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Missiles of October

Once again, one of my VERY favorite things, when a band I've never heard of sends us an album of theirs because they want us to hear it......they understand.....they understand that blogs such as this one are here totally to help them, NOT to in someway sabotage them, as bands like Tender Age (WHO?) and Cold Pumas (WHO?) are under the erroneous impression.......

Anyway, today's startup band is Missiles of October, a punk band from Belgium, with their second LP, "Better Days" (Hey, send us the first one too if you want!).....now, readers, do your job, download this LP, give it a listen and report back with your honest opinion.......THAT is how it works.......

Here is the email sent to me by the band, there are some other links on there with band info and the like if you are interested.

we are playing a mix of noise rock, sludge, stoner, punk?

Magazine/webzine/radio PLEASE listen it, diffuse it, review it!!!! (downlable itFOR FREE on bandcamp) - DISCOVER US – BE CURIOUS!

Missiles of October (Be) is a Belgian band formed inBEGINNING of 2012 by:
Bob Seytor (from Contingent (1st punk belgium punk!!!), Rotyes, ex-Walpurgis),
Mathias Salas (Rotyes, Frau Blucher and the drunken horses, ex-galvanize),
Lionel Beyet ([P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, No Hope for All // Boss of P.O.G.O. records since 1993)
These 3 there play a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! for fans of Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Black Flag, Mc Lusky, Unwound...
In +/- 80 crazy gigs in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany , they get an impressive live reputation with loud & furiousPERFORMANCE.
 They play with 3 gigs in support of 2014 european tour of Jucifer (us), and with: Cosmic Psychos, Philm (us), Hard Ons (Au), Dÿse (De), Grant National (De), Vandal-X (Be), Progerians (Be), Stinking Lizaveta (US), King Phantom (fr), Cellophane Suckers (De), Daikiri, Nicoffeine (De), Clarkys bacon (De), Don Vito (De), Das Model, Anomalys (Nl), LCPD (it), Les Spritz (it) .....
CD VERSION and will be available on 
POGO RECORDS (France - 075) pogorecords.bandcamp.com 
EBUS MUSIC (Germany - EM074/QR006-CD) www.ebusmusic. com 
BONOBO STOMP (France-012): bonobostomp.blog spot.be 

LP VERSION will be available in december 2016/ january 2017 on 
POGO RECORDS (France - 075) pogorecords.bandcamp.com 
EBUS MUSIC (Germany - EM074/QR006-CD) www.ebusmusic. com 
TRUMMER POGO RECORDS (Germany - TPnr24)roymehl@gmx.net 
BONOBO STOMP (France-012): bonobostomp.blog spot.be 
SKATE PIZZA RECORDS (France): skatepizza@riseup.ne t  

22.10.16: Breda @ Pob 
28.10.16: Mochenglabach @ Sthor sound Release party! 
11.11.16: Bruxelles @ Magasin4 - Release party! + Membrane + Revok + Grant National + Galvanize 

12.11.16: Liege @ Garage - Release party! + Membrane + Revok

Chris Bell Bonus Disc

(scott) Yesterday's Big Star extravaganza included an album by Chris Bell "I am the Cosmos".......super-link
man John N fleshes out the post with a bonus disc from the same album......I've checked it out, it's totally fab, and if you taste-tested the Big Star stuff, you will want these tracks as well.....thanks again to John N, also Jon S who (unwittingly) teamed to create this mega-Big Star post!

I AM THE COSMOS BONUS DISC-01 Looking Forward (Ice Water)/02 Sunshine (Icewater)/03 My life is Right (Rock City)/04 I Don't Know (Alternate version)/05 You and Your Sister (alternate version)/06 I Am the Cosmos (Extended Alternate Version)/07 Speed of Sound (alternate version)/08 Fight at the Table (alternate version)/09 Make a Scene (alternate Mix)/10 Better Save Yourself (alternate mix)/11 Get Away (alternate version)/12 You and Your Sister (acoustic version)/13 Stay With Me/14 In My Darkest Hour/15 Clacton Rag

Couple books I missed the first time

(scott) no idea how I missed them, but here are a couple more books, sent from the same guy who sent us the slew of them last week......in this case I simply miSsed that he had sent these Iggy books, and knowing what a following Iggy has on this blog, I can't just leave them in the comments section:

Iggy - Open Up & Bleed

Iggy - I Need More

My bad, this one (like most of em) is a mistake on my part!

