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The Satanic Bible and MORE

You all know, I assume, that in the words of the Dead Kennedys "Religion makes Me Want to Vomit"....I am no fucking Satanist either, trust me, two sides of the same lame ass coin.....but I aim to offend at times, so here ya go.......The Satanic Bible  AND The Satanic Rituals.......COME ON, tell me how fucking depraved and destined to hell I am!

Madonna Sex Book

Hey I LOVE me some Madonna, she looks better and better as she ages, and just me personally, I'd hit that any second of any minute of any day.......anyway, remember her fab "Sex" book? GOD I do.......and here it is in all it's glory.......take it easy on yerselfs, I know I DIDN"T!


Studkid with Never Before

(Scott) I had not heard this one before gave it a listen today and it's really quite good. An album and an EP,
and since you're all so wonderful a link for a video concert as well!
Never before from Beijing, China plays some heavy jazzie stoner, which is kind of
aREFRESHING view on the genre.

Never before - King of Worms (2016
1 Born to Lose
2 Killer or Survivor
3 Drink, Fuck, Puke
4 Wild Dog
5 Cold Blood Mike
6 Free Soul
7 The Man Who Came From Mushroom Land
8 10,000 Years of Sleep
9 Fall
10 Last Leaf, Drink, Fuck, Puke II

Plus EP

Never Before - Never Before - Evil StrawWARTS Live (2014)
01 Wild Dog
02 Fall
03 Clockwork pig
04 Welcome to Your Funeral


Emerald Rose

Madame Angela submits this, a favorite of hers, and I find it pretty good as well. The band is Emerald Rose, from Georgia (which seems kind of strange when one hears the variety of music they perform), and consist of Brian Sullivan (Logan), Larry Morris, Arthur Hinds and Clyde Gilbert. They play a mix of Pagan, folk, and Celtic tunes.

This "Bending Tradtion" is the second of their several albums....the sound here is basically heavied-up folk, maybe something along the lines of Skyclad (a good thing!), and they blend the "heavy-folk" with traditional jigs and the like. Might be worth your time to check this out.

1. Penny In The Well - original, pop with Celtic undertones
2. Fire In The Head - fast-paced "mouth music" piece with Celtic shamanism theme
3. Lucky Man - the old Emerson, Lake, and Palmer number, as it should have been
4. Green Hills of Garland/Gallagher Lass/Ferret's Nose - original jigs from Larry
5. Red Haired Mary - a trad ballad transformed to modern pop
6. Pagan Girl - pure pagan pop!
7. Come By The Hills - a beautiful traditional Irish ballad
8. Johnny Cope - a rousing Scottish fightin' song
9. Merry Mayfolk - an upbeat May song with a universal message
10. Castle of Arianrhod - mysterious delving into Welsh myth and legend
11. Freya, Shakti - praise for the Goddess in her many forms
12. Unfinished Business - jazz jam with bozouki and whistle
13. Hills of America - an anthem of the Celtic diaspora

From Brian-John Coltrane, the Man, the Legend, the Saint


Looking back on it, it's strange that the first real blast of jazz I put on the blog here was that Peter Brötzmann post. That was on the outer limits of even free jazz, but it proved popular. Whether it was due to it's rarity or my selling of it, I don't know. But now, I want to get to somebody who's at the center of my love and learning of jazz, and who everybody should listen to.

John Coltrane has been a part of my jazz listening from the very beginning. In fact, he was a sideman on the first two jazz albums I ever bought - Kind Of Blue and Monk's Music. As much as I've found other sax players I love - and we'll get to 'em - Coltrane is the Alpha and Omega of the instrument for me. Like Hendrix. In fact, given that John died in '67, I've long harbored the thought that somehow his spirit got into Jimi on his way up... but it burned too intensely and Jimi's body couldn't take it for long. Would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Anyway, what we have here is a box set of JC's 1950's material. Back then, before his signing to Atlantic and (later) Impulse, he recorded prolifically for Bob Weinstock's Prestige label - as a leader, a featured sideman, or as part of name-heavy jamming dates. Much of this stuff was released once as The Complete Prestige Recordings (way OOP), but 8 or 9 years ago the material was reissued. And reflecting those three aspects of JC's recording for the label, they were now divided into the box sets Fearless Leader, Side Steps, and Interplay.

Fearless Leader is presented here. It contains all the sessions that Coltrane recorded of bands he was leading. I'm sorry I don't have a good file of the exhaustive booklet, but suffice to say there's some great classic jazz here. Having this six disc set replaces 11 different Coltrane albums from his early years. Plenty of standards, yes, but also some of his originals. Coltrane could wring emotion out of a ballad like no else, and roll along on a blues masterfully. You can watch the birth of the "sheets of sound" here.

I know this is the second time lately I've dropped a pallet load of music on ya without a tracklist or mentioning personnel or individual songs. It is a pile of gloriously beautiful jazz, guys; dive in it and it will contextualize itself. It's all essential, trust me.

A Viet Cong sort-of collaborative, only the submittors don't know it

(scott) A couple months ago I posted a bunch of stuff from Viet Cong, who had much controversy with their
name....OK, they have changed it since, to Preoccupations......they have a new album out (let me be clear I think Viet Cong were fucking bad ass), now here's the thing....Link God John N, as well as foregin correspondent Studkid have both submitted stuff for this album......they have provided DIFFERENT information, etc, so I am going to give you EACH of their contributions. First John N's submission, which includes info, video links, and even a tour schedule.....

Preoccupations (fka Viet Cong) Announce New Album, Share "Anxiety" Video: Watch

Out on September 16 via Jagjaguwar

Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) have announced their sophomore album, a self-titled releaseUNDER their new name. Preoccupations is out September 16 via JagjaguwarYou can find the album's tracklist and artwork below. They've also shared a music video for the first single, “Anxiety.” The black-and-whiteVIDEO, directed by Yoonha Park, is described as "a catalog of childhood phobias and anxieties." It features the band's members exploring the backwood areas of an unknown forest, alongside sepia-toned footage of masked figures and a dilapidated family home. Watch the music video below. 
The band will also kick off a world tour in support of the new record,BEGINNING this week. Find a full itinerary below. 
02 Monotony 
03 Zodiac 
04 Memory 
05 Degraded 
06 Sense 
07 Forbidden 
08 Stimulation 
09 Fever

06-13 Brooklyn, NY - Baby's AllRIGHT 
06-17 Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands - Best Kept Secret Festival 
06-18 Brussels, Belgium - Out Loud Beursschouwburg 
06-22 London, England - Shacklewell Arms 
06-23 London, England - Old Blue Last 
06-28 Paris, France - Olympic Cafe 
06-30 Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree 
07-02 Tullamore, Ireland - Castlepalooza 
07-09 Ottawa, Ontario - Ottawa Blues Festival 
08-21 Houston, TX - White OakMUSIC Hall *
08-22 Dallas, TX - Bomb Factory *
08-24 El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls *
08-28 Los Angeles, CA - FYF Fest 
08-29 Saratoga, CA - Mountain Winery *
08-30 Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades *
09-01-02 Portland, Oregon - Crystal Ballroom *
09-28 Vancouver, British Columbia - The Rickshaw Theater
10-01 Calgary, Alberta - Mac Hall Ballroom ^
10-03 Winnipeg , Manitoba - WECC ^
10-04 Minneapolis, MN - FineLINE Music Cafe ^
10-05 Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall ^
10-07 Pontiac, MI - Crofoot Ballroom ^
10-08 Toronto, Ontario - Danforth Music Hall ^
10-11 Montreal, Quebec - Virgin Mobile Corona Theater ^
10-12 Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair ^
10-14 Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw ^
10-15 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church ^
10-16 Washington, DC - Rock & RollHOTEL ^
10-18 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade ^
10-19 New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa ^
10-21 Austin, TX - The MohawK ^
10-25 Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar ^
10-26 San Diego - The Irenic ^
10-28 Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy ^
10-29 San Francisco, CA - TheINDEPENDENT 
11-02 Seattle, WA - Neumos ^
11-05 Leeds, England - Brudenell Social Club 
11-06 Manchester, England - Gorilla 
11-07 London, England - Oval Space 
11-08 Bristol, England - Exchange 
11-09 Brighton, England - Haunt 
11-10 Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who Festival 
11-12 Brussels, Belgium - Botanique 
11-14 Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset 
11-15 Hamburg, Germany - Molotow 
11-18 Metz, France - Musiques Volantes Festival 
11-21 Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie 
11-22 Zurich, Switzerland - Klaus 
11-23 Milan, Italy - Magnolia 
11-24 Rome, Italy - Quirinetta 
11-25 Bologna, Italy - Locomotiv 
11-26 Neuchâtel, Switzerland - Suprette Festival 
11-28 Cologne, Germany - Luxor
^ with Methyl Ethel
* with Explosions In The Sky 
Read “Why Viet Cong Have Changed Their Name" on The Pitch. 
Listen to Preoccupations'“Continental Shelf": 
Great submission from John N (I really DO like this band), and the next portion is submitted bu Studkid, who is including , who includes another essay on th3 band, as well as a link for an album from related band Scatterbrain ("Keep Dancin")
Thanks to both guys for quickly submitting this........ALL GREAT, please continue!

"Remember Viet Cong? Shh, you’re not supposed to say that, or use that name, or whatever. Well, if you didn’t know, the Canadian post-punk rockers now go by Preoccupations, a moniker that should cause no controversy (unless there’s a rabid preoccupier out there who’s prone to being triggered), and they’re back with a new self-titled album.
Produced by Graham Walsh, Preoccupations spans nine one-word songs, ranging from ANXIETY” to “Monotony”, “Degraded” to “Fever”. As frontman Matt Flegel explains: “Monotony is a dead end job;ANXIETY is changing as a band. Memory is watching someone lose their mind; Fever is comforting someone. It’s all drawing from very specific things.”
The band’s own press release calls the album “a singular, bracing collection that proves what’s punishing can also be soothing, everything can change without disrupting your compass. Your best year can be your worst year at the same time.  Whatever sends you flying can also help you land.” French fries can be tater tots, life can be death, we get it."

