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And one more for the comics fans

Painkiller Jane comics, the whole thing, I think........check these, they are pretty cool, and as I said
previously, I have tons of this shit that I can share.......enjoy and see what ya think of these!

An amazing Jonder covers project

(Scott)-I love the homemade cover projects people send in more than just about anything.....and this one is
SO appropriate as my baby is leaving for the university of Akron in three weeks!  So a cover version of the best album from Akron's best band is just what the doctor ordered!

In 1979, KROQ invited listeners to send in Devo covers, and the winners were included on an album called Devotees.  There have been several Devo tribute albums since then: SpudSuckersAre We Not Devo? and We Are Not Devo.  The band Claw Hammer covered Devo's debut album in 1991.  And in 2014, the band Deer Tick performed Devo's first album live as "Deervo".  Deer Tick also performed In Utero as Deervana, andnyctaper.com has both the Deervo and Deervana sets.

Tracks 1-11 of my Devo covers collection are in debut LP order, followed by some later Devo songs.  There are some great remakes here, including the band Catherine (with Chris Connelly) turning "Come Back Jonee" into a Bowiesque ballad, and a mashup of Devo's GUT Feeling" with a monologue by the late great comedian Bill Hicks.   

My personal favorites are Superchunk's razor-sharp "Girl U Want" and the Hex Dispensers' version of "Gates Of Steel".  "The Day Josh Homme Gave Me A Surprise" by Brody Dalle (aka Spinnerette) is also quite good.  And there's plenty of metal:  Sepultura, Fight Amp, Big Business, Fu Manchu, and Ohio's own Croatan.  If you've never heard the Del Rubio Triplets, they are as cringeworthy as the Shaggs or Mrs. Miller.
If "Whip It" is your only point of reference for Devo, you should grab the first three Devo albums plus Hardcore Devo, all of which Scott posted back in March.  


01 Uncontrollable Urge - Melt-Banana
03 Praying Hands - Claw Hammer
04 Space Junk -Deer Tick
05 Mongoloid - Sepultura
06 Jocko Homo- Croatan
07 Too Much Paranoias - Fight Amp
08GUT Feeling vs. It's Just A Ride - The Death Set
09 Come Back Jonee - Catherine 
10 Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') - The Ribeye Brothers
11 Shrivel Up - Knife Lust
12 Be Stiff - Big Business
13 Girl U Want - Superchunk
14 Turnaround - Nirvana
15 The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise - Spinnerette 
16 Gates of Steel - The Hex Dispensers
17 Blockhead - The Ergs!
18 Freedom of Choice - Fu Manchu
19 That's Pep! - Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy
20 Whip It - The Del Rubio Triplets

LINK:  tinyurl.com/h9yhloq                                               

An update on a recent post from Juke the Snip Donna

(scott) Juke sends me a bit more information on his recent submission, always glad to take on ANYTHING
of interest!
Hey Scott, I'd like to follow up on that John Gavanti album I shared. 
I got the album at a bargain bin in the middle of nowhere for 12 bucks, by far the weirdest thing ever set to wax.
I have a lyric sheet for the mini-opera that came with the album, (it is difficult to understand the singers sometimes) 
I couldn't find it anywhere else online, so here you go:

Some more comics for you comics geeks!

"The Immortal Iron Fist" is a Marvel series, I have no idea how long it went on for, just thought it looked pretty cool while I was getting the Husker Du thing together.......lemme know comics geeks, I know Madame Angela approves, enough for me!


Filling in the Husker Du gaps

In response to Jon S' incredible posting on one of my very fave bands, I will add a bit more to it, hope you
guys like these as well.

First up, "Land Speed Record", which someone mentioned in the comments.....this was thier first full length, and if you are unfamiliar, it has next to nothing to do with classics like "Zen Arcade" and "Warehouse"......this is basic hardcore punk, played at amphetamine freak out speed......interesting and little else, to be honest. Certainly you'll wish to hear the "Theme From Gilligan's Island", though.

Next up, I have no idea where this one came from but I think it's KINDA rare, haven't seen it around much....a 1980 recording, "The Cassette Demos".......sounds just like what the title implies, but if you want it ALL, here you be!

