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Highs In the Sixties Part V

Back again with the very next three volumes of this series of obscurities, all three focus on regions on
which the series has already hit, Volume 13 is "Texas Part 3", Volume 14 "The Northwest Part 2", and Volume 15 is "Wisconsin Part 2". The Texas set, in keeping witht he lesser-known qualithe tracks features the well known Night Crawlers, but NOT their "hit" "Little Black Egg", but the MUCH lesser-known "let's Move". Also another version of that hardly-ever covered obscure chestnut "Gloria" from Robb London & the Rogues....did I already do that bit? Why doesn't someone cover "Hey Joe" already? The Bards and the Barons are fairly well known, at least enough to turn up on another comp or two......

Wisconsin Part 2 features a band or two that was on Wisconsin Volume 1, for the most part totally obscure (The Mustard Men, Gord's Horde, The Wanderer's Rest)......would be remiss if I did not point out the wonderfully titled (by the Challengers) "The Challengers Take a Ride on The Jefferson Airplane".

And the Northwest Part 2, following the pattern, features some bands from the first Northwest set (Jack Bedient & the Chessmen, Sir Raleigh & the Cupons), and plenty more stuff that let's face it, none of us outside Washington/Oregon have never heard of. Great stuff, I think the Northwest bands had the MOST unique sound of all the regions....

So what the hell are you thinking of this ser? Certainly it delivers the goods in the sense that this is, as flat-out advertised, OBSCURE and VERY REGIONAL psych/garage rock......if you love that stuff (I could NEVER get enough), naturally these be for you....if not, well that is life I guess.......please be kind and leave a comment, and still looking for a FRIEND to come through with Volume 23 ("Texas Part 5").

VOLUME 13-01 THE CHESSMEN-No More/02 THE BRIKS-Foolish Baby/03 ROBB LONDON & THE ROGUES-Gloria/04 THE FANATICS-I Will Not Be Lonely/05 VENTURIE '5'-Good N Bad/06 MUSTACHE WAX-I'm Gonna Get You/07 THE BARDS-Alibis/08 THE BARONS-Don't Burn It/09 THEZE FEW-Dynamite/10 THE MADISON REVUE-Another Man/11 THE ROOTS-Lost One/12 THE NIGHT CRAWLERS-Let's Move/13 THE ZONE V-I Cannot Lie/14
THE MOON-DAWGS-Baby As Time Goes By

VOLUME 14-01 LORD DENT & HIS INVADERS-Wolf Call/02 THE NIGHT PEOPLE-Istanbul/03 THE VOLK BROTHERS-Wash Don't Soak/04 THE RAYMARKS-Louise/05 J MICHAEL & THE BUSHMEN-I Need Love/06 THE STATICS-Tell Me The Truth/07 THE TALISMEN-She Was Good/08 SIR RALEIGH & THE CUPONS-Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/09 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Rapunzel/10 TOM THUMB &THE CASUALS-I Should Know/11 THE SCOTSMEN-Tuff Enough/12 THE SCOTSMEN-Sorry Charlie/13 THE ROOKS-Bound To Lose/14 THE ROOKS-Gimme a Break

VOLUME 15-01 THE BAROQUES-There's Nothing Left to Do But Cry/02 THE SHAPRELS-A Fool For Your Lies/03 GORD'S HORDE-I Don't Care/04 THE CANNONS-Days Go By/05 FAMILY-I Wanna Do It/06 THE WANDERER'S REST-You'll Forget/07 THE CHALLENGERS-The Challengers Take a Ride on the Jefferson Airplane/08 THE MUSTARD MEN-I lost My Baby/09 THE SPACEMEN-Same Old Grind/10 THE IMPALAS-Spoonful/11 THE MID-KNIGHTERS-Charlena/12 JOEY GEE & THE COME ONS-You Know/Til the End of Time/13 THE FUGITIVES-Come on and Clap/14 THE MEDALLIONS-Leave Me Alone/15 THE REHABILITATION CRUISE-Mini Skirts

Links in a while, please leave a comment on this set or any requests you may have for the future......remember it is OUR blog, not "mine".....

Highs in the Mid Sixties, Part 6

For a Saturday, three more fab discs of obscure and highly regionalized 1960's psych/garage from
three different corners of the US of A....volume 16 features part three of perhaps my favorite region, The Northwest, I think the Northwest sound of that era was quite unique, very individual. And, once more, the well-known acts of the era/region are nowhere to be found (this is a GOOD thing as those tracks are easilly available elsewhere). Perhaps the best known act here is Rocky & His Friends with the very fab "Riot City", otherwise we get a wonderous assortment of lesser luminairies such as International Brick, Pembrook LTD, and the City Zu....great volume in the series.

Volume 17 brings us back to Texas (the fourth Texas volume in the series).....we do get a fab track from Neal Ford and the Fanatics "Bitter Bells", otherwise, SJ & the Crossroads, The Souncations, and of course the Roks, who check in with their version of that hard to find chestnut "Hey Joe" (I REALLY want to do a self-made "Battle of the 'Hey Joe's", much like the three disc "Gloria" comp I posted a while back.....honestly I think I can probably get a 25-30 track disc, maybe two discs, out of all the versions of "Hey Joe".......perhaps, one day.

And Volume 18 lands us in Colorado, who give us a few acts that I've run across on a some other comps, such as The Monocles, Moorakers, and the Elopers groovy "Music To Smoke Bananas By" (!), this is ALSO one of the better volumes in the series, and is the ONLY Colorado disc in the set

LOTS of good feedback on this series thusfar, I wasn't sure......I guess, maybe there IS a high demand for this stuff, the more obscure the "better", I don't know......we are about three steps BENEATH "Nuggets" now, as obviously "Nuggets" contained some records that were actually huge hits....that ain't where we are now with this series and some of the others I've put up and will continue to (I guess) for a while, as you guys seem to really be diggin' em', and there will NEVER be enough obscure psych-punk-garage for yours truly.

Keep on rocking

VOLUME 16-01 THE RAYMARKS-Work SOng/02 THEE UNUSUALS-I'm Walkin Babe/03 ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS-Riot City/04 THE DOMINIONS-I Need Her/05 THE BUMPS-Hey Girl/06 THE LIVE FIVE-Move Over and Let Me Fly/07 THE EXPRESS-You Gotta Understand/08 THE NAVARROS-Tomorrow Is Another Day/09 THE GENTLEMEN WILD-You Gotta Leave/10 WHEEL OF FORTUNE-Before You Leave/11 PEMBROOK LTD-Sleepy John/12 THE CITY ZU-Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast/13 THE UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE-Wind and Sound/14 INTERNATIONAL BRICK-You Should Be So High

& THE CROSSROADS-Darkest Hour/04 THE SOUNCATIONS-Exit/05 THE VISIONS-Humpty Dumpty/06 THE SPECTRUM-Bald Headed Woman/07 GENTLEMEN-Come on (If You Can)/08 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/09 THE ROKS-Hey Joe/10 THE LOST GENERATION-They Tell Me/11 THE SPADES-We Sell Soul/12 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Bitter Bells/13 THE IGUANAS-Leaving You Baby

VOLUME 18-01 THE ASTRONAUTS-Come Along Baby/02 THE SOUL-Have It All Your Way/03 THE TROLLS-I Don't Recall/04 THE TROLLS-Stupid Girl/05 THE POOR-She's Got the Time (She's Got the Changes)/06 THE SOOTHSAYERS-I Don't Know/07 THE MOONRAKERS-I DOn't Beleive/08 SUR ROYAL DA COUNT & THE PARLIAMNETS-Scream Mother Scream/09 OUR GANG-Careless Love/10 THE MOONRAKERS-Baby Please Don't Go/11 THE MOONRAKERS-I'm All Right/12 THE LIDOS-Since I Last Saw You/13 THE RAINY DAZE-Fe Fi Fo Fum/14 THE DOPPLER EFFECT-God Is Alive In Argentina/15 MONOCLES-Psychedelic (That's Where It's At)/16 THE ELOPERS-Music To Smoke Bananas By

Links In a little bit, don't blame Zippy if it takes till morning, I got a couple of movies I wanna burn first.........but you'll get em, hopefully tonight, and these are three of the better discs of the set, I think.....continue with the comments, it's the only way I can gauge the interest......and thanks again to DAVIDWOLFSONNC, one of the greatest of "Friends of the Blog", for contributing the only disc of the series that I was missing, Volume 23 (Texas Part 5)......I will put it up in order with the other discs OR you guys can just go into the comments section from a couple days ago and download it yourselves, up to you.......But thanks again, you've (davidwolfsonnc, I mean) bailed me out more times than I can calculate!

Highs In the Sixties Part 7

Coming down the home stretch on this exhaustive and great series, a real find for anyone who loves both super-obscure 60's psych/garage and also for lovers of the individual sounds of the different regions of the country, which beleive it or not was actually possible in the days before radio
consultants and focus groups and the like.

Volume 19 returns to Michigan for the thrid time, The Orange Wedge's "From the Womb to the Tomb" is fairly well known and well comped, but it IS a great track. The Iguanas......help me out, is this "THE" Iguanas, featuring a young pup named Iggy Pop? unsure. otherwise we get another band called the Chessmen (they, as well as the Tempests, are actually from Indiana), and the Oxford 5 check in with, no, not "Hey Joe"........but........"Gloria"!  I don't think this version was on that three disc "Battle of the Glorias" thing I had on here a while back......I think I could probably comp another (fourth) disc of them, honestly......

We return to the West Coast for Volume 20, "LA Part 4".....The Bees, The Dovers, Human Expression have all appeared on other comps, (without checking coz I don't care, some of this probably overlaps with "Where the Action Is")......the Aftermath check in with, would you beleive "Gloria"......I might be able to put together TWO more discs of the "Gloria" comp!

Volume 21 is near and dear to my heart, as we return home (MY home, Skippy), the GREAT BUCKEYE STATE, (Ohio Part 2) which features two tracks from the Endless, whom, according to the label were from SPRINGFIELD OHIO, MY lifelong HOME! And, other than this comp, I have never, ever heard of them......that is SPRINGFIELD OHIO though.......home of Jonothon Winters, Lillian Gish, John Legend, setting for the former CBS Soap Opera "The Guiding Light", and stomping grounds of one of the worst of serial killers, William Sapp.........anyway, add "The Endless" with their fine pair of songs to the legend that is SPRINGFIELD OHIO. From right down I-75 in Dayton, we have The Pictorian Skiffles, and right up I-70 to columbus, we have The FOur O Clock Balloon and the Epics.....not really one of the top sets in the series, even though
obviously it holds a drop of sentiment for me......The Endless FOREVER! Reminds me of the God-awful (pun intended) stupid-metal band of the 1970's the Godz, one of whom was from Springfield. Those clowns made litterally one of the worst metal albums of all time ("The Godz") which naturally features perhaps the most obnoxious metal SONG ever released ("Gotta Keep Running"....sample lyrics: "We're Everything Your Parents Ever Warned You About!"........"EVERYBODY'S Junkies!"....."The Godz are rock N roll MACHINES!".......I think it was Robert Christgau who observed, "They're funnier than Blue Oyster Cult, only they're not trying".......just a little piece of Springfield Ohio cultcha!

VOLUME 19-01 THE TEMPESTS-Look Away/02 THE SAHARAS-The Mornin'/03 THE DECEISIONS-Tears Tears/04 THE ROYAL SHANDELS-Be Careful With Your Carful/05 THE JUJUS-I'm Really Sorry/06 THE FRENCH CHURCH-Without Crying/07 OXFORD 5-Gloria/08 THE IGUANAS-Again and Again/09 THE BEAUBIENS-Times Passed/10 THE BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/11 THE CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/12 THE FRENCH CHURCH-Slapneck 1943/13 THE ASSORTMENT-Bless Our Hippy Home/14 THE ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb

BEANS-Who Needs You/04 THE GIGILOS-She's My baby/05 HUMAN EXPRESSION-Calm Me Down/06 THE RUMBLERS-I Don't Need You no More/07 AFTERMATH-Gloria/08 THE AGENTS-Gotta Help Me/09 THE AVENGERS-It's Hard To Hide/10 THE AVENGERS-It's Hard To Hide/11 BEES-Forget Me Girl/12 THE DOVERS-The Third Eye/13 THE NO-NA-MEE'S-Just Wanna Be Myself/14 THE LAST WORD-Sleepy Hollow

VOLUME 21-THE BACKDOOR SOCIETY-I'm the Kind/02 THE UNKNOWN KIND-Who Cares/03 IT'S THEM-Baby I Still Want Your Lovin/04 THE EPICS-White Collar House/05 THE ENDLESS-Prevailing Darkness/06 THE ENDLESS-Tomorrows Song/07 THE BEAU DENTURIES-Straight Home/08 THE PICTORIAN SKIFFULS-In Awhile/09 BARON THOMAS & THE BLUE CRYSTALS-Tension/10 THE PANICKS-Treat Me Right/11 THE HAZARDS-Tinted Green/12 THE WILD THINGS-A.C.I.D./13 THE FOUR OCLOCK
BALOON-Dark Cobble Street/14 THEE YOUNG GENERATION-Paperback Minds

Cool stuff, good download numbers and comments on the earlier sets....keep em coming.......any other sets of this type in which you may have interest, NOW would be the time to request it, coz I betcha I GOT IT!

Highs in the Mid Sixties -La Finale!

