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Clark Hutchinson

Yet another of those wonderful early 1970's bad ass hard psych albums, the predecessors of modern eday stoner rock.......Clark Hutchinson is fairly standard hard blues-psych, for the era, but I do still love this stuff and always will....they made a couple of other albums, but this is the one that I happen to have, so here you be......NOT a "great" one, but a good enough one that I post it on my blog......in other words, it is hard edged, hard rocking, early 1970's rock n roll, the kind I like....you know that is a PASSION of mine, so I give you another slab of it......ROCK ON MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!

RETRIBUTION-01 Free to be Stoned/02 After Hours/03 In Another Way/04 Best Suit/05 Death the Lover

The Checkers

Some fairly unknown power-pop from 2004, The Checkers.......a good ol' USA band, pretty damned good for as unknown as they seem to be......good stuff here, and we've had a lot of calls for more of the obscure power pop......well, here is some!

MAKE A MOVE-01 Is He In?/02 The Nerve/03 You Don't Wanna Know/04 Observer/05 Seeing Spots/06 Bad Girl/07 Fanatic/08 User/09 Fugly/10 Never Again/11 Untitled

I know I didn't go into too much detail here, but I am trying to get a bunch of shit put up today....The Checkers were a fab power-popping band, AND fairly unknown, so that should be right up the alley of some of the minions here!

Good album, trust me if you had doubts!


Well for today, what say we start out with some Dopethrone, (from Montreal) their 2009 semi-classic "Demonsmoke"......I'd gather you can likely figure out what this here one is about, it's very hard, heavy, druggy, filled with drug-related speech samples......sometimes the almost-cookie monster vocals turn me off, but the riffs are thundering,  the songs are interesting, it's another piece, a "future essential" whn we are summarizing late 00's stoner rock.......I'd call this one more stoner/doom/sludge, and what could be wrong with that. I'm listening as I type, and I SWEAR I will never "get" those kind of vocals, but I do have to say, they stay pretty much in the background behind those crackling riffs and solos. It's a good one, and, seems weird to say, a definiet "period piece", ca. 2009!

DEMONSMOKE-01 Demonsmoke/02 Wizard's Sleeve/03 Spirit Ruiner/04 Abraxas/05 Psychic Vampire/06 Blood Boiler/07 Power Violence Forever/08 Legalize Murder

Not to be missed, at least for a certain segment of us!

The Apocalypse Blues Revue

(scott) A John N submission with which I was not previously familiar.......but, obviously their name is intriguing, and after a carpet bombing session, yep, this is some good stuff.....a new release (you know what THAT might mean, right Geep fans?), but very good, crude blues/rock, a little (or a LOT) on the rough-edged side, with even a hint or two of a mid-70's punk influence......pretty good album, I think most that hang out here will like it.

THE TOWER-01 Evil Is as Evil Does/02 Junkie Hell/03 Devil Plays a Strat/04 I Think Not/05 Whiskey In My Coffee/06 The Tower/07 Crossed Over/08 Blues Are Fallin' From the Sky/09 Work In Progress/10 The Devil In Me/11 Blue Cross/12 When the Music's Over

Cold Pumas

(scott) while I'm getting some of my other stuff ready, I'm sure you won't care that I up another new (2016)
album from the infinite John N collection, this one from the UK's own Cold Pumas.....never heard of them, lets see what we can discover......

OK, after reading a little, it seems that this band fits in well here, this ("The Hanging Valley") is their second effort......(if you have the first, let me know)......this is retro-80's gloomy stuff, maybe reminiscent of The Smiths to a degree, and some Sonic Youth.......I listened to this entire album and found it to be worthy of inclusion here......I do recommend it.......new albums, though, you guys know the drill, if you are interested. 

THE HANGING VALLEY-01 Slippery Slopes/02 Open Mouth of Dusk/03 A Change of Course/04 Severed Estates/05 A Human Pattern/06 The Slump/07 The Shaping of the Dream/08 Fugue States/09 Murmur of the Heart

Year end list material? Well, I don't know, we'll see, but VERY listenable (really like the first track "Slippery Slopes"), so, hey, thank John N for another NEW effort for you to enjoy (If it weren't for him, likely there would be ZERO "new" efforts posted here, so be as grateful to him as I am!....I think the new, lesser known releases adds another totally different dimension to the blog, and MAN will it be a help when compiling my year end list of best albums)

I really did enjoy this one, though, and think you may as well.......it's good, and definitely deserves a listen!