Next up I have a live set from San Francisco, 1981, an early effort obviously, again, not quite the melodic post-punk/metal that we know and love this band for, but the seeds are there, and, again, I don't THINK I've seen a whole lot of these around.

The centerpiece here is the two-disc "Complete Covers", this smells of a homemade project, as the sound quality varies a good bit from track to track, but the cover ALL KINDS of shit (as they always did, of course)......we have shit from The Hollies, Donovan, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Kingsmen. Black Sabbath, Roy Orbison and TONS more......an ABSOLUTE find for fans of this great band!

LAND SPEED RECORD-01 All Tensed Up/02 Don't Try To Call/03 I'm Not Interested/04 Guns at My School/05 Push the Button/06 Gilligan's island/07 Don't Have a Life/08 Bricklayer/09 MTC/10 Tired of Doing Things Your Way/11 You're Naive/12 Strange Week/13 Big Sky/14 Do the Bee/15 Ultracore/16 Let's Go Die/17 Data Control

1980 CASSETTE DEMOS-01 Picture of You/02 Can't See You Anymore/03 The Truth Hurts/04 Do You Remember?/05 Sore Eyes/06 Writer's Cramp/07 Let's Go Die

7/24/81 MABUHAY GARDENS SAN FRANCISCO -01 Intro/02 All Tensed Up/03 Don't Try to Call/04 I'm Not Intersted/05 Sore Eyes/06 Wheels/07 Private Hell/08 Travel In the Opposite Car/09 Don't Have a Life/10 Bricklayer/11 Tired of Doing Things Your Way/12 Sexual Economics/13 Do You Remember?14 Ultracore/15 Let's Go Die/16 Data Control

COMPLETE COVERS DISC 1-01 Unknown Title/02 Look Through Any Window/03 Don't Fear the
Reaper/04 Boredom Intro/Fast Cars/05 Paint It Black/06 Blue Wind/07 Train Kept-A Rollin'/08 Wild Thing/09 I Wanna Be Your Dog/10 Birthday/11 Little Bitty Pretty One/12 Ramblin Rose/13 Sunshine Superman/14 Sweet Jane/15 Chinese Rocks/16 Gilligan's island/17 Your're So Square Baby and I Don't Care/The Wit & The Wisdom/18 Helter Skelter/19 Ticket To Ride/20 Love Is All Around/21 Eight Miles High/22 Sheena Is a Punk Rocker/23 Louie Louie

COMPLETE COVERS DISC 2-01 Iron Man/02 Paranoid/03 Do Ya/04 I Can't Explain/05 Pretty Woman/Statues/06 I Fought the law/07 99 Bottles of Beer/08 Amazing Grace/09 La Grange/10 We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Sexty Sexers

From Spain come the Sexty Sexers, singer Mikel Larratxe, guitarists Julen Irazoki and Joseba Baleztna, bassist Xiker Salaberria, and drummer Inaki Fortun....they have released a few discs, this is the only one on my shelf, 2010's "Hero Mantra"......

Basically pretty good Spanish language/English blended metal/stoner rock, goes pretty damn hard all the way through, the vocals aren't maybe the greatest, but it DOES rock hard, in particular the fairly slammin' closer "So We Died".....

Been a little while since I just grabbed a handfull of random CD's and threw them up here, but that's kind of what I'm feeling today, and first up are the Sexty Sexers!

HERO MANTRA-01 Rotten My Casiopea/02 Haginak Again/03 Zyklon Birika/04 Kaktus Rock/05 Behor Begaik So/06 Hi Otso/07 Tetsuo Edo Melquiades/08 So We Died


This is a demo tape of a band called Stormqueen, (British I assume, info is scarce).....as best as I can tell, their entire output may be this demo tape and a "Demo Tape Volume 2"......this is from 1980, apparently intended as part of an album entitled "The Battle of Britain"......unsure if it ever saw the light of day, but in either case, we are left with some decent Iron Maiden-style riff rock......four tracks of good hard rocking stuff, would like to know more if anyone can supply some info.....anyone got "Demo Volume 2"? Did the album ever come out? Hell, I've heard LOTS of worse 1980's UK metal than THIS........give it a listen and amaze your friends!