This take me back to the early 80',to bands like Tubeway Army/ Gary Numan, or for me the danish band Scatterbrain, which was the first electrorock band in Denmark,
Remember Viet Cong? Shh, you’re not supposed to say that, or use that name, or whatever. Well, if you didn’t know, the Canadian post-punk rockers now go by Preoccupations, a moniker that should cause no controversy (unless there’s a rabid preoccupier out there who’s prone to being triggered), and they’re back with a new self-titled album.
Produced by Graham Walsh, Preoccupations spans nine one-word songs, ranging from “Anxiety” to “Monotony”, “Degraded” to “Fever”. As frontman Matt Flegel explains: “Monotony is a dead end job; Anxiety is changing as a band. Memory is watching someone lose their mind; Fever is comforting someone. It’s all drawing from very specific things.”
The band’s own press release calls the album “a singular, bracing collection that proves what’s punishing can also be soothing, everything can change without disrupting your compass. Your best year can be your worst year at the same time.  Whatever sends you flying can also help you land.” French fries can be tater tots, life can be death, we get it.
Remember Viet Cong? Shh, you’re not supposed to say that, or use that name, or whatever. Well, if you didn’t know, the Canadian post-punk rockers now go by Preoccupations, a moniker that should cause no controversy (unless there’s a rabid preoccupier out there who’s prone to being triggered), and they’re back with a new self-titled album.
Produced by Graham Walsh, Preoccupations spans nine one-word songs, ranging from “Anxiety” to “Monotony”, “Degraded” to “Fever”. As frontman Matt Flegel explains: “Monotony is a dead end job; Anxiety is changing as a band. Memory is watching someone lose their mind; Fever is comforting someone. It’s all drawing from very specific things.”
The band’s own press release calls the album “a singular, bracing collection that proves what’s punishing can also be soothing, everything can change without disrupting your compass. Your best year can be your worst year at the same time.  Whatever sends you flying can also help you land.” French fries can be tater tots, life can be death, we get it.
Preoccupations - Preoccupations (2016)
02. Monotony
03. Zodiac
04. Memory
05. Degraded
06. Sense
07. Forbidden
08. Stimulation
09. Fever

Scatterbrain - Keep dancing (1981)

1Neo-Love Tango5:52
3Vatican Reggae4:32
4Crosses Of Verdun4:44
6Ice Age4:08
7Moving Ice1:42
8Insect Danger5:19
10Keep Dancing!7:15 

A collection of PDF files dealing with hypnosis

I beleive in hypnosis, know a good bit about it actually, and thanks to its powers, I have not smoked a cigarette since 2001.......that part of it certainly worked for me, if you want to learn a bit more about it and educate yourself on this topic, there is PLENTY of stuff here, hope ya like it, if not, well, hey.........this is not your father's blog........

Bald Vulture

Don't think I've ever posted these before, these are some cool EP's from Montreal's Bald
Vultures......standard punk with somewhat witty lyrics, ca. late 1990's......the first EP we have here is "Punk Core From Hell"......with "classics' ala "Pretty Boobs", "Roller Fucker", "Why Politicians Grab Thier Asses Everday".........see what you are in for?

The following disc is "Life is All About", a similar effort, ("Butt Face Cops" appears on both albums), but "Protest", "Wake Up" and "Brain Washing School" are worth a spin.

The third album, imaginatively titled "Third", is really quite good,d my fave release of theirs........it is really cool all the way through, "Weapon in Your Headyrevolution", "Punk Core From Hell", "Do We Really Need 13?"......a true unknown "non-classic"......

Last thing I got for ya is "A Short Anthology Of Human Decadence"......a disc of unusual (to say the least) covers, PLEASE check this as well......"One" (Metallica), "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (!) (U2), and more.....this is a band that punk fans kinda overlooked, I'm BRINGING IT BACK, like all of thier shit.

SOME GOOD STUFF HERE, trust me like you trust the rest of my team, these are pretty cool!

PUNK CORE FROM HELL-01 Dark Troops/02 To Those......./03 Why Politiicians Grab Their Asses
Every Day/04 Roller Fucker/05 Butt Face Cops/06 Rural Cowboy/07 Wake Up/08 Pretty Boobs/09 No Fashion/10 Drugs and Drunk

LIFE IS ALL ABOUT-01 Protest/02 TRS/03 Seek to the Groundd/04 Blue Army.05 Wake Up/06 In Spite of My Smile/07 Life Is All About/08 Children's Cry/09 Butt Face Cops/10 Brain Washing School

THIRD-01 Intro Carmina Burana/02 Last Ditch/03 Surrounded By Vulture/04 Weapon In You Headyrevolution/05 We're Creep/06 Sotry of Evilution/07 Punk Core From Hell/08 Interlude #1 In D Minor/09 Nothing Close/10 Without Forgiveness/11 Interlude #2 in D Minor/12 Exploited World/13 Do We Really Need 13?

SHORT ANTHOLOGY OF HUMAN DECADENCE-01 One (Metallica Cover)/02 Unity (Operation Ivy Cover)/03 Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 Cover)/04 Wind Of Change (Scorpions Cover)/05 Territory (Sepultura Cover)/06 Enough Is Enough (Children's Cry Cover)

Ass always share your thoughts....please check these, they really are decent 90's punk.........we strive for variety, but we also strive for stuff that perhaps you haven't heard.....I REALLY hope you enjoy these and consider it a lost "semi-gem" at least.......

Jay and Silent Bob Comics

As a HUGE "Clerks" fan, it gives me great joy to present THESE comix, which feature the legends that are jay and Silent Bob........I am gonna say be quick, when I put up "Clerks Comics" it was shot down THE NEXT DAY, so if you want this I would recommend you act quickly just in case......OK? Otherwise cool shit, I think this is all 4 issues that exist (might be wrong)


The Female Body (PDF File)

This is a cool book, I hope you find it as helpful as I have over time......pointing out all of a woman's specific MOST eroginous zones.......TRUST ME, I have learned that the back of a woman's kneecaps, the joint at her armpits/arms, her wrists, an DOZENS more are spots that CAN drive your baby crazy.....If you need Angela to confirm this, we can do it, but maybe just TRUST ME....read the book, put your ego to bed, and try to learn something, gicing (the right) woman an orgasm is EASY if you know what you are doing......and once you get there, you're where you wanna be, as she'll be so grateful she will be THRILLED to hook up up with whatever YOU want! That's how it works in my world anyway, and if you just read the book (I did) , it will be a HUGE help for you in your life!

Oh, hell, why not add this

I'm going to also post "All About Women, The Encyclopedia of Seduction"........ok, WHY would I NOT? Hey, I've been married for 30 years or so, and I am DONE with that.....I'm in  a NEW FABULOUS relationship (Hi Angie!), BUT, I realize, after 30 years, that SEX can actually be FUN, despite what my previous marriage partner seems to think,.........sex is fucking GREAT if it's with someone you are really into, or simply with ANYONE (a stranger is fine), if you are both INTO it.......fuck this we are all mammals......we should be fucking each other like the animals that we are. Love is another matter, we can discuss that another time, but we are talking RAW ANIMAL SEX right now, and THAT also is a VERY important aspect of life, in my opinion anyway!


One of my favorite posts of all time, REDUX.....don't miss again!

In a minute we are going to get to another Brian creation, and a great one, but if you can hold up, I wish to
repost one of my all time faves......EIGHT discs of U-Space "Psychedelic Promos and Radio Spots".....NO WAY am I listing each of the (75-80) tracks on each of the 8 discs, I'll just have to give you some things to tease you.......but this is the ABSOLUTE bomb, one of the greatest sets ever released! You want this, trust me, I know from the MANY re-up requests I've had for this......Mike McConnell (700 WLW) recently played the Rolling Stones "Rice Crispies" spot on the air on WLW and acted like it was a reveation, hell, here are EIGHT MORE DISCS of pretty much the same thing. Again, YOU want these.......

Pointless to try to find "highlights" here, I found a copyable track list and plan on taking FULL advantantage of that, so here we go.........

Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 1


01. 'Psych-Out' - Movie Promo Spot
02. Fever Tree - Now Sounds Spot For Houston Post
03. Boyce & Hart - Coke Spot # 1
04. The Litter - 7-Up Spot
05. 'The Trip' - Movie Promo Spot
06. Cream - Falstaff Beer Spot
07. Electric Prunes - Vox Wah Wah Spot
08. Six Feet Under - Boogie Man Bash Spot
09. Sopwith Camel - Levis Spot # 1 (Funny Fabric)
10. The Living Eye Club, Houston - Promo
11. Vanilla Fudge - Coke Spot # 1
12. Iron Butterfly - Ban Roll-On Spot
13. 1966 Plymouth Baracuda Spot
14. Jefferson Airplane - Levis Spot # 1 (Grace - White Levis)
15. Moody Blues - Coke Spot # 1
16. Shadows Of Knight - Band Promo Spot (Buy Willie Jean)
17. Paul Revere & Raiders - The Judge, Pontiac GTO Promo
18. The Nazz - Band Promo Spot # 1 (Call Of The Wild Nazz)
19. Easy Beats - Coke Spot # 1
20. Batman Merchandise - J.C. Penny Spot, Dallas Ft. Worth
21. Quicksilver - Chevy Camaro Spot
22. Bee Gees - Coke Spot # 1
23. 'Hell's Angels On Wheels' - Movie Promo Spot
24. Blues Magoos - Great Shakes Spot
25. Left Banke - Coke Spot
26. Charlatan's - 'Alabama Bound' LP Promo (Magician)
27. Jefferson Airplane - Levis Spot # 2 (Spencer-Twig City)
28. Los Bravos - Coke Spot
29. Paul Revere & Raiders - Revolution LP Promo
30. Troggs - Coke Spot
31. Sopwith Camel - Levis Spot # 2 (Take Out The Stretch)
32. The Nazz - Band Promo Spot # 2 TOMMY Truckdriver)
33. The Who - Great Shakes Spot
34. Hullabaloo Club Promo, Ann Arbor Michigan
35. Vanilla Fudge - Coke Spot # 2
36. Vox Wah Wah Promo Spot
37. Charlatans - Groom & Clean Spot
38. Easy Beats - Coke Spot # 2
39. The Baroques - Iowa / Mary Jane Promo Spot
40. Bobby Fuller - Gallancamps Shoe Spot
41. American Breed - Coke Spot # 1
42. Jefferson Airplane - Levis Spot # 3 (Marty-Stretch Levis)
43. Yardbirds - Great Shakes Spot
44. Blind Faith - "The New Cream" - Concert Promo Spot
45. Bee Gees - Coke Spot # 2
46. Sopwith Camel - Levis Spot # 3 (Levis Strauss Waltz)
47. The Nazz - Band Promo Spot # 3 (The Life Of The Party)
48. Moody Blues - Coke Spot # 2
49. Family Dog - Concert Promo Spot
50. Jefferson Airplane - Levis Spot # 4 (Jack - I am a Duck)
51. The Zombies - 'Time Of The Season' Promo Spot
52. Thirteenth Floor Elevators - 'Bull Of The Woods' Promo Spot
53. The Exotics - Bill McKay Chevrolet Spot
54. The Who - Coke Spot
55. Saturday's Children - Chicago Electric Co. Spot
56. American Breed - Partridge Weiners Spot
57. H.P. Lovecraft - Ban Roll-On Spot
58. Sons Of Champlin - KCPX Salt Lake City Promo
59. The Box Tops - Coke Spot
60. Masters Apprentices - Ford Cortina Spot
61. The First Edition - Alcoa Aluminum Pull-Top Spot
62. Spirit - 'Clear' LP Promo
63. '21 Sounds for Sunset' - LP Promo Spot
64. The Troggs - H.I.S. Spot
65. Male M1 Shop, Chicago - Store Promo Spot
66. American Breed - Coke Spot # 2
67. Ravi Shankar - Anti Drug Spot
68. The McCoy's - Heart Association Spot
69. Canned Heat Promo Spot For LP
70. John & Yoko Promo for "God Save Us"


Time Time: 73:43.17


Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 2


01. The "In Sound" Featuring The Song "Up There" by The Scoundrels
02. Kim Fowley – 'Outrageous' LP Promo 
03. The Galaxy Club, Belvue, WA, Featuring West Coast Natural Gas 
04. The "In Sound" With The Blues Magoos 
05. Nikita The "K"– Radio Moscow - Blues Magoos Spoof by "The Red Magoos" 
06. 'Green Slime'– MGM Movie Promo 
07. Chad & Jeremy – 'Of Cabbages & Kings' LP Promo 
08. The "In Sound" With Sean Bonniwell 
09. Lee Jeans, "Jeans by Lee"– Radio Spot 
10. The Who – BBC Radio One Promo 
11. The Sex Machine – Club Spot On WHAT Radio Station, Philadelphia, PA 
12. The Zombies – 'Bunny Lake Is Missing'– Movie Promo 
13. The "In Sound" With The Kitchen Cinq 
14. Trident Records Promo, Featuring Mystery Trend, Blackburn & Snow & Sons Of Champlain 
15. Kim Fowley – 'Underground Animal' LP Promo 
16. Paul Revere & Raiders – SS-396 Car Promo (Full Song) 
17. Knickerbockers – Lakeland FL, Concert Promo 1 
18. Brawley Male – Radio Spot For Clothing Store 
19. Sherbet – Coke Spot (Australian Band) 
20. The "In Sound" with The Monkees 
21. Velvet Underground – 3rd LP Promo 
22. Evergreen Battle Of The Bands – Seattle, WA Concert Promo 
23. BOSS KHJ – "Hit Bound"– LA Radio Station Jingle. 
24. KHJ – Mustang Promo 
25. The Liverpools – Thom McCann’s Shoe Spot 
26. Golden Earring – Coke Spot
27. The "In Sound" With Roger McGuinn  
28. Cream – Fallstaff Beer Spot (With Announcer) 
29. Left Banke – Hertz Rent-A-Car Spot 
30. Cheetah Club– Promo for LA Nightclub featuring Hamilton Streetcar & Kitchen Cinq 
31. Moby Grape – 'Truly Fine Citizen' LP Promo 
32. Dr. West’s Medicine Show & Junk Band – 'Eggplant' LP Promo 
33. Velvet Underground – 'White Light, White Heat' LP Promo 
34. The "In Sound" With ? And The Mysterians
35. Milton Berle – Yellow Submarine – PromoSINGLE 
36. UCNCB – The Utica Club – Promo 
37. Rolling Stones – Dallas Concert Promo Sponsored by "Sumpin’ Else" TV Show. 
38. The Ventures – 'Underground Fire' LP Promo 
39. The Ventures – 'Hawaii Five-O LP' Promo 
40. Lefte Banke – Toni Hair Spray Radio Spot 
41. The Happening Club – Seattle, WA, Night Club Promo featuring The Sonics & Gass Company 
42. The Knickerbockers – Lakeland FL, Concert Promo 2 
43. Boyce & Hart – Coke Spot # 2 
44. Dave Diamond – Excerpts From "The Diamond Mine" Radio Program On KBLA, Burbank, CA 
45. Hullabaloo Club – Promo for LA Night Club 
46. The "In Sound" With Every Mother’s Son 
47. Booker T. & The MG’s – 'McLemore Avenue' LP Promo 
48. B. Mitchell Reed – Leather Ltd. Ad, KMET, LA, CA 
49. Tom Donahue – Jeans West Spot, KSAN, SF, CA 
50. Leopold Records – X-69 Spot, KSAN, SF, CA

In this volume, many brief interviews of psychedelic bands are featured. These were conducted by Harry 

Harrison, a New York DJ who had a weekly radio spot called "The In Sound" sponsored by the U.S. Army 
during the mid 60's. In these 5 minute spots, Harry would get a "fan" on the phone and ask them what 
they thought was "in" at the time. Then Harry would do a plug for the Army, play the chosen song in 
its entirety and perform a VERY brief interview with the band, usually by phone. These spots were 
compiled onto vinyl promo discs (6 interviews per disc) and shipped to radio stations around the 
country. Some of these spots have been edited to fit on this compilation.


Total Time: 66:16.04


Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 3


01. Golliwogs - Concert/Single Promo
02. George Harrison - KHJ 'Yellow Submarine' Promo
03. 'Wild In The Streets' - Movie Promo
04. Monkees - 'Birds, Bee's & Monkees' LP Promo
05. Frank Zappa - Remington Electric Razor
06. The Cowsills - Milk Spot
07. Rolling Stones - Rice Crispies
08. Beatles - 'Help' Promo 1
09. Byrds - 'Notorious Byrd Brothers' LP Promo
10. Bobby Fuller Four - KHJ Big Kahuna Theme
11. Rationals - Turn-On - Danby's Men's Stores
12. Blue Sandalwood Soap - Northwest Orient Airlines
13. Love Generation - Hormel Hot Dogs
14. 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls' - Movie Promo
15. The Happenings - Great Shakes
16.TOMMY James & The Shondells - 'Travellin'' LP Promo
17. Neil Young - 1st LP Promo
18. American Breed - Alone Phone 1 (NY Telephone)
19. 4 Wheels (Boys Next Door) - Casite Motor Honey
20. Canoise - Concert Promo 1
21. Springfield Rifle - Nordstrom's Spot
22. 'Thunderball' - Movie Promo
23. The Exotics - Mitchell's Department Store
24. Byrds - 'Ballad Of Easy Rider' 1
25. The Who - US Air Force Promo
26. Monkees - Australian Radio Contest
27. Stone Ponies - Pepsi Spot
28. Spencer Davis Group - Great Shakes
29. Laugh-In - Promo on KHJ
30. Doug Brown & The Omens - Youth & Experience - Bob Griffin Campaign Song
31. Canoise - Concert Promo 2
32. Jay & The Americans - HIS Slacks
33. Crestones - Tackle - Skin Crème
34. Neil Young - 'Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere' LP Promo
35. The Who - Coke Spot 2 (Things Go Better)
36. Canned Heat - Levis Spot
37. Four Wheels - College Concert Promo
38. Beatles - 'Help' Promo 2
39. I'm A Groupie - Movie Promo
40. Hub Kapp & The Wheels - Concert Promo
41. Mitch Ryder - Family Spot
42. Mama Cass - KHJ Mama Cass Puppy Festival
43. Harry Nillson - Ban Roll On
44. Monkees - Monkees Present LP Promo
45. Tokens - Great Shakes
46. Byrds - 'Ballad Of Easy Rider' 2
47. Janis Joplin - 'I Got Dem Ol' Cosmic Blues Again' LP Ad
48. Shindig Television Show Ad
49. The Classics IV - 'Song' LP Ad
50. Diet Pepsi 'Girl Watchers' Ad
51. He's Got The Knack - Unknown Gillette Commercial
52. Peter & Gordon - MaCleans Toothpaste
53.TOMMY James & The Shondells - HIS Slacks
54. Surf Washing Powder - Promo
55. Tiny Tim - KHJ Concert Interview Promo