Studkid Submission #1

(scott) Studkid sends us a great album from the Firebirds, always liked this one (wittness that I posted it in the last couple of months), but this version seems to have a couple of tracks on it that mine did not have, so of course I find it worthy of putting up!

This album is interesting, because this was a record that started Lorenzo Woodrose
to become a record collector. Your know when you listen to the record. Second Its not a real band, but a bunch of studio muscians hired by to make the record. If you
look beyond the first number, you find a raw fuzz/blues guitar. This is kind of protopunkCHECK out "No Tomorrows"

1. Warm Up - 2:30
2. Reflections - 4:23
3. By Baby - 5:29
4. Free Bass - 2:38
5. Free Drum - 4:31
6. Free Fuzz/Gypsy Fire - 2:39
7. No Tomorrows - 5:02
8. Light My Fire - 4:18

Studboy Submision No. 2.....WUCAN

(scott) I thought the 3 disc live Wucan disc I posted a while back was TOTALLY great, and I asked for
anyone with anymore of their work to come forward.....Studkid has em, and here they are, and I am thrilled to get to hear these, can't wait!
VIKARMA EP-01 Franis Vikarma/02 Frank/02 Dopetrotter/04 Big Red Bun/05 Wizard of Concrete Jungle

SOW THE WIND-01 Father Storm/02 Owl Eyes/03 Looking In the Past/04 Face in the Kraut/05 King Korea/06 Wandersmann

Wucan - 2014 - Vikarma (EP):

Wucan - Sow the Wind + Bonus (German Retro 2015);:

THANKS 100000 x over to Studkid for these, this is tremendous!


(scott) John N sent me these a long time ago, and for whatever reason, I forgot to listen to them or    
whatever.......BIG MISTAKE.......this German band kicks unreal ass with their shoegaze/psych/power-pop hybrid......I love every last second of it, it's all great, and I personally apologize to ALL of you for not posting this earlier......tremendous!

EP1-01 Breathe Bullets Which Taste Like Pure Fruit/02 Muffhead/03 Wendy/04 Lower

EP2-01 Initiate Contact According to the Sound of Your Heart/02 Today/03 Casun Casun/04 Iwo Jima Island/05 Navas Nightlight Tigers/06 Eyes Collide

This really IS tremendous, IMO.......sometimes I get stuff and forget about it, like this....bit I am TELLING YOU NOW, these are GREAT and you WANT them......translation: DON'T ask me for them three years from now!

Seriously, if you are a fan of My Bloody Valentine, for example, and you miss this? Shame upon you.....these EP's are simply off the charts tremendous!

Jensen Interceptor

OK, one more for today....honestly I have so many albums I wish to post, but I'd RATHER post the submitted stuff.......so I am right now going to put up another of my fave 1980's new wave type album, "Cosmetics" from Jenson Interceptor.......this is a really good one, as we try to span ALL eras of the music I grew up on and grew old on, during those strange 1980's, when I personally thought music was dying (I was wrong), this album I did enjoy........it has since faded into history, more or less, but it IS a really good early 80's new wave kinda thing.....you likely will enjoy it if you are a power-pop fan, a 1980' new wave fan, or  a fan of chick-fronted bands.......imo it's really a forgotten and underappreciated disc, see what you may think about it.

COSMETICS-01 Pull Me/02 Telephone Love/03 Distance From Singapore/04 You're No Good/05 Stop!/06 In Between /07 Love on the Late Show/08 Rock Room/09 Butterfly Love


Studkid,  from Denmark, sends this submission, and wants you to be certain that this is not "The Wands" (who are from Denmark and are great) but rather this is a USA band, Wand, which is a monster of psych-fuzz.......I checked these out today (carpet bomb at least) and found them all to be something that YOU want! Thanks a zillion to Studkid who no question knows his shit on the topic of hard/stoner rock, thusly earning himself a permenant spot here!

Wand - Ganglion Reef (2014)

Wand - Golem (2015)

Wand - 1000 Days (2015)

Fake Limbs

John N sends in this decent album from Chicago punk outfit Fake Limbs, a pretty good one that you might wish to check........pretty decent one, give it a spin.