1ST DEMO-(BATTLE OF BRITAIN) (1980)-01 Battle of Britain/02 Captives of the Moon/03 Lady Night/04 Raising the Roof


Rising from the ashes of the Swedish stoner band Skintrade, we have  Roachpowder who released a couple of albums mid 1990's......I have only this one (the second), "Atomic Church".....this is pretty solid Black Sabbath/Electric Wizard sort of stoner-metal, and this is also a damn fine disc......anyone have the other one? This one is really pretty cool with the Sabbath-style guitars and multi-tracked vocals......you may wish to especially check out "All hail and Kneel Before Me", but there are other gems here as well should you desire to seek them out.......another of those bands on which information is somewhat lacking, but the one album that I do have from them really does rock like a motherfucker.

ATOMIC CHURCH-01 House of the Wicked/02 Purgatorio Amoroso/03 All Hail and Kneel Before Me/04 To Ebola With Love/05 Balls of the Sun/06 Harp/07 No Reasons/08 Bullets of Creation/09 Oceans Red/10 Into the Center

Sex Warrior Comics

"Sex Warrior Isane" comics, issues 1-7 if any of you are interested.......I found them to be pretty cool, see what you think........

THIS comic is ONLY for super-sick perverts (like me)

"The Troubles of Janice" is fairly sick, lots and lots of BDSM (if that bothers you, you have been fairly warned)......hell I LOVE this fucking stuff, if you DON'T please remember that this is MY blog, and you are free to start your own, it's easy!

Totally Personal.......

Well, to sum this up, my soon-to-be-ex-wife is being a total bitch (normal), I am about sick of it and if I
hadn't met Madame Angela to keep me grounded/sane, I don't know what the fuck I'd do.........anyway, I want to dedicate a particular record to my ex......there are several good "breakup" albums out there, tow of the best are Afghan Whigs amazing "Gentlemen", and Lou Reed's psychotic "Berlin".......both of these albums deal with semi- to totally-deranged relationships, anyone who really lived out the "Berlin" scenario deserves a medal......

Anyway today I do have Local H's fantastic "Twelve Angry Months", a tremendous look at a deteriorating relationship, told one month at a time (ie: January "The One With Kid" finds them splitting their record collection......btw the reason for the song title: "Where's my Zeppelin CD's? I know you took em, you know you did, where's my Pretenders record, you know, the one with "Kid"?)........but to my soon to be former, I'd like to dedicate the lyric (same song), "baby if you would do me a favor, fall off of the earth and I'll see you later, just give me a call, and tell me you miss me A CALL I WON'T RETURN"........

Anyway, this is a fantastic album, I picked it as the BEST of 2010 or 2011 or whenever it came out, it is TOTALLY great you will see, and I am going to include the lyrics to "The One With Kid" as they are so magnificent......

And when there's no one left to lie to
FORCED to face the truth about me and you and see it from all sides
All the sides that you have battered and out grew

So baby could you do me a favor 
fall off of the earth and I'll see ya later
just give me a call and tell me you miss me a call I wont return

So now which one is the owner of the friends we made together and how do we divide a city and the bars where we drank forever
So take this for granted you'll leave here empty handed my image of you shattered winning is all that matters I won't let you got our happyHOME

GIVE me my Zeppelin CDs you know you took them I know you did
Wheres my pretenders record you know the one the one with Kid
Wheres all my ACDCs my Interpol my Libertines
Wheres all my Kyuss recoreds you never liked them untill you met me

Sad stations frustrations 
Barbed wire for coronation
My heart of glass 12 inches is scratched
No matter what its tossed in make sure
You leave with nothing won't stand and watch you get ourHOME

You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
My heart of glass is scratched

So take this forGRANTED you'll leave here empty handed
So hatefull so shameless
Won't let you leave here blameless
You know I can't take it
Wont laugh and smile and fake it
Your image of me shattered winning is all that matters

Oh god I can't stand it
You'll leave here empty handed
Can't stand here watch you get our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home

Yeah, "My Heart of Glass is Scratched", also a fab lyric, and here's the album, hope you enjoy it, it is 100% a 5-star classic!