Total Time: 57:38.54


Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 4


01. Psychedelic Circus Excerpt
02. Monkees - 'Head' Spot # 2
03. Vox Wah-Wah (Short Version)
04. Raiders - Pontiac GTO – The Judge (Full Song)
05. The Spats - Go Go Yamaha Spot
06. Turtles, Leaves, Ides Of March - WQAM, FL The Hullabaloo
07. Janis Joplin Concert - Veterans Memorial Auditorium
08. Revlon Swingstakes - B. Mitchell Reed NY WMCA – Contest on to go to London to see Dave Clark Five 
09. Monkees - Kelloggs Spot - Same as TV
10. 1965 Rambler – Unknown
11. Byrds - 'Sweetheart Of The Rodeo' - LP Promo Spot
12. Raiders - 'Alias Pink Puzz' - LP Promo Spot # 2
13. Dantes, Exceptions, Roving Kind - At The Cheetah WCFL Chicago 2/67
14. Gasoline Powered Clock - Zales Jewelry Spot - Forest Fire On Main Street
15. Beach Boys - Murry The K Promo (4)
16. Beach Boys - Murry The K Promo (2)
17. Beach Boys - Murry The K Promo (3)
18. Parkers All City Dance - Canterbury Tales, Emergency Exit
19. Beatles - 'Help' Spot 8
20. Freddy Cannon - Coke Spot
21. Blue Things - Concert Promo KOMA, Lawerance Kansas
22. The Cyrkle - United Way Spot
23. Hondells - Honda Holiday Spot # 1
24. Johnny Holiday - WHK Cleveland - Bocky & Visions
25. Cryan' Shames, The Stonehenge, Toad, Hook – Promo For Chicago Tribune Article on Pop Music (WCFL Chicago 1/28/67
26. Wellingtons 8-Track Sale – Unknown
27. The Flavor - Performing at " The Place" - WFUN (Miami, FL
28. WCFL Top 10 "Capsule Countdown" Chicago, IL 1/28/67
29. Cheetah Magazine Promo 10/2/67 WCFL, Chicago
30. Robbs, Outsiders - Tour Promo Spot WCFL, Chicago 9/9/66
31. J. Jacobs Clothes – Unknown – Seattle Area
32. Guess Who - Two Wheeled Freedom – Honda Spot
33. Paul Revere & Raiders - 'Spirit Of '67' LP Promo Spot
34. Neil Diamond - Coke Spot
35. Monkees - Head Spot # 1
36. Liverpool Five, Dynamics, Viceroys - Lakehill Roller Rink Dances (Pacific Northwest)
37. The Cyrkle – Interview Promo Disc
38. Jan & Dean - KFWB Spot
39. KHJ Channel 9 TV- Beatles Special - Sam Riddle
40. Gemini & The Planets - Copa City Promo, Miami, FL
41. Gary Lewis & Playboys, The Mob, The Trolls - Concert Promo Spot WCFL Chicago 9/9/66
42. Seekers - Sears Records Promo Spot
43. WABC New York "The Big Break" Amateur Band Contest
44. Sam The Sham - HIS Slacks Spot
45. 1966 Seattle Battle Of The Bands – Sonics, Don & Goodtimes, Bumps, Live Five Etc.
46. Newbeats - Coke
47. Spider & The Crabs - Concert Promo Spot, Kansas
48. The Cyrkle – Camaro (Full Song)
49. Raiders - 'Alias Pink Puzz' - LP Promo Spot # 1
50. Go-Go Bows by Miles - Unknown
51. Hondells - Pepsi Generation Spot
52. Four Seasons – Brunswick Bowling Spot
53. Tackle After Shave - Unknown
54. Buckinghams - 'In One Ear, Out The Other' - LP Promo
55. Mad Daddy - WHK - Rendezvous Records Spot
56. Stooges - St Louis, American Theater Promo -1970
57. Jan & Dean - Coke Spot
58. Freddie & The Dreamers - Sea Side Swingers Movie Promo Spot
59. 1967 Action New Years Eve Dance – Roller Land in Napa – Epics, Wailin' Powers
60. Raiders - "Swingy Girl" Mattel Doll Promo (Full Song)
61. (Roavin' Red Dogs - Concert Promo KOMA, Lawerance Kansas
62. Fabulous Flippers - Dance Party Promo KOMA, Lawerance Kansas
63. Tremeloes - Coke Spot
64. Grateful Dead - New Riders Concert Promo – Pasadena Civic 9/25/70
65. Richie's Renegades - Come Alive - Pepsi Spot
66. Gass Co & The Effects - M.W. Lads Record Company WFIL Philly Flexi- Disc Promo 45
67. Bob Seger System - Air Force Promo Spot


Total Time: 73:22.09


Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 5


01. Curt Boettcher - Levis Spot # 1
02. Gary Lewis & The Playboys – WQAM Promo 8/66
03. Gary Lewis & The Playboys – Doin’ The Flake – Kellogs Frosted Flakes Promo
04. Frank Zappa - 'Hot Rats' LP Promo
05. Beatles - 'Yellow Submarine' Promo
06. Blue Cheer - 'Vincebus Eruptum' LP Promo
07. Donovan - 'The Pied Piper' Movie Promo 
08. Cryan’ Shames – 'Scratch In The Sky' LP Promo
09. Royal Guardsmen - Army Spot
10. Peter & Gordon - McLeans Spot
11. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Coke Spot (Long)
12. Freddie & The Dreamers - 'Seaside Swingers' Movie Promo
13. Grass Roots - Alone Phone # 1
14. Hondells – Honda Spot
15. Slack Shack - Clothing Spot With The Noblemen –North Miami Beach WQAM 8/66
16. The Hallmarks - Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally – Voices Of Vista (Full Song)
17. Beau Brummels / Eddie Rambo – Jerry G. & Co. (Local Cleveland TV)
18. The Monkees & Jimi Hendrix - Detroit Concert Promo 1967
19. Selective Service – At Ottos Grotto # 1
20. The Band - 'Stage Fright' LP Promo
21. Rolling Stones - Radio Veronica Promo Spot
22. Dr. T & The Undertakers / Little Bit Of Soul – At Diamond Head
23. Cyrkle - 7-Up Spot
24. The Seekers - Coke Spot 1
25. Siblings – At St. Agnes Teen Review
26. American Breed - Alone Phone - (Complete Song)
27. Van Dyke Parks - Datsun Spot
28. Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels - McLeans Spot
29. The Brookside - Concert Promo Featuring The Strangers etc., Syracuse, NY
30. Petula Clark – Plymouth / Chrysler Spot
31. Richard & Young Lions -IN SOUND Interview With Harry Harrison
32. The Barons/Chuck Bates - Gem Terrace Beach Concert Promo Spot
33. Moody Blues Concert Promo- KOL Seattle
34. DC5 – WQAM Station ID
35. King Bees - Teen Dance At American Legion Hall
36. Hals Record Shop - Promo
37. Curt Boettcher - Levis Spot #2 
38. Denims - Adler Socks Promo (Part 1) - Full Song
39. Mojo Men Day Spot On WMEX, Boston
40. BLAV Dance Promo With Little Rick & The Del Shades, Syracuse, NY
41. Cryan’ Shames – 'Synthesis' LP Promo (Long)
42. Hullabaloo Concert Promo (2) With The Turtles, Leaves Etc WQAM 8/66
43. Thom MaCann Shoes, “The Dutchess”
44. Monkees - Davy Jones - 'Head' Promo for Japaneese Fan Club
45. Steve Miller Band, Kaliedoscope, Etc - Hullabaloo Concert Promo
46. Pink Floyd - 'Relics' LP Promo
47. Grass Roots - Alone Phone # 2
48. Concert Promo-  Moorlocks,  Gas Co, Ft. Lauderdale, FL–WQAM  8/66
49. Bobby Fuller Four - KRLA, King Of The Wheels (Full Song)
50. Shangri-Las -DATING Courtesy PSA (Full Version)
51. Jay & Americans - Coke Spot
52. Vanity Faire - Coke Spot
53. Avalon Ballroom – BB&HC, Sir Douglas Quintet, KMPX Promo 1967
54. Lemon Pipers LP Promo
55. Rationals / Blues Project - Jerry G. & Co. (Local Cleveland TV)
56. Love Generation - Hormel Hot Dogs Spot
57. Terry Knight & The Pack / McCoys / GTO’s – At Hippodrome Theater
58. Shanes - Extra Kick - Gulf Oil Promo (Full Song) Sweden
59. Last Words /What’s Not – At Par-T Lounge, Miami, FL
60. Yohn Lennon & Yoko - 'Wedding Album' LP Promo 
61. Neon Philharmonic - 45 Spot, 1969
62. Freddie Cannon / Epics / Sensations – At The Torchlight
63. Tom Donahue – KMPX FM 1967 – Town & Country Record Spot
64. Tommy Roe - McLeans Spot
65. SRC Live At The Silverbell, Pontiac MI
66. The Allman Brothers - Concert Promo Spot At The College Discotheque
67. Gary Lewis & Motions – At VIP Show, Euclid Beach 1965
68. Chicago Loop - McLeans Spot
69. The Razors Edge / The Bangles etc. "The World" Club WQAM, Miami
70. Selective Service – At Ottos Grotto # 2
71. Improper Bostonians - WRKO Jingle
72. Tokens - McLeans Spot
73. Mouse & Traps / 1910 Fruitgum / The Hombres / Tiffany Shade – Upbeat Spot