Two discs remaining of this stellar set of regiona obscurities, Volume 22 brings us back to the South
(Part 2), and of course volume 23, which I did not have (Texas Part 5) was provided by Friend of the Blog Davewolfsonnc, thanks again!. Anyway, 22 gives us off the wall selections by The Nomads, Evil Enc. Group, and Jimmy & the Offbeats, while the Texas finale brings us The Blox, Sweet Smoke ( I think I have a full LP by Sweet Smoke somewhere around here), and Gaylon Lord........bringing this series to it's conclusion.

Tell me what ya thought about it, I consider it to be among the more interesting of genres, super-obscure psych-garage, in partricular broken down regionally, which was an ingenious concept and REALLY worked well.......these 23 discs should find their way to any lover of said genre, beside all the Nuggets, Pebbles, Rubble, Gravel, and all the
rest........there is more to come!

DISC 22-01 THE DAZE OF THE WEEK-One Night Stand (yet another confusing Geographic quirk, they are listed as being from Tacoma Washington.......the SOUTH?)/02 THE DICK WATSON FIVE-Cold Clear World/03 THE NOMADS-Time Remains/04 CREATURES, INC-Letters of Love/05 EVIL ENC GROUP-Hey You/06 EVIL ENC GROUP-The Point Is/07 THE FLYS-Reality Composition No. 1/08 THE COUNTS IV-Spoonful/09 JIMMY & THE OFFBEATS-Stronger Than Dirt/10 JIMMY & THE OFFBEATS-I Ain't No Miracle Worker/11 THE RONDELLS-One More Chance/12 RICK & RONNIE-Don't Make Me Do This Way/13 THE 5-I'm No GOod/14 THE COUNTDOWNS-Cover of Night

DISC 23-01 THE WIND-Don't Take Your Love Away/02 THE LOST GENERATION-Let Me Out/03 GAYLON LADD-Her Loving Way/04 KENNY WAYNE & THE KAMOTIONS-A Better Day's Comin'/05 WILSHIRE EXPRESS-Lose Your Money/06 JIMMY C & THE CHELSEA FIVE-Leave Me Alone/07 THE BLOX-Hangin Out/08 GAYLON LADD-Repulsive Situation/09 STERLING DAMON-Rejected/10 THE SHAYDES-Search the Sun/11 THE CHILDREN-Enough of What I Need/12 SWEET SMOKE-Morning Dew


By request The Psychedelic Experience

Somebody ( I forget who asked but someone did), this is a fine four disc set crammed to the brim

with good stuff......there is SOME overlap with some of the other sets, but not TOO much, so as usual, psych-heads oughta really enjoy this set.

Disc 1 contains 24 tracks, most of them are pretty obscure, we all know Fantastic Zoo and Tommy Jett from other comps, but how bout Brass Toads? Inexpensive Handmade Look? NCG45? Yep, looks like we stumbled onto yet another treasure chest of psych semi-classics that those of us appreciate such things pop an erection over.

More of the same on Disc 2.....There's a Castaways track, no clue if it's "the" Castaways....the Monolcles and Elopers just turned up on the "Highs in the Mid Sixties" with the same tune none the less, Dirty Filthy Mud pop up on comps every now and then....still with 27 total tracks, you get some stuff that HAS to be new to ya......overlap is GOING to be an issue on these kind of comps, sorry.

Disc 3 is more "out there", nothing jumps out at you as "been there heard that" at least immediately....we have Scorpio Tube, Kensington FOrest, Perpetual Motion Workshop, Hinge, Elastic Prism, and more unknowns than you could shake a bong at.

Finally we have Disc 4......again, this is not your typical "Nuggets" rehash, we get stuff like Captain Crunch and the Crew, Golden Grass, Them USA, Wally Shoop & Fubar........hey, THIS is the stuff we are looking for.......right? A damn fine set, I'm gonna give ya all four discs at once, and I hope ya enjoy em.......thanks to the requestor too, wishing more of you minions would request shit, and save ME having to think up what I'm going to do each day.

A good set, please leave a comment if ya like it.......or if ya hate it.......or if ya like ME......or if ya hate ME........or if like me ya think Drew Barrymore, Genevieve Gorder, and Megyn Price are all secretly conspiring to gang rape me.........

VOLUME 1-01 UNKNOWN-Intro/02 ASTROS-Space Walk/03 PREMIERS-Get On This Plane/04 FANTASTIC ZOO-Light Show/05 FLOWER POWER-You Make Me FLy/06 ONE MILE AHEAD-Contribution/07 PICTURE-Evolution/08 APPLE GLASS CYNDROME-Someday/09 KOLLEKTION-Savage Lost/10 APPARATION-Apparation/11 BRASS TOADS-In the Back of My Mind/12 BLACK ROSE-Love Handles/13 TROY-Amnesia/14 TOMMY JETT-Groovy little Trip/15 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/16 INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK-What Good Is Up?/17 JASON MERRICK & THE FINDERS-I'm Not What You Are/18 JOHNNY THOMPSON QUINTET-Color Me Columbus/19 SCORPION-I'm Only Human/20 EMBRYO INFINITY REBIRTH-Walls/21 NCG45-Skippin Through the Night/22 STU MITCHELL-Acid/23 TOMMY & THE TRUE BLUE FACTS-I'm Back/24 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track

VOLUME 2-01 DECADES-On SUnset/02 HIGHER ELEVATION-Odyssey/03 MONOLCLES-Psychedelic/04 WATERS_Mother Samwell/05 TRESSPASSERS-Come With Me/06 CAVE DWELLERS-Mediation/07 CASTAWAYS-Mediation/08 DIRTY FILTHY MUD-Forest Of Black/09 ELEMENT-Open the Door To YOur Mind/10 ELOPERS-Music TO Smoke Bananas To/11 INNER LIGHT-Long Journey/12 PURPLE UNDERGROUND-Count Back/13 MIRRORS IMAGE-No Lovin Man/14JOKERS WILD-All I See Is You/15 DOPPLER EFFECT-God Is alive In Argentina/16 ESSEX ST JOURNAL-Progression 256/17 SHERMAN MARSHALL-Realization of Life/18 UNSETTLED SOCIETY-17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs/19 QUIET JUNGLE-Ship Of Dreams/20 KNIGHTS BRIDGE QUINTET-Sorrow In C Major/21 RAVING MADD-BOundaries/22 EAST SIDE KIDS-Close Your MInd/23 ED POWERS-Mourning/24 TRANE- One Way Street

VOLUME 3-01 LOGIC CIRCUIT-Motorcross/02 STEVE AKIN-I'm Trippin ALone/03 PERPETUAL MOTION WORKSHOP-Won't COme Down/04 SECTION FIVE-Pushers Route/05 WILD THINGS-Another Colored Ink Drawing/06 INFERNO-The Inferno/07 FINNEGANS WAKE-Bells/08 ELECTRIC COMPANY-Scarey Buisness/09 KENSINGTON FOREST-Bells/10 CROSSTOWN BUS-Enchanted Island/11 LAWSON AND FOUR MORE-Halfway Down the Stairs/12 HINGE-Idols of Your MInd/13 TEARS-People Through My Glasses/14 GRAPPLE-Ethereal Genesis/15 FLYGHT-Trifle Cerivia/16 ELASTIC PRISM-Time Change/17 DAVID SANTO-Rising of Scorpio/18 MISSING LYNX-Behind Locked Doors/19 ONE OF HOURS-Psychedelic Illusions/20 RENAISSANCE FAIR-In Wyrd/21 SCORPIO TUBE-Yellow Listen/22 JIMMY WHITE & THE RELATIONS-Diamond Coated Banana Bush/23 POMPEO STILLO & THE COMPANIONS-He Was a Guitar Player and Now Plays Machine Gun

VOLUME 4-01 PERPETUAL MOTION WORKSHOP-Infiltrate Your Mind/02 CAPTAIN CRUNCH & THE CREW-Nowadays People/03 THE BARBER GREEN-Gliding Ride/04 THE STONEMEN-In the Evening/05 BEGGARS OPERA-Escape/06 FOX & THE ROADRUNNERS-Illusions of a Party/07 FAMEN-Hurry/08 THE GOLDEN GRASS-Electric Soldier/09 THE GOLDEN GRASS-I'm Crying/10 THE STONEMEN-Faded Colors/11 THE REVERBS-Lie In the Shade of the Sun/12 THE PEABODY HERMATIGE-Something So/13 THE BARRACUDAS-Wait For Tomorrow/14 THEM USA-Her Kind/15 THE PEABODY HERMATAGE-Fear/16 THE GROUP-Why Does My Head Go BOom/17 LONG RICHARD-Force Myself/18 GRAPPLE-Snail/19 WALLY SHOOP & FUBAR-Words In My Head/20 NIGHTPATROL-Trippin'/21 MARK OF KINGS-Realities

Links in a while, lemme know what ya think of dese, somebody requested em so SOMEBODY must wanna hear em.......rememeber the fallen on this Memorial Day Weekend, my sincerest thanks to those who have served in our military service over the years, including, of course, my father in law (WWII). God bless these brave warriors!

Psychedelic Disaster Whirl

Still searching for the request "Miriam Webster Time", which I know for a fact I have, but if you saw
the disarray my CD room is in, you'd understand.....I'll find it sometime this week, farily certain. In the meantime, here's another set I think you guys will enjoy "Psychedelic Disaster Whirl"....4 discs.ome but not much overlap with other comps, and some exceptional sound quality, relative to many comps of this variety.

So, I'm sure that if you're by now bored with my lastest psych/Nuggets obsession, this set will do nothing to change that, but, judging from hits and download numbers, there seems to "always be room for more jello", so I may just keep em coming for a while......and I REALLY do like this set.

OK Disc 1......Several of these guys ahe turned up here and there on some of the comps I've posted, Perpetual Motion Workshop, Twentieth Century Zoo, and Human Expression......however, all are represented by fine selections, and nestled amongst are great tracks from Thee Sixpence ("In the Building"), and Caretakers of Deception ("Cuttin Grass").......a fine disc, recommended.

Disc 2 brings us a few more familar acts, notably ELectric Prunes (represented, however, by "Shadows", not one of their more frequently comped numbers), Third Bardo, and Fumin' Humans, and of coures we get our normal dosage of obscure-o's such as Phorenbach Delegation and
The Power of Beckett.

Disc 3 brings us the very underappreciated (as these things go) Teddy and His Patches, who are, unfortunately, represented by their best known track the READILLY available "Suzy Creamcheese"....The Bees track ("Voices Green and Purple") mactually appears on the original "Nuggets, hardly a rarity there. Orange Wedge's "From the Womb to the Tomb", while a fine track, was actually featured on one of the last sets I posted......There's really not much on this particular disc to recommend it, to be honest, if rarities are what you are seeking out......see for yourself, I guess, I don't really remember the Backgrounds or Bourbons turing up very frequently.

Volume 4 dials up the obscurity factor a bit,
obviously the Iguanas and Creation's Disciple turn up now and again.......but there are some tracks that are finds such as The Outcasts, Hallmarks, and Chaz & the Classics

In all, nothing spectacular, but I feed the need.......I COULD put up the fifty plus "Sir Psych Presents" set, of the maybe thrity disc "Psych Crackle Pop" monstrosity, if you guys keep responding enthusiastically, maybe I will do so.........obscure psych is something which I think we will NEVER completely run  out of, but I DO want to avoid too much overlap among sets.

Again, let me know, and once I find that "Miriam Webster Time" disc I'll get it up there STAT!


DISC 2-01 TC ATLANTIC-Faces/02 THE SOUND APPARATUS-Travel Agent Man/03 THE WHATT FOUR-Our Love SHould Last Forever/04 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-Shadows/05 IDES'-Psychedelic Ride/06 THE INFERNO-Inferno/07 THE ES SHADES-Without My love/08 THE WIG-Crackin Up/09 THE THIRD BARDO-Nothing TO Lose But Your Mind/10 THE CIRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/11 OEDIPUS AND THE MOTEHRS-(I Remember) How It Used To Be/12 PHORENBACH DELEGATION-Tall Grass/13 THE REMAINING FEW-Painted Air/14 THE ES SHADES-Anyday Anywhere/15 THE FUMIN HUMANS-RElative Distance/16 THE POWER OF BECKETT-Lost Soul In Disillusion

DISC 3-01 SOMETHING WILD-Trippin Out/02 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/03
THE BOURBONS-A Dark Corner/04 THE HANGMEN-Faces/05 A-440-Torture/06 VELVET ILLUSIONS-Velvet Illusions/07 THE BEES-Voices Green and Purple/08 THE SHY GUYS-Black Lighting Light/09 50th ANNIVERSARY ZOO-Love Man/10 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS 2-I Wanna COme Back (From the World of LSD)/11 THE ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the TOmb/12 THE OXFORD CIRCLE-Foolish Woman/13 THE STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road SOuth/14 THE BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately (A Time For a Change)/15 THE BACKGROUNDS-Day Breaks at Dawn

DISC 4-01 CHAZ & THE CLASSICS-Girl of the 13th Hour/02 THE CHILDREN-I Can Feel It/03 THE GALAXIES IV-Don't Lose YOur Mind/04 CREATIONS DISCIPLE-Psychedelic Retraction/05 THE COLONY-All I Want/06 WE WHO ARE-Last Trip/07 THE HALLMARKS-Soul Shakin Psychedelic Sally/08 LEO & THE PROPHETS-Tilt-a-Whirl/09 THE LIV-IN END-She's a Teaser/10 THE CAVE MEN-It's Trash/11 THE NIGHT PEOPLE-We Got It/12 THE IGUANAS-I Can Only Give You Everything/13 GRAF ZEPPELIN-You're In My Mind/14 THE OUTCASTS-1523 Blair/15 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Love at Psychedelic Velocity

Sorta by request but better.....,TEXAS blowout!