01 The One With Kid/02 Michelle (again)/03 BMW Man/04 White Belt Boys/05 The Summer of Boats/06 Taxi-Cabs/07 24-Hour Breakup Session/08 Jesus Christ Did You See the Size of That Sperm Whale/09 Simple Pleas/10 Machine Shed Wrestling/11 Blur/12 Hand To Mouth

Blue Oyster Cult REDUX!

One of my early posts, BOC has always been one of my faves, at lest those incredible first three albums,
served up here as supreme vinyl rips.....I have also included a slew of EARLY BOC boots, demos, etc, some Soft White Underbelly, lots of killer shit (I think they began to suck after "Secret Treaties" myself, although, they did give us an occasional "Don't Fear the Reaper" or "Burning For You".......but if you missed this goldmine the first time (2011?) don't be a dumbass and miss it again, this is MUST HAVE/MUST HEAR shit, and if you are a BOC fan, it is 100000% essential. Period! I am not fucking around here.....

Let's start out with the first three classic albums.....if you do not own them, please tell me why? BOC were not about that "Godzilla" nonsense, after all......take the amazing debut with the great ballad "Then Came the Last Days Of May" (four buddies set out to make a fortune in the dope biz, one makes his by wasting the other three....."They say the west is nice this time of year, it's what they say").....brrrrrr just amazing, and that isn't even counting "Before the Kiss, a Redcap" or "Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll".......

Album #2 is better if anything....."Tyranny and Mutation" includes the most amazing track transitions ever recorded, "Seven Screaming Diz-Busters"......."OD'd On Life Itself".....if you don't own this WHY? and here is a fine vinyl rip as well......NO excuses!

Album #3, "Secret Treaties", EVERY bit as good as the previous ones...."Dominance and Submission", "Astronomy", "ME 262", "Cagey Cretins"........it's a classic album AND again, another classic VINYL rip, these albums deserve to be heard in "vinyl"......

OK, other great stuff: Starting off with Soft White Underbelly, a pre-BOC version of BOC......fab shit just to be aware of......and after that, TONS of remixes, demos, live takes......hell look at the track lists below.....BOC was one of the world's best rock bands for a minute or two there......so appreciate them!

BLUE OYSTER CULT-01 Transmaniacon MC/02 I'm On the Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep/03 Then Came the Last Days of May/04 Stairway to the Stars/05 Before the Kiss, a Redcap/06 Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll/07 Screams/08 She's as Beautiful as a Foot/09 Workshop of the Telescopes/10 Redeemed

TYRANNY AND MUTATION-01 The Red and the Black/02 OD'd On Life Itself/03 Hot rails to Hell/04 Seven Screaming Diz Busters/05 Baby Ice Dog/06 Wings Wetted Down/07 Teen Archer/08 Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)

SECRET TREATIES-01 Career of Evil/02 Subhuman/03 Dominance and Submission/04 ME 262/05 Cagey Cretins/06 Harvester of Eyes/07 Flaming Telepaths/08 Astronomy

SOFT WHITE UNDERBELLY-01 Donovan's Monkey/02 What is Quicksand/03 A Fact About Sneakers/04 Betty Lou's Got a New Pair of Shoes

BOC RANDOM STUFF-01 Dominance and Submission (Live)/02 Career of Evil (Live)/03 Joan Crawford (Live)/04 Burning For You (Live)/05 Don't Fear the Reaper (Acoustic)/06 Astronomy (Remix) (don't miss this one!)/07 Don't Fear the Reaper (Apollo 400 Remix)

6/8/75 DEMO TAPE-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Dominance and Submission/03 Astronomy/ 04 ME 262

(Now we go to live stuff excusively!)

ROCHESTER NY 4/372 BOC's FIRST EVER TAPED SHOW-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Transmaniacon MC/03 Then Came The last Days of may/04 Before the Kiss, A Redcap/05 Born to Be Wild

NYC 4/3/72-01 Workshop of the Telescopes/02 Cities On Flame with Rock N Roll/03 The Red and the Black/04 Buck's Boogie

1972 DETROIT MI-01 Intro/01 The Red and the Black/03 Transmaniacon MC/04 Screams/05 OD'd On Life Itself/06 Wings Wetted Down/07 7 Screaming Diz Busters/08 Buck's Boogie/09 Workshop of the Telescopes/10 Cities On Flame With Rock N Roll/11 It's Not Easy