MATRONLY-01 Murderbar/02 Lil Bit/03 ICE 2 C U/04 Stugots II/05 An Inconvenience/06 hotdoghotdoghot/07 Where I'm Coming From/08 Room 141/09 Grudge Wapner

The Winery Dogs

Just tripped on this while blindly looking through some stuff, this is some so-so retro 70's hard rock outta New York City.......nothing destined for "classic" status here, I'm afraid, but if, like me, you just like to listen to some hard rock n roll once in a while, this is worth a spin. The Winery Dogs consist of Richie Kotzen on vocals, guitar, keyboards, and percussion, Mike Portnoy on drums, and Billy Sheehan on bass. This was their second effort, "Hot Streak".......worth a listen.

HOT STREAK-01 Oblivion/02 Captain Love/03 Hot Streak/04 How Long/05 Empire/06 Fire/07 Ghost Town/08 The Bridge/09 War Machine/10 Spiral/11 Devil You Know/12 Think it Over/13 The Lamb

A totally different Slayer project

A week or so Brian submitted a brilliant covers project, re-creating Slayer's "Reign In Blood" album.......another reader, who will go by "DH" until he tells me differently, has created a totally different type of Slayer project........his album has many versions of the song "Raining Blood".....I went back and forth sa to whether to post this, but I have decided that I am going to.....I DO NOT wish to detract from the brilliance of Brian's creation......by any means. I happen to think that Brian is likely the best in the WORLD (yes that is what I said) at creating magnificent cover project albums........BUT, this one is somewhat interesting as well.......sort of like the "Louie Louie", "Gloria", and "Paint it Black" albums we've posed before, thy can be interesting as hell when you have many different interpretations of a particular song......so I am going to go with this one, BECAUSE, simply, I WANT TO ENCOURAGE READERS to create and submit projects of this nature.........please, PLEASE continue to do so.....not likely you will ever match Brian's skill level, but nonetheless, these projects are fun as well, and I thank DH for this "Raining Blood" submission.


1. Amon Tobin
2.Fn Danny Box
3.Concord Dawn
6.ERik Hinds
7.Lil John
8.Malevolent Creation
10.Reggie and the Full Effect
13.Tori Amos
14.Tarnsformer Di Roboter
15. Vader
16. Warlord Uk
18. "DeadSKIN Mask" - IKK Remix

Latest Jon S Submission: Warehouse

(scott)-This is a band that I am TOTALLY unfamiliar with, all I can say before hearing these is Jon S does
not steer us wrong.......ever........so you know what I WILL be listening to tomorrow!.......Thanks Jon S, keep them coming, ALWAYS great!

Warehouse is a band from Atlanta. They just released their second album, Super Low.


01 Figure in Bronze/02 Derivative/03 Mental Faculty/04 Heterochromia/05 Euphrates/06 Omission/07 Succession/08 Gravitational Lens/09 Erosion/10 Promethean Gaze

Super Low

01 Oscillator/02 Exit Only/03 Simultaneous Contrasts/04 Arbitrarium V/05 Super Low/06 Audrey Horne/07 Reservoir/08 Long Exposure/09 Modifier Analog/10 Garden Walls

My own Garage-Fuzz Torrent deluge!!!! (Part 1)

OK, I have posted this before, maybe a year or so ago, but this is tremendous.....a HUGE torrent that contains an unbelievable amount of classic 60's "Nuggets"-style ravers.......in good ol' alphabetical order, as the creator of the torrent decided would be best, so w'll go through a few letters at a time until we get through them (I don't THINK that's the way I presented them last time, but I honestly do not recall)....this is GREAT fucking music, no doubt, and I'm sure a LOT of ya will be interested, so enjoy.....this is Part 1, several more Parts to come!