Total Time: 77:46.29


Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 6


01. Doors, Steppenwolf, Chambers Bros – Hollywood Bowl Concert Spot
02. 'The Wild Angels'– Movie Promo Spot # 1
03. Small Faces – 'There Are But Four Small Faces'– LP Promo Spot
04. Tommy James & Shondells – Real Girl Make-Up Spot – 12/7/67
05. Grateful Dead – Pot Bust News Snippet – KFWB, Los Angeles – 10/3/67
06. Tom McCan’s Shoes – Wide Trackin’ – Unknown Band – 12/5/67
07. Chat With The Beatles – KNUZ, Houston TX - 6/16/65
08. Champagne Brothers at Teen Hall – Houston TX - 6/16/65
09. Varsity Magazine -WIN A Trip To Hollywood Spot - 6/16/65
10. PJ Proby Shindig Spot # 1 – Buddy McGregor, KNUZ, Houston TX - 6/16/65
11. PJ Proby Shindig Spot # 2 – Buddy McGregor, KNUZ, Houston TX - 6/16/65
12. Monkee Tripper Spot # 1 (Davy Jones) – KHJ, Los Angeles – 9/7/66
13. 7-Up Spot – Unknown Band – 6/16/65
14. Garner State Park Concert Spot – Neal Ford & Fanatics etc. - Houston TX - 6/16/65
15. Ralph Harris – McCleans Toothpaste Spot – 6/16/65
16. Go! Show Clothes Offer, Sponsored by Pepsi (Come Alive) 5/4/67
17. MIT Union Ballroom Concert Spot – Mickey They & Them, Psychedelic Sensational, Seven Sounds–WRIT–Milwaukee 5/4/67
18. 'Monterey Pop Festival' - Movie Promo Spot -5/3/69
19. Yellow Payges – “Finger Poppin’ Party” Yellow Pages Promo (Full Song)
20. ABC News Story – Beatniks in Rome – 4/22/66
21. Bobby Shumer – Wild Root 360 – Hair Goo Spot 4/22/66
22. The Triumphs (Featuring B.J. Thomas) - Garner State Park Theme Song – Houston TX – Aired 6/16/65 (Recorded 1964)
23. Beatle Bus Trip to Cleveland – KQV, Pittsburgh, PA – 8/31/66
24. ABC News Story - LSD – 8/31/66
25. Batman Theme – Radio Station Jingle – WRCG, Washington D.C. – 7/10/66
26. Gazzari’s Concert Promo (Dave Diamond’s Diamond Mine) – The Dawn, TheJOINT Effort, The Coloring Book, The Abstracts – KBLA, Los Angeles – 6/16/67 (Final Diamond Mine Show)
27. Moby Grape – 1st LP Promo Spot – 6/16/67
28. Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA – Beau Brummels Concert Spot – 8/31/66
29. Grateful Dead, Yellow Payges, The Power – Hullabaloo Club Concert Promo Spot -  KBLA – 6/16/67
30. Cinnamon Cinder – Club Renaming Contest – KBLA, Los Angeles – 6/16/67 (Dave Diamond)
31. “Cousin of the Monkees Contest” – Marv Brooks, WRCG, Washington D.C. 3/26/67
32. The Animals – Hullabaloo Club Concert Promo - KBLA, Los Angeles – 6/16/67
33. It’s Camp – Club Concert Promo, Featuring The Gross National Product - KBLA, Los Angeles – 6/16/67
34. Brother John - Search It Out – Excerpt From LP
35. Boss City Promo Spot (Sam Riddle) – Cowsills, Sajid Khan, Deacon Jones – KHJ, Los Angeles 5/3/69
36. Carnation Instant Breakfast Spot – “Turned On World” - 5/3/69
37. Local Twin Cities Concert Spot – Randy Cook & The Underbeats, Bobby Wayne & The Corvettes, Don MaKay, Michael’s Mystics – KDWB – Jimmy O’Neil – Minneapolis/St. Paul - 2/28/66
38. Gallencamps Shoes Spot – “Groovy Name Game” – 12/5/67
39. 'The Wild Angels'– Movie Promo Spot # 2
40. Frank Zappa – 'Freak Out'& 'Absolutely Free' LP Promo Spots – 12/5/67
41. KRLA Concert – Seeds, Lollipop Shoppe, Band Without A Name – Pasadena Civic Auditorium 12/5/67
42. Eager Beavers – Hamms Beer Spot - 6/16/67
43. KRLA News – Cancelled Hippie Love-In at the Grand Canyon - 6/16/67
44. Monterey Pop – Concert Promo Spot – KRLA, Los Angeles - 6/16/67
45. 'Guide For The Married Man'– Movie Promo Spot (Featuring The Turtles) - 6/16/67
46. Honda – “What’s Happening Now” Spot - 6/16/67
47. Dave Diamond – Poetry From The Diamond Mine – KBLA Los Angeles 6/16/67
48. KRLA News – Various Drug Related Stories - KRLA Los Angeles -6/16/67
49. Tom MaCan’s Monkee Boots – Spot # 1 – 2/27/67
50. Pepsi Spot – Unknown Band (Features Real Don Steele Plug For “Page Five” Band Featured On Boss City KHJ TV Show)
51. Gene Weed & Wink Martindale Talk About The Electric Prunes – KFWB, Los Angeles, 2/18/67
52. Hour Glass & The Diggers Inc. – Concert Promo Spot – The Test Club, Pomona, CA (Dave Diamond KFWB, LA – 6/27/67)
53. KFWB News Story – Hippie Mother Kills Her Baby On LSD - KFWB, LA – 6/27/67
54. Chappaqua – Movie Promo Spot (Fugs & Ravi Shankar) – KRLA, Los Angeles – Casey Kasem – 1/26/68
55. Cheetah Club Concert Promo – Byrds, Turtles, Lewis & Clarke Expedition,  KRLA, Los Angeles – Casey Kasem – 1/26/68
56. How I Won The War – Movie Promo Spot - 1/26/68
57. Standells – Concert Promo - Pace-Setter Club in Ontario, CA & The Pasadena Civic- KRLA, Los Angeles – Casey Kasem – 1/26/68
58. Concert Promo Spot  for The 118th Annual Edgar Allen Poe Electric Memorial Concert At The Hullabaloo Club, Featuring Miller Blues Band, Kaleidoscope, West Coast Branch, Taj Majal, Bluesberry Jam  KFWB – B. Mitchell Reed – 10/3/67 (Upgrade From Promos Vol. 4)
59. Tom MaCan’s Shoes – The Dutchess (Carnaby Street version) – 9/7/66
60. Concert Promo for Bee Gees, Spanky & Our Gang, Vanilla Fudge – Anaheim Convention Center – 1/26/68
61. The Nice – Third LP Promo Spot
62. Shasta Cola Spot – Unknown Band – 9/7/66
63. Monkee Tripper Spot # 2 (Mike Nesmith) – KHJ, Los Angeles - 9/7/66
64. Raiders - Greatest Hits LP Promo Spot – 5/13/67
65. 'Endless Summer'– Movie Promo Spot – 5/13/67
66. KHJ 20/20 News – Aircraft Worker Crashes Car on LSD 5/13/67
67. Windsong Perfume – Unknown Band – 12/7/67
68. ALSAC Teenagers March Concert – Turtles, Seeds, Stone Ponys, Michael Blodgett – KRLA (Reb Foster) - 12/7/67
69. L.U.V. – Movie Promo Spot - 12/7/67
70. Sears Record Spot – Animals, Standells, Herman’s Hermits Etc. – 9/7/67
71. KRLA News Story – Monterey Pop Festival – 6/16/67
72. Brother John - The Happening – Excerpt From LP
73. Beatles – 'Magical Mystery Tour' / Beach Boys – 'Wild Honey' LP Promo Spots
74. 'Easy Rider'– Movie Promo Spot
75. Johnny Rivers – 'Realizations'– LP Promo Spot
76. The Band – 'Music From Big Pink' / Grateful Dead – 'Anthem Of The Sun'– Tower Records, San Francisco - LP Promo Spots
77. Macy’s - Peter Max Place-Mats & Towels (Meet Peter Max) (1970’s?)
78. 'I Love You Alice B. Toklas'– Movie Promo Spot
79. Tom McCan’s – Monkee Boots – Spot # 2
80. Ban Deodorant Spot – The Repulsives
81. Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Blue Phoenix, Electric Chair – Concert Promo Spot for Pasadena Civic & Pace-Setter Club
82. The Fugs – 'Golden Filth'– LP Promo Spot