Davey Allen and the Arrows

Now, here is a GOOD one......I posted this back in the blog's days of infancy, so I may as well let all of you
late-comers have a taste of this great performer......If you don't know, Davey Allen and the Arrows specialized in fuzzed-up, psyched-out instrumentals from the semi-legendary biker movies of the mid-late 60's......his sound is almost immediately identifiable, you'll see as soon as you slip it on, you've heard it before, likely several times, just may not have known it......

OK, REALLY like these albums, and if you are new to them, you are most welcome, because at least myself, I find these slabs to be FUCKING ROCKING and ahead of their time (and this is stated by someone who IN GENERAL doesn't always enjoy instrumental rock.....sometimes it works, such as surf music, and here (biker music?) and sometimes it fails badly.....anyway, this stuff is fucking gold, you WILL love it, hard rocking as hell and the PERFECT score for those biker films of the 60's.......this is TREMENDOUS music, so there you be......dig the fuck out of it, because THIS IS THE SHIT, right here.....

FUZZ FEST-01 Chopper/02 Malfunction in Sector 9/03 Six-String Highway/04 Helldorado/05 Open Throttle (Alternate take)/06 Experiment in Terror/07 Angel Dust/08 Party/09 Gunslinger/10 Frantic/11 Emergency/12 Metal Fatigue/13 Polycarbonate/ 14 Corridor of Fear/15 Chopper (Alternate Take)/16 Open Throttle/17 Roswell, NM

OBSCURITIES, 1965-68-01 Scratchy/02 The Chase/03 Blue's Theme/04 UFO Theme/05 The Stompers
and the Souls/06 Pete's Orgy/07 Thunderball/08 Invasion/09 Blue's Trip/10 Mind Transferrer/11 The Ghost Story/12 The Devil's Rumble/13 Cycle-Delic/14 The Young World Fuzz Theme/15 The Checkered Flag

I don't know what you think of the directions this blog has gone in in the last year or so....I rely a LOT more on guest contributions, which has worked out well......but, sometimes, I drag out some stuff that I posted here likely before you were aware of our existence, and a LOT of them need reposted, and the definition of that are these Davey Allen classics.......got a TON of hits/DL's 3-4 years ago or whenever it was, and I hope it is popular this time as well........this is a pair of time-worn classics, if unfamiliar, you owe it to yourself to be down with these. Trust me they are GREAT

Counterfeit Jeans

(scott) may as well throw another "new" submission from John N (of course), this is quite a good one also, Counterfeit Jeans from Edmonton Canada.....it'll remind you of some of the better mid-90's alt/grunge, sounding at times like Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Built to Spill.......that kind of thing. I really did like this one though, people who (continually) say there is no good rock coming out anymore REALLY need to start looking around a bit more.......this is a good album, it may or may not turn up at years end, but for right now, why not just enjoy it?

COUNTERFEIT JEANS-01 Black Light/02 No Deire/03 Gemini/04 Generation/05 Fairy Ring/06 Breeder/07 The Summer/08 The Sleep/09 Disorder

Some more random Playboys, 1967-1980

I think (not sure) that after I get past 1980, my collection is a bit more comprehensive, but I am not
sure.....anyway, for now, here is a TOTALLY random collection of the issues that I do have from between 1967-1980......Playboy was probably the greatest magazine of all time, it saddened me that that they stopped with the naked women (blaming the internet? come the fuck ON.....if I live to be 200 years old, thre will NEVER EVER be "too many" naked women on my radar.......anyway, whatever.......here are the classic issues that I've discussed, and there are more to come, as I said, greatest mag of
all time when it was at its peak......the last batch was surprisingly more popular than I assumed it might be, hopefully the rest of these will be as well.....OH MY GOD, I remember 1972 (I think) Playmate of the Year Liv Lindeland......first time I'd ever seen a blonde pussy, and my life was changed forever! Anyway, I don't THINK I have that one, and it's a good thing.....see I've got a torn rotator cuff in my right arm, and, well, never mind. It's about time for baseball playoffs, isn't it?

The Intelligence

(scott) I'm going to wrap this up with another John N submission, The Intelligence 2015 release "Vintage Future"......I know VERY little about them, but I think the album sounded decent enough when carpet-bombed, really, I am not prepared to review this entire album, but I will say I did enjoy it the first time I listened to it......new wave/punk/alt/grunge whatever, it's an enjoyable album for you to listen to......enjoy it and thanks to John N!