So, the skinny is as follows......someone requested the "Texas Flashbacks" series, which I do happen
to have here, and am going to post....but TALK ABOUT OVERLAP......most everything here is available either on "Psychedelic Disaster Whirl", or the "Psychedelic Experience"........or somewhere.....but so what? If the guy wants that whole series, he can have em as far as I'm concerned, so today, I'll be putting them up.......BUT just as a bonus for all you lovers of Texas psych, the next couple days I'm also gonna treat ya's to "Never Ever Land, Texas Nuggets from IA Records 1965-70 (3 Discs)", "Texas Punk Groups of the 60's" (2 Discs), "Ten Years in Texas", and SIX discs of "History of Garage Bands In Texas in the 60's"........HOW THE HELL ABOUT THAT?

And, if you'd like your state represented, I can catch MOST of em, maybe not Rhode Island or North Dakota, but I have a TON TON TON more of this great regional rock, and judging by the numbers, you guys are digging them as well......but the Texas blowout begins today with "Texas Flashbacks", SIX somewaht skimpy discs that include a LOT of overlap with previous issues.....but who am I to complain? There ARE a fw tracks here unique to the set, I think, so whoever requested it, please do enjoy, and the niex couple days we'll delve into a bit more rare/obscure stuff from the Lone Star State. Till then, enjoy...

Disc one features some good ones, Floyd Dakil
FOur's "Bad Boy", "That's The Way my Love Is" from the Trolls, but acts like the Barons, and Sherwoods have appeared on some of these other sets, I'm sure........Disc two also includes a few fairly well knowns such as the Blue THings, SJ & the Crossroads, and Chevelle Five, but also a good mixture of lesser knowns (at least in Ohio) such as Run Aways (no not THOSE Runaways!), Knight Bridge, and Jimmy Rabbir & the Karats.

Disc 3 is a skimpy 16 track effort, and a LOT of it is available elsewhere here (meaning here on this blog)......Blox, Barons. Sweet Smoke, and Stereo Shoestring have been on comps just this week, I think.......Disc 4 is pretty much more of the same, The Roks (ahhhh, "Hey Joe"), Leo & the Prophets, The Perils......sorry if you've just recently downloaded these tracks but I think the requester is wanting them in an all-Texas kind of company, so be it.

Volume 5......well, of coure we've recently heard from Larry & the Blue Notes, Tommy Jett, The Bards, .......Volume 6 more of the same from the Nomads, SJ &  the Crossroads, The Bourbons.......I am NOT in general a fan of posting stuff with this much overlap, but perhaps you can cut-and paste your own set of tracks that did not appear on earlier sets.........and besides, dig it.....the next few posts are gonna still be ALL THINGS TEXAS, but with  VERY VERY minimal overlap, and ACCENT on the obscure/rare...........thanks to the state of Texas for all you've given the rest of us, uh, well, the 13th floor Elevators and Black Angels and all that great 1960's psych, always kinda liked the University of Houston and the Rockets when Hakeem Olajuwon played there.....I'm sure other good stuff comes from there, too......just not thinking of it right now.

Hours (Everyday)/04 FLOYD DAKIL FOUR-Bad Boy/05 PLAYBOYS OF EDINBURGH-Wish You Had a Heart/06 FINNICUM-Come On Over/07 EXCELS-Let's Dance/08 REASONS WHY-Don't Be That Way/09 CICADELICS-We're Gonna Love This Way/10 COUNTDOWN FIVE-Uncle Kirby (From Brasil)/11 LYNX-You Lie/12 WARLOCKS-If You Really Want Me To Stay/13 BARONS-Come To Me/14 TROLLS-That's The Way my Love Is/15 15 SWEETARTS-So Many Times/16 SHERWOODS-I Know You Cried

VOLUME 2-01 JADES-I'm Alright/02 OXFORD CIRCUS-4th Street Carnival/03 BLUE THINGS-Twist and SHout/04 JIMMY RABBIT & THE KARATS-Pushover/05 WALLY & THE RIGHTS-Hey Now Little Girl/06 BOYS-You Deceived Me/07 ONE WAY STREET-Joy And Sorrow/08 TWILIGHTERS-Nothing Can Bring Me Down/09 OUTCASTS-I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)/10 SJ & THE CROSSROADS-Get Out of My Life WOman/11 IGUANAS-I Can Only Give You Everything/12 CHEVELLE FIVE-Come Back Bird/13 RUN AWAYS-18th Floor Girls/14 SIX PENTS-She Lied/15 KNIGHT BRIDGE-CJ SMith/16 KNIGHT BRIDGE-Make Me SOme Love

VOLUME 3-01 BLOX-Hangin Out/02
MURPHY & THE MOB-Born Loser/03 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Wild Illusions/04 BROTHERS & SISTERS-And I Know/05 THE CHANTS-Hypnotised/06 CONTINENTAL V-Wake Me Up Girl/07 BARONS-Don't Burn It/08 THE UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/09 THE VISIONS-Humpty Dumpty/10 THE MODS-My baby Is Gone/11 THE SHADES OF NIGHT-Fluctuation/12 CIRCUS-Bad Seed/13 SHIVAS HEAD BAND-Kaleidoscopic/14 SWEET SMOKE-Morning Dew/15 MINDS EYE-Help i'm Lost/16 STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road SOuth

VOLUME 4-01 WIND-Don't Take Your Love Away/02 THE NOBLEMEN-Stop Your Running around/03 MIKE REYNOLDS & THE INFANTS OF SOUL-When Will I Find Her/04 THE NOTATIONS-Everythings Allright/05 THE EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/06 THE EXOTICS-I Was Alone/07 THE INFINITE STAIRCASE-Margaret/08 MODULATION CORPORATION-What To Do/09 ROKS-Hey Joe/09 LEO & THE PROPHETS-Tilt a Whirl/10 THE PERILS-Hate/11 THE MADISON REVUE-Another Man/12 BEAR FOX-Out of Your Tree/13 CHANGING TIME-Cry/14 THE HEARD-You're Gonna Miss Me/15 THE HEARD
-Exit 9

VOLUME 5-01 THE BARDS-Alibis/02 THE BRIKS-Foolish Baby/03 THE TRACKERS-You Are My WOrld/04 THE MOVING SIDEWALKS-I Want To MHold Your Hand/05 TOMMY JETT-Groovy little Trip/06 THE EXOTICS-Come With Me/07 BABBY MABE & THE OUTCASTS-I'm Lonely/08 THE CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/09 THE FANATICS-I Will Not Be Lonely/10 THE LAVENDER HOUR-So Sophisticated/11 ELECTRIC LOVE-This Seat Is Saved/12 BUCCANEERS-You GOt What I Want/13 THE WANDERERS-Higher Education/14 KID & THE OUTLAWS-Don't Tread on Me/15 THE 5 CANADIANS-Never Alone/16 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In and Out

VOLUME 6-01 THE WIG-Drive It Home/02 THE REDDLEMEN-I'm GOnna Get In That Girl's Mind/03 THE NOMADS-Situations/04 THE SONS OF BARBEE DOLL-Psychedelic Seat/05THE SHADES-GInger Bread Man /06 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/07 YESTERDAYS OBSESSION-The Phycle/08 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Good TImes/09 THE VISIONS-Route 66/10 SJ & THE CROSSROADS-Ooh Poo Pah Doo/11 THE FABS-Dinah Wants Religion/12 THE MINUTE MEN-Disillusioned/13 THE CHESSMEN-I Need You There/14 THE NEW BREED-Big Time/15 LIVIN END-Society/16 THE BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately

Texas BLOWOUT Part Dos!

Yesterday's "Texas Flashbacks" was by request, and pretty much a formality as there was so much
overlap with the many other sets I've posted here....but the guy wanted them, and THAT IS WHAT WE DO HERE (SHARE).....today we flesh out the Texas 60's psych scene a bit with the fine "The History of Texas Garage Bands in the 60's", which still has a BIT of overlap, even some with "Texas Flashbacks", but I'd say the material here is about 80%-90% unique to those of you who have been following my stuff here.

Volume 1 features a label, "The Sea Ell Label", I gather, and right off the top I notice Knight's Bridge has a few cuts, they were also on "Flashbacks" (unsure if same tracks, to lazy to check, you know the drill!)......we get also, though, the lesser known (outside Tejas anyway), The Wolves, Satyn's Children, Georger Washington & the Cherry Stompers, and a good deal more from the obscure/unknown rack.

Volume 2 continues with the Sea Ell Label, but features only two acts, The Smokin' Bananas and The Intruders (Intruders all demos).....14 tracks from the Intruders is all you'll ever need I'd wager, but they are decent, with several alternate takes. At least ehy spare me "Hey Joe"

Volume 3 turns the corner to AOK records, plenty of unknown gems to enjoy here.....Carroll's Mood, Wry Catchers, Venturas......Volume 4 is NOT label specific, it is simply "West Texas Rarities", although oddly enough a lot of the AOK bands (Wry Catchers, Carrolls Mood) turn up here, and the Illusions at least make sure we don't have to go too TERRIBLY long without a version of "Gloria" (had me a little worried for a while).

Volume 5 is entitled "Corpus Christi Rarities", best known of whom are the Zakary Thaks, we also get Liberty Bell, Michale, and a spate of bands simply lableled "Unknown" (I love that!).

Volume 6 is composed of entirley one band, Sunset Love, flowery, hippie, acidic stuff, just what you are most likely looking for have you stumbled in here. And the final Volume 7, gives us a bunch of tracks from the Orbit Records label, featuring a lot from Lemon Fog (very good), also the Nomads, the Smoke, and the Rebellers......I don't even think there IS per se a "Volume 7", it is labelled "Volume 2 of the Orbit Records Story", but since there is a volume 1-2-3-4-5-6, I just figured I'd stick it on the end as #7 (and to the original requester, this "volume 7" or whatever it is is quite similar to mthe originally requested "Three O Clock Miriam
Webster Time" (but NOT identical).

The Construction of this set is kind of odd, I think,
but it still manages to work, due to the obscure nature of the music.....personllay, I'd have programmed it a LOT differently, but that is just me. If you came here yesterday looking for Texas psych/garage of the 60's these will not disappoint, nor, will tomorrow's series wrap up, even will feature some 13th Floor Elevators, what would such a series be without em?

VOLUME 1-01 THE KNIGHTS BRIDGE-Make Me Some Love/02 THE KNIGHTS BRIDGE-CJ Smith/03 INTRUDERS-Temprorary Insanity/04 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY STOMPERS-The Back Shelf Of Your Mind/05 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY STOMPERS-Run To Him/06 THE COACHMEN-Grapes of Wrath/07 THE COACHMEN-Summer Should Bring Happiness/08 SATYN'S CHILDREN-Should I Cry/09 EDDIE CUNNINGHAM & THE LONE RANGERS-Girl Don't Change Your Mind/10 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Turn Into Earth/11 THE DARBY-HATVILLE-You'll Forget Me/12 THE KNIGHT'S BRIDGE-CJ Smith/13 SATYN'S CHILDREN-Turn Me Away/14 WOLVES-Thinking Things Over/15 WOLVES-Black Bottom Soul/16 WOLVES-Banned In Boston/17 THE KNIGHT'S BRIDGE-I Need Your Love/18 SATYN'S CHILDREN-It's Too Bad/19 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-This Girl/20 PAUL HUTCHINS-People Gonna Walk On You/21 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Instant Replay/22 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Scorched Sand

VOLUME 2-01 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Wait a Day For Sunshine/02 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Will
You love Me Tomorrow/03 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Wait! Wait!/04 SMOKIN' BANANAS-Who Can It Be/05 SMOKIN' BANANAS-The Blues Room/06 INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanith/07  INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanity/08  INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanity/09  INTRUDERS-I've Been There Before/10  INTRUDERS-I've Been There Before/11  INTRUDERS-See the Light/12  INTRUDERS-The Lone Stranger/13 INTRUDERS-The Lone Stranger/14   INTRUDERS-The Lone Stranger/15  INTRUDERS-The Last Time/16  INTRUDERS-Never On Friday Club/17  INTRUDERS-Wish You Didn't Have To Go/18  INTRUDERS-The Lonely Beach/19  INTRUDERS- Babe I'm Thinking of You/20  INTRUDERS-Don't Tell Me You're Leaving

VOLUME 3-01 CARROLLS MOOD-What You're Doing To Me/02 CARROLLS MOOD-Out She Goes/03 CONTINETALS-Take Me/04 SHADES-GIngerbread Man/05 SHADES-You Can't Do That/06 BELIEVERS-Get Out Of My Life Woman/07 JERRY SIMPSON-My Young Boy/08 TERRY & TOMMY-It Ain't No Good To Love Anybody/09 NEW ROADRUNNERS-Love Is/10 WRY CATACHERS-Collision Course/11 WRY CATCHERS -When I Met You/12 KENNETH CLOUD & THE STARGAZERS-Baby You Lied/13 MACK TUBB & THE SHADES-You Keep Me GOing/14 NEW ROADRUNNERS-Tired of Living/15 VENTURAS-Cry, I Cried/16 VENTURAS-Hornets Nest