GARAGE-FUZZ PART -01 7 DWARFS-Stop Girl/02 49TH PARALLEL- Citizen Freak/03 49TH PARALLEL-You Do Things/04 AARDVARKS-I Can't Explain/05 AARDVARKS-Subconscious Train of Thought/06 ADRIAN LLOYD-Lorna/07 ALADDIN & THE GENIES-Please Wait For Me/08 ALL OF THIS-It's All Right With Me/09 ALLIANCE-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone/10 ALLMAN JOYS-Spoonful/11 ALLUSIONS-Where have All the Good Times Gone/12 AMBERTONES-I Can Only Give You Everything/13 AMOS BOYNTON & THE ABC's-The ballad of Bertha Glutz/14 ANGRY MEN-The Hullaballoo/15 APOLLOS-Target Love/16 APOSTLES-I'm a Lucky Guy/17 APOSTLES-Stranded In the Jungle/18 APPLE-GLASS CYNDROME-Someday/19 ART GUY-Where You Gonna Go/20 ASCENSIONS-All Alone/21 AZTEX-I Said Move/22 AZTEX-The Little Street In This Town

LOTSA more chapters of this one to come, I will disperse them slowly, or 2-3 a week.......this will be a phenominal series, for fans of this type of thing, and I know many are, so here you be....get yo freak on!

Brian's Got Some Halloween Treats!

All right, I said a year ago I was gonna do it, and here it is...
It's five discs of Edgar Allan Poe, read by none other than Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone!

This five disc set by Caedmon Audio is a combination of two periods of material. Rathbone's tracks were originally released in 1954 and 1960, while Vincent Price's were recorded in 1974-75. Here's Discogs links for all the original albums....

But back to this set; it's just extraordinary. Having these best of the Poe tales and poems read by these consummate actors is a joy to hear. While Vincent is known as a horror guy, his precise elocution lends itself to some lesser-known - and not necessarily horrifying - Poe tales. In "The Gold Bug", Latin phrases just tip-tap off his tongue. He talks for almost an hour, and he never loses my interest. In "Ligeia", not only is the narrator's insanely burning love for the titular character made plain, but also Poe's utter love of the English language...

Basil Rathbone's tracks are undeniably the heart of the material here. Not only does he do many of the "greatest hits" as it were, but the guy was just so damn good at it! Having already worked in radio and film for 25 years at this point, he had a spellbinding voice. Imagine an English John Carradine, without the ponderousness.

HisPERFORMANCE of "The Pit and The Pendulum" is the definitive one, full of encroaching doom and terror. His "Masque of the Red Death" is equally entrancing. Many other great ones, too. Cannot recommend these enough.

AND, because my old link has long expired, I'm reposting my disc of Orson Welles's 1938 War Of The Worlds broadcast.DOWNLOAD it, light a pumpkin, and listen.

The Breaks

Every now and again I like to break out those unknown/forgotten 1980's new wave/pop-rock bands, I especially, myself, enjoy the female fronted ones.....and here, from 1983, we have the self titled LP from The Breaks.....this is a really overlooked one, perfectly in line with the sounds of the era, and seriously underrated in my book at least......PLEASE check this one, it's a fine period piece, but also a DAMN fine forgotten album.......you will dig this one I think.
Don't Mislead Me/

THE BREAKS-01 She Wants You/02 You Stole My heart/03 Don't Mislead Me/04 Fire in the Wire/05 Green Eyes/06 Wishy Washy/07 I Play the Fool/08 Lonely Girls/09 Keepin' the Love Alive/10 The Last to Know

Good album, if you happen to be a fan of forgotten 80's new-wave pop/rock.......better than some that hit it big in my opinion, at least......

I suppose it's time for a few more of Lewdd's Clash boots!

(scott) Another fistfull of Clash boots from Lewdd, I hope you guys are grabbing them an
enjoying/preserving them, as he has quite a stash, not only Clash stuff, but TONS of 70's punk that we can all enjoy....anyway, this is fantastic stuff, sometimes it doesn't sound great, but SO FUCKING WHAT? It's all free to YOU......so hre is the next batch, and there are a TON more before we get to the Pistols/Damned/misfits.......