83. Jay & The Americans – HIS Slacks Spot


Total Time: 78:05.15


Promos and Radio Spots Vol. 7


01. BIG TNT Show – Promo Spot
02. In-Sound – Harry Harrison Promo Spot
03. Turtles – 'Turtle Soup' LP Promo Spot
04. 'The Wild Angels'– Movie Promo Spot # 3
05. Cliff Lipsom (Hair Musical performer) - Therablem Zit Cream Spot
06. Three’s A Crowd – LP Spot # 1
07. Creedence / Grass Roots -  Long Beach Arena Concert Promo
08. Three Dog Night – 'It Ain’t Easy'– LP Promo 
09. Jim Madison – WRCG, Washington D.C. -  Request-O-Matic -Troggs
10. Troggs – Miller Beer Spot # 1 (Special Place)
11. Flying Nun – TV Show Promo Spot
12. Donovan – Live In Concert At The Bushnell, Hartford, CT.
13. Beach Boys – 'Sunflower'– LP Promo Spot
14. Color Foam, By DuBerry – “Color Foam Party”
15. Hondells – Honda Holiday (Joey Reynolds – Detroit Version)
16. Monterey Pop – Plug For The Who – KRLA Los Angeles
17. Fifth Dimension - Come Alive Show Promo (Scout Circuit ’67, Milwaukee WI)
18. 1966 School Hockey Tournament & Dance Spot – Twin Cities, MN
19. Surrey Clothes Shops – College ’66 - KQV, Hall Murray, Pittsburgh, PA
20. Monkees – TV Promo Spot # 1
21. James Brown – Dept. Of Labor Spot
22. Monkees – '33 1/3  Revolutions' Promo
23. Trini Lopez – Fresca “Blizzard” (Full Song)
24. Beatles – KLIF Dallas – Concert Promo 
25. Catalinas – Coco-Cherry Mash (Full Song)
26. Monterey Pop Promo – KRLA Los Angeles, # 2
27. Donna Loren (& Dick Clark) Dr. Pepper Spot
28. Three’s A Crowd – Promo Spot # 2
29. Ban Deodorant – Unknown Band (Skydiving)
30. Box Tops – Coke Spot # 2
31. Lively Set – Coffee Promo
32. Joni Mitchell – 'Ladies Of The Canyon' LP Promo
33. Frank Zappa – Remington Electric Razors (Upgrade)
34. Fifth Street Exit - 7-Up, The Uncola (Full Song)
35. Big Jack TV Show Promo – Buckinghams Selective Seven, Critters (NYC)
36. Mod Squad - TV Promo Spot # 1
37. Bee Gees – Concert Spot – Anaheim Convention Center (1/6
38. Yardbirds – Concert Promo - Catalina Island Spot # 2 
39. Monkees – Kool-Aid Spot # 1
40. Beach Boys – Concert Promo (Al Jardine)
41. Paul Seargant – Nehru Jackets Spot
42. Troggs – Miller Beer Spot # 2 (Summer Time)
43. The In-Sound – Interview With The Chicago Loop # 1
44. 'The Wild Angels'– Movie Promo Spot # 4
45. Ban Deodorant – Unknown Band
46. Chambers Brothers  - The Time Has Come – LP Promo Spot
47. Hendrix / Creedence Newport ’69 – Northridge, CA Concert Promo
48. Mamas & Papas – 'Anthology' LP Promo Spot
49. The In-Sound – Interview With The Chicago Loop # 2
50. Sunrays – Kentucky Fried Chicken Spot
51. Seekers – 'Georgie Girl' LP  At The Broadway
52. Beatles – KLIF, Dallas - Beatles Kit Contest
53. Stone Ponys – Pepsi Spot
54. Beach  Boys – Dance Dance Dance - Promo Spot (Brian)
55. Troggs – Miller Beer Spot # 3 (Invitation)
56. Monkees – Head Promo Spot # 2
57. Beatles – KLIF Dallas – Honer Harmonica Contest
58. Beach Boys – Concert Promo – (Dennis)
59. In-Sound – Interview With Mitch Ryder
60. Square World Of Ed Butler – Boyce & Hart - TV Show Promo Spot
61. Lulu – Gentle Care Hair Spot
62. Mod Squad – TV Promo Spot # 2
63. Aorta & Cryan’ Shames Ensemble – Navy Promo Spot
64. Four Seasons – Beachnut Gum Spot
65. Monkees – TV Promo Spot # 2
67. Box Tops – Coke Spot # 3
68. Fantastic Dee Jays – T&C Lancers Shoes (Full Song)
69. William Penn & His Pals – PSA Airlines Spot
70. In-Sound – Interview With Brian Jones
71. Sting-Rays – Life Savers Sours (Full Song)
72. Monkees – TV Promo Spot # 3
73. Kingsmen – Do The Krunch (Full Song)
74. Harlequin Vipers – Heston Stadium,  Arkansas Concert Promo
75. Four Seasons – Joey Reynolds Theme Song (Detroit)
76. Menster & Phipps – Great Shakes Spot
77. Lovin’ SpoonFul / Turtles / Sopwith Camel - WFGN – City Auditorium Concert Promo – Birmingham, AL
78. KLIF – Klassic Album - Promo Spot
79. Monkees – Kool-Aid Spot # 2
80. Paul Is Dead – Big Curl Radio
81. Turtles – Pepsi Spot
82. Glass Family – David’s Rap – House Of Glass Promotional 45


Total Time: 75:48.45 


Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 8


01. '21 Sounds For The Sunset' LP Ad
02. Frank Zappa - Hagstrom Guitar Ad
03. NBC News (Woodstock Story)
04. 'Dragnet' Anti LSD PSA
05. 4-H Club Ad
06. Trips Festival Promo
07. 'Barbarella' Movie Ad
08. Warner Brothers Records Ad (It's The Plastic)
09. Honer Harmonica Ad
10. Traffic - 'Traffic' LP Ad
11. John Raven Kraft - KOMA English Scene Promo
12. National Institute OfMENTAL HEALTH Anti Drug PSA
13. Jeff Beck, Moody Blues & Ten Years After Concert Promo
14. Jack In The Box Restaurant Ad
15. Fresca Ad
16. Blues Magoos Concert Promo
17. Colours - 'Love Heals + Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby' Single Ad
18. Illinois Emergency Action Notification System Test
19. Panasonic Car And Home Stereo Ad
20. Love Concert Promo
21. 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' Movie Ad
22. Eye Magazine Ad
23. U.S. Marines Ad (Beat The Draft)
24. 'A Clockwork Orange' Movie Ad
25. Gretch Guitar Contest Promo
26. Frank Zappa - 'Secret Ceremony' Movie Ad
27. Iron Butterfly - 'Heavy' LP Ad
28. Muntz Cartridge City Music Store Ad
29. 'Reflections In A Golden Eye' Movie Ad
30. Steppenwolf - 'Monster' LP Ad
31. The Byrds Rose Palace Concert Promo
32. Sharon Tate - Coppertone 'Don't Make Waves' Movie Promo
33. KBLA News (Governor Ronald Regan Story)
34. Neil Diamond - BuickAUTOMOBILE Ad
35. 'Stamping Ground' Movie Ad
36. Rotary Connection - 'Rotary Connection' LP Ad
37. The Listening Post Club Promo
38. The Rolling Stones Cow Palace Concert Promo
39. Jethro Tull - 'This Was' LP Ad
40. 7-Up Ad (Sitar)
41. All Star Cheetah Club L.A. Free Clinic Benefit Concert Promo
42. Atlantic City Pop Festival Concert Promo
43. B. Mitchel Reed - Edgar Allan Poe Electric Memorial Concert Ad (Day Of)
44. B. Mitchel Reed - The Beverly Hills Hippie Invasion
45. Buffalo Springfield Rainbow, Fresno Concert Promo
46. Frank Zappa - Sounds Incredible Music Store Ad
47. 'Free University' TV Show Ad
48. The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O LP Ad
49. 'The Thomas Crown Affair' Movie Ad
50. The Ohio Express Concert Promo
51. H.I.S. Clothing Store Ad (Fits The Shape You're In)
52. 'The Jokers' Movie Ad
53. The Fraternity Of Man - 'The Fraternity Of Man' LP Ad
54. Frank Zappa - Sprit Concert Promo
55. Colosseum - 'Those Who Are About to Die Salute You' LP Ad
56. 'Teenage Mother' Movie Ad
57. Dragonfly - 'Dragonfly' LP Ad
58. Go Magazine Ad
59. Janis Joplin Veterans Auditorium Concert Promo
60. 'Musical Mutiny' Movie Ad
61. NYC National Customer Auto Show Promo
62. Peanut Butter Conspiracy Concert Promo
63. Procol Harum - 'Shine On Brightly' LP Ad
64. Russ Sportswear Clothing Ad
65. Spirit Concert Promo
66. Steppenwolf - 'At Your Birthday Party' LP Ad
67. The Leaves Hullabaloo Concert Promo
68. Frank Zappa - St. Vitus Dance Concert Promo
69. 'The Producers' Motion Picture Soundtrack Ad
70. 'The Damned' Movie Ad
71. Nirvana - 'The Story Of Simon Simopath' LP Ad
72. Mountaindale Festival Concert Promo
73. Jean Town USA Clothing Store Ad

Brian-Joy Division/New Order Cover Project Plus Factory records Goodies

(scott)- Another fab covers project from Brian who works dillignetly on them.......once again another awesome one, I'll be surprised if the numbers aren't HUGE for this one.

It's COVERS MONTH, GUYS! About a year ago, I started doing these comps, and you guys seem to dig 'em. Over the next few weeks, I've got several different projects coming, but I wanted to kick things off with this one, which I'm really proud of!

This has been brewing for quite a while. I remember I first attempted it last fall, and I didn't get very far. Don't know why, really; just two weeks ofWORK putting it together this time. And oh man, did I find some great covers!

I shouldn't have to break down Joy Division or New Order to anyone who reads this blog. Suffice to say, they were two of the most influential groups ever. Their stamp has been all over music ever since Unknown Pleasures came out. I knew I'd find good covers of both groups. I was thinking it would be half and half, but it's more a 2/3 split leaning towards JD. I think I sequenced it pretty good, spacing out the New Order songs.

Things start out with Luis and The Wildfires' version of "Digital". They're an old school rock(abilly) band, and I think this track helps show JD's ties to 50's rock, believe it or not. The Killers add a nice bit of alterna-glitz to "Shadowplay". Low do an aenesthitized, crawling cover of TRANSMISSION" that I like a lot. The Trouble are a band from Chicago, and their cover of "Insight" rocks like hell!!! (don't tell anybody, but I think it's better than the original).

The Girl and The Robots' version of "Perfect Kiss" is faithful to the electro-pop aspects of New Order's, even down to theVIDEO of the live performance I've taken this audio from. Look 'em up on YouTube. Greg Laswell's great version of "Disorder" might even be more lost and wistful than JD's original. Neurosis - a fave metal band of mine - effectively grind their way through "Day Of the Lords". And you haven't lived 'til you've heard Grace Jones's robo-reggae version of "She's Lost Control"!

Bush's sensual, dreamy cover of "In A Lonely Place" is from the Crow: City Of Angels soundtrack. I've loved it for a long time. R•diohead's amazing cover of "Ceremony" is from a 2007 webcast. It's a good rarity some of you might not have. Crimson Scarlet's version of "Interzone" is ripped from a YouTube vid of a cassette tape of theirs. I think it's unbelievably good! The Horrors' cover of "No Love Lost" carries the same guitar crunch as the original, while also adding some new touches. The Canvas Waiting's "Bizarre Love Triangle" is a nice, poppy update. Damn, this stuff is good!

Codeine's warmly sad cover of "Atmosphere" strongly bears their stamp. I love that guitar tone! From the White Birch sessions. Telekinesis' version of "The Drawback" is a great garage rock raveup. Nice to see the Warsaw songs don't get ignored. Nine Inch Nail's cover of "Dead Souls" is from the original Crow soundtrack. It may seem an obvious choice, but it's here because thatTRACKis singlehandedly responsible for me being a Joy Division fan. I've always thought it sounded like it was from the Broken period, especially since he'd done some other covers at that time.