VOLUME 4-01 OUTLAWS-Worlds Apart/02OUTLAWS-Fun, Fame and Fortune/03 ILLUSIONS-
Try/04 ILLUSIONS-GLoria/05 ILLUSIONS-I Really Care/06 ILLUSIONS-Places and Faces/07 FEATHERS-Ten Pounds of Sugar/ 08 FEATHERS-It's Alright/09 WRY CATCHERS-Take a Walk/10 WRY CATCHERS-Shes The One/11 BRUTES-Let Me Know/12 BRUTES-Make Me Happy Girl/13 BRUTES-Baby Come Home/14 CARROLLS MOOD-I Walk ALone/15 CARROLLS MOOD-Out She Goes/16 CONTINENTALS-She Wants You

VOLUME 5-01 MICHAEL-If I Were a Man/02 MICHAEL-Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away/03 ZAKARY THAKS-Face To Face/04 LIBERTY BELL-I can See/05 LIBERTY BELL-Reality is the Only Answer/06 MICHAEL-People See IV/07 MICHAEL-Last Day/08 MICHAEL-I'm Nobody's Man/09 MICHAEL-I'd Only Laugh/10 UNKNOWNS-All I Have To Do/11 UNKNOWNS-Hard to Understand/12 ZAKARY THAKS-Shake/13 (unknown)/14 (unknown)/15 (unknown)

VOLUME 6-(NOTE: ALL tracks By Sunset Love)-
01 Change/02 Hippie/03 Run to the Sun/04 Reach Out/05 Tribute to Kay/06 Winters Day/07 Little Children/08 Innocence Dies Young Out on the street/09 Man In the Park/10 Father Paul/11 World of Pain/12 Sunset Love/13 Wheels/14  Push Push

VOLUME 7-01 THE LEMON FOG-The Living Eye Theme/02 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/03 THE LEMON FOG-Echoes of Time/04 THE LEMON FOG-Day By Day/05 THE LEMON FOG-The Prisoner/06 THE LEMON FOG-Yes I Cry/07 THE LEMON FOG-Girl From the Wrong Side of Town/08 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/09 THE REBELLERS-The New GEneration/10 THE REBELLERS-Common People/11 THE NOMADS-I Walk Alone/12 THE NOMADS-I'll Be There/13 THE NOMADS-My Little Red Book/14 THE NOMADS-Situations/15 THE SMOKE-Mainstream/16 THE NOMADS-Three O'Clock Miriam Webster Time/17 THE NOMADS-Situations/18 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/19 BO JEST-Summer '95

Links will be up in a while.....still lots a more stuff from mthe Yeehah State tomorrow, and remember, if you want me to dig up a project on YOUR state (I can do many of them, NOT NEARLY as extensivly as Texas, or California, or Michigan, or whatever obviously, but some other states you might be surprised by.......give me a shout and we'll see what we can construct for ya!

Texas Blowout Finito!

Unless I come across some other Texas goodies, and there is always that chance, I think these
remaining discs will just about flogged our dead horseflesh as far as it can be driven.....as I've said before, if you want me to do a post on YOUR state, chances are at least decent that I have enough good material to make one, certainly not Texas-sized, but ya know everything's bigger in.......well ya know.

Gonna start this final chapter with a single disc "Ten Years In Texas"....can't really find too much info on it, actually, don't know if was specific to a label or a part of Texas.....but I do know it is cramamed with 27 tracks, a BIT of overlap from some of the other sets but not too much, if you checked them ALL out so far, might as well tredge on, I suppose. The 13th Floor Elevators, of course the Texas scenes unquestioned champs, check in with "You're Gonna Miss Me", of course easy to find but cool beyond words anyway. Mouse and the Traps also checkin, not with the classic "Public Execution", but the near-great "Made of SUgar Made of Spice".....Larry & the Blue Notes, Moving Sidewalks, Floyd Dakil Four......but sift around a bit for lesser known tracks by Joe Lombardie & Cats, Tooter Boatmen, the Gentlemen, and more......if your just sampling round here, this might be a decent choice if you only want ONE disc.

Next up, a TWO DISC set, "Texas Punk Groups of the 60's"......Disc one gives us the Undertakers, the Society, The Cynics, the Blue THings, The Chessmen, Them, The Outcasts, as well as Mouse & the  Traps, who turn in TWO lesser known tracks. Disc two brings us more of the "second line" punk sounds of the era, Reddlemen, Kempy & the Guardians, Him, Danny & the Counts......this is a decent two disc set, I will have to say that the Texas "punk" scene was NOTHING compared to the Texas "psych" scene.....have a time even finding anyone to argue THAT one.

Finally our last three discs and they are winners....fully
titled "Never Ever Land, 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-70. Again, when you're putting up as many discs as I'm trying to, you're GOING to get overlap, but look what we get here.....FOUR tracks from the Elevators, Also some Red Crayola (truly wierd stuff), plenty of Thursday's Children, The Spades, The Emperors.....NOT  crazy about the programming, but there is some stuff of value here, and this is the only comp I can think of that touches on Red Krayola, for better or worse.....

(While I am thinking about it, if you are a fan of the 13th Floor Elevators, a while back I did a MASSIVE post on them, tons of boots, rarities, live stuff.......someone dig back and see if the links are still alive if this by some chance whets your appetite for more of Roky & the boys drug-damaged

OK Disc 2 brings us Bubble Puppy, whose "Hot Smoke and Sasafrass" turns up on a lot of comps, (good track though), and basically MORE stuff from the IA artists on the first disc, but also Endle St. Cloud, Ginger Valley, and a fwe more. The true gem is one of my favorite songs ever in any genre.....often NOT comped because of it's length (8:00+), "Slip Inside This House" by the 13th Floor Elevators is THE perfect acid-trip song......sonically, it almost recreates the experience. I am not joking, it is a fantastic song, about 30 years ahead of  its time. It does not appear on their wellknown "Psychedelic Sounds" album, but rather kicks off their second LP "Easter Everywhere".......if you profess to love psych and are without this track, please rectify this AT ONCE

The Third disc is rounding up odds n sods, further stuff from the bands on  the first 2 discs (Bubble Puppy, Elevators), also some stuff from the great Davie Allen, some Lightnin Hopkins, couple rare ones from Roky and Clementine Hall,  even parts of an interview with Roky Erickson, which, if you've ever heard one, can be just about anything.

Gonna wrap it up for the Texas thing for now. Hope you guys ahve gotten your fill of it, there sure is a LOT, I was surprised I had so much.....sorry bout the inevitable overlap, but with comps that is gonna happen. Maybe another state tomorrow, maybe YOURS if you ask quick enough and I have enough materia!

TEN YEARS IN TEXAS-01 EDDLE CLEARY-I Don't Care/03 TOOTER BOATMEN-The Will of Love/04 BLUES NOTES-I love Her So/05 CECIL MCCULLOUGH-Pick Em Up and Shake Em Down/06 DEAN BEARD-Party Party/07 CATALINAS-Speechless/08 JOE LOMBARDIE & CATS-Lets All Rock N Roll/09FLOYD LEE-Go Boy/10 MOONLIGHTERS-Rock a Bayou baby/11 BOBBYE SHADLE & DEL SHAYS-Come On Baby/12 BUDDY & HEARTS-Let It Rock/13 FLOYD DAKIL FOUR-Bad Boy/14 SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/15 BRIKS-Foolish Baby/16 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/17 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-Night of the Phantom/18 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Made of Sugar Made of Spice/19 THE FABS-That's the bag I'm In/20 PIRATES-Cuttin Out/21 FANATICS-I Will Not Be Lonely/22 REDDLEMEN-I'm Gonna Get In That Girls Mind/23 SCOTTY MCKAY QUINTET-Train Kept a Rollin/24 THE GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/25 HEARD-Exit 9/26 ZAKARY THAKS-Face to Face/27 MOVING SIDEWALKS-Every Night a New Surprise

UNDERTAKERS-It's My Time/03 THE SOCIETY-High and Mighty/04 THE SOCIETY-Summer Sunset/05 THE CYNICS-You're a Better man Than I/06 THE CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/07 THE BLUETHINGS-Twist and SHout/08 THE BLUETHINGS-Aint That Loving You baby/09 THE CHESSMEN-I Need You There/10 THE CHESSMEN-Sad/11 THEM-Dirty Old Man (At the Age of 17)/12 THEM-But It's Alright/13 THE OUTCASTS-1523 Blair/14 THE OUTCASTS-Smokestack Lightning/15 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-I Satisfy/16 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Good Times

TEXAS PUNK GROUPS VOLUME 2-01 THE COASTLINERS-I'll Be GOne/02 THE COASTLINERS-Alright/03 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/04 THE Y'ALLS-Please Come Back/05 THE STATUS QUO-They All Want Her Love/06 THE REDDLEMEN-I'm Gonna Get In That Girls Mind/07 THE PASSIONS-Lively One/08 THE VENITIAN BLINDS-Quit Your BElly Achin Baby/09 THE PIRATES-Cuttin Out/10 THE CIRCUS-Burn Witch Burn/11 THE CIRCUS-Bad Sees/12 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/13 THE CONTINETALS-I'm GOne/14 HIM-It's a Man Down There/15 THE PACK-Baby I Ask You Why/16 OEDIPUS & THE MOTEHRS-(Remember) How It Used to Be/17 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need LOve/18 DANNY & THE COUNTS-Ode to the Wind

NEVER NEVER LAND DISC 1-01 THE EMPERORS-I Want My Woman/02 THE COASTLINERS-Alright/03 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/04 STARLING DAMON-Rejected/05 THE COASTLINERS-Wonnderful You/06 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Dominoes/07 THE CHAPPARALS-I Tried SO Hard/08 THE CHAYNS-See It Thru/09 THE PATTERNS-In My Own Time/10 THE CHAYNS-Live With the Moon/11 THE CHAYNS-Night TIme/12 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-A Part of You/13 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Fire Engine/14 THURSDAYS CHILDREN- A Part of You/15 LOST AND FOUND-25 MPH/16 THE CHAYNS-There's Something Wrong (In This Place)/17 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Help police Murder/18 THE GOLDEN DAWN-Reaching Out to You/19 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-You Can Forget About That/20 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Tried to Hide/21 THE GOLDEN DAWN-A Nice Surprise/22 RED CRAYOLA-Pink Stainless Tail/23 INNER SCENE-Communication Breakdown/24 LOST AND FOUND-Let Me Be/25 THE SPADES-We Sell Soul/26 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-I Don't Ever Want To Come Down

NEVER NEVER LAND DISC 2-01 BUBBLE PUPPY-Hot Smoke and Sassafrass/02 THE
GOLDEN DAWN-Starvation/03 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Scarlet and Gold/04 LOST AND FOUND-Everyone's Here/05 RED CRAYOLA-War Sucks/06 RUBAYYAT-Ever Ever Land/07 THE SHAYDS-Search the Sun/08 THE GOLDEN DAWN-My Time/09 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Slip Inside This House/10 LOST AND FOUND-When Will You Come Through/11 ENDLE ST CLOUD-Tell Me One More TIme/12 BUBBLE PUPPY-If I Had  aReason/13 GINGER VALLEY-Ginger/14 RUBAYYAT-If I Were a Carpenter/15 BUBBLE PUPPY-Days of Our Time/16 LOST & FOUND-Professor Black/17 ENDLE ST CLOUD-Quest For Beauty/18 BUBLE PUPPY-A Gathering of Promises/19 LOST & FOUND-Forever Lasting Plastic Words.20 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-She Lives (In a Time of her Own)/21 RED CRAYOLA-Nickle Niceness/22 RED CRAYOLA-Hurricane Fighter Plane/23 ENDLE ST CLOUD-Come Through/24 GINGER VALLEY-Country Life/25 ENDLE ST CLOUD-This Is Love/26 RED CRAYOLA-Vile Vile Grass/27 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-60 Second Radio Spot/Bull of the Woods

NEVER NEVER LAND DISC 3-01 ARNIM & HAMILTON-Pepperman/02 THE DISCIPLES OF SHAFTESBURY-Times Gone By/03 BEAUREGUARD-Popcorn Popper/04 BIG WALTER-Breakfast in Bed/05 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS-Black Ghost/06 BEAUREGARD-Mama Never Taught Me How to Jelly Roll/07 DAVE ALLEN-Terp/08 BUBBLE PUPPY-Hurry Sundown/09 THE DISCIPLES OF SHAFTESBURY-My Cup Is Full/10 KATHY CLARKE-Little Girl Called Sad/11 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS-Baby Child/12 THE SHAYDS-Bring Your Love/13 ARNIM & HAMILTON-Walkin Midnight Coffee Break/14 ROKY & CLEMENTINE HALL-Splash I/15 ROKY & CLEMENTINE HALL-Right Track Now/16 BILLY WADE MCKNIGHT-Troubles COming On/17 KATHY CLARKE-My SUmmer PRayer/18 BILLY WADE MCKNIGHT-I Need You Lovin/19 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS-Mini Skirt/20 DAVE ALLEN-CC RIDER/21 BUBBLE PUPPY-Lonely/22 SONNY HALL-Poor Planet Earth/23 TOM HARVEY-So Ah In Ah Love/24 JOHNNY WILLIMAS-Honey Child/25 FRANKIE & JOHNNY-Sweet Thing/26 SONNY HALL-The Battle of the Moon/27 STERLING DAMON-My Last Letter/28 ROKY ERICKSON-Interview Excerpts/29 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-May the Circle Be Unbroken

Links in a while.......and on to another state?

