is has a kind of sing-songwriting feel to it. Høyem discog. 

Sorry, for the rushed upload. But use it as you like

Despite all Scott's RAGE, he is still just a rat in a cage (part1)

Honestly, I don't recall ever doing a post on Rage Against the Machine, ever, likely I did, as they have long
been a fave with their ultra-serious, ultra-leftist, bordering on hateful (see Tom Norello's support for Shining path) raging rock.......Morello is one of rock's most distinctive guitrists, Zach de la Rocka is a shouter/sloaganeer unmatched in the genre, and Brad Commerford and Y Tim K were at the time argueably rock's best rhythm section......they owned the late 90's with a couple of classics, were in my opinion certainly the best live band of their era, and, somewhat similar to the New York Dolls decades earlier, always felt as though they were destined to implode due to internal issues/tensions.

I think today I'll give ya the standard issues, and wait for tomorrow for the rare stuff, concerts, et al....there is so much wonderous material in each batch, you may need a day to absorb all this.....in some cacse you don't know, RATM's sound is a tornado of metal, funk, hip hop, ultra-leftist politics.......the politics pretty much "made" the band, but the music? Simply  all three "regular" issues (four if you count "Renegades") are essential, and the stuff from the vault is just as excellent.....one of my faves of the 1990's, to be certain.....

OK, in 1994, the released their self-titled debut, the weakest, imo, of the three regular releases.....not that it didn't take the world by storm, with stuff like "Bombtrack", "Bullet in the Head", and "Killing in the Name", no one will every confuse this disc with something from Rod McKuen or something.....I do NOT underrate this album, 3.5 stars easilly.....

However, MUCH better is "Evil Empire"(1996), more snarling but with better songs ("Bulls On Parade", "Down Rodeo" and, especially, the great "Vietnow!".....tremendous album, four stars. Outdoing themselves again, they released their best effort prior top calling it a career, more or less....1999's "The Battle of Los Angeles" was, imo, the best release of that year, and it's RATM's best by a wide margin......this thing just blasts out at you, "Testify", "Calm Like a Bomb", and in particular "Sleep Now in the Fire"(their best effort, imo) sound as fresh and menacing as they did  17 (!!!) years ago.

Also going to include "Renegades" with this batch.....album gained mixed reviews upon release, it's a covers album, with songs selected for their revolutionary impact at the time of release......it's hit or miss to a degree, but when it hits it's mark (Dylan's "Maggie's Farm", "Street Fighting Man", and "I'm Housin"' stqand out, while "Kick Out the Jams", "Down on the Street" and a couple of others come across as not nearly as menacing as the originals.

LOTS more tomorrow, I said they were a fine live act and you will see that, and there is are a bunch of other
tracks in the vault too......I've got a handful of boots, but should anyone happen to have any others, we'll sure take em and post em!

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE-01 Bombtrack/02 Killing in the Name/03 Take the Power Back/04 Settle For Nothing/05 Bullet in the Head/06 Know Your Enemy/07 Wake Up/08 Fistfull of Steel/09 Township Rebellion/10 Freedom

EVIL EMPIRE-01 People of the Sun/02 Bulls On Parade/03 Vietnow/04 Revolver/05 Snakecharmer/06 Tire Me/07 Down Rodeo/08 Without a Face/09 Wind Below/10 Roll Right/11 Year of tha Boomerang

THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES-01 Testify/02 Guerilla Radio/03 Calm Like a Bomb/04 Mic Check/05 Sleep Now In the Fire/06 Born of a Broken Man/07 Born as Ghosts/08 Maria/09 Voice of the Voiceless/10 New Millenium Homes/11 Ashes in the Fall/12 War Within a Breath

RENGADES-01 Pistol Grip Pump/02 Street Fighting Man/03 Maggie's Farm/04 Beautiful World/ 05 Microphone Fiend/06 I'm Housin'/07 Kick Out the Jams/08 In My Eyes/09 Renegades of Funk/10 How I Could Just Kill a Man/11 Down on the Street/12 The Ghost of Old Tom Joad/13 Kick Out the Jams (live hidden track)/14 How I Could Just Kill a Man (live hidden track)

Next post will be betetr, this is just a warm up for that one......anyone with any material to submit (de la rocka's solo albam? never heard it.....That Nightwatchman project with Chuck D sounds interesting as hell too, unsure if it's out yet though....)look for it tomorrow I hope, and fight the power!

My RAGE (Against the Machine) Part 2/4

Gonna concentrate on live in concert efforts today and tomorrow, and whenever after that,is when I got
some rarities, demos, collaborations, and other stuff.....as I said yesterday they were outstanding on stage......really, not much reason to wax terribly poetic about these releases, sometimes I may not even know the venue date, but there is a lot of screaming live Rage here.......track lists are about all we need I think, and any other info I can happen to come up with......lotsa stuff here, and plenty more next post.