The acoustic version of "True Faith" that is here is from an Unknown Artist. The MP3 was listed under an album by Dashboard Confessional, though I don't think it's them, especially as the singer is female. It's a beautiful take, though. Therapy?'s cover of "Isolation" really fucking rocks! Nine Inch Nails returns for a killer live version of "Twenty Four Hours", with Peter Murphy on vocals! Really good.

English indie-folksters Comet Gain deliver a great "Love Vigilantes", alleviating some of the sadness of it. I originally thought I'd put Moby's version of "New Dawn Fades" here - long a favorite - but decided to go with this faithful goth cover by Sun Devours Earth. And one more obvious choice: Orgy's cover of "Blue Monday". Sorry, but I've always thought this song sounds better with crunchy guitars!

The Envy Corps'"Age of Consent" is as breezy and racing as the original. And we're ofCOURSEgonna end the comp with "Love Will Tear Us Apart", undoubtedly JD's most covered song. There were many versions to choose from (including that one Yat-Kha did that I gave you before). I ended up going with this great one by Calexico. You guys are gonna LOVE this comp!

Covered In Substance

1. Luis & The Wildfires - Digital
2. The Killers - Shadowplay
4. The Trouble - Insight
5. The Girl and the Robots - Perfect Kiss
6. Greg Laswell - Disorder
7. Neurosis - Day Of the Lords
8. Grace Jones - She's Lost Control
9. Bush - In A Lonely Place
10. R•diohead - Ceremony
11. Crimson Scarlet - Interzone
12. The Horrors - No Love Lost
13. The Canvas Waiting - Bizarre Love Triangle
14. Codeine - Atmosphere
15. Telekinesis - The Drawback
16. NIN - Dead Souls
17. Unknown - True Faith (acoustic)
18. Therapy? - Isolation
19. NIN & Peter Murphy - Twenty Four Hours
20. Comet Gain - Love Vigilantes
21. Sun Devoured Earth - New Dawn Fades
22. Orgy - Blue Monday
23. The Envy Corps - Age of Consent
24. Calexico - Love Will Tear Us Apart

---Factory Comps

I don't remember which post it was, but someone had asked about a rare item from Factory Records. While I don't have what they asked for, I do have these three things I want to slide your way, and a link to a boxSET....

A Factory Sample was a 2x7 inch release put out by the label in 1978.OPENING with Joy Division's "Digital" and "Glass", it's one of the strongest statements of intent by a record label, ever. Also features two tracks each by Cabaret Voltaire, John Dowie, and the Duritti Column. Some of this music you have already, but this is still a cool configuration to have around. Includes full art.

(Palatine Cover)
Palatine - The Factory Story Vol. 1: With Tears In Their Eyes was part of a four volume series that came out in the early 90's. I can't get ahold of the other three, but I've had this one for a long time. Shows off other great groups that were on the label. In this folder with Sample and Palatine, I also put an MP3 of the video version of New Order's "Perfect Kiss". I've always preferred it over the album version.

And the last goodie I wanna give you is their live album "Les Baines Douches". It's long been a favorite of mine, and it's pretty damn rare, so have at it.

If anyone wishes to dive headfirst into the four disc Factory Records: Communications boxSET, feel free to go to this blog entry -

And if you wanna fill any other holes in your Joy Division discography (including some boots), go here -

That blog has sturdy Mediafire links. If you get the "Permission Denied" prompt, just keep trying.THE FILES are there.

Well, there's a pile of Joy Division stuff for ya. Happy digging! One love, everybody...

Cliff is back with the world's greatest reggae posts!

(Scott) of course I love reggae, but I lack knowledge on the subject......that's while I'm lucky Cliff from the
UK steps in on occasion to turn me on to some gems with which I was previously unfamiliar......today's post looks foreign to me as well, so Monday may be a "reggae day" at work, which is always enjoyable! Thanks  1000000x over to Cliff and to ANYONE who submits here!


Blood and Fire is a British record label, specializing, in my opinion, the greatest period of reggae, reissues of 1970's reggae.

These two albums are great little samplers of the dubbier cuts from their catalogue. It is pretty hard to find any fault in these two collections as one cracking track, great to chill to.....to smoke to.....to pass time to.  Head nodding and mind expanding, if you're into Drum and Bass, heavy dub and DJ's toasting over the riddem then these are for you.


Track List)-01 In the Ghetto-Big Joe/02 Wreck Up a Version-Prince Jammy/03 Michael Talbot Affair-Keith Hudson/04 Institution-Burning Spear/05 Jah Love Dub-King Tubby's/06 Government Land-Horace Andy/07 Dub MPLA-Tapper Zukie/08 Children Crying-The Congos/09 African People (3 In 1)/10 Ethiopian Version-Soul Syndicate/11 One Man Dub-Scientist/12 King Tubby's In Fine Style-King Tubby/13 Bucket Bottom (Prince Allah)/14 Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub (King Tubby)/15 Look A Boom (I Roy)/16 Concord-Morwell Unlimited Meet King Tubby's/17 Good Vibes-Horace Andy

Link: http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/rvzR3e7a/file.html


Track List:0-01 Train to Zion (Linval Thompson)/02 Fire In a Kingdom-Vivian Jackson/03 Easy Come Dub (Impact All Stars)/04 Chant Down Babylon (Rupert Reed)/05 Love Up Your Brothers and Sisters-Johnny Clarke/06 Bag a Wire Dub-King Tubby/07 Valley of Jehosephat (Max Romeo)/08 Natty Supper (Chantells)/09 General Amin (Inner Circle)/10 Two Face Rasta (Cornell Campbell)/11 Tradition (Trinity)/12 Jah Jah Thompson (Linval the Conqueror)/13 Babylonians (Sylford Walker)/14 Mama Look (Big Youth)/15 Slave Master (Gregory Issacs)/16 Baltimore (The Tamlins)

LINK:  http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/OQyzBSYG/file.html

Thanks again to Cliff for another great share!

Here is Studkid!

(scott) Looks as though studkid has discovered another band we need to hear, this is what I recommend.....search bands sits, band camp, whatever, and let's get these  GOOD YOUNG UNKNOWN ROCK N ROLL BANDS THE EXPOSURE THE DESERVE..........THAT is ROCK N ROLL, PERIOD. Please help Studkid and the like with this effort, it is GREAT, the lesser known the bands, the BETTER, 'round here anyway!

Shellfin formed by 2 deathmetal guys in Brisbane, Australia as lack of  stoner band in area. This was to be a Live-only project, but lucky for us, fans forced them to do records. 1 EP and 2 albums you can get for free or name your price.

A John N submission that fascinates me......

(scott) this seems totally cool to me, I guess we shall find out together.......haven't listend yet, but THIS one is going on my priority list, THANKS JOHN N sounds so great......I am damn lucky to get such great shit, AND, don't forget, SO ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

"Eyes" [music by Bischoff, lyrics by Byrne] from the album "Composed"
A close-up view of eyes and stringed instruments. Live Action Direction by Georgia (http://www.ggeeoorrggiiaa.com) and Jordan Kinley (http://www.stopyelling.org) Post ...
also from "Composed," with Caetano Veloso on vocals
"Cistern" was written/recorded in complete blackness under ground inside a cistern   INFO/SOUNDS at this link:
When we’ve covered LA-based composer Jherek Bischoff in the past, his name has tended to appear on the back side of an ampersand. He’s assisted David Byrne ...
"Underground in pitch black, without the ability to see, the sound of the space is even more exaggerated. What is revealed instantly is a reverberation unlike anything you have ever experienced. The vast emptiness of the cistern generates a reverb decay that lasts 45 seconds. That means, if you snap your fingers, the sound lasts 45 seconds. That amount of reverberation is an absolutely wild environment to try to create music in. Since there is no electricity in the cistern, I hooked my computer up to aCAR BATTERY and setup a couple of microphones around the room. You have to adapt, walking and talking very quietly and being very patient, because every sound you make lasts 45 seconds. I would press the space bar to record, and I would have to wait 45 seconds before even beginning to make music. If I shuffled my feet or cleared my throat, I’d have to wait another 45 seconds. It was a bit maddening at times. When going into the cistern to improvise, I had no intention of making an ambient record, and had no idea I would be inspired by the space as much as I was. But as soon as I began to make music in that space, I knew that I had just embarked on a journey. The very first improvisation became the title track of Cistern. It started out simply as a piece with acoustic guitar and singing. It was unlike any music I had created before, and lead to my exploring new territory as a composer."

LISTEN etc. to the Bowie Tribute here:
Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute by Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer, released 05 February 2016 1. Blackstar (Featuring Anna Calvi) 2. Space ...

Thousands of Ways to Annoy People

One would think this might speak for itself.....a series of essays based upon HOW TO ANNOY PEOPLE???????????   OH FUCK yes......I personally have never needed any instruction, but if you do, Hre ya FUCKING go! Annoying people can be theraputic, a religious experience, so don't hesitate!

Thank me later and GET TO FUCKING WORK

A new contributor

(scott) this is actually a friend of my son Grant......seemingly a pretty cool submission (haven't listened
yet).....his name seems to be something along the lines of "Juke the Snip Donna", whatever that means, but he has contributed a few albums I am not familiar with, sand THAT is what we are all about here......check these out (yes, I will as well) and comment, a youthful perspective is also a positive thing!

Hey, I got some bands you may like for your blog:
1. This Heat
Brixton Avant-Garde Rock band from the late seventies. They mix a ton of really cool and obscure sounds together and put it through a dreary post-apocalyptic lens.

2. Cromagnon
New York Experimental band from the sixties, sounds like crazy prehistoric psychedelia. Not much else I could find about these guys.

3. John Gavanti
Another New York band from '81. This is a mini-opera that's kind of a dadaist parody of Don Giovanni, really strange story about a man who travels the world and commits various atrocities with his crewmen.

Liking your blog so far, will keepUPDATED on it.


I LOVE The Hunger Games series

I've never posted it here before, but this trilogy is on of the greats of dystopian fiction (my fave genre), the three books were made into FOUR kick ass movies, if you are behind on this, so be it, but here are the three ingenious  Suzanne Collins novels that started it all.........please enjoy, GREAT series....I hope I am not wasting my time posting literature!