Tucson Arizona? Get Back Jo Jo!

OK, I was born and have lived all of my 51 years in the wonderment that is Springfield Ohio
USA....BUT, my Mother and her husband moved to Tucson Arizona in about 2000 or thereabouts....it became my sort of second "home town", visiting there at least once a year until the time of my mother's passing in 2010.....not that ANY of that has ANYTHING to do with the "Tucson sound", but I do happen to have a couple of discs here that do, indeed, highlight just that. Only two discs today, this is NOT the Texas scene, but this is some OBSCURE shit for certain.

First we have "Let's Talk About Girls, The Tucson AZ Garage Scene"......it features a handful of bands, The Grodes, The Dearly Beloved, and a few more.....personally never heard of a one of them, other than this comp, but that is JUST what we be after is it not?

The other disc is "Think of the Good Times, The Tucson '60's Sound"....the Grodes and Dearly Beloved from the other disc make appearances, I assume they were the "royalty" of the Tucson Garage scene of that era......Lord, last time I was there, August of 2010, it was ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN GODDAMN DEGREES......NO, it is NOT a FUCKING "DRY HEAT" whatever the hell that is.....when it is 107, it is 107, it is GODDAMN HOT, unbearably so, and no human being should have to endure that. So, if The Grodes or Dearly Beloved or whomever totally suck shit I blame it on the miserable heat.  Enjoy, ya Arizonians out there.

Quick story, NOTHING to do with those discs.....as you know I am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan.
2003, they needed to win their finale vs the Cardinals to make the playoffs (Cardinals at the time: 3-12).....decided, since Mom lives out there, lets go sponge off her and see the Vikes make the playoffs. Flew out the day after Christmas (nightmare in itself) and drove up to Tempe on Sunday for the game. Vikings found a way to lose it on THE LAST PLAY OF THE FUCKING GAME, when the legendary Josh McCown to Nate Poole passing tandem hooked up for a "legendary" TD. Loads of thanks to Dennard Walker for the most flagrant pass interference infraction I've ever seen, setting up the game winner.

Arizona has it's high points, the Indian casinos, Prescot, The Grand Canyon, the Desert Museum, Sedona, Mt. Lemon and so much more......but when I think of Arizona, I think of my Mom's dying place, and the fucking shitty Cardinals putting the Vikings out of the playoffs after I'd spent probably 2000 bucks on airfare and tickets.


LETS TALK ABOUT GIRLS-01 THE GRODES-I Won't Be There/02 THE GRODES-This Is GOodbye/03 THE GRODES-Alone In This World/04 THE GRODES-Uh Huh, Girl/05 THE GRODES-Cry a Little Longer/06 THE GRODES-She's Got What It Takes/07 THE STUMPS-Think of the Good Times/08 THE TONGUES OF TRUTH-Let's Talk About Girls/09 THE TONGUES OF TRUTH-You Can't Come Back/10 THE GRODES-What They Say About Love/11 THE GRODES-Love Is a Sad Song/12 THE INTRUDERS-Every Time It's You/13 THE INTRUDERS-Why Me/14 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Keep It Moving/15 THE DEARLY BELOVED-1965 KTKT Radio Promo/16 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Peep Peep Pop Pop/17 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Wait Till the Morning/18 THE DEARLY BELOVED-You Aint Gonna Do What You Did To Him To Me/19 THE DEALRY BELOVED-Iceman (Wild About My Loving)/20 THE DEARLY BELOVED-It's All Over/21 THE DEARLY BELOVED-I'm Not Coming Back/22 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Music Revolution/23 THE DEARLY BELOVED-I've Got a Girl/24 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Strange Feeling/25 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Flight Thirteen/26 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Merry Go Round/27 THE GRODES-Give Me Some Time/28 SPRING FEVER-Sand

THINK OF THE GOOD TIMES-01 THE STUMPS-Think of the Good Times/02 THE
OCCASIONALS-Break Away/03 KING ROCK & THE KNIGHTS-Scandal/04 THE CLASHMEN-Boondocker/05 THE NIGHTBEATS-Nightbeat/06 THE TRAVELERS-Everywhere I Go/07 THE TRAVELERS-Spanish Moon/08 THE RIC-A-SHAYS-Turn On/09 THE OCCASIONALS-Sometimes/10 RICHARD STORMY-Something Different/11 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Tough He Was/12 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-It Must Be Love/13 THE INTRUDERS-Then i'd Know/14 THE INTRUDERS-Baby Do/15 THE QUINSTRELS-I Got a Girl/16 THE BASSMEN-The Last Laugh/17 THE REASON WHY-Dark Side/18 BUTTERSCOTCH-309/19 THE FIVE OF US-Let Me Explain/20 THE FIVE OF US-Need Me Like I Need You/21 THE BUCKET CITY DISTORTION RACKET-I Can See It's Coming/22 THE NIGHT SOUNDS-Torment/23 THE GRODES-Uh Huh, Girl/24 SOTWEED FACTOR-Bald Headed Woman/25 SOTWEED FACTOR-Say It Is Not So/26 THE DEARLY BELOVED-Flight Thirteen/27 THE MISSING LINKS-You Make Me Feel Good

Again, if you have a request for your region, your state, your city, whatever, which had a
psych/garage scene in the 60's, PLEASE let me know, I'll research it (minimally of course) and put up anything I can....I am finding this stuff fairly interesting for the time being, eventually, of course, I'll get back to some of my OTHER favorite genres (still thinking about that huge two week "History of the Clash" thing I have on the back burner) but for right now, I'm digging these regional acts of the decade of my birth. Hope you is as well!

FUCK Nate Poole.....in 2003 there were 4 NFL teams that finished the season with 4-12 records. The Cardinals, Chargers, Raiders, and Giants.....the Vikings managed to LOSE TO ALL FOUR OF THEM. GOD that was a pathetic team, and in reality had no business even sniffing a playoff berth. BUT, when you spend that kind of jack to fly across the country, pay for premium tickets, and sit in a stadium so full of Vikings fans that you'd think we were in Minneapolis (fun fact: on the day of this game (12/28/03) it was actually COLDER in Tempe AZ than it was in Minneapolis), you expect SOME KIND OF A PAYOFF......but that is "my" fucking Vikings for ya......1969, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2009, 2012.....you name it, they've fucked it up SOMEHOW. no team in sports, save perhaps the Chicago Cubs, could it be more difficult to be a "loyal" fan of. Honestly I could give a fuck if they ever win ANYTHING, because likely it would spell the end of my life

A Brief Return to Texas.......

Was looking through some stuff and remembered that I had these too, the pretty good three disc "Fort
Worth Teen Scene", which, of course (considering all the Texas stuff I've thrown at ya) does contain some overlap, but they are packed, 24-25 tracks each disc, and there are plenty of unique tracks to this set.

Disc 1 is notable because it contains the lesser-comped version of Larry and the Blue Notes "Night of the Sadist" (usually comped is "Night of the Phantom"). The Tracers cover that little-known chestnut, "Gloria", we get two tracks from The Elite entitled (I could not make this up) "One Potato" and "Two Potato"......Chocolate Moose is a fairly good psych band that doesn't turn up on these comps too often.....lot of the regualrs, too, the Barons, The Bards, Nomads, etc, but a good disc and a good set.

The second disc contains "Night of the Phantom" (the more common one), Jack & the Rippers turn in a very cool "Jack th Ripper", the Cynics give us a good take on the Yardbirds "Mister You're a Better Man Than I", again, a lot of the "regulars" turn up here, but this is quite a good, and quite a comprehensive set (remember the set focuses on Fort Worth and not Texas as a whole).

Final disc gives us some new blood as well, Trycerz, Gentlemen, Fearsome Five, lots of repeat acts from the earlier discs, highlighted again by Larry & the Blue Notes "Train Kept a Rollin". The Hi-Lights give us a version of "Little Latin Lupe Lu"which makes for a comparison with the Rising Sun's version on disc one.

All in all a really good set, kind of wish I'd put it up a little earlier in case there's any anti-Texas
backlash creeping in (I have no evidence of it yet).....anyway I THINK that wraps up my Lone Star State stuff, some Arizona yesterday.....I know I have some New Mexico stuff too, we'll see, it might be time to move North......or East......or soemthing.......,and remember if you'd like me to attempt to comp YOUR city/state whatever, there's a fair chance I might be able to, or if YOU have a stack o discs from a certain region in which I might be a lacking, contact me and maybe we can tackle another corner of the USA!

Hope everyone has a super week!

DISC 1-01 CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/02 JADES-Little Girl/03 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-Night of the Sadist/04 FIVE OF A KIND-I Don't Want To Find Another Girl/05 RISING SUNS-I'm BLue/06 VISIONS-Humptey Dumptey/07 GNATS-The Girl/08 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In and Out/09 MISTAKES-Time Is All/10 TRACERS-Gloria/11 BARONS-Without Her/12 WYLD-Fly By Nighter/13 TRACERS-She Said Yeah/14 ELITE-One Potato/15 ELITE-Two Potato/16 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Chocolate Moose Theme/17 BARDS-Thanks a Lot Baby/18
NOMADS-Empty Heart/19 RISING SUNS-Little Latin Lupe Lu/20 BARONS-All I Ask/21 CREEP-Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo/22 BARONS-Don't Blame Me/23 MODS-Days Mind the Time/24 JINX-Come On Up

DISC 2-01 VISIONS-Route 66/02 CYNICS-I'll Go/03 BARDS-Alibis/04 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-Night of the Phantom/05 ELITE-My Confusion/06 ROOTS-Lost One/07 JACK & THE RIPPERS-Jack the Ripper/08 BOYS-You Decieved Me/09 JADES-I'm All Right/10 COACHMEN-Splash Day/11 BARONS-Come On/12 IMAGES-My Kinda Woman/13 MODS-Evil Hearted You/14 NEVER AGAIN-Five of a Kind/15 JADES-Run and Hide/16 JADES-Live and Die/17 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Take a Ride/18 CYNICS-Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 HI-LIGHTS-Sad Sack/20 SNOWMWN-Garbage Man/21 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-Everybody Needs Somebody/22 BARONS-I'll Never Be Happy/23 TRACERS-She Said Yeah/24 JINX-I Can't Go on Loving You

DISC 3-01 GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/02 MARK FIVE-Phantom/03 TRYCERZ-It's Gonna
Change/04 FEARSOME FIVE-It's Alright/05 NOMADS-Be Nice/06 JIM JONES & THE CHAUNTEYS-Baby (Better Get On Home)/07 BARONS-Don't Burn It/08 ROOTS-It's Been a Long Journey/09 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Half Peeled Banana/10 BOARDS-Please Tell Me Why/11 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In And Out/12 LOOSE ENDS-Free Soul/13 TRYCERZ-Almost There/14 BARONS-I Hope I Please You/15 ROYAL BARONS-I Wanna Know/16 VISIONS-She's The Girl For Me/17 HI-LIGHTS-Little Latin Lupe Lu/18 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-Train Kept a Rollin/19 NIGHT PATROL-Trippin/20 JADES-Mercy Mercy/21 ELITE-I'll Come To You/22 VELVETEENS-Ching Bam Bah/23 TRACERS-Watch Me/24 BARONS-You're On My Mind/25
JINX-Mister You're a Better Man Than I

Northwest Battle of the Bands!

Gotta break away from the Southwest for a while, and drop in on another VERY fertile scene of the
1960's, the Northwest.....not so much psych, a kind of wierd garage/punk hybrid that stemmed, of course, from The Kingsmen's classic "Louie Louie" and built on that. Most all of the Northwest (Washington/Oregon for the most part) bands, to me, had a very identifiable sound, more so than any region. These discs are crammed with 30 tracks apiece, the obvious suspects (Sonics, Don and the Goodtimes, Springfield Rifle) are well represented, the charm of the set is in the lesser known, non-nationally known bands that appear....they just DRIP that "Northwest" sound, I really can't explain it other than say listen to it and see what I mean.

OK Disc one-kicks off witht he Sonics, appropriately enough, they were legends of the region, well-known enough to live on other than on regional comps. They are given three tracks here, and to the credit of the programmer, these are NOT their best known stuff (not the readilly available "Strychnine" or "He's Waiting")....Don and the Goodtimes turn in three tracks as well, and if your into this scene a bit you likely know of Rocky & the Riddlers and Sir Raleigh & the Cupons. the real gems are the lesser-knowns, of course, The Moguls, The City Limits, The Juveniles......I just KNOW that some of these HAD TO BE explosive live acts, you can just sense it. Love to hear any stories any of you Northwesterners might have about any of them.

Disc 2 continues to showcase Don & the Goodtimes
and the Sonics (I am assuming label obligations prevent Paul Revere & the Raiders and the Kingsmen and the Wailers from turning up, but so it is......Springfield Rifle appear here with a couple pretty good ones, Jack Horner & the Plums give us a pretty tight "Who Do You love", other than that, a generous assortment of obscure-o's: The Brave New World, Purple Gang, Magic Fern, The Bumps. A quality set, mixing the obscure with the obligatory.