VINTAGE FUTURE-01 Sex/02 Nocturnal Admissions/03 Cleaning lady/04 Whip My Valet/05 We refuse to pay the dues/06 Platinum Janitor/07 Tourists/08 Dieu Merci pour la Fixation de la Machine a Coudre/09 Romans/10 Vintage Future

Some more Julian Cope literature

After yesterday's post of Julian Cope, submitted by my pal Ruben Chandler, I got to thinking that I had this one on the ol' hard drive somewhere......took a little bit of looking around, but I found it......two PDF files, "Krautock Sampler", which really summarizes the scene and goes into good detail about some of the great performers in that genre........as you know, I love my Krautrock BUT I am FAR from an expert on it, thus these books are critical to the cause.......special request: let me know if you snatch these......I am, as always, interested in what the people who frequent this blog actually WANT.......if books/literature, etc, are in demand, I need to know......if it's stuff you'd rather do without, that is cool as well (I have TONS, that is why I bring it up).......this is a good book, read it a while back, and please, if you grab it and read it, GIMME  A FULL REPORT! I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to make this the BEST blog out there....NOT "one of" the best, mind ya..........

A Bit of Poly Styrene

Late of X-Ray Spex, Poly Styrene put out a decent album or two after that band called it a day.....what we have here is "Translucence", I post this because it is SO UNLIKE anything from X-Ray Spex that you won't believe it's the same chick.......(seems a lot of chicks take this route, after getting out of a punk band, they tend to go the dance-groove-route.....ok by me, any reason for women to shake their asses is going to meet with MY approval......

"Translucence" was a pretty fair disc, released 1980 as the punk wave was dying down.....artists were definitely trying to find other directions to turn themselves, and Poly did ok for herself (if you don't recall her work in X-Ray Spex, she really WAS a skilled vocalist)......

Not a bad album at all.......hell, it was the early 80's and the music scene was ALL KINDS OF fucked up....(I'll never forget one year in the early 80's, "Trouser Press" picked "nothing" as their choice for "Album of the Year".....I congratulated them for their balls at the time and continue to today)....

This is a semi-lost post punk-"sort of" gem.......typlifies the early 80's for certain, and no question you can hear the X-Ray Spex/punk influences in her singing......all in all, I WOULD recommend this one, it MIGHT not be "for you", but it kind of reminds of of the work of Spinnerette, who had previously sang for the Distillers......something like that.......pretty good stuff though, you may wish to enter here and check this.

TRANSLUCENCE-01 Dreaming/02 Toytown/03 Sky Diver/04 Day That Time Forgot/05 Shades/06 Essence/07 Hip City/08 Bicycle Song/09 Sub-Tropical/10 Translucence/11 Age/12 Goodbye

Pretty good, and almost totally forgotten album......give it a listen, this is NOT a bad album, not at all...

Please, would the Big Man post something that sucked? Well, yes, if I thought it was funny.....never mind.


Here is maybe the only Spys album, they might have made two, I don't know.....this one "Behind Enemy Lines" is pretty damn good though, typical of the power pop of the mid 1980's.......this album is REALLy smooth, glossily hard rocking, and if you missed out on it the first time, might be one "for you" if (like me) you have spent many years dissing the music of the early 80's (and we SHOULDNT do that, all eras/scenes have their definite charms)

BEHIND ENEMY LINES-01 Rescue Me/02 Midnight Fantasies/03 Behind Enemy Lines/04 Sheep Don't Talk Back/05 Reaction/06 Heartache/07 Race Against Time/08 Younger Day/09 Can't Stop Us Now

Literature Deluge!

After the pair of Julian Cope book submisions from earlier this week, I've received a handful of other great
books that I just have to share with you.......this is a good selection, at least on first inspection....

First, Ruben Chandler (who began this with the first Julian Cope submission) sends in a book on one of the most fascinating people in the history of music, Syd Barrett.....sorry, don't know the book's title, but it's gotta be totally great and interestting


Next an Anonymous contributor sends in another Julian Cope effort, "Head On".....I think this on is often sold in tandem with "Repossessed" (I havent' read it)


Another Anonymous submission comes our way, I assume from the same friend, "Journey to the Centre of the Cramps".....sounds off the charts excellent, should be a fascinating one to read


Again, Anonymous submission(s) (GOTTA be the same dude, right? Excellent contribution of TWO patti Smith books, "Just Kids" and "M Train"......once again, I haven't read these, but sure as hell will be loading them on the kindle yet tonight, always thought Patti Smith is one of the most fascinating people in the world.



And finally, and also anonymously (HAS TO BE the same dude!) sends another Syd Barrett effort, the appropriately titled "A Very Irregular Head".....again, looking forward to reading this one as well....