LIVE BATTLE RAGE-(no date/venue listed)-01 Intro/02 Testify/03 Born of a Broken Man/04 Bullet in the Head/05 No Shelter/06 People of the Sun/Without a Face/07 Guerilla Radio/08 Vietnow/09 Sleep Now In the Fire/10 The ghost of Old Tom Joad/11 Bombtrack/12 Wake Up/13 Bulls On parade/14 Freedom/15 Unknown/16 Killing In the Name

WOODSTOCK '99-No Shelter/02 People of the Sun/03 Know Your Enemy/04 Born of a Broken Man/05 Vietnow/06 Bullet in the Head/07 The Ghost of Tom Joad/08 Bombtrack/09 Wake Up/10 Bulls On Parade/11 Freedom

SCREAM LOUDER-LOS ANGELES 10/1/96-01 Bulls On parade/02 Bombtrack/03 Vietnow/04 Down Rodeo/05 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos/06 Darkness/07 Tire Me/08 Fistful of Steel/09 Bullet in the Head/10 People of the Sun/11 Know Your Enemy/12 Killing in the Name/13 Freedom

LIVE AT THE QUAD LUNCHTIME 1991-01 Killing In the
Name (Instrumental)/02 Take the Power Back/03 Autologic/04 Bullet in the Head/05 Hit the Deck/06 Township Rebellion/07 Darkness of Greed/08 Clear the lane/09 Clampdown/10 Know Your Enemy/11 Freedom/12 Bombtrack/13 Killing in the Name

30 FOR A REVOLUTION DISC 1-01 Roll Right/02 Freedom/03 Pistol Grip Pump/04 Mic Check/05 No Shelter/06 Vietnow/07 Bullet in the Head/08 I'm Housin'/09 Without a Face/10 Wake Up/11 Voice of the Voiceless/12 Sleep Now In the Fire/13 Township Rebellion/14 Born of a Broken Man/15 Year of tha Boomerang\

30 FOR A REVOLUTION DISC 2-01 People of the Sun/02 Killing in the Name/03 Renegades of Funk/04 Guerrilla Radio/05 Bulls On Parade/06 Know Your Enemy/07 The Ghost Of Tom Joad/08 Maria/09 Down Rodeo/10 Bombtrack/11 Testify/12 How I Could Just Kill a man/13 Tire Me/14 Take the Power Back/15 Microphone Fiend

here's a starter set, got about this many more, and THEN demos and etc.........stay tuned1

Tim Buckley

OK, my bad, one way or the other.....it seemed to me like John N had sent me a BUNCH of Tim Buckley....well, either (1) I was confused, or (2) I lost them, and both of those would be highly possible.....I have no copy of "Hello/Goodbye" or whatever it's called, and would love a share.......what John N DID share for certain is this Rhino release, with a good bit of Buckley stuff for all of ya waiting for a fix......2 discs of good stuff, hope ya enjoy, and I'll try to put together a proper Buckley post soon......

so here is what we have here: the first (?) disc of this 1965 set, if there are moer parts out there, let m know, I am FAR from a Buckley expert......

01 I Can't See You/02 Wings/03 Song of the Magician/04 Strange Street Affair Under Blue/05 Valentine Melody/06 Aren't You the Girl/07 Song Slowly Song/08 It Happens Every Time/09 Song For Janie/10 Grief in My Soul/11 She Is/12 Understand Your Man/13 I Can't See You (mono)/14 Wings (mono)/15 Song of the magician (mono)/16 Strange Street Affair Under Blue (mono)/17 Valentine Melody (mono)/18 Aren't You the Girl (mono)/19 Song Slowly Song (mono)/20 It Happens Ever Time (mono)/21 Song For Janie (Mono)/22 Grief in my Soul (mono)/23 She Is (Mono)/24 Understand Your Man (Mono)

Hooten Tennis Club

(scott) OK, ladies, I bet ya don't know this one (A John N submission)........Hooten Tennis Club's second album "Big Box of Chocolates" is here, and I really don't know if it's "officially" released yet or not, but, I've hard it, and of course I like it, why you think it be up here?

Like everything else, I started a carpet-bomb listening trek, then when I discovered it really was something I was really down with, I checked the whole thing, it's pretty fucking fab, and I do recommend this one.....latter-day power-pop/slacker rock, and it works fine for me......this is their second disc, I bet one of you fab people have thier debut, I bet it's cool, but this one is as well, take THAT to the bank.......OK, so looking for their first album, as i really do like the second one, it's pretty damn good! I am glad that my team members can send me stuff like this that I've never heard of, and if it tickles my ears just right, I'll pass it on to you......simply stated, this is how we LEARN about new music, spend MONEY on new music, etc......we just have to HEAR it first! Sorry that is so hard for some folks to comprehend......