OK, Disc 3.....haven't had these discs out in a few years, and for whatever reason Disc 1 came from a different source than the other three.......thusly, several tracks on Disc 3 already appeared on Disc 1, I have no idea why, there is still enough stuff here to make Disc 3 legit, but I don't recall why this is the way it is.......anyway, if it's that big a thing, just program your own version eliminating the duplications. Sorry, what do you want for nothing? Perfection?

And Disc 4.....Sonics and Goodtimes still sprinkled throughout, as are most of the more obscure bands from the previous discs, giving an excellent cross section of the scene. And a fine scene it must have been, too.......I truly wish it included some Raiders, Wailers, Kingsmen, and a few more, but we have what we have. Tomorrow the three disc "Northwest Killers" will expand on things a bit more.

DISC 1-THE SONICS-Like No Other Man/02 THE COUNTS-Trick Bag/03 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Take a Look at Me/04 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Flash and Crash/05 THE BANDITS-Little Sally Walker/06 THE TROLLEY-Breakdown/07 THE MOGULS-Ski Bum/08 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY
BOMBS-Crisco Party/09 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Turn on/10 THE LIVE FIVE-Lets Go Lets Go Lets Go/11 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-I Told You Once Before/12 THE MERCY BOYS-Long Tall Shorty/13 SIR RALEIGH & THE CUPONS-Tomorrows Gonna Be ANother Day/14 THE JUVENILES-Bo Diddley/15 THE DYNAMICS-I'll Be Standing There/16 THE NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/17 THE BARDS-The Owl & the Pussycat/18 THE DIMENSIONS-She's Boss/19 THE CITY LIMITS-Tossin & Turnin/20 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Money/21 THE BARDS-Light of Love/22 THE NEW YORKERS-Seeds of Spring/23 THE DIMENSIONS-Penny/24 THE SONICS-Maintaining My Cool/25 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Little Latin Lupe Lu

DISC 2-01 DON & THE GOODTIMES-You Were a Child/02 THE GALAXIES-Along Comes the Man/03 THE CEPTORS-I Can't Make It/04 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-You WEren't Using Your Head/05 THE BUMPS-Please Come Down/06 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-100 Or Two/07 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Please Help The Man/08 BRAVE NEW WORLD-I See/09 THE RAYMARKS-Hard Times/10 THE LIVE FIVE-Move Over and Let Me Fly/11 THE SONICS-High Time/12 THE DIMENSIONS-Knock You Flat/13 JACK HORNER & THE PLUMS-Who Do You Love/14 THE HEIRS-You Better Slow Down/15 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Alice Designs/16 THE LONDON TAXI-Feelin Down/17 GIL BATEMAN-My Daddy Walked In Darkness/18 THE EXPRESS-You Gotta Understand/19 THE MERCY BOYS-Lost and Found (alt version)/20 THE MOGULS-Try me/21 NOISES N SOUNDS FEATURING TERRY DALE-How Much Lovin/22 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Runnin Not Walking/23 THE BARDS-My
Generation/24 THE NEW YORKERS-Lazy Meadow/25 BRAVE NEW WORLD-It's Tomorrow/26 THE SPINDLE-Little Lies/27 THE PURPLE GANG-I Know What I AM/28 THE MENAGERIE-About Him/29 THE MAGIC FERN-High Flyer/30 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-Nordstrom

DISC 3-ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Flash & Crash/02 THE RAYMARKS-No Name/03 DON & THE GOODTIMES-I'm Real/04 THE ACCENTS-I Want Your Love/05 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Jim's Milk Song/06 THE MOGULS-Ski Bum/07 THE DIMENSIONS-Penny/08 THE LIVE FIVE-Hunose/09 THE SONICS-Maintianing My Cool (Audio Recording Version)/10 THE HEIRS-Do you Want Me/11 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Take a Look at Me/12 THE ABNDITS-Just Can't Go To Sleep/13 TOM THUMB & THE CASUAL-Go Go Time/14 THE OTHER TWO-Look ARound/15 THE BEACHCOMBERS-Farmer John/16 THE JUVENILES-Bo Diddley/17 THE TEMPESTS-Our Loving Ways/18 THE NEW YORKERS-Again/19 ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS-You're Not Wrong/20 THE SCOTSMEN-Tuff Enough/21 THE PAGE BOYS-I'll Be There/22 TEH SONICS-Lost Love/23 GEORGE WASHINGTON  & THE CHERRY BOMBS-It Takes Love/24 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Get Yourself Home/25 TYMES CHILDREN-Beaver Patrol/26 THE BAG-Incubatin' Middle of the Night Gyratin' Blues/27 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Train Kept a Rollin/28 LITTLE JOHN & THE MONKS-Too Many People/29 SECRET AGENT & THE VICE SQUAD-Things Happen/30 THE DYNAMICS-What Kind of Day Is This

YORKERS-Mr Kirby/03 THEE UNUSUALS-I'm Walkin Babe/04 THE STAGS-You Know He Did/05 THE RAYMARKS-Feelin No Good/06 THE BUMPS-Hey Girl/07 MERILEE & THE TURNABOUTS-Would I/08 JACK HORNER & THE PLUMS-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/09 THE BANDITS-I Remember The Girl/10 THE MERCY BOYS-The Way I Am/11 THE CEPTORS-I Need Her/12 THE BEACHCOMBERS-Help Yourself Baby/13 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Fire Girl/14 THEE XPRESS-Long Green/15 THE ROCK N SOULS-Got No Love/16 THE COUNTS-Come Now/17 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Batman/18 DON & THE GOODTIMES-You Did It Before/19 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Its Not Too Late/20 THE RAYMARKS-I Beleived/21 THE LIVE FIVE-Anyhow, Anyway, Anywhere/22 TOM THUMB & THE CASUALS-The Draft/23 THE EMERGENCY EXIT-Happy Song/24 THE NEW YORKERS-She's Gone/25 THE OTHER TWO-I Have FOund Another Girl/26 THE DYNASTYS-Forever and a Day/27 THE HEIRS-Don't You love Me/28 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Stop Telling Lies/29 THE SONICS-Going Home/30 THE DYNAMICS-High

Lemme know whatcha think bout this set, more Northwest stuff coming up for tomorrow.

Northwest Killers Vol 1/2/3

A bit of overlap with "Northwest Battle of the Bands", not too much....still no Raiders, Kingsmen, or
Wailers, AND ALSO no Sonics, Don & the Goodtimes, or Springfield Rifle......this set focusses on even more obscure acts than the previous one! Volume 1 ("Stomp!") features the Frantics, Adventurers, Artesians, and Imperials all of whom are represented by at least 4-5 tracks.

Volume 2 ("Shout!") brings us stuff from The Incredible Kings, Elegants, Legends, Canadian VIP'S, Woody Carr & the El Caminos, Mr Clean & the Cleaners, Eccentrics, Nomads, and Little Daddy & the Bachelors (!), none of whom are exactly household names here in the Midwest, but as I've said so many times, I would wager that at least a couple of them are "legendary" in their territory, and it would be great to hear from people who saw one or more of them rip apart some dive bar in Oregon 45 years ago.

Finally we have Volume 3 ("Work It On Out!") which has a couple of more familiar names, Rocky & His Friends, The Beachcombers, and Jet City Five, along with another batch of lesser-knowns, The Bunch, The Misterians, Plymouth Rockers.....you get the idea.

Unsure if I have another Northwest comp or not, I would think I do, certainly I have one with the "big" names of the region as well (Raiders, Kingsmen, etc).......I know some of them were featured on the "Northwest" volumes of "Highs in the Mid Sixties" a few weeks ago. Gonna go search the shelves and the data base and see if we can shake out another one, if not, we'll head elsewhere, unsure just where yet.

Please let me know how you are enjoying these regionalized sets, I am having fun digging them out,
haven't listened to most of them in a few years.

VOLUME 1-THE FRANTICS-Werewolf/02 THE ADVENTURERS-Mashed Potatos/03 THE ADVENTURERS-Linda Lu/04 THE FRANTICS-Transfusion/05 THE FRANTICS-Cooker/06 THE FRANTICS-Chitlins Con Carne/07 THE ARTESIANS-Koko Joe/08 THE ARTESIANS-Monkey Chain/09 THE ARTESIANS-I'll Go Crazy/10 THE ARTESIANS-Grunlins/11 THE ARTESIANS-Chinese Checkers/12 THE ARTESIANS-Trick Bag/13 THE ARTESIANS-Watermelon Man/14 THE IMPERIALS-The Slip/15 THE IMPERIALS-Crossfiring/16 THE IMPERIALS-Since You've Been Gone/17 LITTLE BILL & THE ADVENTURERS-Louie Louie/18


VOLUME 3-01 ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS-You Weren't Using Your Head/02 JET CITY FIVE-Huh/03 THE EXTREMES-Long Dark Collar/04 THE EXTREMES-I'm Hurtin/05 BEACHCOMBERS-All To Pieces/06 BEACHCOMBERS-Help Yourself Baby/07 VANDALS-My Friend/08 VANDALS-Talkin Bout You/09 PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-If You Want To Stay/10 THE JAMS-Speak of the Devil/12 THE BUNCH-I've Got a Girl/13 THE HUSTLERS-Dear John/14 MISTERIANS-Second Chance/15 MISTERIANS-No Tresspassing In London/16 MISTERIANS-Intoxication/17 PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-Talkin About You/18 CASTELLS-That's Where They Meet/19 CASTELLS-I'm In Love/20 CASTELLS-Turn Me Loose/21 RIGHT OF WAY-Money/22 RIGHT OF WAY-Midnight
Hour/23 RIGHT OF WAY-Bad Little Woman

Note regarding Volume 1 of "Northwest Battle of the Bands".....I guess it is a mess, mislabled/wrong tracks, etc.....Let me do some checking and see if I can find a "proper" copy of it.....meantime enjoy the OTHER 3 volumes, as well as "Northwest Killers"!....Got a REAL good one for tomorrow, wait and see!

That "State up North"

Meaning Michigan to a Buckeye like myself, some true blue Buckeye Nazis refuse to say
"Michigan"......some really dignified people around here, beleive me. Anyway, the Michigan scene has ALWAYS been a great one, looks at the likes of Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes, or the Bob Seger System, both of whom went on to eventual superstardom.......Alice Cooper, The Stooges, the MC5......true greats. And, as such, the lesser-known acts from the Wolverine State have been sometimes truly great as well......I CANNOT find my copy of "Where You Gonna Go" which contains a shitload of great older garage rock, pure Detroit sound......any "Friend of the Blog" happen to have a copy? I KNOW I have one but I just can't locate it right now.

So,what DO we have? Well, for some fairly obscure stuff that we can all enjoy, we have two discs of "Michigan Mayhem".....Disc 1 contains 28 tracks, of course we all know Terry knight & the Pack and the Rationals, but don't misson the Psychotics, Sweet Cherry, The Quests, the Undecided......Essential stuff. Disc 2 is full of goodies as well, The Marauders, The Underdogs, The Henchmen IV, The Friars of Youth.......again, essential for anyone who needs an understanding of the Michigan sound.....

Have also "Motor City's Burning"(Mine says Volume 1, I am unsure if any further Volumes exist.....calling "friends of the blog again....", this is THE epitome of the early 1970's Detroit sound, NOT EXACTLY the kind of thing that I've been posting but this is ALSO an essential sampler.....my favorite MC5 track "Looking at You" leads off the set, we are also treated to Iggy & the Stooges "Death Trip", the Rationals, The Up, local legends Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Sonic Smith of the MC5 who put out some magnificent stuff, I don't recall if I have done a post on them or not.....if not I should), they check in with the wonderful "Electrophonic Tonic".......Really not a stiff in the bunch, Bootsey X, John Sinclair (!), The Dirtys, Ramrods......get it and play loud.

And then we have "Michigan Mixture"......two discs of some of the most acid damaged guitar noise ever recorded, simply put. Some repeaters from "Michigan Mayhem", but this one is even MORE "out there"....check out Dick Rabbit, Pitche Blende, She Devils, Glass Sun, Soulbenders.....again hardly a dog track in the bundle.

And just as a lark, I'm going to give ya "Detroit Rock City-A Devilish Dozen Tracks of Motor City Maddness".....these are much more "modern" tracks, but they incorporate the Detroit sound so well I just thought I'd put this up as a point of reference......all pretty anonymous acts here, The Bill Bondsmen, Space Heaters, Whiskey Diaries......this is certainly worth a listen.

And, just to get this thing back on track, for those of you who wondered if I was going off on a
tangent with this one, let me present three discs of "The History of Michigan Garage Bands in the 60's".........LOADED with stuff that I'm certain noone outside of Michigan has ever heard of, gotta love this stuff, and the Michigan sound comes through loud and clear. Several bands are given a pretty thorough look, 5 or 6 tracks, check out the likes of The Lykes of Us, The Questors, House of Commons, Dearborn City Limits, Felix.......

I wish I could find "Where You Gonna Go", just listening to that one within the last few months, but I think this is a pretty comprehensive post......a little bit different from what I've been doing, I've deviated a bit from the strict 1960's garage/psych stuff and added some more modern stuff, as well as some "metal in it's infancy",but I am really a great fan of the Michigan sound......for further listening, go back to the Michigan versions of "Psychedelic States" and "Highs in the Mid 60's", as well as posts I did on Frijid Pink, MC5, ? and the Mysterians, Destroy All Monsters......I think I might have done a Stooges post and maybe Sonic's Rendezvous Band as well...........