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT-MANCHESTER 05/06/77-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 Pressure Drop/05 Hate and War/06 48 Hours/07 Deny/08 Capital Radio/09 Police and Thieves/10 Cheat/11 Remote Control/12 Career Opportunities/13 Janie Jones/14 White Riot/15 Garageland/16 1977

EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE 05/07/77-01 London's Burning/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Pressure Drop/04 Hate and War/05 48 Hours/06 Deny/07 Capital Radio/08 Cheat-Police and Thieves/09 Remote Control-Career Opportunities/10 White Riot/11 Garageland/12 1977
MANCHESTER 05/08/77-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 Pressure
Drop/05 Hate and War/06 48 Hours/07 Deny/08 Capital Radio/09 Police and Thieves/10 Chat/11 Remote Control/12 Career Opportunites/13 Janie Jones/14 White Riot/15 Crowd Noise/16 Garageland/17 1977

LECIESTER POLYTECHNIC 05/13/77-01 I'm So Bored With the USA/02 Hate and  War/03 48 Hours/04 Deny/05 Police and Thieves/06 Cheat/07 Capital Radio One/08 What's My Name/09 Protex Blue/10 Remote Control/11 Garageland/12 1977

This one band puts out a bunch of mono mixes

A WHOLE bunch of them actually.....John N sends me this massive collection of thrilling mono mixes that this one band put out recently, covering their catalogue from the mid-60's, up until this album they made that was called "Let it Breed" or "Get it Leed", something like that......I'd tell you the band's name but you've most likely never heard of them, so why waste our time? Also included here is a mind bending collection of (also mono-mixed) singles and EP's.....186 tracks total, all in the original mono mixes, this is a TREMENDOUS, OFF THE CHARTS SUBMISSION, that you most likely wish to hear, just don't mention the band's name, no one has ever heard of them anyway.......one of the greatest submissions anyone has ever made here, really, this is incredible. Just wish the band's name was coming to mind, but it just isn't......chances are you may just like it anyway though. Give these up-and-comers a whirl!
There are 15 discs to this set, I'll give you their obscure titles below, but as I can't even find a cut-and-paste track list for a band this unknown, you'll have to figure it out for yourself......man, it's a bitch sometimes helping out these kid in these start up bands to get recognized, but PLEASE help them out by listening to some of their work. The discs included on this set are titled:

1) This One Band (UK, 1964) 
2) 12 X 5 (1964)
3) This One Band No. 2 (UK, 1965)
4) This One Band Now! (1965)
5) Out of Our Heads (US, 1965)
6) Out of Our Heads (UK, 1965)
7) December’s Children (And Everybody’s) (1965)
8) Aftermath (UK, 1966)
9) Aftermath (US, 1966)
10)Between the Buttons
11) Flowers (1967)
12) Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) 
13) Beggar’s Banquet (1968)
14) Let it Bleed (1969)
15) Stray Cats (a new collection of single A & B sides plus E.P tracks

More Halloween goodies, from MD Milner

(scott) haven't heard from MD Milner for a little while, but he comes back strong with these fab Halloween efforts (read his email below for details), and ALSO adds a home made "live version" of "Dig Me Out", on of the (many) greatest albums from my favorite (current) band, Sleater Kinney!!!!!!!!!

Love all submissions always, and especially ones that involve the great Sleater Kinney.....but the Halloween stuff here sounds pretty damn interesting as well, and as I know many of you have already checked out Brian's latest masterwork (his Halloween Project), you most likely will be into this classic submittal as well......thanks millions to MD Milner (especially for the SK, from a semi-selfish standpoint (the best tune off of "Dig Me Out", "The Drama You've Been Craving", simply seethes when done live, always thrilled to hear another version!), ), and everyone, PLEASE send in any Halloween related submissions you can find.....since I am currently in love with a witch, chances are good her that Madame Angela and myself will cook up something for that big day for her in the next week or so!

Hey Scott,

I have a couple of Halloween albums I think you and your readers might dig.

The first is something called "The Purple Knif" show. It's a radio show hosted by the one and only Lux Interior, sometime in the early 80s around Halloween. Lots of weird 50s/60s rock and Lux weirdness. You've probably heard of it before (I sometimes get the impression you've heard everything!). But it's cool stuff, I break it out around this time every year.

The second's a weird little thing I found online a while back. It's a spoken word record by Vincent Price called Odyssey. It's a few ghost stories, some tall tales and even something about the Woodstock Festival. I guess it was meant for radio stations? There's an ad for Best Western Motels in every track. It's still wildly entertaining.