Jon S with Husker Du...too great for words

(scott) I did a huge Husker Du post a long time ago, Jon S (great minds, recall?) submits one of his own,
which also includes some Bob Mould-post-Husker Du workd and other stuff I didn't have......I think he is lacking "The Complete Covers", which I have somewhere and will post tonight or tomorrow once i find it......other than that, how great can this be? One of the greatest of American bands, one of the greatest of 80's bands, just incredible. Thank you x100000 Jon S, this is as great as it gets!

Hüsker Dü

Candy Apple Grey

01 Crystal/02 Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely/03 I Don't Know for Sure/04 Sorry Somehow/05 Too far Down/06 Hardly Getting Over It/07 DeadSET on Destruction/08 Eiffel Tower High/09 No Promise Have I Made/10 All This I've Done for You

Eight Miles High

01 Eight Miles High/02 Masochism World/03 Makes No Sense at All/04 Love Is All Around

Everything Falls Apart and More

01 FromTHE GUT/02 Blah, Blah, Blah/03 Punch Drunk/04 Bricklayer/05 Afraid of Being Wrong/06 Sunshine Superman/07 Signals From Above/08 Everything Falls Apart/09 Wheels/10 Target/11 Obnoxious/12 Gravity/13 In a Free Land/14 What Do I Want?/15 M.I.C./16 Statues/17 Let's Go Die/18 Amusement/19 Do You Remember?

First Avenue, Minneapolis 8/28/85

01 Flip Your Wig/02 Every Everything/03 Makes No Sense At All/04 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill/05 I Apologize/06 If I Told You/07 Folklore/08 Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely/09 I Don't Know For Sure/10 Terms Of Psychic Warfare/11 Powerline/12 Books About UFO's/13 Hardly Getting Over It/14 Sorry Somehow/15 You're So Square-The Wit and the Wisdom/16 Green Eyes/17 Divide & Conquer/18 Celebrated Summer/19 AllWORK, No Play

Flip Your Wig
01 Flip Your Wig/02 Every Everything/03 Makes No Sense At All/04 Hate Paper Doll/05 Green Eyes/06 Divide And Conquer/07 Games/08 Find Me/09 The Baby Song/10 Flexible Flyer/11 Private Plane/12 Keep Hanging On/13 The Wit And The Wisdom/14 Don't Know Yet

Larry's Hideaway '85

01 New Day Rising/02 It's Not Funny Anymore/03 Everything Falls Apart/04 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill/05 I Apologize/06 If I Told You/07 Folklore/08 Every Everything/09 Makes No Sense At All/10 Keep Hanging On/11 Find Me/12 Terms of Psychic Warfare/13 Powerline/14BOOKS About UFO's/15 Chartered Trips/16 Diane/17 Hate Paper Doll/18 Green Eyes/19 Green Eyes(Cont.)/20 Divide And Conquer/21 Eight Miles High/22 Ticket To Ride/23 Pink Turns To Blue/24 Recurring Dreams/25 The Wit And The Wisdom/26LOVE Is All Around

Metal Circus

01 Real World/02 Deadly Skies/03 It's Not Funny Anymore/04 First Of The Last Calls/05 Lifeline/06 Diane/07 Out On A Limb

New Day Rising

01 New Day Rising/02 Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill/03 I Apologize/04 Folk Lore/05 If I Told You/06 Celebrated Summer/07 Perfect Example/08 Terms Of Psychic Warfare/09 59 Times The Pain/10 Powerline/11 Books About UFOs/12 I Don't Know What You're Talking About/13 How To Skin A Cat/14 Whatcha Drinkin'/15 Plans I Make

The Living End

01 New Day Rising/02 Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill/03 Standing In The Rain/04 Back From Somewhere/05 Ice Cold Ice/06 Everytime/07 Friend, You've Got To Fall/08 She Floated Away/09 From The Gut/10 Target/11 It's Not Funny Anymore/12 Hardly Getting Over It/13 Terms Of Psychic Warefare/14 Powerline/15 Books About UFO's/16 Divide And Conquer/17 Keep Hanging On/18 Celebrated Summer/19 Now That You Know Me/20 Ain't No Water In The Well/21 What's Going On?/22 Data Control/23 In A Free Land/24 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Warehouse: Songs And Stories

01 These Important Years/02 Charity, Chastity, Prudence, And Hope/03 Standing In The Rain/04 Back From Somewhere/05 Ice Cold Ice/06 You're A Soldier/07 Could You Be The One_/08 Too Much Spice/09 Friend, You've Got To Fall/10 Visionary/11 She Floated Away/12 Bed Of Nails/13 Tell You Why Tomorrow/14 It's Not Peculiar/15 Actual Condition/16 No Reservations/17 Turn It Around/18 She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)/19 Up In The Air/20 You Can Live At Home

Zen Arcade

01 Something I Learned Today/02 Broken Home, Broken Heart/03 Never Talking To You Again/04 Chartered Trips/05 Dreams Reoccurring/06 Indecision Time/07 Hare Krsna/08 Beyond The Threshold/09 Pride/10 I'll Never Forget You/11 The Biggest Lie/12 What's Going On/13 Masochism World/14 Standing By The Sea/15 Somewhere/16 One Step At A Time/17 Pink Turns To Blue/18 Newest Industry/19 Monday Will Never Be The Same/20 Whatever/21 The Tooth Fairy And The Princess/22 Turn On The News/23 Reoccurring Dreams

Zen Arcade (Complete Outtakes)

Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t01 - Something I Learned Today/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t02 - Broken Home, Broken Heart/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t03 - Chartered Trips/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t04 - Hare Krsna/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t05 - Indecision Time/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t06 - I'll Never Forget You/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t07 - Beyond the Threshold/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t08 - The Biggest Lie/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t09 - Pride/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t10 - What's Going On/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t11 - Masochism World/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t12 - Standing by the Sea/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t13 - Somewhere/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t14 - Pink Turns to Blue/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t15 - Dozen Beats Eleven/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t16 - Turn on the News/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t17 - Newest Industry/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t18 - Whatever/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t19 - Eight Miles High/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d1t20 - The Tooth Fairy & the Princess/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t01 - Reoccurring Dreams/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t02 - Chartered Trips/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t03 - Hare Krsna/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t04 - One Step at a Time/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t05 - Monday Will Never Be the Same/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t06 - untitled, aka Granted/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t07 - Never Talking to You Again/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t08 - Somewhere/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t09 - One Step at a Time/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t10 - Pink Turns to Blue/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t11 - Newest Industry/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t12 - Monday Will Never Be the Same/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t13 - Whatever/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t14 - Something I Learned Today/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t15 - Broken Home, Broken Heart/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t16 - Chartered Trips/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t17 - Indecision Time/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t18 - I'll Never Forget You/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t19 - Beyond the Threshold/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t20 - The Biggest Lie/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d2t21 - Pride/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t01 - What's Going On/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t02 - Masochism World/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t03 - Standing by the Sea/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t04 - Somewhere/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t05 - One Step at a Time/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t06 - Pink Turns to Blue/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t07 - Some Kind of Fun/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t08 - Turn on the News/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t09 - Newest Industry/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t10 - Monday Will Never be the Same/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t11 - Whatever/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t12 - Eight Miles High/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t13 - Whatever/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t14 - Indecision Time/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t15 - Somewhere/Zen Arcade Outtakes - d3t16 - Dozen Beats Eleven



01 Come Around/02 Tilted/03 Judas Cradle/04 JC Auto/05 Feeling Better/06 Walking Away

Copper Blue

01 The Act We Act/02 A Good Idea/03 Changes/04 Helpless/05 Hoover Dam/06 The Slim/07 If I Can't Change Your Mind/08FORTUNE TELLER/09 Slick/10 Man On The Moon/11 The Act We Act (Live)/12 A Good Idea (Live)/13 Changes (Live)14 Running Out of Time (Live)/15 Helpless (Live)/16 If I Can't Change Your Mind (Live)/17 Where Diamonds Are Halos (Live)/18 Hoover Dam (Live)/19 Beer Commercial (Live)/20 Slick (Live)/21 Anyone (Live)/22 Clownmaster (Live)/23 Tilted (Live)/24 Armenia City in the Sky (Live)/25 JC Auto (Live)/26 The Slim (Live)/27 Dum Dum Boys (Live)/28 Man On The Moon (Live)

FILEUnder: Easy Listening

01 Gift/02 Company/03 Your Favorite Thing/04 What You Want It to Be/05 Gee Angel/06 Panama City Motel/07 Can't Help You Anymore/08 Granny Cool/09 Believe What You're Saying/10 Explode and Make Up

The EP's

01 Helpless/02 Explode and Make Up/03 Needle Hits E/04 Try Again/05 If I Can'tCHANGE YOURMind (Solo Mix)/06 After All the Roads Have Led to Nowhere/07 Going Home/08 In The Eyes Of My Friends/09 Believe What You're Saying/10 And You Tell Me/11 Gee Angel/12 The Slim

Bob Mould

Beauty & Ruin

01 Low Season/02 Little Glass Pill/03 I Don't Know You Anymore/04 Kid With Crooked Face/05 Nemeses Are Laughing/06 The War/07 Forgiveness/08 Hey Mr. Grey/09 Fire In The City/10 Tomorrow Morning/11 Let The Beauty Be/12 Fix It

Patch the Sky

01 Voices in My Head/02 The End of Things/03 Hold On/04 You Say You/05 Losing Sleep/06 Pray for Rain/07 Lucifer and God/08 Daddy's Favorite/09 Hands Are Tied/10 Black Confetti/11 Losing Time/12 Monument

Silver Age

01 Star Machine/02 Silver Age/03 The Descent/04 Briefest Moment/05 Steam of Hercules/06 Fugue State/07 Round the City Square/08 Angels Rearrange/09 Keep Believing/10 First Time Joy