Lotta stuff here today guys, lotta GOOD stuff......hope ya like it and anyone with a copy of "Where You Gonna Go" please either contact me or upload to the comments section!

Machine/03 ILLUSIONS-City of People/04 JAMES T & THE WORKERS-I Can't Stop/05 THE QUESTS-Scream Loud/06 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear/07 PSYCHOTICS-If U Don't Believe Me Don't/08 CHEVRONS-Hey Little Teaser/09 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/10 UNDECIDED-Make Her Cry/11 AARDVARKS-I'm Higher Than I'm Down/12 BLACK ROSE-Love Handles/13 PAGANS-Mystic Cloud/14 JAMMERS-You're Gonna Love Me Too/15 EBB-TIDES-Seance/16 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-How Much More/17 OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/18 QUESTS-I'm Tempted/19 9th STREET MARKET-I'm a Baby/20 BEAUBIENS-Times Passed/21 RATIONALS-Little Girls Cry/22 SWEET CHERRY-Funny Things Floating/23 9th STREET MARKET-You're Gone/24 RUBY-Confusion/25 THE OLD EXC SCOT RICHARD CASE-Get the Picture/26 RATIONALS-I Need You/27 ASCOTS-So Good/28 PLEASURE SEEKERS-What a Way To Die

MICHIGAN MAYHEM 2-01 THE PLAGUES-I've Been Through It All Before/02 THE FRIARS OF YOUTH-All You Wanted Was a Stand By/03 THE PICKWICK PAPERS-You're So Square/04 THE MARAUDERS-Nightmare/05 THE 4 OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/06 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-Never THought You'd Leave Me/07 THE GRIFS-Keep Dreamin/08 THE FABULOUS CHANTELS-Remain Unknown Girl/09 HOUSE OF COMMONS-Till Tomorrow/10 THE UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/11 THE BEAUX JENS-She Was Mine/12 THE MARAUDERS-Lovin/13 ROB KIRK & THE WORD-Girl Talk/14 THE LEE VI'S-Pictures On My Shelf/15 THE INNSMEN-Things Are Different Now/16 THE AARDVARKS-I Don't Need You/17 THE FUGITIVES-I'll Hang Around/18 THE AARDVARKS-That's Your Way/19 THE MIXED EMOTIONS-My Back Door/20 THE ROYAL COACHMEN-You Can't Get Me Down/21THE CHENTELLS-Be My Queen/22 THE RUN-A-ROUNDS-I Couldn't Care Less/23 THE AARDVARKS-I Don't Beleive/24 THE ASCOTS-Who Will It Be/25 THE LEE VI'S-I Don't Know/26 THE CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/27 THE HENCHMEN VI-Is Love Real/28 THE FUGITIVES-You Can't Blame That On Me/29 THE FRIARS OF YOUTH-Sparrleyy Maurpuss

MOTOR CITY'S BURNING-01 THE MC5-Looking at You/02 THE RATIONALS-Guitar Army/03
THE UP-Come On/04 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Death Trip/05 UPRISING-Long Hard Road/06 SONICS RENDEZVOUS BAND-Electrophonic Tonic/07 BOOTSEY X-Pusherman of Love/08 THE RAMRODS-I'm a Ramrod/09 THE SILLIES-Break Loose/10 THE MUTANTS-Boogers On You/11 BIG CHIEF-One Born Every Minute/12 INSIDE OUT-God's Shit List/13 JOHN SINCLAIR-Friday the 13th/14 MOTOR DOLLS-Hangover/15 DIRTYS-Asshole Boogie

MICHIGAN MIXTURE 1-01 THE UP-Just Like an Aboriginie/02 SWEET CHERRY-Eight Day BLues/03 PITCHE BLENDE-My World Has Stopped/04 THE GLASS SUN-Silence In the Morning/05 DICK RABBIT-You Come On Like a Train/06 POPCORN BLIZZARD-Once Upon a Time/07 SWEET CHERRY-Funny Things Floated/08 SHE DEVILS-Red The Signpost/09 RENAISSANCE FAIR-In Wyrd/10 THE ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb/11 THE UP-Hassan I Sabbah/12 DICK RABBIT-Take Me To LA/13 PITCHE BLENDE-Stop/14 POPCORN BLIZZARD-Hello/15 THE GLASS SUN-Stick Over Me

MICHIGAN MIXTURE 2-01 CLINGING HYSTERIA-The In Sound/02 DICK RABBIT-Trip/03 9th STREET MARKET-I'm a Baby/04 RUBY-The Painter/05 CAMBRIDGE-I'm Coming Back/06 BC & THE CAVEMEN-As Long As I'm Around/07 THE CHEVRON'S V-I Lost You Today/08 RUBY-Confusion/09 THE HERD-Things Won't Change/10 THE SOULBENDERS-House of the Rising Sun/11 BOTTLE COMPANY-Lives or No One/12 DICK RABBIT-Love/13 9TH STREET MARKET-You're Gone/14 CAMBRIDGE-Lonely Lisa/15 THE RAINY DAYS-I Can Only Give You Everything/16 GEYDA-Third Side

DETROIT ROCK CITY-01 THE SIRENS-Hellraiser/02 THE VALENTINOS-Man of the Shadows/03 THE PAYBACKS-Strangers In the House/04 THE AVATARS-Honey Do/05 THE BILL BONDSMEN-Conquest For Pabst/06 THE AMINO ACIDS-Fear For the Future/07 EASY ACTION-Solitary Confinement/08 THE WHISKEY DIARIES-Soul City Rockers/09 TROY GREGORY & THE STEPSISTERS-Get That Luv Outta Here/10 THE SPACE HEATERS-Too Sweet/11 THE BEGGARS-Thieves/12 THE FRUSTRATIONS-Damaged Goods

Couldn't Care Less/02 THE COURIERS-Just Tell Me/03 THE HEARSEMEN-Christy Anne/04 THE LYKES OF US-7:30 Said/05 THE LYKES OF US-Tell Me Why Your Light Shines/06 THE TREES-Do You Think About It Now/07 THE TREES-The Only Life For Me/08 THE QUESTORS-The Last Time/09 THE KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On/10 THE KINGS COURT-In the Midnight Hour/11 THE HEARSEMEN-I Get That Feeling/12 THE TEEN BEATS-I Shouldn't Love Her/13 THE TEEN BEATS-Dance Dance Dance/14 THE QUESTORS-Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl/15 THE PLAGUE-Big City/16 THE PLAGUE-Hootchy Cootchy Man/17 THE QUESTORS-Little Red Rooster/18 THE QUESTORS-She Was Mine/19 THE QUESTORS-We Gotta Get Out of This Place/20 THE QUESTORS-Tarantula '65

HISTORY OF MICHIGAN GARAGE BANDS IN THE 60's DISC 2-01 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Summertime/02 THE LOST SOULS-Diamond Head/03 THE LOST SOULS-On Broadway/04 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Here I Am/05 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Sally Put the Whammy/06 THE LOST SOULS-Come Home/07 THE QUESTORS-You Can't Sit Down/08 THE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT-A Winner Never Quits/09 THE MARLANS-Twist and Shout/10 THE MARLANS-Papa's Got a Brand New Bag/11 THE MARLANS-Treat Her Right/12 THE MARLANS-Bring It On Home To me/13 THE MARLANS-Ooh Poo Pa Doo/14 THE MARLANS-Unchained Melody/15 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-Shake/16 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-Come See About Me/17 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-Stay/18 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Till Tomorrow/19 THE HUMAN AFFAIR-Free Love/20 THE HUMAN AFFAIR-Forever Yours

Are Different Now/02 THE INNSMEN-I Don't Know/03 THE MARLANS-Love That Never Was/04 THE TREES-Fly Like an Angel/05 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-I'm Not Sure Yet/06 THE MARLANS-Two Things/07 THE VEHICLE-Feelin Free/08 THE LOST SOULS-Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying/09 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-No Regrets/10 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Why i Worry About You/11 THE PAGANS-Mystic Cloud/12 THE PAGANS-Someone Like You/13 FELIX-Outside Woman Blues/14 FELIX-A Whiter Shade of Pale/15 SILVER HAWK-Awaiting On You All/16 SILVER HAWK-All I Can Do/17 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Here I Am/18 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Love Is a Funny Thing/19 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-As I'm Walking/20 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-It Comes and It Goes

There's a lotta stuff here.....probably should have split it up but didn't....end result is that the links
MIGHT not all be up until tomorrow evening. But this is a good one, hope you enjoy it......and anyone with a copy of "Where You Gonna Go" please contact me.

A brief note to complainers

Let me explain a few things......the comps that I have been posting lately come from a variety of sources.....some were vinyl rips that I did, some were vinyl rips that others did, some were downloaded from blogs similar to this or Torrent sites such as Pirate Bay......the information that I post, track lists, etc, ARE SOMETIMES NOT CORRECT. I have been "making" CD's since 2000, that is 13 years, and thusly I have between 15000-20000 in my stash. At the time I "create" a CD, I also create a label for it, using the information I obtain online or whatever.....now, if that information is incorrect, it gets TRANSPOSED incorrectly.....often times, I will listen to a recently created CD and say "Wow, that track is supposed to be #3 and it's actually #2" or something like that......but then I pretty much forget about it and put it on the shelf. Some of my stuff, especially comps, is unfortunately, mislabeled. Now, here is the thing. I work every day. I have a family. And I also try to make a blog post here most every day, ususally with multiple parts, as opposed to most blogs which if they post on a daily basis at all, generally give only one disc at a time. Point being, I do not have time to recheck the track sequences for acccuracy for a CD that might have been on the shelves for 2, 5, or 8 years or whatever. Sorry I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO THAT. The problem with that is that sometimes discs get uploaded with the incorrect information. I am sorry. If I get some spare time I will try to correct any errors that are pointed out to me, but, frankly, don't hold your breath. In case you are unaware, I make not a penny off of this, I am attempting to share some music that some of you may not have heard and may enjoy......if I give you some incorrect info sometimes, that is just life, if YOU have the time, GREAT! Reasearch the proper track sequences and whatever else you wish to complain about. But, PLEASE remember, I AM NOT YOUR GODDAMNED EMPLOYEE. If you like the blog, despite its flaws, great. If you DON'T like it, that is great too, JUST GO ELSEWHERE........but DO NOT COMPLAIN about it. A good deal of the music that I post here is available for sale on e-bay or amazon.....GO THERE AND BUY IT AND COMPLAIN TO THEM IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE INFO THAT THEY PROVIDE. But for the love of God stop complaining about something I am trying to do for others who MAY appreciate it. If you don't appreciate it, I think no less of you. But complaining about what amounts to free music is a bit much.....wouldn't you agree?  Thank you for reading, sharing, listening, and commenting, but COMPLAINING? Please simply find another blog that is more suited to your personal needs. Thanks, Scott M

The Pennsylvania (!) Scene

NOT exactly though of as a fertile state for classic garage/psych rock, I did uncover three pretty fair
discs with some quite obscure stuff.....certainly this is much more of a curiosity than, say the volumnous Texas, say, or Michigan scenes, but in there own way, stuff like this can be more charming, and I'm sure that like the other scenes these bands had their followers/champions, and we can probably still talk to some 60 year old who could regale us with tales of, say, the Flowerz or The Loose Enz......not me though, I've only heard of em from these comps.

Anyways lets start off with the accurately titled "Pennsylvania Unknowns", I know that I certainly don't "know" of any of them other than this comp.....perhaps the Loose Enz were the "big deals" of the scenes as they are the only act given multiple tracks here, (they get three), if you want to hear anything more from The Combenashuns or King's Ransom, you'll have to dig elsewhere....let me know if ya come up with anything!

Then, we have two volumes of "Pennsylvania Crude"....first thing I notice is that Pat Farrell & the Believers, The Scholars, and the aforementioned Loose Enz all appear on the "Pennsylvania Unknowns" set, one Loose Enz track "A World Outside" overlaps both sets. other than that, well, I gave these a listen a little earlier and they sound alright, typical sub-Nuggets garage rock, if you love this stuff as do I, you'll be impressed.......if you're getting sick of these by now, well, what can I say? I'm still able to maintain my interest in these "regional" sets, have at least a few more in the pipeline....curious to know what y'all think of these ones, as they are not trendy seletions ala Michigan or Texas, but more along the lines of the next few regions I'm gonna try to tackle, the material is thinner and far more unknown, but it can be more rewarding in its own way.