Oh, and because you and I are both big Sleater-Kinney fans, here's something I did for another blog I think you'll dig: I recreated Dig Me Out using live versions of all the album's songs. (Let me know if you're going to ever re-up some more stuff of theirs/Heavens to Betsy/Wild Flag!)


OOPS, forgot that MD ALSO submitted a live show from The Breaks, from whom I posted an album yesterday....this is NOT a download link, it is simply a streaming link, so you can listen to it if you wish


Some Big Star leftovers from Jon S

(scott) Jon S adds to the already stellar Big Star collection with these efforts......I never heard any of these, so I'm ecstatic of course......thanks to Jon S for his magnificent work on his submissions........John N has sent some material on Big Star as well, I don't quite have it ready yet but there is still more of the great Big Star coming your way!

Big Star Live is the 3 piece band (with John Lightman on bass) recorded in front of a small audience at a radio station in NY in 1974.

01 September Gurls/02 Way Out West/03 Mod Lang/04 Don't Lie To Me/05 O My Soul/06 Interview/07 The Ballad Of El Goodo/08 Thirteen/09 I'm In Love With A Girl/10 Motel Blues/11 In The Street/12 You Get What You Deserve/13 Daisy Glaze/14 Back Of A Car/15 She's A Mover

Nobody Can Dance is a short live set, excellent sound, with a Big Star version of The Box Tops' song, The Letter. 

01 Baby Strange/02 Mod Lang/03 You Get What You Deserve/04 The Letter/05 September Gurls/06 Way Out West/07 O My Soul

WLYX Memphis, TN 1975 is the only live recording of songs from Third around the time it was recorded that I know of. Alex Chilton and friends at a radio station in 1975. Your guess is as good as mine as to what drugs they were taking but it sounds like they were having fun. This also has a version of The Letter but it is "deconstructed," one might say.

01 Femme Fatale/02 Oh Dana/03 Take Me Home and Make Me Like It/04 Jesus Christ/05 Death Cab for Cutie/06 Kizza Me/07 I Will Always Love You/08 The Letter

Third Tribute is a bunch of people (Big Star drummer, Jody Stephens, Dave Pirner, Mike Mills, Chris Stamey, and more) playing the album Big Star Third, and then other Big Star songs.

01 Intro (crowd)/02 Kizza Me [Dave Pirner]/03 O Dana [Matt Wilson]/04 For You [Jody Stephens]/05 Nightime [Josh Grier]/06 Jesus Christ [Mike Mills]/07 Take Care [Trapper and Tanner Schoepp]/08 Big Black Car [The Wooldridge Brothers]/09 Stroke It Noel [Ken Stringfellow]/10 Blue Moon [Jody Stephens]/11 Femme Fatale [Brett Harris]/12 Downs [Ken Stringfellow]/13 Dream Lover [Skylar Gudasz]/14 Holocaust [Chris Stamey]/15 You Canít Have Me [Mike Mills_Linda Pitmon]/16 Kanga Roo [Chris Stamey_Brett Harris]/17 Thank You Friends [ìAll Star Finaleî]/18 Encore Break/19 Thirteen [Skylar Gudasz]/20 You and Your Sister [Brett Harris]/21 In the Street [Mike Mills_Schoepp Brothers]/22 Donít Lie to Me [Josh Grier]/23 When My Babyís Beside Me [Dave Pirner_Jim Boquist]/24 Back of a Car [Dave Pirner]/25 Way Out West [Jody Stephens]/26 I Am the Cosmos [The Wooldridge Brothers]/27 Give Me Another Chance [Matt Wilson]/28 September Gurls [Mike Mills and more]/29 Try Again/30 Watch the Sunrise [Brett Harris]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I understand there is a remake in the works of this one......the movie and related mayhem played a part in my
earlier life, but we will skip that for right now, I know that this epic has MEGA-fans, so here are a bucnh of versions and extras and all kinds of stuff.......you'll love this one I am certain, you're welcome, anytime!

First up we have what I find the most interesting effort to me personally, the "International""Rocky Horror Picture Show".....versions of the tunes from casts round the world......we also have "Songs From the Vault", a collection of rarities, certainly need to throw you the original soundtrack version (if you are a fan I'm sure you have it already, but, I try to be thorough), and an album of the show from the original Roxy cast.......