BIG BOX OF CHOCOLATES-01 Growing Concern/02 Bootcut Jimmy the G/03 Bad Dream (Break Down on St. George's Mount/04 Sit Like Ravi/05 Kati-Annie Bellis/06 O Man, Won't You melt Me/07 Statue of the Greatest Woman  I Know/08 Meet Me at the Molly Bench/09 Lauren, I'm In Love/10 Frostbitten in Fen Ditton/11 Lazers Linda/12 Big Box Of Chocolates

Well, I really enjoyed this one as welll.....it's new, so you know what that means....so here is the story, grab it now, just in case......and if you like it (I think it's fucking fab), please try to thank John N for the submit, plus all the extra work the man does, he is a machine!

Some Lou Barlow!

Here's an album sent to us via John N, I think h knew that this crowd would dig this one, from Low Barlow, "Apocalypse Fetish", which is at the very least an intersting effort, as Lou was an eassential member of GREAT 90's bands ala Dinosaur Jr. and (my fave) Sebbadoh.......Lou has that weird vocal style, it carris over well to, well, to our blog........pretty good album, might as well chack this one out as well!

APOCLYPSE FETISH-01 The Breeze/02 Apocalypse Fetish/03 Anniversary Song/04 Pour Reward/05 Try 2 B

I recommend this one, take some Kratom, some ativan, and mybe give this one a "chill listen" cause I think it'll work for ya.......not a bad release, at ALL!

More of my seething RAGE (part 3/4)

Well, here are the rest of my RATM live boots, as I have told you they were  tremendous live act, all of
these here are worth your while to listen to......tomorrow, plenty of demos, collaborations and other surprises! Not much detail to add to these, except play these motherfuckers loud.

COACHELLA 4/29/07-01 Intro/02 Testify/03 Bulls on Parade/04 People of the Sun/05 Bombtrack/06 Bullet in the Head/07 Know Your Enemy/08 Down Radio/09 Guerilla Radio/10 Renegades of Funk/11 Calm Like a Bomb/.12 Sleep Now in the Fire/13 Wake Up/14 Intermission/15 Freedom/16 Killing in the Name/17 Township rebellion

GET UP STAND UP-01 Bulls On Parade/02 Vietnow/03 Bombtrack/04 Bullet in the Head/05 Killing in the Name/06 Freedom/07 Zapata's Blood/08 Without a Face/09 The Darkness of Greed/10 Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox/11 Wake Up/12 Take the power back

LIVE AT THE GRAND OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM- (note: I think this was a commercial release if I remember right)01 Bulls on Parade/02 Bullet in the Head/03 Born of a Broken Man/04 Killling in the name/05 Calm Like a Bomb/06 Testify/07 Bombtrack/08 War Within a Breath/09 I'm Housin'/10 Sleep Now in the Fire/11 People of the Sun/12 Guerilla Radio/13 Kick Out the Jams/14 How I Could Just Kill a Man/15 No Shelter/16 Freedom

JUSTIFY THOSE THAT DIE-AMSTERDAM-2/7/93-01 Wake Up/02 Settle For Nothing/03 Killing In
the Name/04 Freedom/05 Killing In the Name/06 Bullet in the Head/07 Killing in the Name (remix)

BIG DAY OUT-AUKLAND NEW ZEALAND 1/18/08-01 Testify/02 Bulls on Parade/03 People of the Sun/04 Bombtrack/05 Know Your Enemey/06 Bullet in the Head/07 Tire Me/08 Vietnow/09 Guerrilla Radio/10 Calm Like a Bomb/11 Sleep Now In the Fire/12 Wake Up/13 Encore Break/14 Freedom/15 Killing in the Name

GOTTA love this band (of course, if they (like Gang of Four) were "true" to their convictions, they chould have given away thier records for free........maybe I just missed that part, I dunno).....great live sets, adn remember, MORE good RATM tomorrow as I wrap this part up!

Brought to you by Letter "D", more Garage Fuzz!

As I've said, this huge torrent is  favae of mine, there is  little of everything on this thing......classics,
obscurities (LOTS of them!).....I found it on line long ago, I don't recall how I posted it, but it was probably the wrong way......smaller serving sizes such as these will get it out to more of the diners in the restaurant, and the responses have been STRONG.......I hope you guys dig this one, cause it will be around for a little while at least, but, of my "Torrent Projects" (Female Metal, some others), this Garage Fuzz one is no doubt my favorite.......everyone else seems to be liking it as well, this time, and let's see what we can get up for ya yet today, as the VVVVVIIIIIKKKKKIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGSSSSSSS don't play until Monday Night Football this week,  but to compensate for that, No Vikings=Kickass Garage Fuzz........enjoy the letter "D")!