1973 CLEVELAND- 01 Screams/02 Quicklime Girl/03 Workshop of the Telescopes/04 Cities On Flame With Rock N Roll/05 Buck's Boogie/06 It's Not Easy

COMMACK NY 5/17/75-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Dominance and Submission/03 Astronomy/04 ME 262

LIVE IN THE WEST 1975 DISC 1-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 OD'd On Life Itself/03 Harvester of Eyes/04 Flamin' Telepaths/05 Subhuman/06 Seven Screaming Diz Busters

LIVE IN THE WEST 1975 DISC 2-01 Astronomy/02 Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll/03 Buck's Boogie/04 Hot Rails to Hell/05 Maserati GT (I Ain't Got You)

CLEVELAND 1975- 01 Stairway to the Stars/02 OD'd On Life itself/03 Harvester of Eyes/04 Dominance & Submission/05 Cities On Flame With Rock n Roll/06 Buck's Boogie/07 ME 262

MILWAUKEE 1975-01 Stairway to the Stars/02 Harvester of Eyes/03 Cities on Flame With Rock n Roll/04 Hot Rails to Hell

DETROIT 1976 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Stairway to the Stars/03 Harvester of Eyes/04 Cities On Flame With Rock n Roll/05 ETI/06 Morning Final/07 Flaming Telepaths/08 Then Came the last days of May/09 ME 262

DETROIT 1976 DISC 2-01 Dominance and Submission/02 Buck's Boogie/03 This Aint the Summer of Love/04 5 Guitar Medley/05 Born to Be Wild/06 Don't Fear the Reaper/07 Maserati GT (I Ain't Got You)

Be grateful, this was a bit of work.......since my VIKINGS are opening the preseason tomorrow night vs the Cincinnati Bengals or whatever they are called tomorrow, I may take a day off from satisfying your very need.......rest easy, Angie has some stuff for the weekend, as do I.......NEVER will I drop my followers, even that douche "Scottsomething" who complains that he doesn't get his free stuff fast enough.....God, what a tool..........

John N with a wonderful submission

Remember Roachpowder from the other day? surprisingly good numbers, and a couple of inquiries as to thier other album "Viejo Diablo"......well I have never heard it, seen it, or anything else, but guess who has? SURPRISE, the keeper of the eternal link flame, John N......I might have known, thanks 1000000 John N......I'm going to a preseason football game this evening which requires a bit of driving, so Roachpowder will be up first in the rotation! Thanks again John N, good one!

And for the hell of it why not a You Tube video of them as well


VIEJO DIABLO-01 Get Out of My Way/02 Galactic Blues/03 Viejo Diablo/04 Black Stone/05 Cosmic Emperor/
06 Sun/07 New Orleans/08 See You Burn/09 Demon Bitch/10 King of the Hill (part 1)/11 King of the Hill (part 2)/
12 Super Galactic Gargel Blazter

Thought this was interesting: Acoustic stuff from The Motels

Another John N submission, wasn't familiar with this one, but I did enjoy the Motels back in the early 80's, Martha Davis was a fairly talented vocalist and the band was listenable as well.....frankly I had forgotten they ever existed, after seeing this I recalled their sizeable hit singles "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer".......wish this would have maybe included my fave Motels number "Envy", but that was a real slammer that might not have worked acoustically......anyway, this is an Australian release, originally from 2007, let's find out together if it is worth our while.......

CLEAN MODERN AND REASONABLE-01 Counting/02 Celia/03 Take the L/04 Only the Lonely/05 Superstar/06 Total Control/07 Danger/08 Some Things Never Change/09 Suddenly Last Summer/10 Shame/11 Angel

Another highly popular post from WAAAY back

This was one of the earlier posts on the blog certainly from the first year. It was one of my first dabblings
with non-music posts and proved VERY popular, check it out and you'll see why. What we have here are thousands (or so) of concert posters, many of which are stunningly beautiful.....in particular, the "Stoner" file which contains many (most?) of the 2000's stoner bands who had some really cool neo-psychedelic artwork on their posters (actually a lot of stuff in this file is NOT stoner bands, there is all kinds of stuff in here and most of it is visually stunning)

The "Concert Posters" file contains a lot of the classic 1960's artwork, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground and loads more.......a fine collection. Both of these files are huge, requiring them to be split, but there is a LOT of tremendous stuff here, if you love rock n roll artwork this is the ultimate colletion.