This is maybe MY Halloween contribution (last year, I do remember this too, I posted the kick ass creepy band She Wants Revenge for Halloween).......I'm sure Madame Angela will have some more stuff for me to post, as Halloween is her "big day", but for now, I hope the hell you dig this one, as always, I think variety first!!!!!!

INTERNATIONAL-01 MEXICAN CAST- Un Relato Bien Extrano Y Muy Pesado/02 NEW ZEALAND CAST-Dammit Janet/03 NORWEGIAN CAST-Allatid Hos Frankenstein/04 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-The Time Warp/05 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-Sweet Transvestite/06 PICTURE SHOW CAST-Sword of Damocles/07 NEW ZEALAND CAST-I Can make You a Man/08 MEXICAN CAST-Que Le Ha Pesada El Sabado/09 NORWEGIAN CAST-Muskellman Sangen (Reprise)/10 MEXICAN CAST-Toca Toca Toca Toca/11 PICTURE SHOW CAST-Once in a While/12 PICTURE SHOW AUDIENCE-Eddy's Teddy/13 PICTURE SHOW CAST-Planet Schmanet, Janet/14 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-Floor Show Rose Tint My World/Don't Dream It Be It/Wild and an Untamed Thing/15 ORIGINAL LONDON CAST-I'm Going Home/16 AUSTRALIAN CAST-Super Heroes/17 MEXICAN CAST-Un Relato

SONGS FROM THE VAULT-01 THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW TRAILER/02 TIM CURRY-Baby Love/03 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Rocky Horror Radio Commercial/04 LITTLE NELL-See You Round Like a Record/05 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Belt You About the Mouth)/06 TIM CURRY-Just 14/07 SHOCK TREATMENT CAST-Denton USA/08 LITTLE NELL-Do the Swim/09 TIM CURRY-Biting My Nails/10 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Shock Treatment/11 LITTLE NELL-Fever/12 TIM CURRY-We Went as Far as We Felt Like Going/13 SHOCK TREATMENT CAST-Little Black Dress/14 LITTLE NELL-Beauty Queen/15 THE LAKER BAND-The Time Warp

SOUNDTRACK -01 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Science Fiction, Double Feature/02 BARRY BOSTWICK-
Dammit Janet/03 BARRY BOSTWICK-Over at the Frankenstein Place/04 LITTLE NELL-The Time Warp/05 TIM CURRY-Sweet Transvestite/06 TIM CURRY-I Can Make You a Man/07 MEAT LOAF-Hot Patootie/Bless My Soul/08 TIM CURRY-I Can make You a man (reprise)/09 SUSAN SARANDON-Touch A, Touch A, Touch Me/10 JONATHON ADAMS-Eddy/11 BARRY BOSTWICK-Rose Tint My World a) Floorshow b) Fanfare/Don't Dream It c) Wild and Untamed Thing/12 TIM CURRY-I'm Going Home/13 BARRY BOSTWICK-Super Heroes/14 RICHARD O'BRIEN-Science Fiction, Double Feature reprise/15 LITTLE NELL-The Time Warp (Remix 1989 extended Version)/16 THE CAST-The Time Warp (Background Track)

ORIGINAL ROXY CAST-01 JAMIE DONELLY-Science Fiction, Double Feature/02 ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Dammit Janet/03 ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Over at the Frankenstein Place/04 TIM CURRY-Sweet Transvestite/05 BRUCE SCOTT, JAMIE DONELLY, BONNIE ENTEN, & GRAHAM JARVIS-The Time Warp/06 KIM MILFORD-Sword of Damocles/07 TIM CURRY-Charles Atlas Song/08 MEAT LOAF-Whatever Happened to Saturday Night/09 TIM CURRY-Charles Atlas Song (reprise)/10  ABIGAIL HANNESS -Toucha Toucha Touch Me/11  ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Once In a While/12 MEAT LOAF-Eddy's Teddy/13 TIM CURRY-Planet Schmanet, Janet/14 TIM CURRY, BONI ENTEN, ABIGAIL HANNESS, KIM MILFORD, AND B MILLER-Rose Tint My World/15 TIM CURRY-I'm Going Home/16 ABIGAIL HANNESS & B MILLER-Super Heroes