I have read NONE of these books before, and I am quite an avid reader......thank you SO MUCH for these submissions, just speaking for myself. Great stuff here, and it is PERFECTLY OK to submit books here, and they do not have to be music-related (although that is cool as well)......I LOVE reading, and I'd like to make certain that "reading" does not become a thing of the past.....I know some people say they don't like reading on a Kindle, but to me that makes no sense.....Kindle is a WONDERFUL way to read your books, imo MUCH better than holding paper copies of the book or whatever......anyway you don't HAVE TO have a Kindle to read these, you can read em right on your computer screen or whatever.......reading is FUNDAMNENTAL, kids, as they used to say......still is, and I have a GIGANTIC electronic library with works from hundreds of the great authors of all time, as well as some of the not-so-great-but-still-interesting ones......requests for books are ALWAYS welcome, so bring them on.......my faves include Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradberry, Bill James,  Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, George Orwell,  Chuck Paliholnik (sp?) and hundreds more.......if there is anything you want to request (book-wise) PLEASE do, I am excited by the book submissions today, I hope there are more to come and requests I can fill also. 

Much love to all, the readers here always do great things that make me forget the personal issues that dog life so often, and I thank every last one of you!


(scott)-I am buried in links I want to share with you....and I'll get them all to you ASAP......I love all of my guest contributors and post about 95% of what they send, because it's usually right on the mark, ie, stuff that I personally like, and I think the general audience here will like as well.......new, old, mainstream, unknown, all the same to me.....it's just rock n roll, for the most part, and if I can bring something new to you, GREAT...

NOW, while I;m thinking about it, we MAY not get anything posted this weekend.......Madame Angela, as discussed earlier is competing in a local talent extravaganza, singing Peggy Lee's "Fever" (oh, GOD yesssss), a ghost-hunting mission tomorrow night, and Sunday, well, I usually watch the Vikings play BUT they do have a bye-week this week, so, ya never know maybe I'll get you something.

This is a John N submission, I know he sends me everything with a "psych" label on it that he recieves, as he knows how much I love that stuff, this one is unknown to me as a good portion of his submissions are (ant THAT is the GREATEST thing in the world, each one is like an Xmas present).....this band is from Brazil, for some reason South America has REALLY turned out some fab psych/stoner rock over the years......perhaps they are smoking more potent weed down there or something.......but I carpet bombed this one, and yeah......sounds great. John N's submissions can be ANYTHING, he sends me a LOT of stuff (and I HOPE he never stops), but he knows the stuff I will like, and this fits the bill......a good one, thanks John N.....

NEGATIVE SUN-01 Strange Feelings/02 Bitter Juice/03 Electrosphere/04 Orange and Blue/05 Negative Sun/06 Of My Jaguar Dreams/07 Abstract Painting/08 Loveage Moondream/09 Trip Is Love/10 If You kill the Man

AND by the way, this is a new release, a 2016 release, you know what that means......if you want it, try it, I recently had a new release yanked.....and it's cool, we've discussed the situation to death, but the fact remains, ya never know, so act if you wish to!

John N Supplements Jon S

(scott)-Jon S sent, a while back, a pretty comprehensive post on Betty Davis......I personally learned a good bit from it, as she is a performer with whom I had only a small bit of familiarity. Anyway, I REALLY did enjoy some of her "slut-soul" as I'll call it (compliment coming from me), and I find in my stuff that John N has sent us a supplement, "The Columbia Years, 1968-69"......now without checking, I DONT THINK there is overlap between the two submissions......this is older, archival, stuff for fans/collectors/completists......all cool, I hope that some of you need this one to fill in a gap (I think Brian is a Betty Davis fan if I recall correctly, so she just may have quite a following on our blog.......well, you know how I PERSONALLY love those sexually liberated females, certainly she fit THAT description to a "T", so away we go with some vintage Betty Davis!

THE COLUMBIA YEARS 1968-69-01 Hangin' Out/02 Politician Man/03 Down Home Girl/04 Born on the Bayou/05 I'm Ready Willing and Able (Take 1)/06 I'm Ready Willing and Able (Take 9)/07 It's My Life (Alternate Take)/08 Live Love Learn/09 My Soul Is Tired


Some fucking bands are damn near impossible to search for information on, due to their name.....likely the WORST one is one of my faves, Love, (try it sometime), but "England" is just as bad...to bad too, because this is a fab album......more of that 1970's hard psych/rock that DEFINES me.......I can't, however, locate a list of their members, or anything like that, but I DO have this fab CD......it's no essential classic, by any means, but it's another definitive issue from that era/genre that means so much to me......check "How Does It Feel?" and "Life and Soul"......they are pretty good tunes, again, nothing essential here, but by the time we're all dead, maybe I will have donated ALL of my 1968-76 hard rock to the cause, and you'll get my theory...then in 30 years when everyone is desperately looking for this stuff, people will say, "DAMN remember that BigScott62 dude? That guy was IN TUNE with the various hard rock scenes over the years....he should be a Saint or something".....likely that isn't how it will go, but this is a pretty good album, if you've followed my obsession with the hard psych-rock of that era, it's maybe another that you may wish to give a listen to.

ENGLAND-01 The Osprey/02 Keswick Line/03 out of Town/04 Beauty and the Beast/05 Paradise Lost/06 How Does It Feel?/07 Nature Ruled/08 The Fleece/09 Life and Soul

Legal Weapon

Thought I might as well put up another 1980's sort-of-unknown gem, from Legal Weapon, with their debut album (1982) "The Death of Innocence".....quite good female fronted punk rock, this is a REALLY good album that got buried by history, I guess.......really. I always liked this one a LOT, in particular Kat Arthur's fab vocals......this is one that you may not know about, but if you take my word on stuff, this is one you will want to hear, it's REALLY good......I don't know much about the band's history, or anything they did after this one, really, but this one? Yep, it's fab, and if you are a lover of 1980's American punk, especially fronted by a chick, if you missed this one the first time, you WON'T want to again.....good fucking album, I PROMISE you.

THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE-01 Future Heat/02 Waiting In Line/03 Death of Innocence/04 Out of Control/05 User/06 Don't Pretend/07 War Babies/08 No Sorrow/09 Wanna Be/10 Daddy's Gone Mad

One of the most (to me) overlooked punk bands of the 80's........check it out as you wish, but I'm telling you, and I NEVER steer you wrong, do I? If you missed this one before, you missed a GOOD one.

More information on the band England

My buddy Ruben Chandler, who still owes me a PHONE CALL, sends us more valuable information on the
band England.....like I said, the album is good, but I knew very little about it.....so, if you care, here is the info that will bring you up to date.......thanks Ruben (seriously, dude, you have my number)!

England were a progressive rock groupACTIVE in the late 1970s, and briefly reformed in 2006. The band is notable for their album Garden Shed released on Arista Records, and for keyboardist Robert Webb playing a Mellotron sawn in half. 
The band was formed in 1975 by drummer Mark Ibbotson, and, after a variety of prototype groups, stabilised around a line-up of himself, bassist Martin Henderson, guitarist Jamie Moses and keyboardist Robert Webb.[2] Moses and Webb had previously collaborated on an unreleased album.[3] Ibbottson owned a Mk II Mellotron, which Webb took an interest in, later saying "itOPENS up possibilities. It's having control like the conductor of an orchestra."[4] To make the instrument portable, Webb sawed the instrument in half, rehousing the left-hand manual and the right-hand tapes (which contained the lead sounds on a Mk II model) it in a new case.[5] After a number of gigs at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone, Moses quit and was replaced by Frank Holland. In March 1976, immediately following a showcase gig that resulted in a contract with Arista Records, Ibbotson quit the band and was replaced by Jode Leigh.[2]
The band spent most of 1976 rehearsing and recording material for Arista. The single "Paraffinalea" was released in February 1977. Anne Nightingale gave a positive review of the single, saying the band was "destined for great things."[6] This was followed by the album Garden Shed, but by this time, punk rock was popular, and this, combined with a general lack of interest in promoting the band, meant that it was a commercial failure. Melody Maker described the album as "Yes in toyland". The band split from their management and moved into a musicSHOP in Hastings[7] but the financial situation didn't improve and the group split in autumn 1978.[2]
A resurrected version of the band, featuring Mark Ibbotson and (apparently) Frank Holland, but without Robert Webb, appeared in 1983-84 long enough to record two singles for Jet Records (best known for their involvement with ELO's early career). Little is known of this incarnation of the group beyond what can be gleaned from the singles themselves.
Henderson later became touring bassist for Jeff Beck,[2] while Moses later became a touring guitarist for Queen + Paul Rodgers.[3] Ibbotson became The Pretty Things' manager in 1985, while HollandJOINED that band as a guitarist,[8] positions they retain to this day. The band continue to receive critical praise, with Music Mart magazine describing a CD reissue of Garden Shed "as good as prog could get in the 70s".[9] Webb and Henderson reactivated the band in 2006 for a brief tour,[2] including an appearance at the Baja Prog Fest in Mexicali[10]
The Imperial Hotel (EP) (1975)
Garden Shed (1977)
Victoriana b/w Hearts Made Of Glass (Jet Records single 1983)
London Story b/w Under the Pier (Jet Records single 1984)
The Last of the Jubblies (1996)



Literature Deluge, Part 2

Anonymously submitted again, (yes it IS all the same dude, but I'll keep his name private until he tells me different) we receive some books on, of all people, Kiss....well, I've never been a huge fan, but I do understand the significance of the band, jesus, I grew up in the 70's, hating Kiss was TOTALLY cool at the time......however, if one listens to some of their efforts TODAY, in 2016, those dudes rocked out, they just had their sights set on maximum commerciality.......do I blame them? Well, that can be a discussion for another to to be sure, but in the meantime, I am thrilled to recieve these books from the band and it's members........obviously I have never read any books about Kiss (come on, REALLY?) but I will now......and you know what? I wish someone would submit some Kiss recordings to us, and I'll post the fuckers for sure (although they always did seem like the kind of folks that wouldn't care for a posting, I guess we will see, if anyone submits)......anyways, I bet you that these books are intersting as FUCK, (I hate the fucking Grateful Dead, but some of the books written on them were fantastic)....here ya go, and THANKS, "Anonymous" (would you like to be known by a name for future submissions, or would you prefer to remain "Anonymous"? Your choice, makes no difference to me, you are already a member of the GBFAL team, no matter what you call yerself!)

KISS - Nothin' To Lose

Paul Stanley - Face the Music

Gene Simmons - Kiss and Make-Up

Ace Frehley - No Regrets

Peter Criss - Makeup to Breakup

and here's another I should have added to the Iggy ones yesterday....

Detroit Rock City

and yes I'm the guy who shared the otherBOOKS


I do gotta say, though, I never received the Iggy ones.......can you PLEASE re-send them? Iggy is a HUGE favorite on this site, and there are people here who would be THRILLED with some books on the topic!

A John N/Jon S Collaboration That they didn't know anything about

(Scott)-well, here's what happenened Saturday, I recieved emails at almost freakishly the same time/stamp
as each other....on from blog legend Jon S, one from blog legend John N......both sending me the basic same project: Big Star, "The Complete Third".....now, Big Star is no joke by anymeans, great power-pop grandfathers of the early 70's, just wonderful stuff.....unsure if I've done up a post on them before, but if I have it could not possibly been what this one is going to be.....in fact, let's look further in depth to the story of this project, here is a link that will help you follow the story:


And if you need more info from another source, let's look in this direction (perhaps some overlap, but should be penty of information (I think one of those links is John N's and one is Jon S's, not to be certain....anyway, for the actual music I am going to go with Jon S's version, because it is done up in the hard-working, comprehensiveness-is everything-manner that makes his stuff so great (ie he has thrown a bunch of live epics and other good stuff on here, the way he ALWAYS does (you guys REALLY need to appreciate both of these guys a BUNCH until the decide to move on, John N for his zillions of links for SOOOOO many great albums and projects, his stuff has been a signifiicant force in forming and shaping this blog. Rarely does a day pass without a John N link or two or three, and anyone who goes to all that trouble just to get us an album he thinks we, total strangers to him, might wish to hear, deserves to get a significant portion of them shared, because THAT is what we are all about.

And talking of hard work, Jon S must work like a dog to put some of these gigantic pacakages together that he does, they amaze me at times: Matthew Sweet, Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Echo & the Bunnymen, LOADS more too, and when you see JON S name on a post, you can be sure there is SOMETHING in there that you haven't heard before......

These two John/Jons have done a ton for this blog, as I've explained, like I said, they both send the same basic project at almost the exact same time, so I posted Jon's for the sake of comprehensiveness, but I have an add-on from John N after the music post, stand by:

Big Star


The Complete Third

CD 1 - Demos To Sessions To Roughs

01 - Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo) [Demo]/02 - Lovely Day (Demo)/03 - Downs (Demo)/04 - Femme Fatale (Demo)/05 - Thank You Friends (Demo)/06 - Holocaust (Demo)/07 - Jesus Christ (Demo)/08 - Blue Moon (Demo)/09 - Nightime (Demo)/10 - Take Care (Demo)/11 - Big Black Car (Demo #2) [Acoustic Take 1]/12 - Don't Worry Baby/13 - I'm In Love With A Girl/14 - Big Black Car (Demo #3) [Acoustic Take 2]/15 - I'm So Tired/16 - That's All It Took/17 - Pre-Downs/18 - Baby Strange/19 - Big Black Car (Demo #1) [Band]/20 - Kizza Me (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/21 - Till The End Of The Day (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/22 - Thank You Friends (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/23 - O, Dana (Dickinson Rough Mix)/24 - Dream Lover (Dickinson Rough Mix)

CD 2 - Roughs To Mixes

25 - Big Black Car (Dickinson Rough Mix) [Alex Guide Vocal]/26 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Dickinson Rough Mix)/27 - Take Care (Dickinson Rough Mix)/28 - Holocaust (Dickinson Rough Mix)/29 - Nightime (Dickinson Rough Mix)/30 - Thank You Friends (Dickinson Rough Mix)/31 - Nature Boy (Dickinson Rough Mix)/32 - After Hours/33 - Stroke It Noel (Backward Intro)/34 - Lovely Day (Fry Rough Mix)/35 - Nightime (Fry Rough Mix)/36 - Blue Moon (Fry Rough Mix)/37 - Till The End Of The Day (Alternate Mix #1)/38 - Big Black Car (Rough Mix)/39 - Holocaust (Rough Mix)/40 - Downs (Fry Rough Mix)/41 - Kanga Roo (Fry Rough Mix)/42 - Femme Fatale (Fry Rough Mix)/43 - For You (Alternate Version) [Alex Vocal]/44 - Thank You Friends (Fry Rough Mix)/45 - Take Care (Alternate Version) [Alex Vocal]/46 - Kizza Me (Fry Rough Mix)/47 - Till The End Of The Day (Fry Rough Mix #2) [Lesa Vocals]/48 - Nature Boy (Fry Rough Mix)/49 - Mañana

CD 3 - Final Masters

50 - Stroke It Noel/51 - Downs/52 - Femme Fatale/53 - Thank You Friends/54 - Holocaust/55 - Jesus Christ/56 - Blue Moon/57 - Kizza Me/58 - For You/59 - O, Dana/60 - Nightime/61 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/62 - Kanga Roo/63 - Take Care/64 - Big Black Car/65 - Dream Lover/66 - You Can't Have Me/67 - Till The End Of The Day/68 - Lovely Day/69 - Nature Boy

#1 Record

01 Feel/02 The Ballad of El Goodo/03 In the Street/04 Thirteen/05 Don't Lie to Me/06 The India Song/07 When My Baby's Beside Me/08 My Life Is Right/09 Give Me Another Chance/10 Try Again/11 Watch the Sunrise/12 ST 100-6/13 In the Street (single mix)

Radio City

01 O My Soul/02 Life Is White/03 Way Out West/04 What's Going Ahn/05 You Get What You Deserve/06 Mod Lang/07 Back of a Car/08 Daisy Glaze/09 She's a Mover/10 September Gurls/11 Morpha Too/12 I'm in Love with a Girl/13 O My Soul (single mix)

Third (Sister Lovers)

01 Kizza Me/02 Thank You Friends/03 Big Black Car/04 Jesus Christ/05 Femme Fatale/06 O, Dana/07 Holocaust/08 Kanga Roo/09 Stroke It Noel/10 For You/11 You Can't Have Me/12 Nightime/13 Blue Moon/14 Take Care/15 Nature Boy/16 Till The End Of The Day/17 Dream Lover/18 Downs/19 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Performance Center, Cambridge, MA 3/31/74

01 In The Street/02 Baby Strange/03 Mod Lang/04 Candy Says/05 Till The End Of The Day/06 O My Soul/07 Motel Blues/08 Thirteen/09 Way Out West/10 September Gurls/11 We Gotta Go

WLIR Live Rehearsals

01 Don't Lie To Me/02 Back Of A Car/03 Ohh My Soul/04 Mod Lang/05 She's A Mover/06 September Gurls/07 Out In The Street/08 You Get What You Deserve

Live In Memphis

01 In The Street/02 Don't Lie To Me/03 When My Baby's Beside Me/04 I Am The Cosmos/05 Way Out West/06 Till The End Of The Day/07 The Ballad Of El Goodo/08 Back Of A Car/09 Fire/10 Daisy Glaze/11 Jesus Christ/12 For You/13 Baby Strange/14 Feel/15 September Gurls/16 Big Black Car/17 Thank You Friends/18 The Girl From Ipanema/19 Patty Girl/20 Slut

Live At Missouri University 4/25/93

01 In The Street/02 Don't Lie To Me/03 When My Baby's Beside Me/04 I Am The Cosmos/05 The Ballad Of El Goodo/06 Back Of A Car/07 Way Out West/08 Daisy Glaze/09 Baby Strange/10 For You/11 Feel/12 September Gurls/13 Thank You Friends/14 Slut

Ardent Studio Sessions 1972-1973

01 Feel (Rough Mix With Alternate Guitar)/02 Ballad Of El Goodo (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/03 In The Street (Rough Mix With Alternate Guitar)/04 In The Street (Alternate Take)/05 Thirteen (Alternate Mix)/06 Don't Lie To Me (Rough Mix)/07 When My Baby's Beside Me (Alternate Mix)/08 My Life Is Right (Alternate Mix With Intro)/09 Give Me Another Chance (Rough Mix With Alternate Lead Guitar)/10 Another Time, Another Place And You (Instrumental Backing Track)/11 There Was A Light (Demo With Chilton Vocals)/12 I Got Kinda Lost (Demo With Chilton Vocals)/13 Motel Blues (Demo)/14 Gone With The Light (Demo)/15 O My Soul (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/16 Mod Lang (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/17 You Get What You Deserve (Rough Mix)/18 Unknown (Instrumental Backing Track)/19 Way Out West (Rough Mix With Alternate Vocals)/20 Daisy Glaze (Instrumental Backing Track)/21 She's A Mover (Alternate Take)/22 Morpha Too (Rough Mix)