There is also a fine PDF file here (file titled "Psych")
which features even more of the vintage 1960's artwork from the Fillmores and elsewhere, really, these are, like the others, simply stunning, tremendously dated, just wonderful stuff.

I'm going to put up one more that I may or may not have posted before, but it will go well with the U-Spaces psychedelic Promos and Radio Spots set from a couple days ago......this is a file of ads, not for concerts or the like but more along the lines of, say, magazine ads for a new album release or someone endorsing some product......the file states these are from 1964-74, and, like the others I think this is way cool. Again, a HUGE file, with more stuff in it than you could imagine.

The concert posters have been requested as a re-up MANY times, and I've never done it......well here they are, please don't miss these files they are ALL pretty damn cool!

A Brief Visit From Studboy

(scott) VERY brief because I am totally unfamiliar with the release or the band......without a doubt, though, SOUNDS interesting, and who CAN'T not use some more high speed punk in thier collection? Be like Studkid and search around, you'll find plenty of interesting things to share with the rest of us
What about a competition?

Here is shortest album I know
Fox Reactions - Outlier (2012) 10 numbers in 12 minutes. A fine former punk band from NJ.
You can get their discographyFOR FREEhttps://foxreactions.bandcamp.com/

(scott again) btw thanks to EVERY band and artist in the world who lives in the real world/era, who GETS IT and shares their music through outlets such as Bandcamp or our little blog here, it is YOU who are the future of the recording industry, NOT neo-nazis who wish for FEWER people to hear their work. Thanks to Fox Reactions and everyone else who create good music AND are proud enough of it that they  feel confidant in letting people HEAR it!

The Work of Salvatore Dali

Been a little (long actually) while since I've posted a paintings collection, and Dali is one of my favorites.....any requests along these lines will be honored, I have collections by many of the greats.....Dali has a personal meaning to me because there is one look at him in where he looks exactly like my son did when he was a high school sophomore (see "Looks Just Like Grant", included)

Anyway he was a genius, about 1000 or so years ahead of his time, and I am quite a fan of modern and post modern paintings.......love the stuff really, and have a vault full......make a request, lets see what we can do for ya

Trying to keep the variety alive, loving music #1 of course, but there is so much MORE stuff to share out there, and only one lifetime in which to do so.

Women as the Canvass

While I'm dragging out things I posted long ago, my mind jumps to "Women as the Canvass", a freakish
favorite of mine with some beautiful women with some damn beautiful ink.....I LOVE tats on women, ("tits" also, hard to go wrong with either!).....these to me are sexy as fuck, and if you think I have a lot of music, a lot of comics, a lot of personal issues, whatever, I likely have more photo collections of the beautiful women (and I truly think that EVERY ONE of them is beautiful) that inhabit this world than of ANYTHING else....again, it's requestable......you say, "HA Scott I bet you don't have any Angelina Jolie!" and next thing you know you'll see 1000 photos of her fine ass........just try me.

My son Grant sends me this one

Great one from John N: A Basket Of Mammoths

(scott) I always like it when someone slips me a buncha discs by a band I know SOMEWHAT and thus
give me the ability to learn them inside-and out....thus is the case with A Basket of Mammoths (I had originally wished to post John N's ENORMOUS Electric Orange extravaganza today, but I forgot that the sheer incredible volume of the links will take me a few days to download and convert, so that will be later in the week......it will ALSO be incredibly worth the wait)......so, what we have today is A Basket of Mammoths, a fab Australian psychedelic band that I've semi-known for a while........recommended by myself!

A BASKET OF MAMMOTHS EP-01 Unveil the Tail/02 Desert Plains/03 Here's a Guide/04 Mammoth on a Mission/05 poland

I AM THE WOLF SINGLE-01 I Am the Wolf/02 The Cosmic Nod

UNKEPT AND MATTED-01 Sinner's Abyss/02 Wait I'll Find Somehow/03 Chilli/04 Temple/05 Scattered/06 Lonely Days and Lonely Nights/07 Unkept and Matted/08 Like  a Bird