VOLUME 4-01 DAGGS-I Don't Know/02 DAN-DEES-Think About It/03 DANIEL PAUL REVELATION- Reflections of Mine/04 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/05 DAVE CLARK FIVE-Maze of Love/06 DAVE MEYERS & THE DISCIPLES- C'mon Love/07 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me Back/08 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues Theme/09 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues Theme (vocal)/10 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Cycle-Delic/11 DAWNBREAKERS-Alligator/12 DAZE OF THE WEEK-One Night Stand/13 DEAN CARTER-Rebel Woman/14 DEAN KOHLER-Gooseberry Pie/15 DEBONAIRES-Never Mistaken/16 DECADES-I'm Gonna Dance/17 DEL-VETTES-Last Time Around/18 DENIMS-White Ship/19 DENNY EZBA'S GOLD-Queen Mary/20 DESTINY'S CHILDREN-For Me/21 DINO DESI AND BILLY-The Rebel Kind/22 DISCIPLES-Junior Saw It Happen/23 DISTRICT SIX-She Cried No/24 DIVORCED-I'm Gonna Leave You Satisfied/25 DIVORCED-When I'm Coming Home/26 DOM-Dom/27 DON MELENA & THE DRY ICE-Land of Summertime/28 DON NORMAN & THE OTHER FOUR-Low Man/29 DRIFITIN FIVE-Hard Hearted Baby/30 DUST-Sky Flight

Don't miss this fab opportunity, there are about a zillion non-"Nuggets" tracks here, wonderful stuff......make
your own albums, keep this huge torrent on your drive, but whatever, Trevor, this is some bad ass shit that YOU fucking WANT!

One Day as a Lion

Petty Vendetta submts in the midst of all this Rage-related stuff, "One Day As A Lion", this trio features Zack de la Rocka, John Theodore on drums, and Joey Karon on keyboards........hey, this is a fine release, I'v heard it before, and it's kind of a rarity, and ita certainly fits in with the RATM theme of late....thanks  million to Petty Vendtta for this one!

ONE DAY AS A LION-01 Wild International/02 Ocean View/03 Last Letter/04 If You Fear Dying/05 One Day as a Lion

https://ulozto.net/!BRcAnnT87/ixsx-odaal-odaal-08-rar Daps 

A good submission, this is the kind of think I want to see here!

Another album from Hooten Tennis Club

(scott) I rally did enjoy the Hooten Tennis Club album that I posted yesterday, so much so that when John N sends us more of their work to evaluate, you I know I won't be thinking twice......(this is 2015's "Highest point in Clifftown")

OK, simply stated, this is an older album than the one posted yesterday......I really DID like that one, if you did too, maybe you may wish to give this one a try? might as well, we'll all find out together.........but evn if it's the worst album ever released, we OWE THANKS to John N for his amazing submissions to this blog......I love ALL my contributors, never doubt that!


1. Up In The Air
2. I’m Not Going Roses Again
3. P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. P.I.E.R.R.E
4. Something Much Quicker Than Anyone But Jennifer Could Ever Imagine
5. Jasper
6. Always Coming Back 2 You
7. Barlow Terrace
8. Spokes
9. Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair
10. Standing Knees
11. …And Then Camilla Drew Fourteen Dots On Her Knee
12. Fall In Luv

Crushing Yellow Sun

Wow, this one ("Space Station") come from John N and is one worth listening too, it's a one-man sludgy-psych kind of thing, I really did enjoy this one, (2016 release, you KNOW what that means by now!)........it's kinda weird, blending a lot of cartoon-voices with some seriously savage licks, I REALLY enjoyed this one, it's a little (or a LOT) "out there", but I'm telling you, this is a good album, quite possibly even "year end" material........not a joke, this one rocks and is a 2016 answer to a heavied-up Pink Floyd or something like that.......I just know, if it were myself, I'd not like to miss this one, it's really poppin'!

SPACE STATION-01 Dragonspace 2/02 Speeding Around the Sun/03 Kentucky Bluegrass/04 Mushroom Breathing/05 Wu Inspiration/06 Wasted in Suburbia #2/07 Bloody Mary With Big Drums/08 Wasted in Baton Rouge/09 Dandelion/10 Magic Potion/11 Sitar Drums/12 Psychedelicatessen 2/13 Telegram From Outter Space

I highly recommend this one to hard rock, psych, and post-Floyd spacey stuff....this is a fine one......does the guy have more work or not? hard to get info on him, but I will say, I REALLY did enjoy this one!