Keep An Eye On The Sky

Disc One

01 Psychedelic Stuff/02 All I See Is You/03 Every Day As We Grow Closer (Original Mix)/04 Try Again (Early Version)/05 Feel/06 The Ballad Of El Goodo/07 In The Street (Alternate Mix)/08 Thirteen (Alternate Mix)/09 Don't Lie To Me/10 The India Song (Alternate Mix)/11 When My Baby's Beside Me (Alternate Mix)/12 My Life Is Right (Alternate Mix)/13 Give Me Another Chance (Alternate Mix)/14 Try Again/15 Gone With The Light/16 Watch The Sunrise (Single Version)/17 ST 100_6 (Alternate Mix)/18 The Preacher (Excerpt)/19 In The Street (Alternative Single Mix)/20 Feel (Alternate Mix)/21 The Ballad Of El Goodo (Alternate Lyrics)/22 The India Song (Alternate Version)/23 Country Morn/24 I Got Kinda Lost (Demo)/25 Back Of A Car (Demo)/26 Motel Blues (Demo)

Disc Two

27 There Was A Light (Demo)/28 Life Is White (Demo)/29 What's Going Ahn (Demo)/30 O My Soul/31 Life Is White/32 Way Out West/33 What's Going Ahn/34 You Get What You Deserve/35 Mod Lang (Alternate Mix)/36 Back Of A Car (Alternate Mix)/37 Daisy Glaze/38 She's A Mover/39 September Gurls/40 Morpha Too (Alternate Mix)/41 I'm In Love With A Girl/42 O My Soul (Alternate Version)/43 She's A Mover (Alternate Version)/44 Daisy Glaze (Rehearsal Version)/45 I Am The Cosmos/46 You And Your Sister/47 Blue Moon (Demo)/48 Femme Fatale (Demo)/49 Thank You Friends (Demo)/50 Nightime (Demo)/51 Take Care (Demo)/52 You Get What You Deserve (Demo)

Disc Three

53 Lovely Day (Demo)/54 Downs (Demo)/55 Jesus Christ (Demo)/56 Holocaust (Demo)/57 Big Black Car (Alternate Demo)/58 Manana/59 Jesus Christ/60 Femme Fatale/61 O, Dana/62 Kizza Me/63 You Can't Have Me/64 Nighttime/65 Dream Lover/66 Big Black Car/67 Blue Moon/68 Holocaust/69 Stroke It Noel/70 For You/71 Downs/72 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/73 Kanga Roo/74 Thank You Friends/75 Take Care/76 Lovely Day/77 Til The End Of The Day (Alternate Mix)/78 Nature Boy (Alternate Mix)

Disc Four

79 When My Baby's Beside Me/80 My Life Is Right/82 Way Out West/83 The Ballad Of El Goodo/84 In The Street/85 Back Of A Car/86 Thirteen/87 The India Song/88 Try Again/89 Watch The Sunrise/90 Don't Lie To Me/91 Hot Burrito #2/92 I Got Kinda Lost/93 Baby Strange/94 Slut/95 There Was A Light/96 ST 100_6/97 Come On Now/98 O My Soul

Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos

01 I Am The Cosmos/02 Better Save Yourself/03 Speed Of Sound/04 Get Away/05 You And Your Sister/06 Make A Scene/07 Look Up/08 I Got Kinda Lost/09 There Was A Light/10 Fight At The Table/11 I Don't Know/12 Though I Know She Lies/13 I Am The Cosmos (Slow Version)/14 You And Your SIster (Country Version)/15 You And Your SIster (Acoustic Version)


Now, what could possibly be a better selection of Big Star than THAT? And,as an extra bonus, John N sends the along a copy of the annotated booklet which came with the set,  here it is:


THANKS you two John/Jon's......I think the world of BOTH of you, and hope you remain blog-team members for a LONG long time.....I utilized both of your submissions, here, and you guys BOTH are HIGHLY essential in making this blog what it is today! And as the "main" proprietor of said blog, I am damn proud of what it has become. You two guys and the rest of the amazing submissions team are to thank for that. This is a great post, and I thank the both of you.