Need Your Lovin'/03 THE HIDES-Don't Be Difficult/04 PAT FARRELL & THE BELEIVERS-Bad Woman/05 THE BENDS-If It's All the Same To You/06 JOE FRANK & THE KNIGHTS-Can't Find a Way (Of not so legendary "Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds?" I have no idea)/07 THE COMBENASHUNS-What'cha Gonna Do/08 THE LOOSE ENZ-A World Outside/09 THE STARLITES-I Can't See You/10 THE SHANDELLS-Chimes/11 THE CENTURYS-Endless Search/12 THE KINGS RANSOM-Shadows of Dawn/13 THE BENTLEYS-Now It's Gone/14 THE COLORS OF NIGHT-C-O-L-O-R-S/15 THE LOOSE ENZ-The Black Door/16 THE LOOSE ENZ-Easy Rider/17 FRED-A Love Song

PENNSYLVANIA CRUDE VOLUME 1-01 PAT FARRELL & THE BELIEVERS-Brand New Baby/02 THE CONDUCTORS-She Said So/03 THE SOUL GENERATION-I Can't See You/04 THE COURIERS-Feelings/05 THE CHANGING TYMES-You Make It Hard/06 THE SANDS OF TIME-Come Back Little Girl/07 THE SCHOLARS-I'm Gonna Make It/08 THE EFECTS-I've Been Told/09 THE BITTER END-If You Want Somebody/10 THE SNAPS-Polka Dotted Eyes/11 JC & THE NEW TONES-Love: Human Emotion/12 THE NOMADS-Point Five/13 THE NOMADS-I Need Your Energy/14 FACTS OF LIFE-I've Seen Darker Nights/15 THE IRON GATE-Feelin Bad/16 THEE YOUNG GENERATION-Ruby Tuesday/17 THEE YOUNG GENERATION-Stupidity/18 THE STARFYRES-Captain Dueseldorph

WILDE THINGS-My Life Is Black/03 THE UNDERTAKERS-Little Girl/04 THE BATS-How Could You Have Known/05 THE GLASS MENAGERIE-Natasha/06 THE CREATIONS-Love Is Tuff/07 EFFECTS/GLASS COMPANY-MW Lads/08 THE SAVOYS-Only So Much/09 THE SAVOYS-Got to Say GOodbye/10 THE LOOSE ENZ-A World Outside/11 THE RISING TIDES-Artificial Peace/12 THE RISING TIDES-Don't
Want You Around/13 THE CHOSEN FEW-Staircases, Places, and Time/14 STRAWBERRY TUESDAY-Return to the Walrus/15 MYSTERIOUS CLOWN-Mysterious Clown

Still having some trouble with a few of yesterday's Michigan links, I'll get these up ASAP.

New England's Teen Scene

Another good set today, more very good and obscure recordings from the New England area. A few are familar from some other comps, but in general this is another set of incredibly obscure acts. This was a 3 LP vinyl set which I think was later released in a single CD version with a few tracks
removed (not sure about that part), these are from the original vinyl.

Disc 1 features some good stuff from The Rouges (how many "The Rogues" do you think there were? This version was from MA), The Devil's Own, The Mojos, and the What Fours to name a few at random, pretty good across the board though. Volume 2 contains a track from Boston's somewhat legendary Remains (now THERE is a band I've heard people "who were there" RAVE about).....The Plymouth Rockers I thought had a familar ring to there name, so I looked them up and they were from ARIZONA (without checking I assume they appeared on one of the Tucson comps last week, what the hell are they doing here, other than THEIR NAME? did whomever program this just not do his homework and assumed they were from the Northeast?).....The Back Street Boys contribute "Back Street Blues", I'm gonna go out on a limb here and gather that it's a "different" Back Street Boys.

Disc three brings us a track from the Rising Storm, who are fairly well known to afficianodoes of these things, as are the Ramrods.....not as well known are The Morning After, the Shilos, Euphoria's Id, and a host of others.....

I'll add an additional disc here, "Bay State Rock, An Anthology of Massachusetts Rock N Roll"....the Ramrods appear here as well, as do the Improper Bostonians, The Chessmen (how many "Chessmen" were there?) and of course, The Vikings who I mention again out of my allegiance to the Minnesota Vikings, but of the several bands to wear THAT monicker, these guys I think were the best, pretty raw stuff. A couple of tracks also from Teddy & the Pandas who we also know from some other comps round out the disc.

Enjoy, be back tomorrow, with "somewhere" else!

NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE DISC 1-01 THE WHAT FOURS-Basement Walls/02 THE SHADOWS FOUR-Heart of Wood/03 THE ROGUES-Next Guy/04 HEAD & THE HARES-I Won't Come Back/05 THE DEVILS OWN-I Just Wanna Make Love/06 THE EFFECTS-Don't You Ever Make Me Blue/07 THE WHAT FOURS-Eight Shades of Brown/08 THE MALIBUS-Leave Me Alone/09 THE SHAGS-Don't Press Your Luck/10 THE SHADOWS FOUR-Follow Me/11 THE NEW BREED-Wasting My Time/12 THE MYSTIC FIVE-It Doesn't Matter/13 THE MAUVE-You've Got Me Cryin'/14 The Cobras-Instant Heartache/15 THE TALLYSMEN-Little By Little/16 THE MOJOS-Love Does It's Harm/17 THE PSYCHOPATHS-See The Girl/18 THE PSYCHOPATHS-'Til the Stroke of Dawn

PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-Don't Say Why/03 THE NORTH ATLANTIC INVASION FORCE-Blue and Green Gown/04 THE BARBARIANS-Hey Little Bird/05 MONDAYS MONDOS-I'm Cryin/06 LOVE INC-She Don't Care About Me/07 THE REMAINS-Talking About You/08 THE SHYRES-Where Is Love/09 THE INSANE-Someone Like You/10 THE LANDLORDS-I'll Return/11 WHITE FLUFF-Vegetable Binge/12 THE BLUE BEATS-Extra Girl/13 THE TALLYSMEN-You Don't Care/14 THE SHADOWS FOUR-I'm Beggin You/15 THE RENEGADES-Waiting For You/16 THE PLAGUES-To Wander/17 THE FIFTH GENERATION-If I See Her/18 BACK STREET BOYS-Back Street Blues/19 THE OTHERS-My Friend the Wizard

NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE DISC 3-01 EUPHORIA'S ID-Deceptions Ice/02 THE INSANE-I Can't Prove It/03 THE SHADOWS OF TIME-Search Your Soul/04 THE LOST LEGEND-Love Flight/05 THE MORNING AFTER-Things You Do/06 THE SHILOS-Cause I Love You/07 THE IDOLS-True Love Gone Astray/08 THE STONEMEN-No More/09 THE LEVIS-That's Not the Way/10 THE ZIPCODES-Baby Made a Fool Out of You/11 THE RAMRODS-Merry Go Round/12 THE INSTINCTS-Don't Look Back/13 THE RISING STORM-To R.S.-Who Won't Know/14 THE SUMMER SOUNDS-First Date/15 THE ROGUES-Faces on the Wall


Baltimore Teen Beat Scene

Making it easy on myself today, just one disc......"Baltimore Teen Beat Scene". Again, pretty obscure

stuff, maybe some secret local "legend" among the 16 different acts here, personally I never heard of a single one of them other than this comp. I didn't get time to even listen to it today (the "job" thing again), so honestly I can't even tell you what the standout tracks are or anything.......hopefully I can listen to some of it tonight or in the morning, but for now I'll simply give you the track list anad tell ya "good luck", to be honest I don't, at this moment, remember a single one of these tracks, so maybe the Baltimore scene wasn't as fertile as some, but often my memory anymore is kinda hazy.

BALTIMORE TEEN BEAT SCENE-01 THE 24 KARAT FIVE-Get You/02 THE NIGHT WALKERS-The Night Walker/03 THE BEGGARS-Night of Pleasure/04 THE FABULOUS MONARCHS-Memories (of the Past)/05 THE IMPACTS LTD-This Love So Real/06 THE DEL PRIXS-She'll Be Mine/07 THE ROADRUNNERS-She's Gone/08 THE EXECUTIONERS-My Diana/09 THE AMOEBAS-Look at the Moon/10 BOBBY J & THE GENERATIONS-Lost In Time/11 THE WEEK ENDERS-Rampage/12 THE VENDORS-My Rose-Ann/13 THE RYSING SUNS-A Third Hour on Forty Eleventh Street/14 THE CHADWICKS-The Only Way To Do It/15 THE DESTINATIONS-Shame Shame/16 JOEY CHARLES DRUMS-The Rub

Another Friend of the Blog steps up

Rememeber during the posting of "That State Up North" I wished that I could find my copy of the
very good "Where You Gonna Go" which I have but cannot locate for the life of me. Well, thanks to one of the blogs many great friends, joseph6666666, we have a copy that everyone can enjoy. I'll paste the link in the comment section, and THANKS TO JOSEPH666666!!!!!

WHERE YOU GONNA GO-01 THE BOYS-How Do You Do With Me/02 THE QUINTETTE PLUS-Grits and Grease/03 THE UNKNOWN-Night Walkin/04 THE TIDAL WAVES-Farmer Johns/05 THE TIDAL WAVES-She Left Me All ALone/06 THE TIDAL WAVES-I Don't Need Love/07 THE TIDAL WAVES-Big Boy Pete/08 THE TIDAL WAVES-Action! (Speaks Louder Than Words)/09 THE TIDAL WAVES-She's My Woman/10 THE DISTRICT SIX-7 And 7 Is/11 THE DISTRICT SIX-East Side Story/12 THE COURIERS-I Couldn't Care Less/13 THE COURIERS-Just Tell Me/14 THE DISTRICT SIX-Remember/15 THE LYKES OF US-7:30 Said/16
THE LYKES OF US-Tell Me WHy YOur Light Shines/17 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-The Story of My Life/18 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-It's Unfair/19 UNRELATED SEGMENT-Where You Gonna Go?/20 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-It's Gonna Rain/21 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Cry Cry Cry/22 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Hey Love/23 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-There's Gonna Be A Change/24 UNRELATED SEGEMNTS-The Story of My Life/25 THE LYKES OF US-I'll Sing You a Love Song/26 THE LYKES OF US-7:30 Said

****************Thanks Again Joseph6666666......the link is up NOW, go grab it!*************

New Mexico & Chicago....HUH?

Requires a bit of an explanation certainly. For some reason I have here a disc called "Chicago 60's
Punk vs New Mexico 60's Pop"......this is strange pairing for certain, I assume there was a label affiliation as the entire "Chicago Punk" portion consits of the fairly well known Little Boy Blues (albeit some lesser known tracks) while the New Mexico portion features Lindy Blakskey & the Lavells and also a pair of tracks from Kartune Kapers......honestly this is a fairly unspectacular set, I just really thought the pairing made about as little sense as one could possibly hope for........

So, lets add on "The Quill Records Story-The Best of Chicago Garage Bands", and "New Mexico Punk Groups of the 60's"), just to flesh out this silly concept a bit. The Quill set is fairly comprehensive, full of rare stuff (Extermiantors, Chances R, Skunks, Rooks, lots more), while the New Mexico set, somewhat surprisingly, contains a lot of fairly familar acts....The Kreeg, Lincoln St. Exit, Fe Fi Four Plus 2 are all well known, and we also get Axis Brotherhoods take on Love's "Signed DC".....of the three discs today, I think it's the best actually.

More regional stuff to come, seems to be a "surprising" (somewhat) hit, judging by the numbers!

Day/02 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-Look at the Sun/03 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-I'm Ready/04
THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-Little Boy Blues Blues/05 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-I Can Only Give You Everything/06 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-You Don't Love Me/07 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES- The Great Train Robbery/08 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-The Season of the Witch/09 LINDY BLASKEY & THE LAVELLS-I'll Get Along Somehow/10 LINDY BLASKEY & THE LAVELLS-My Baby Done Left Me/11 LINDY BLASKEY & THE LAVELLS-Papa Oom Mow Mow/12

THE QUILL RECORDS STORY-01 THE EXTERMINATORS-Voo Doo/02 THE EXTERMIANTORS-Declaraation of Independence/03 THE RICOCHETTS-Losing You/04 CHANCES R-I'll Have You Cryin/05 RONNIE RICE & THE GENTS-Warm Baby/06 RONNIE RICE & THE GENTS-La-Do-Da-Da/07 THE HIGH SCHOOLERS-The Graduation Song/08 THE PROPER STRANGERS-Joyce/09 THE PROPER STRANGERS-One In a Million/10 JIMMY WATSON & THE ORIGINAL ROYALS-I Wanna Do It/11 JIMMY WATSON & THE ORIGINAL ROYALS-A Heart Is Made Of Many Things/12 THE EXPECTATIONS-As Far As I Can See/13 THE EXPECTATIONS-Buisness as Usual/14 THE COMMONS LTD-I'm Going To Change the World/15 THE DELIGHTS-Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Moment/16 THE DELIGHTS-Just Out of Reach/17 THE RIDDLES-It's One Thing To Say/18 THE PROPHETS-Yes I Know/19 THE PROPHETS-Sad On Me/20 THE NIGHT FLIGHT-Without You/21 THE NIGHT FLIGHT-To Color Turn/22 THE SKUNKS-Don't Ask Why/23 THE ROOKS-Ice and Fire/24 THE ROOKS-Turquoise/25 THE ROOKS-Free Sunday Paper

Impressin/03 ERA OF SOUND-Girl In the Mini Skirt/04 THE BURGUNDY RUNN-Stop!/05 THE PLAGUE-Go Away/06 THE MOVIN MOFOMEN-Run Girl Run/07 LINCOLN ST EXIT-Sunny Sunday Dream/08 LINCOLN ST EXIT-The Bummer/09 THE FE-FI-FOUR PLUS 2-I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)/10 THE FE-FI-FOUR-PLUS 2-Double Crossin Girl/11 THE GRASS-I'm Getting Tired/12 THE OUTER LIMITS-Don't Need You No More/13 NOBODYS CHILDREN-St James Infirmary/14 AXIS BROTHERHOOD-Signed DC/15 THE CHOB-We're Pretty Quick/16 THE CHOB-Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore